29th | Richard Seymour doing work in Jacksonville

Former New England Patriot and Oakland Raider Richard Seymour seems to have found a new line of work after stepping away from the NFL.

The three-time Super Bowl winner and seven-time Pro Bowler finished in 29th at the WPT bestbet Poker Scramble in Jacksonville, Florida over the weekend, one year after earning a 37th place finish in the same event.

Seymour has also earned two other results on the live tournament circuit, near Philadelphia and in Las Vegas.

Fab Five | All-Time Money List - Celebrities/Sports Stars (Positions 65-69)
65. $30,684 | Richard Seymour, USA,  (Football)
66. $30,575 | Grub Smith, UK (Journalist)
67. $29,107 | Jason Alexander, USA (Actor - Seinfeld)
68. $28,283 | Matt Born, UK (Journalist)
69. $25,990 | Roberto Luongo, CAN (Hockey)

*Photo credit: Jules Pochy/Global Poker Index


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