Business end of things

Well my trip to Singapore was a little shorter than planned and I find myself back in Ireland grinding the SCOOPs. May/June/July really are the 3 biggest months of the year in terms of tournament poker with very few days off from May 4th till I bust the Main Event sometime in July. Its early doors but it hasn’t started great with a few blanks so far. I have really failed to get going in anything. Kind of hoping it would be the reverse of other years where I get going a lot and end up with a few semi deep runs, I’d swap it all for 1/2 runs of extreme depth resulting in podium finishes. It €™s the PLO HU event which I am quite looking forward today. I booked Vegas for the 26th of May so it €™s a full schedule this year.

Big congrats to a few Irish players, well done to Dermot Blaine on his long overdue big score in Monte Carlo, he won a 5k event for ‚¬200k. Traveling a lot with Dermot I have been treated to a front seat of the bad beat show that’s rained down on him. If he catches a few breaks I wouldn’t be surprised to see him adding a few more big scores to this over the summer. The standout performer of the year in Ireland has to be Gavin O’Rourke and he struck again Sunday winning the Whale and 4th in the Brawl for another big Sunday. Been an outstanding year and it €™s not even at the half way point, won €™t be surprised to see him pick up a SCOOP or a bracelet to boot in the coming months.

Finally, gl to all at UKIPT Nottingham.