WCOAP 2014 Round Up a roooooooo

Back to the real world, but what a great week it was (as always).

Jumped on the early train to Paddington, and having pre reserved my seat i was looking forward to a comfortable, relaxing ride .Oh wait, hang on, this is the Paddington train in the morning .  Kids screaming, Business men in their poorly tailored suits and sales patter ..epic sigh. Decided reading Nuts magazine would be enough to get the parent back, for letting her kid kick me all the way there. Boob Alert!!

As i arrive in Stratford i call Chris and find out that the rest of the Team Gotham are already ploughing down on some TGI Fridays, so order the ribs and embark on the 12hr journey from the bottom floor of Westfield Shopping Centre, to the third floor. Lugging bags is not fun!! However ultimately worth it when greeted to a whole rack of ribs and the greatest friends in the world (Soppy Moment Alert!!). I geniunely look forward to seeing these guys, couldnt ask for a better bunch to tell my beat stories too!! 😉

Food Polished, its to the Casino we go and i jump into my first event. A standard Holdem event to warm up. Early stages went ok, but i couldnt seem to gather momentum until i peel a 3b from a local with 79cc and see a lovely 8c Tc Kh flop. We get it in, he has KK. Oh dear €¦.but nope, i use my 1 time for the week and ask the dealer for the 6c on turn, to which he duly obliges!! Thanks 🙂 Sadly, that was the only highlight of this event, and we bust 4 or so hrs in when a player moves to our table and open jams 20bbs UTG +1 €¦.i decided to call off 15bbs with AJss and am amazed to see he has AK .Oh Noes!!!

At least i can play the event named after me in the evening ..Oh, Hello .Stud 🙂

Stud went fine for me, although starting table saw RedSimon (aka Snoopy the Dog) and Webber on my table as well as the rungood machine Warren Jones .Warren plays the first 10 so hands to 7th street and shows down the best hand each time .i mean, what a life!!! Cruising along, i lose a big pot with 3 tables left and bust to the rudest, most obnxious guy i have ever played with. Sigh. Still, Perry FTs it, so not all lost for TG.

Day 2 of the festival, and its Mixed Games in the evening however i am feeling good so decide to flick in the High Roller. Due to my deep run i have to miss the mixed game but sadly i am cut short in my quest for the first FT. Manage to collect tokens effortlessly for a good few hrs in the High Roller, and with 17 left i have 170k and the Chip Lead, but its not meant to be. Find myself card dead for 2hrs (4 levels) and lose a flip to find myself really short. I then get the rest in with A7 vs AQ and its 13th for me €¦ €¦

Another late night is on the cards, as 3 members of Team Gotham final table the Mixed Games with Don ‘Commisionner Gorden’ Roberts bowing out in 7th, Batman in 4th and Robin wins it €¦.Boooom, another Bracelet in the Team and Chris finally breaks his duck. The guy deserves that 1st, and it also puts him ahead of Warren in the POTY race, so thats an added bonus!!


In high spirits, its Day 3 and the Antes Up for me. Really looking forward to this event, but its a non starter. Chip up nicely for a few levels until LegoHead moves to my table with 1k or so, 3 hands later he busts me. Ouch. Nothing out of the ordinary, A4 < 58, A6 < AQ, A9< AK and we are done €¦..sad face €¦..but at least we get to play HORSE 🙂

The structure in the Horse was really odd, super fast in the early stages, but a lot deeper later on. Jon the TD was on hand to solve any issues, and as always it was a great event. I have worked on my Horse since last year, but not enough it seems. We go a fair few hrs deep until Perry, yes my own TG member, KOs me. Thanks MATE!!! Jokes!!

Friday comes and its SHOOOOOOOTTTTOUT TIME!!

I get a sick table draw, Warren Jones, John Murray, Ben Andrews, Mat Rosens all on the table. Its pretty swingy, but i fancy my chances and manage to get 3 handed with Ben and Mat and with the Chip Lead. These two then proceed to get it in a  few times, with Ben being the victor. With a very slight chip disadvantage vs Ben i still fancy this. Win this Heads Up and its Cash #1 and FT #1. Ben 3b jams J9 into my A9 but the flop and turn find a Jack and thats me €œbubbled €. Pretty gross. He goes on to take 2nd, so fair play to him.

What else to do, but jump into the 6 max. This event was a weird one for me, i started with a beautiful dealer and a good table that included Leigh Wiltshire (Woody from Toy Story), Liam ‘Legohead’ Crawford, Bricktop and Gru from Dispicable Me. Things were yo-yo for a while until i managed to get a stack. I then play a stupid pot vs Ky Hutchinson in which i decide that 3b his open with A2ss on button is the way forward, this is the only part of the hand that is fine. He has 70k and i have 30k at 150/300 and i feel he will be opening super wide. He then chucks out a 4b pretty quick, and i decide that he is ‘at it’ , so click 5b ..crazy in an APAT game i know, but i feel he has it in his locker to 6b light here .and im gonna 7b jam when he does €¦.but the plan backfires as he recognises this and 6b jams and i have to fold. He shows 7Tcc, well played him €¦..Thing is, i dont need to do this in the field as i am picking up chips so easily anyways¦.i know i have a case of FPS (Fancy Play Syndrome) sometimes, and have made serious efforts to reign it in.

