888poker Blast Gets Even Faster with 2-Minute Tournaments

If you play the hyper-turbo Blast poker games on 888, you know they’re already pretty fast.

Get ready to go even faster.

888poker has now introduced some new features to its fastest-paced NLHE game – and now they’re even faster.

They also give you the chance to win $1k tournament tickets or play for a $1,000,000 prize pool.

From 12 Minutes to 2 Minutes

Blast has proven to be a very successful addition on 888poker and it’s about to get even more popular.

blast poker lobby

Got 2 mins? You can get a Blast in.

If you don’t know Blast Poker yet, these are 888poker’s 4-max hyper-turbo Sit-and-Go tournaments.

Play starts whenever 4 players buy-in and the timer begins. Once that 12-minute timer runs out, everyone left in the tournament is all in every hand until a winner is found.

Get a full run down on all the different variations and buy-in levels for Blast Poker here.

Now there’s an even faster version of Blast where time runs out in just two minutes. The games are available for as little as 10 cents and the buy-ins reach all the way up to $30.

In addition to the new 2-minute time limit, there’s now a special $100 buy-in Blast option. 

These $100 tournaments have the same maximum prize-pool multiplier as the lower buy-in ones which means that if you hit the jackpot you’ll be playing for a cool million dollars.

If you happen to hit the $1m jackpot tournament, nobody loses. Even if you get sucked-out on in the first hand 888poker will add $100,000 to your bankroll; win it and you’ll be $600,000 richer.

$5 Blast to $1,050 Tournament Tickets

There’s also a new feature for the $5 Blast events. These now offer an additional prize pool qualifier that says “$1,050 tournament ticket.”

That’s right. Play $5 Blast tournaments and you can win your way into the biggest online tournaments there are on 888poker including the XL Inferno main event that takes place on May 21

The XL Inferno is 888poker’s revamped online series and it’s running right now. 197 different tournaments are running over just under two weeks and there are some of the largest prize pools ever seen on 888poker. Check out the complete schedule directly on 888poker.com

If you want to get an impression of how it feels to play such a fast-paced tournament on 888poker, watch Courtney Gee’s first attempt at it.

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