5 Must-See Stops During 888Live Barcelona Poker Festival

The 888Live Make It Big Festival in Barcelona this May will, in all likelihood, break all previous 888Live attendance and prize pool records.

There will be 13 events at the Gran Casino de Barcelona ranging in buy-ins from €66 to €2,200.

It will feature a huge Festival Opener with €100k guaranteed, a €50k High Roller, a €20k “Breeze,” a Ladies Event and the €500k Main Event.

But if that’s not enough, there’s more than just poker to Barcelona. A lot more.

If you want to see a little more of what the Catalonian capital has to offer while you’re there, here are a few must-see stops in Barcelona going on at the same time.

1) Go See Barca

The Camp Nou stadium is a cathedral of football and a must for everybody who likes watching football. 


Pretty good at this.

It’s a huge arena that allows for almost 100,000 people, but Barca is also a popular club with millions of fans so if you want to go, book your tickets early.

It’ll be the last game of the season that weekend and Barca are playing Eibar at home. La Liga is really close this year and it still could be a game for the title.

Ticket prices will start somewhere in the Hurricane to Mega Knock-out buy-in range.

The game is on the 21st so your choice will be between making it to the final table or making it to Barca’s final game.

If you’re still playing poker, though, there are plenty of TV sets in the Gran Casino and you can follow the action there.

2) Go See the Spanish Grand Prix

The track is only half an hour away by car and the Gran Premio de España on the Circuit de Catalunya has a long tradition in the history of Formula 1.

formula 1

Anything can happen.

Local hero Fernando Alonso secured himself a spot in the history books when he won the race in 2013, coming from Position 5 in the starting grid.

Nobody has won from a higher position in Spain in 26 years. Last year Max Verstappen was the surprise winner of the Grand Prix and then went on to have a great year, so anything can happen in Barcelona.

The race is on the weekend before the 888poker Festival so you’ll have to get to Barcelona early. Ticket prices are at least a Whale buy-in but can easily reach the main event buy-in if you want top seats.

At the 888poker festival, however, all seats are the same quality and price – ‘cause that’s fair.

3) Go Mobile … Automobile

Name a Spanish car manufacturer! If your answer is Seat you’re wrong because that was taken over by VW many years ago.



If your answer is Aspid however, congratulations. You’re a super car connoisseur.

If your answer was Paella, better you never show up in Spain ever.

One thing that’s for sure is that the Barcelona International Motorshow will be open during the 888poker Festival.

This show features 36 brands from all over the world. Last year there were over 750,000 visitors.

If you’re a motorhead even in the slightest, this is your place — even if you don’t know what an Aspid looks like.

Tickets are relatively cheap and if you want to go you can get there easily by bus or metro.

4) Las Ramblas

las ramblas

Always open.

This is where it all happens when night falls. On this 1km strip of street you’ll find anything that deserves the label “night life.”

There are bars, clubs, restaurants, shops that sell everything from great food to totally useless souvenirs in flashy colors that usually make unnerving whirring sounds while they’re chased by randomly screaming children and – sorry, we digressed.

Las Ramblas is in the center of Barcelona and it costs you nothing to get in. Also, the buzz goes on all night so you don’t have to wonder if you can still go after the tournament has finished for the day. You can – promised.

5) Hop On, Hop Off

You’ve probably heard of these open-air buses that take you around some nice place and you can get on and leave it at every stop they make.

city tour

And history, too.

Well, these also run in Barcelona and this is a city where every single stop is worth checking out.

Buy a ticket in the morning, if you can, and you have the whole day to explore the city. The price is not even that a Lightning buy-in.

City Tours offers three different routes for you to go on and, if you stay on the bus, you’ll also get an audio track telling you about the history of the places you’re going by.

The buses run until 7 PM so you’ll be back at the casino in time for some evening poker action.


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