Abe Mosseri Stymies Daniel Negreanu Heads-Up to Win 2nd Bracelet

Chalk up another final table finish for Daniel Negreanu in the 2017 WSOP but that coveted seventh bracelet remains illusive.

Negreanu couldn’t get past mix-game master Abe Mosseri on the final day of the $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo championship and had to settle for the $241,851 that came with second place.

The tournament was originally to conclude last night but after a marathon session of three-handed play it was postponed by one day.

It didn’t last long on Wednesday, however, as heads-up between Mosseri and Negreanu went just three hands.

“Last night was more back-and-forth but today I just pounded him,” said Mosseri.

“Obviously when you are playing with such big blinds the cards matter a lot.”

Mosseri earned $388,795 for winning the tournament outright. It was also his second WSOP gold bracelet as he won a $2,500 2-7 Triple Draw event back in 2009.

No Cash Games = Mosseri’s Second Bracelet

Abe Mosseri, who is primarily a cash-game player, admitted that if any games had been running in Bobby’s Room over at Bellagio he probably would have skipped the $10k tournament altogether.

Abe Mosseri 6171

Twice as nice.

“I’m actually heading back to Bobby’s Room right now,” said Mosseri.

Mosseri has performed well at the WSOP over the years but has trouble dragging himself away from lucrative cash games.

“To tell you the truth I love being at final tables but I hate the early grind of tournaments,” he said.

“I don’t play more than seven or eight tournaments a year. I generally just play really crazy early. If I get a stack I’ll go for the win.”

Mosseri said the first day of this tournament he was all-in numerous times but he survived and went on a great run after that.

“This is definitely a great feeling,” he said. “I’ll probably play five or six more tournaments. Hopefully I can win another one.”

Negreanu Jumps in $10k Heads-Up

Meanwhile the grind continues for Daniel Negreanu.

Daniel Negreanu 6135

The non-stop vlog ride continues.

Negreanu showed up at the $10k Omaha Hi-Lo final table, took a video for his ongoing vlog, then busted on the third hand.

Immediately after busting Negreanu went ahead and jumped in the $10k Heads-Up event at the WSOP.

Negreanu always bets heavily on himself for the WSOP and this year his goal is to get a staggering three WSOP bracelets in one summer.

Despite falling short of the bracelet, Negreanu is already building a huge lead in his $25k poker fantasy draft where he actually has himself.

In the first two weeks of action at the WSOP Negreanu has amassed 132 points thanks to today’s score and that third-place finish in the $10k tag-team tournament last week.

Negreanu’s overall team is up to 327 points, which is well clear of Team Leah, which has 179 points.

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