Ambassadors debate

After a post by Dan Coleman on people being poker ambassadors and there role in poker there been a lot of debate. While Phil Helmuth might think he IS the most famous poker player, if you said famous poker player to a random person on plant earth right now I would back the name Dan Bilzerian ahead of any other. I was out in Dubai over the weekend and both times when telling people what I did I was asked had I ever meet Dan the man and was he unreal at poker. The answer was a yes and a no.


It must be about 5 years ago now I was sitting in the Bellagio on a January evening, I was coming from the PCA and had a few days to kill before the the LAPC so there was not much on in Vegas it was just your regular 10/20 nlh game. This bearded guy sat in, he was playing very loose so I took the rest of chips out of my pocket to top up to about 8k which comfortably had ever one else at the table covered except this guy who had about 55k. He sat there for an hour burned off about 10k and then some very hot blonde arrived and he headed off much to everyone at the tables disgust as he was sure to dust the rest off if he stayed another 3/4 hours.


Over the time he at the table I got talking to him. I assumed there was going to be a pretty good back story, some sort of athlete or musician, he had the look of one and would fit the bill with his 55k stack. He told me he was in finance, I always have had an interest in financial markets and never turn down the opportunity to  picks some brains when at the table, I started firing out a few questions, the chatty friendly guy became a little uncomfortable at the same time I started receiving kicks from a friend at table. Despite quite enjoying pissing people off the 45k or so he still had in front of him was enough to shut me up. Afterwards the friend explained he was a massive fish, he was a trust fund baby  who’s father had ripped off people in wall street for billions. Just hangs about Vegas living the good life on essentially a robbed bounty. He was definitely without doubt one of the worst players I have ever played with.


Needless to say I was very surprised when I saw interviews appearing saying he was one of the best poker players in the world. I have no doubt he plays in big cash games in L.A which are huge and swings of 50 million dollars apparently occur. Basically this fish caught a heater and took it to twitter.


I hope this blog will saving me telling at least a few people NO DAN BILZERIAN IS NOT GOOD AT POKER, IN FACT HE MIGHT BE THE WORST!