Cannon fodder

There hasn €™t been much poker for me recently. I €™ve been playing a bit on Boylepoker client attaining the relatively small point requirement to get the 20% added money for the IPO Killarney. The tournament is closing in fast now and there €™s nightly satellites running in the poker client with multiple seats guarantees each night.

I €™ve been watching a bit and following happenings in Vegas. It was good to see Dagunman make a deep run at the early PLO event. This should put him in a good frame of mind for the larger PLO buy in events later in the series.

What a tournament that millionaire maker was, 8000 players at $1,500 a pop, teeing up an $11,000,000 prize pool with 1.3 up top. Sean Prendiville made a super deep run at the event being one of the chip leaders for most of day three but eventually losing a sequence of unfortunate pots to bust in 23rd for $50,000.

The final table last night was entertaining stuff but would have been a lot more so with a Goat rail. Ireland hasn €™t won a bracelet since 2008, I €™d be hopeful that will change this year.

With the weather picking up I €™ve been playing heaps of golf. I do love playing the game but I €™m absolutely atrocious at it. Historically I €™ve been lucky enough to know people who were worse than me to play against. I €™ve said on the blog before that when Marty Smyth rings to play golf I only ask two questions, where and tee time.

That €™s all changed this year though and these days I €™m cannon fodder on the course. Marty rang Sunday to arrange 3-ball with his mate Kevin for Castle Marytr Cork for Monday. It was worrying when on arrival I saw Marty having lunch with a person who was obviously the resort professional.

Marty won a lot easier than the 7 points recorded on the scorecard. Turned out we €™d played after he €™d been at the resort for a 4 day intensive coaching course. FML, as I said cannon fodder.

The US Open will get my full attention next week. It really looks wide open. The course seems to have been set up for Michelson but he €™s in the doldrums all year. The only bet on my mind at this stage is an unoriginal punt on the German. Kaymer is in great shape heading into this, has really found his driver and is longer than ever. The course being an inland links like whistling straights where he won his major should suit as well.

We €™ll get seven or eight places each way offered next week and he €™s definitely an attractive punt at around I €™d guess the 40/1 mark. Hopefully even nip a bit of 50s early in the week.