84,000 | Allen Kessler’s Pocket Change


If they ranked video poker players, Allen Kessler would more than likely be the #1 ranked player in the World.

Kessler was back at it over the weekend, hitting a ten-handed royal flush! We hope that the “Chainsaw”, a 15-time winner on the live tournament circuit, had plenty of pockets as the jackpot earned him an unbelievable 84,000 quarters – $21,000! PS, we won’t be too harsh on Kessler and his skills as a photographer, the man had just hit a monster jackpot – cut him some slack!

Top 5 | Allen Kessler’s Most Significant Results on the Live Circuit
›› 2nd, WSOP Stud Hi/Low Championship (Jun 2010), $276,485
›› 1st, WSOP Circuit Connecticut (Aug 2014), $170,031
›› 2nd, WSOP PLO (Jun 2011), $140,309
›› 6th, WPT World Championship (Mar 2007), $136,452
›› 8th, WSOP Players Championship (Jun 2014), $134,101

*Photo credit: TheHendonMob.com