Bye bye Vegas Blues

A nice week in Ireland breathing in some nice fresh air and the blues of Vegas are firmly in the past. Played a little Online Poker since I came home, booking a small profit, nothing major but chiselling into the Vegas damage. Thinking of popping down to Galway next week. Might go down for Thursday before taking a family holiday in Kerry. Its my Mum’s 60th, its a minor miracles she’s with us but armed up with a new set of lungs and kidneys there’s no stopping her.
The I hate poker post Vegas sulk has also lifted. Booked Ept Barcelona and from there taking a direct flight to Miami from Barca for the $10 million guaranteed there. I played it last year and it was an incredible tournament, these events never tend to be as good the 2nd time but if its 1/2 as good as last time I will be pretty happy. A quick weekend in New York after with the lads and home early September for the WCOOP. There is my next 2 months sorted.

In fact I am starting to miss Vegas already, I would be tempted to go back for the UFC fight in September. Looks like were finally going to see what Conor Mc Gregor is made of. He’s pitted against a pretty serious individual. I am a big McGregor fan but this should be very interesting, its on the same card as Jones v Gustafson which is a monster fight.