The Poker Mob Launches With Grosvenor Deal

Grosvenor Casinos has signed an exclusive deal with The Poker Mob which will see them competing in your favourite Grosvenor Poker events, both live and online. Joe Beevers and Boatman brothers Barny and Ross are amongst the most recognisable faces in UK poker. From their early television appearances on popular show Late Night Poker to recent notable successes including a World Series of Poker bracelet, the Londoners collectively known as €˜The Poker Mob €™ have helped put British poker on the map.

Joe, Barny and Ross all started out their poker careers in their local Grosvenor Casino (Joe in Luton and the Boatman brothers in the Grosvenor Victoria Casino, London). They €™re all clearly looking forward to getting back to where it all began: €œIt means we €™ll be back playing at grass roots where we began. € Said Joe. €œThe Grosvenor Victoria Casino is regarded as the heart of UK poker; Grosvenor is a long established name with more card rooms in the UK than anyone and we are really looking forward to working with them and visiting lots of their poker rooms old and new. € It isn €™t just the poker they are looking forward to either. Recognising the great atmosphere at all the GUKPT events Barny added €œI can €™t wait to jump in my car and travel to places like Edinburgh, Manchester and Cardiff. If I €™m not at the tables there €™ll always be someone to have a beer with, so it €™s win win! € Behind the modesty and charisma lies undeniable poker talent. Barny is yet to come down from the high of last summer where he realised a life long dream to win a WSOP bracelet, not to mention a cool half million dollars. He is planning to play more poker in 2014 than ever before, both at home and in Vegas. €œAnyone will tell you that I €™m always optimistic. But normally this has been despite history rather than because of it. Once you €™ve done something it is far easier to visualise doing it again € Whether or not he €™ll be able to add a shiny GUKPT trophy to his ever growing cabinet remains to be seen. One thing €™s for sure €“ he €™ll be giving it his best shot!

Barny Boatman
Joe Beevers
Ross Boatman