50,000 | Antonio Esfandiari’s disqualification has a silver lining

Antonio Esfandiari

Yesterday, we talked about a lapse in judgement that cost superstar Antonio Esfandiari a shot at a first title of 2016 at the PCA following a prop bet gone wrong with high stakes player Bill Perkins.

Although Antonio would go on to win the bet, he was obviously disappointed with his actions, which prevented him from a deep run at the PCA:

“I am embarrassed of the actions I took to win that bet. On paper I won, but in life I lost. No matter how much one loves a prop bet there is a limit to how far you should go, and in this case I failed.

Getting disqualified from the tournament is not something I contest. I believe PokerStars made the right call. I would do the same in their position. Knowing that I let people down is what hurts. Sometimes we as humans get caught up in the moment. I let this bet get the best of me.”

The good news? Esfandiari has decided to donate the 50K won in the bet, sending $25,000 to the One Drop Foundation and $25,000 to REG – Raising for Effective Giving – well played, Antonio!

Esfandiari sat down with Sarah Herring of PokerNews about the incident:

Photo credit: Jules Pochy/Global Poker Index
Video courtesy of: PokerNews


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