37,000 | Twitch Fans Unite


The king of poker on Twitch, Jason Somerville, made a deep run in Event #7 – NLH Progressive Super-Knockout during the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP), currently happening at a computer near you.

Somerville’s Run It UP! warriors were in full force as a record 37,000+ people were simultaneously watching him have to settle for a 6th place finish in the event.

Top 5 | WCOOP Event #7 – NLH Progressive Super KO
1st ‘Showtime43’ (CAN), $126,518
2nd ‘Keep3r’ (AUT), $93,588
3rd ‘TheGreatPike (NOR), $70,968
4th ‘Mr.Bittar’ (BRA), $59,795
5th ‘sanpri’ (MEX), $36,389

*Photo credit: revolutionpix/Global Poker Index