98% | Jennifer Harman takes one tough beat

Jennifer Harman

Saturday is Bad Beat Day on PokerStats … enjoy?!

We kick off our new Saturday segment by taking a look at an awful beat the great Jennifer Harman, recently inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame, in the 2005 World Series of Poker Main Event.

Holding Queens pre-flop, Harman would face two opponents. The flop would give her trips but fellow WSOP bracelet winner Cory Zeidman would flop a straight giving the best hand heading into the turn. That turn would, however, give Harman a full house, leaving her a 98% favorite heading into the river. Zeidman was left with one out, the 7 of diamonds … and then, the river …

What’s weird is the way Zeidman slow rolled Harman in the end; knowing he had the absolute nuts?

Tough beat, Jennifer.

*Photo credit: The Hendon Mob


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