$100,000 PokerStars All Stars Season 1 Starts April 12

Do you want to know who the best No-Limit Hold’em cash game players in the world are?

And who would win if they were matched up in a month-long, rake-free cash-game series?

You’re not alone. 

PokerStars’ new All Stars Cash Game series begins next month with an invite-only lineup of the game’s best willing to battle it out for both bragging rights and an extra $100,000 in leaderboard prizes.

All Stars, Masters Square Off

Here’s how it’ll work: Two cash-game tables will run independently from each other for the duration of of the series (April 12-May 10). Both will be No-Limit Texas Hold’em and both will be entirely rake free.

Anonymous Heads-Up Tables

Who will it be?

The two tables are:

The All Stars Table – $10/$20 No-Limit Hold’em
The Masters Table – $1/$2 No-Limit Hold’em

To fill the seats PokerStars has invited a selection of players based on their long-term winnings and skill. Players won’t necessarily be PokerStars pros unless they have qualified on the merits of their cash-game prowess. 

Players can also be removed from the tables if they don’t measure up. $100,000 in Leaderboard prizes will be on the table as added incentive along with plenty of social media and press coverage.  

Leaderboard bonuses will be paid out based on direct winnings from the tables. Prizes will be in cash and the top five players will be invited to join All Stars Season 2.

All Stars Payouts

1st $20,000 
2nd $13,500
3rd $10,000
4th $7,500
5th $5,000

Masters Payouts

1st $5,000 plus $2k to play All Stars Season 2
2nd $4,000 plus $2k to play All Stars Season 2
3rd $3,000 plus $2k to play All Stars Season 2
4th $2,500 plus $2k to play All Stars Season 2
5th $2,000 plus $2k to play All Stars Season 2
6th-10th $1,500

There will be also be two Volume Leaderboards that will pay out an extra $10,000 to players based on the total numbers of hands played. Prizes are on top of any winnings from the cash game and will be paid on May 18. Players must play 2,000 hands to qualify for any prizes.

Custom PokerStars Table

Log in to watch it all happen.

Watch the Action Live!

All PokerStars players can watch the high-stakes action live all month.

First, find the ‘Home Games’ section of the desktop client via the ‘More’ menu in the right-hand toolbar.

Under ‘My Poker Clubs’ you’ll see the ‘All Stars Home Game’ and the ‘Masters Home Game’ tables.

Open the club lobby of the table your preferred table and you’re good to go. If you’ve yet to create a PokerStars account, open one via our review and access our $600 sign-up bonus.

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