$10,000 Flip Decides Bubble Boy at 2016 WSOP Main Event

Day 3 at the 2017 WSOP Main Event ended with two players going out on the money bubble and a creative solution to decide who would win a seat to the 2018 Main Event.

Hand for hand play began after midnight and with 1,086 players left, two off the money, there were four separate all-ins.

The first two ended with the short stacks doubling up, but the second two weren’t so lucky.

Roger Campbell defended his big blind with A K and watched the flop roll out all hearts. He had about 225k left and moved all-in after his opponent led out for 65k on the flop.

Campbell was snapped off and shown Q T for the flopped flush. He missed his nut flush redraw.

Quan Zhou was the fourth player all-in and he got into trouble raising a T T J 7 turn when three-time WSOP bracelet winner Davidi Kiati led out.


Davidi Kitai busted Quan Zhou on the bubble.

The K came on the river and after Kitai checked, Zhou insta-shoved for his remaining 376k.

Kitai snap-called and tabled pocket kings for the rivered full house. All Zhou could muster was A 9.

It’s a tradition for the last person busted before the money to receive a buy-in to next year’s Main Event. 

Since Campbell and Zhou both busted on the same hand, the question remained as to who would receive the seat and who would walk away empty-handed.

They ran what was effectively a flip for $10,000 by dealing out two hands. Zhou came out on top to take the 2018 Main Event seat.

Campbell had to get up and leave with nothing to show for three long days of poker and a $10k buy-in.

Four Players Above 1.5 Million

Two Americans, one Polish and one French poker player managed to amass more than one and half million going into Day 4.

Patrick Lavecchia from Sellersville, Pennsylvania leads with 1,552,000 but he’s followed closely by Poland’s Pawel Brzeski and former November Niner Antoine Saout from France.

Here’s the unofficial top 10 courtesy of WSOP.com.

WSOP Chips5

Everyone still in will be hunting more of these on Day 4.

Patrick Lavecchia – 1,552,000
Pawel Brzeski – 1,546,000
Antoine Saout – 1,529,000
Jeremiah Fitzpatrick – 1,523,000
Derek Bowers – 1,376,000
Ibrahim Nasief – 1,350,000
Mickey Craft – 1,345,000
Scott Blumstein – 1,340,000
Artan Dedusha – 1,288,000
Greg Dyer – 1,276,000

A long list of other well-known players made it into the money with big stacks including Kenny Hallaert, Sofia Lovgren, Tom Cannuli, Charlie Carrel, Jared Jaffe, Tony Gregg, Max Silver, David Peters, Chino Rheem, Greg Mueller and Jared Hamby.

Before the money was reached, nearly 1,500 players busted on Day 4.

That group included Eddy Sabat, Kitty Kuo, Brian Rast, Fatima de Melo, Matt Salsberg, Pierre Neuville, Joe Hachem, Noah Schwartz, Naoya Kihara, Johnny Chan and Rainer Kempe.

Tomorrow at 11am all 1,084 players will return to fight further into the money. Waiting at the end is an $8.15 million first-place prize and the title of world champion.

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