27,000 | How a Vegas blackjack session saved FedEx


Many will be using FedEx’s services this holiday season, sending and receiving presents. While the shipping giant will serve as your personal Santa, there was a time where FedEx founder Frederick Smith was so desperate for funds to keep the company afloat, he took the company’s last remaining $5,000 and took the next plane to Las Vegas, hoping for a miracle.

The gamble paid off as Smith turned the remaining 5K into a $22,000 profit at the blackjack tables, coming back home with 27K – enough for FedEx to survive for another week. The win helped motivate Smith to find the funds the company needed to succeed. In May, Forbes released the list of the ‘World’s Most Valuable Brands‘ – FedEx came in at #80 with an estimated worth of $47.3 Billion – nice work, Mr. Smith.



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