Barcelona Next for 888poker Make It Big; Neuville 2x Gutshot

The 888poker Make It Big Festival in Rozvadov is rolling along nicely so far with a record turnout and plenty of memorable moments.

It’s not going to stop there.

In just over three months 888poker players will have a chance to “Make It Big” again in one of the top destinations in Europe – Barcelona.

The dates and location for the next 11-day festival with plenty of tournaments for all bankrolls are now set for May 11-21.

Poker By the Beach

The exact schedule hasn’t been released but it stands to reason that the €888 Main Event will come back and there’ll be both a high roller (possibly with a reduced buy-in) and a dozen more low buy-in events.


Beach poker anyone?

The location of the festival will be the one of the most popular places to play poker in the world – the Gran Casino de Barcelona. 

It’s situated right on the beach that was built for the Olympic Games in 1992.

888poker ambassador Chris Moorman will be particularly pleased to learn about this as his last visit to the Gran Casino paid him a quarter of a million Euro from the Estrellas Main Event.

An official announcement and schedule by 888poker will follow soon.

Neuville Crushed by Same Gutshot 2x in 24h

Poker is a “game extraordinaire,” Belgian November Niner Pierre Neuville said as he strolled by the press table in Rozvadov today, just minutes after we saw him with a decent stack on Day 1B of the Main Event.

pierre neuville 3

Another 8? For real?

His spirit for poker – at least for today – didn’t last, though.

While on the bubble in the high roller event yesterday — after being comfortably second in chips the whole evening — Neuville lost a big pot against chipleader Martin Kabrhel.

Neuville had flopped a set of sevens and bet every street but lost the pot when Kabrhel binked an eight on the river for a straight. He’d paid two streets with his J-T overcards.

Today in the main event Neuville held pocket aces and he got all-in with a player with 9-5 on a 6-7-x board who thought Neuville was bluffing him. An eight hit.

“Sometimes it makes you wonder how these things happen,” a distraught Neuville said. “I mean, what are the odds of this happening twice and both times it’s an eight?”

Edit: Neuville bought back in and things took an unlikely turn. Stay tuned.

One Hand, Six Pictures

Having a poker face, so we’ve been told, means not giving away any information. It’s good for your game.

Oh, you knew that already? But did you also know that there are players who don’t need to have a poker face to win?

888poker ambassador Kara Scott showed the whole range of emotions within one hand today and still came out on top, as you can see from the pictures below.

kara scott 1

Pre-flop raise: All pro.

kara scott 2

Call from the blinds; all good.
kara scott 3

C-bet on the flop.
kara scott 5

Check-check on the turn
kara scott 6

Casual river bet; calculating how much he’s calling
kara scott 7

Raking in the chips; I knew you’d pay