2014 WSOP Main Event – final 27: Brits still alive and Newhouse threatens back-to-back

Down to the final 27 at the 2014 WSOP Main Event – can Mark Newhouse do the unthinkable?

The 2014 Main Event attracted 6,683 players making it the largest since 2011 and the fifth biggest Main Event field of all time. 6,656 of those players have now been eliminated, shattering their dreams of pocketing the $10m first prize (the second biggest Main Event payout of all time behind Jamie Gold’s $12m in 2006) and just 27 remain in the hunt for a place in poker history.

Incredibly, the best player in the world Phil Ivey was also the chipleader after Day 2, but there’s to be no repeat of 2009 when he made the November Nine after he was eliminated on Day 4 in 430th place. It’s bad news for the ladies as well. Mario Ho was officially the last woman standing in 77th, collecting $85,812, and that’s disappointing for the game.

However it’s not all bad news. There are still two British players left in and Craig McCorkell is currently in 8th spot with a decent stack $8,765,000. The Swedish pro Martin Jacobson is the chipleader with 22,335,000 and other notable names still left in include Dan Smith (10,335,000) and Bryan Devonshire (5,765,000).

Possibly the biggest emerging story though is Mark Newhouse, currently in 11th spot with 6,820,000 in chips. You might remember his name from last year, as Mark Newhouse was a part of the 2013 November Nine. He busted out first last year, in 9th place for $733,224, but making back-to-back November Nines would be an unprecedented achievement. Even more remarkably, Newhouse hasn’t cashed since his November Nine appearance.

The 27 remaining players will reconvene at 8pm UK time to play down past the biggest bubble in the poker world. Who will make the 2014 November Nine? Check back tomorrow for the answer…

2014 WSOP Main Event – final 27

1st Martin Jacobson 22,335,000
2nd Luis Velador 16,600,000
3rd Dan Sindelar 16,345,000
4th Andoni Larrabe 15,280,000
5th William Pappaconstantinou 14,640,000
6th Bruno Politano 11,625,000
7th Dan Smith 10,335,000
8th Craig McCorkell 8,765,000
9th Felix Stephensen 7,740,000
10th Andrey Zaichenko 7,335,000
11th Mark Newhouse 6,820,000
12th Thomas Sarra Jr 6,510,000
13th William Tonking 5,870,000
14th Bryan Devonshire 5,765,000
15th Jorryt van Hoof 5,395,000
16th Eddy Sabat 4,670,000
17th Kyle Keranen 4,465,000
18th Leif Force 4,035,000
19th Christopher Greaves 3,935,000
20th Maximilian Senft 3,920,000
21st Oscar Kemps 3,910,000
22nd Iaron Lightbourne 3,875,000
23rd Sean Dempsey 3,145,000
24th Yorane Kerignard 2,885,000
25th Scott Mahin 1,460,000
26th Brian Roberts 1,365,000
27th Scott Palmer 760,000

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