423 | WPT Fallsview hits Niagara Falls

The great Anthony Zinno would set up what would become an impressive back-to-back performance on the World Poker Tour, winning the WPT Fallsview Poker Classic in Niagara Falls.

This year, 423 competitors are battling it out to replace Zinno at the top in hopes of duplicating his performance, heading to the LAPC with the Fallsview title.

Final table play is set for Wednesday!

Fab Five | 2015 WPT Fallsview
1. Anthony Zinno (USA), $302,235
2. Mike Leah (CAN), $211,866
3. Corey Hochman (USA), $136,232
4. David Cloutier (CAN), $100,745
5. Jeremy Halaska (USA), $75,634

*Photo credit: World Poker Tour


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