‘Ain’t Got No Soul Brother

Times Have Changed In the past week or so I’ve found myself reminiscing about the early days of my gambling career, for a couple of reasons I think, firstly and most prominently myself, Pab and Middy (my housemates) have recently moved into an unfurnished apartment, after locating the ideal spot for our huge tele, then organizing some lavishly comfortable sofa’s, that niether go with carpets nor really fit in the room, to sit on and watch it we kind of slacked off on buying anything else for a while, as the essentials were very much catered for. After purchasing blinds and curtains we decided the next port of call would be a dining table, we all knew that we would likely spend very little time at the dining table but just felt that if you want to be a “real” person, then you should have a dining table. Then we had an even better idea – lets buy a poker table instead! We’ll use it probably equally as infrequently as the dining table but it will look cool and will be easier to justify in our heads spending money on it if its multi-use (savvy consumers to the end.) After … Continue reading