1,000,000 | Phil Ivey goes vegetarian

Phil Ivey

In an episode of High Stakes Poker that would air on¬†March of 2010, the players around the table started talking about how much money it would take for them to become a vegetarian for a full year … after a lot of chatter, it’s poker superstar Phil Ivey who would take the bait, although even he had a feeling that he wouldn’t be able to make it through the 365-day “ordeal”…

“I’ll do it for a million. I can’t do it for less than that. I’m going to lose. I know I’m going to lose. I’m going to be begging to settle in, like, 4 days.”

True to his word, Ivey, who booked the bet with Tom Dwan, would settle after 20 days as ‘durrr’¬†walked away $150,000 richer … for $150,000, Ivey could have gotten a vegetarian chef to cook him delicious meals all year – and he would have been left with a $850,000 profit … oh well!

Photo credit: Neil Stoddart/Global Poker Index


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