I then double Roddy Farmer up bvb when his 84o out flops my A5 and find myself with 14bbs. A crazy hand then happens !!!.

Ky opens, and Roddy 3b jams. Now i know Roddy plays a lot of 6 max, so i know this is gonna be quite wide. I have A4 and decide to rejam, but Ky has QQ. Oooops

Roddy shows 77 !..how wrong am i?

Flop comes Q3T !!.K !!.J !!.What a luck box i am!!!

I get moved from the table, reign it in and start to play properly again after my 1hr of madness and manage to get to the final 30 or so. I get moved to Chris’ table but bust 2 hands in when AA < 88. Finish another deep run of the day, a table or so from the £ £

Ian ‘Catwomen’ Witt manages to FT the Razz for a bit of a Day Saver for TG


My ME went pretty bleurgh, and i think the day before and all those ‘oh-so-nears’ makes me play pretty badly. I bust pretty early cold 4b, calling LegoHeads (yes he is always on my table!!) jam, with 77. There is a little dynamic but i think i overplay my hand badly, as i level myself into thinking that if he is super strong he would 5b small to get me to jam.

OR opens, Liam 3b, i 4b, OR folds, Liam jams 10k more at 100/200 and i call it off. Yea its woeful.

As i havent played the Mixed or the Razz i use that money to play in the cash champs that evening. All is well for the first half of phase 1, i chip up from £100 to £150 in the 25p/25p phase, but the wheels fall off in 25p/50p. Lose a decent wedge when villian check calls all 3 streets with A9 on A25T9 vs my AK and a few other ones. Then get villian to put in his last £70 on J83hh with J8ss vs 9To only for the 7 the slam on the turn €¦..we dont fill up. Very next hand its QQ < AK aipf for the last of my monies and another early shower for me €¦.

PLO goes really well, and in the late stages i find myself on a table with Chris and Perry. Chris busts and Ian joins the table. Then Perry wins a 3 way all in, on the flop, to amass a gazillion chips and look pretty nailed on to be the 1st ever back to back bracelet winner in the same event (he won this event in DTD last season)

Sadly, for me, its another €œalmost €
Playing 50k-60k i get it all in pre vs Perry with AcAhQc7d vs his QdTd9c4c

The flop has an Ace on it, but the turn brings a 2nd diamond and a gutty draw, the river is the Jd and im 1 card away from FT average and out on the rail. Dont think i have ever been more gutted by a river. Dont get me wrong, not angry or sulking but just purely gutted. I have only started playing PLO this season and have managed to use my basic knowledge of the game to make FTs of each live spot ive played, and most of the Online ones also. A FT in this larger field would have really cemented my PLO skills to myself however i am really happy with the way i played in this event. If this festival is for players to try new disciplines in poker and enjoy them then it works. I love PLO.

Sadly for Perry, he loses a flip Heads Up and can only manage a 2nd, but that is an awesome feat!!

The Heads Up is my last chance of success, and the draw throws up some interesting ties.

My first round game is against good friend John Patten (JP on GNF) and after a swingy battle my QJ bests his A2 aipf.
Round 2, sees Batman vs Riddler

Perry being Victorius!!

I exit in Round 2, losing a 8k pot on A5244 holding 36 .guy has 24 and im on fumes . He polishes me off when i jam my last 2k on 853. He has A8 and my 67 cannot find the outs it needs €¦. Boo Hoooo.

So, all in all we draw a blank in the events.

Still No one can ever accuse TG of softplay as this week:
Perry KO Dave in Heads Up
Perry KO Me in PLO
Perry KO Me in Horse
Webber KO Dave in Mixed Games

Hang on !!!  .Perry just crushes us all !!

TGs Week in Numbers:

FTs: 7
Coasters: 2
Bracelets: 1
Super Deep Runs (not in bathroom): 1458
Boxes of Noodles consumed: 14
TGI Friday Visits: 2
Number of Films Perry Watched at VUE: 0
# of times Dave Pilkington told people he had a % of me: Still Counting
# times Ian played Craps: Only 2, that we know of!
Cheesecakes: 0
# times MTS made Gotham references in the updates: 42
# of outfits Dann packed: 14
# cuddles with MTS: 1

Also would like to say a massive ‘Hey’ to Rita, who was just awesome and to the Champ, Tristian Chaplin. Even tho he bust Chris !  .Trist is a great guy, and known him for a while.  he was deffo due. Have a good time in Vegas Big Guy!!

Some more pics (couldnt find any of Batboy .)