356,400 | Ben Affleck wins big in Los Angeles

Ben Affleck in Runner, Runner


Ben Affleck’s appearance in “poker” film Runner, Runner may not have been a success, but his appearance at the California State Poker Championship in 2004 certainly was!

It’s Celebrity Sunday on PokerStats and they don’t get any bigger than Batman himself! Affleck may only have on line on his THM profile, but it’s an impressive one.

Affleck would defeat Stan Goldstein heads-up for the Championship title. He would take home $356,400 for his effort.

Fab Five | 2004 Cal State Championship
1. Ben Affleck (USA)
2. Stan Goldstein (USA)
3. Charles Pacheco (USA)
4. Jimmy Tran (USA)
5. John Esposito (USA)

*Photo courtesy of: tinseltine.com


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