1st | Amir Vahedi wins Ultimate Poker Challenge


Those who were fans of late-night poker shows during the poker boom will remember the late Chad Brown hosting the Ultimate Poker Challenge, presented at the Plaza Hotel & Casino in downtown Las Vegas.

Each week, some of the biggest names in poker would participate in a series of tournaments. The Season 3 Championship was concluded on this day in 2005. Amir Vahedi, who passed away in 2010, would win the event, defeating Chip Jett heads-up for the title…

Fab Five | 2005 Ultimate Poker Challenge
1. Amir Vahedi (IRN), $181,390
2. Chip Jett (USA), $106,700
3. Bill Edler (USA), $58,685
4. Douglas Carli (USA), $42,680
5. Luke Neely (USA), $37,345

Photo credit: The Hendon Mob


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