Collin Moshman and Katie Dozier’s 2018 poker review

Join the poker power couple for their review of the biggest pots, biggest stories and much more this evening.

Matt Berkey Explains $45,700 ALL-IN River BLUFF

Matt Berkey, co-founder of Solve for Why Academy explains a hand he played on Live at the Bike. Berkey explains that in an incredibly deep game, sometimes your cards don’t even matter. Berkey commits to a multi-street bluff and explains his thought p…

The Most Controversial Poker Vlogger Marle Cordeiro Tells All

The latest and possibly most controversial poker Vlogger, Marle Cordeiro joins Sarah Herring for a a tell all look at her life and her content creation. She opens up about a scam that changed her life, the break-up which led to the Vlog and how the po…

PokerStars EPT Prague Main Event Winner: Paul Michaelis

It was unlikely that anyone was going to stop Paul Michaelis from steamrolling the EPT Prague Main Event final table to victory! Michaelis held the consistent tournament chip lead Day 4, Day 5 and the final table. Notable poker player and Twitch strea…

Behind the Scenes at EPT Prague: Side Event Winners

What you don’t see on! See which poker players are crushing the side events here at EPT Prague. Which poker player satellited his way to a $300K victory? Which poker player took an amazing winner’s photo at EPT Prague? Which poker player…

EPT Prague Cashing Machine: Tomas Jozonis

Tomas Jozonis has cashed 6/7 tournaments here at EPT Prague. After surviving the bubble of the €10,300 EPT High Roller, he explains why he loves the EPT live tour so much and which players he respects still in the €10,300 EPT High Roller.  Sh…

Which Poker Players had a Memorable 2018?

The most common answer was, of course, Justin Bonomo (who had over $25 million in cashes in 2018), but there are several other players who had an impressive 2018. We asked some players here at EPT Prague who impressed them with their memorable 2018.&n…

Sam Grizzle: The Poker Brat’s Arch-Nemesis

While oftentimes regarded as quite funny at the poker table—due, largely, to his thick southern drawl—and is able to make others laugh, Sam Grizzle has a reputation for being an addictive gambler, a deadbeat dad, and, well, an asshole. Trying to find a Sam Grizzle biography online is like trying to find a needle in […]

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Soul read from Negreanu in the Super High Roller Bowl

Kid Poker was playing his A-Game last night in the $300,000 Super High Roller Bowl and this sick hand has got the poker world talking.

How to have fun with festive poker missions

All the big Christmas poker promotions require you to loosen up, so here is our guide to playing a little crazier (but still profitable).

Super High Roller V: the non-pros stay at home; 35 players start

Super High Roller V: the non-pros stay at home; 35 players start

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Why I Quit Playing Video Games to Become a Poker Pro

Let me ask you a question. Do you play too many video games?

Does it cut into other (probably more valuable things) like creating that new online business which will change your financial future, finally getting in shape and feeling more confident, meeting the right girl, learning a new language or traveling more?

If so, you are definitely not alone. Video games are more popular than ever

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