New Shot Clock Helps “Take Back the Game” at 888Live London

It hasn’t been officially announced yet but 888poker will host another live festival this year at its home casino in London.

Running October 4-16 this will be the third 888Live festival this year after successful forays at the King’s Casino in Rozvadov and the Gran Casino in Barcelona.

There is no official schedule yet but both the Main Event and the High Roller event will see an important new feature – a shot clock.

Fair, Fun and Progressive

All of the major live tournament organizers have experimented with shot clocks over the past few years and 888poker is no exception.

888poker live aspers london

Keeping it moving good for the game.

With positive feedback from its last implementation the shot clock will return and do its work in the two most important events of the upcoming London festival.

It’s not clear yet how much time players will have but we can safely expect that it will be a countdown anywhere between 30 and 60 seconds.

The shot clock will be operated by the dealer at each table and every player will have the chance to extend their time in a tough spot by means of “time chips.”

“Taking back the game is about going one step further for our players to create a fairer, more fun and progressive gaming environment,” said Itai Pazner, Head of B2C at 888 Holdings.

 “As a huge influencer in a fast-evolving market, it’s important that we listen to our players in order to enrich their experience in the most innovative ways possible.

“We believe that implementing Shot Clocks in our 888Live Festivals is one more step towards us improving our games through cutting waiting times and creating a more even-handed poker experience.”

Ongoing Debate Since 2014

While it’s perfectly normal to have a shot clock in online poker – and nobody would ever seriously ask for it to be removed – live poker has for many decades relied on etiquette, meaning that every player should get the time they need but nobody should deliberately slow down the game.

action clock wpt

Action implemented on WPT

Not everyone has the same interpretation of that etiquette, however.

As early as January 2014, Josh Arieh talked to PokerListings about how annoying permanently tanking players had become. Two months later the WPT announced the introduction of said clock.

Mike “Timex” McDonald made a couple of alternative suggestions about how to stop stalling at the table but still welcomed the shot clock idea despite not being a very fast player himself. 

The shot clock, then, seemed inevitable, even if it wasn’t the ideal solution. But there were also players who claimed that stalling was an integral part of their game and it led to a heated Twitter discussion between Daniel Negreanu and Jordan Cristos.

The shot clock, while building some momentum as a tool to stop stalling, remains one of the more controversial topics in live poker. 

888 London Schedule to Follow

Like Barcelona in May, the next 888Live event in London will be a 13-day poker bonanza. No detailed tournament schedule has been released yet but it will look similar to the one in the heart of Catalonia that attracted more players than any 888 event before.

888live barcelona festival main event day1B 2

Expect London to see fields like Barcelona.

Expect a Main Event with an £888 buy-in and two or three starting days. There are no official satellites introduced yet but you’ll definitely be able to qualify online by using the 888 steps format.

Level 6 is a $160 satellite and this will be the one that can get you into the 888Live London main event. For further qualifying ways, check back to the PokerListings 888 section and the 888poker lobby.

If you don’t have an account at 888poker yet click through to our review page to get started and access our exclusive $888 sign-up bonus.


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Luigi Shehadeh Barrels to 888Live Barcelona Crown, Hall 4th

It was the last big poker festival in Europe before the World Series and it ended with an Italian win.

Luigi Shehadeh is on an absolute heater in his still-young poker career.

Just one month ago he beat a field of almost 2,500 players at the Campione Casino and now he’s taken the title at 888poker’s first Make It Big festival at the Gran Casino de Barcelona.

It was the third festival in the new 888Live Series and, although it was not the largest, it certainly was remarkable.

The Long Goodbye

With the level times going up from 45 min on Day 1 to 60 min on Day 2 the tournament proved too big to play down to a final table yesterday as planned With 25 players remaining at three tables organizers finally called it a day and stopped the action for 12 hours.

888live barcelona festival finale 135 11

Another impressive showing for Hall.

When play resumed today it was expected that the small stacks would fall quickly and we’d soon find ourselves at just one table.

Instead, most of the smaller stacks doubled up and the chipstacks grew closer. Consequently the bustouts came slowly and by the time we were down to 15 players, the average chip stack had gone down to about 22 bb.

In this situation the table dynamic changes. As the pay jumps become more and more important the shortstacks have to fold almost everything to stay in the tournament instead of pushing light to try to double up.

Also, there were players in the tournament so tight it was difficult for anyone to win or lose any chips. At the final table, though, time caught up with the players again and we went from 9 to 4 in less than 45 min.

Cate Hall – who recently solved that quarrel with Mike Dentale handily – finally ended her tournament in 4th place when her A-6 couldn’t hold up against Shehadeh’s K-T.

From then on Shehadeh was the clear favorite to win because his chipstack was several times as big as the other two players’ – Carlos Rodriguez and José Gonzalez.

Shortly after Gonzalez was eliminated the final two decided to take a 45-min dinner break – at 11.15 PM – which was the last unusual occurrence of this event.

The heads-up then lasted half an hour. Shehadeh’s chip advantage proved too big to overcome for Rodriguez and the Italian claimed the first 888poker title in Barcelona.

888poker Make it Big Main Event Final Table Payouts




Prize Money


Luigi Shehadeh




Carlos Garcia Rodriguez




José Alberto Lopez Gonzalez




Cate Hall




Stefan Eriksson




Hamza Miri




Jaime Ruedo Sampedro




Marco Regonaschi




Javier de Vicente Miquel




Pros and Celebrities

The 888Live festivals are getting more and more attention lately, both from the media and from the big names in the industry.

Outside of Europe-based 888poker ambassadors Kara Scott, Sofia Lövgren and Dominik Nitsche there was also the whole Brazilian squad with Bruno Politano, Bruno Kawauti, Nicolau Villa-Lobos and football superstar Denilson.

888live barcelona festival finale 22

Kassouf a favorite to win soon.

Patrik Antonius, Michael Mizrachi, Will Kassouf, Stacy Matuson, Cate Hall, Alec Torelli, Ema Zajmovic, Fernando Pons and Paul Testud all heard and followed the call of 888poker.

Matuson and Kassouf both had deep runs in the event and again it was Kassouf who lasted longer than his American nemesis. Matuson finished her rollercoaster ride in 55th place while Kassouf made it to the final day.

He had his own roller coaster day as he went from dominating chipleader to exactly one big blind to back to the middle of the pack to bust within two levels. He finished just two spots off the final table this time. Some more numbers from 888Live Barcelona:













Start day 2



Finalized at



Barcelona Goodbye, Hello WSOP

With 888poker’s Make it Big festival Barcelona coming to an end the poker community is now facing the biggest of all events – the World Series of Poker.

888poker is once again the main sponsor for this event and you still have the chance to be part of it. Get your account at 888poker and register for the direct qualifiers or any of the sub-satellites to claim your seat.

You can win prize packages both for the main event and for 888poker’s branded Crazy Eights event. 888poker has also recently started a new promotion called The 8-Team where you can become part of an amazing team headed by one of the 888poker ambassadors.


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Hall, Kassouf Headline as 888Live Barcelona Down to 25

A field of 609 players has been whittled down to 25 and they’ll find a winner at 888Live Barcelona today.

GPI Female Player of the Year Cate Hall leads the pack as they head in to the final day. 

Last year’s WSOP sensation Will Kassouf is also in contention with a Top 10 stack.

The 888poker “Make It Big” festival is on its last leg and we’re looking forward to the “Battle of the Solicitors.”

25 Instead of Nine

The plan was to play down to a final table yesterday but with three tables still running at 2 AM the organizers decided to call it a night and give the players a 12-hour break.

Cate Hall 888live barcelona festival main event day1c FG

Cate Hall (Photo: Fabian Grubler)

This could mean we’re up for a long final day but then there are quite a few shortstacks in the field. Day 2 saw most of the big names fall yesterday, with Stacy Matuson holding her own the longest.

The American who will now be forever connected to “that nine-high-like-a-boss hand at the WSOP,” went on the wildest ride of her poker career, swinging back and forth between 10 and 100 blinds, before it finally ended in 55th place.

Will Kassouf Take It Down?

When most of the players just longed for play to end after a gruelling day it was Hall who took the reins and started surging through the field.

Putting smaller stacks to the test and relentlessly exerting pressure she eventually managed to build the largest stack of all and is now the player to beat.

On the next table Matuson’s nemesis Will Kassouf was on a similar rollercoaster as his American counterpart but never lost all his chips. Instead, he ended the day on a high and finished within the Top 10 of the chip counts.

Kassouf and Hall have been drawn to sit at different tables today but with just three tables still active it’s only a question of time until the “Royal Clash” will happen.

Check back to the PokerListings news section to find out who prevailed. Watch the feature table live stream featuring Kassouf below:

888poker “Make it Big” Main Event 2017 Top 10


Cate Hall




Marco Regonaschi




Do Chung Tran




Jaakko Wilska




Alessio Sardone




Luigi Shehadeh




Stefan Eriksson




Jonas Kannosto




William Kassouf




Carlos Garcia Rodriguez




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888Live Barcelona ME Smashes Guarantee; Pop Wins HR Title

With just a few late registrations before the start of Day 2, the Barcelona leg of the 888poker “Make It Big” series has lived up to its name.

Over the three starting days more than 600 players entered the €1,100 Main Event with notable pros Alec Torelli, Will Kassouf and Cate Hall among the big stacks heading into Day 2.

About a third of the total starters made it to the second day and eight players used the very late registration option at the start of the day to buy-in for just under 13 big blinds.

The plan is to play down to the final nine today but with around 200 players to start, we’ll see just how far we get.

International Stars Out in Force

Among the elite players in the mix in Barcelona were the 888poker ambassador squad with Kara Scott, Sofia Lövgren, Dominik Nitsche, Natalie Hof and Brazilian players Bruno Politano, Bruno Kawauti, Nicolau Villa-Lobos and former football superstar Denilson.

888live barcelona festival main event day1B 2

Full house at Casino Barcelona. (Photo: Fabian Grubler)

But 888poker events attract a lot of international big names now, too.

Patrik Antonius, Michael Mizrachi, the “Rozvadov grudge match” parties Stacy Matuson and Will Kassouf, Ema Zajmovic, Fernando Pons, Cate Hall and Alec Torelli all took a seat as well.

Torelli, Kassouf, and Matuson all went through to the second day with large stacks. Both November Niners in the field – Pons and Politano – also made it to Day 2.

The winner of the main event will take home €110,000 while a min cash (72nd place) will get €2,100 – €2,100 more than the unlucky bubble boy in 73rd.

Watch the feature table live from Day 2 in Barcelona below:

Pop Goes the World

Romanian player Catalin Pop made headlines in February when he took down the main event of the 888poker festival in the King’s Casino in Rozvadov.

dominik nitsche 888 barcelona may 2017 2 1

Dominik Nitsche: Always cashing.

At the very next 888poker event here in Barcelona, Pop wasted no time carrying on with his run of success and took down the €2,200 High Roller tournament.

A total of 70 players registered for the 2-day event and Dominik Nitsche was the last 888poker ambassador to fly the flag of the organizer.

Nitsche only entered on Day 2 with about 20 bb to start but managed to double up twice in close succession to get right into the middle of the field.

Unfortunately after they had reached the final table he lost a flip early on that reduced him to just one big blind and one ante. He was soon eliminated in ninth place.

Pop, however, wasn’t going to lose anything. Once again he collected all the chips of every player in the event and remained seated longer than anyone else.

For his second 888poker title Pop received €40,000 which gave him more than enough shots at the main event in the Gran Casino. He only needed two attempts to build a stack and go on to Day 2. How far will he go this time?

888poker Barcelona High Roller Final Table Payouts






Catalin Pop




Fraser MacIntyre




Sergi Escote




Peter Jaksland




Francois Evard




Gordon Huntly




Oleg Egorov

Russian Federation



Hampus Persson




Dominik Nitsche




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888Live Barcelona Starts with 700+ Opener; €2,200 HR Awaits

The first-ever 888poker “Make it Big” festival in Barcelona took flight this past weekend and the results so far are exceeding expectations.

The 12 day, 13 event series kicked off last Friday with the Opening Event, a €220 NLHE tournament with four starting flights over three days.

720 players from 30 different countries joined the mix and battled it out until they reached the final nine. The prize pool had reached €138,240 and the lion’s share of that was to be played for at the last table.

Instead, it took the Opening Nine only a couple of minutes to discuss a deal that left all of them with a sizeable prize. 

They agreed on a 9-way deal, shook hands and walked off into the Spanish night.

888Live Barcelona Opening Event Final-Table Payouts


Alejandro Vazquez Gomez

1. Alejandro Vazquez Gomez (Spain) 11,775*
2. Fernando Ortola Ferragud (Spain) 11,735*
3. Eduard Munoz Martin (Spain) 10,820*
4. Sergio Manuel Martinez Pascual (Spain) 9,950*
5. Juan Font Espina (Spain) 9,775*
6. Ivan Olivas Uliaque (Spain) 9,315*
7. Angel Callen Mozos (Spain) 7,495*
8. Andre Filipe Quelhas (Portugal) 6,870*
9. Joachim Lob (Switzerland) 6,700*

*9-way deal

A Breeze for Barba

Meanwhile, 210 players settled in to enjoy a fresh “Breeze,” which was the next side event. It was supposed to be a 1-day event but when they were down to four on the first day they called it a night and agreed to return the next day.

This proved to be an extremely short affair as it took just over half an hour until the winner was found. Antonio Perez Vico Barba was the last man standing in this event, and that was worth €4,870.

Then came the €50 Turbo. It attracted 121 players and Hector Germino Cabus Maseda (€1,202) and Ivan Arcos Alba (€1,186) took the largest bits of the €5,228 prize pool.

€2,200 High Roller Incoming

Next up on the schedule this week are the €55 Swordfish, the €77 Turbo Deepstack and the €66 Lightning 8-max. After that there’s a highlight waiting that all players are looking forward to – the €2,200 High Roller Event on Wednesday.


Join the 888 party!

While the side events have mostly been frequented by local (but not only local) recreational players, Wednesday will see the entrance of the professionals.

The High Roller is a 2-day event with 100,000 chips to start and 45 min levels. All the top players 888poker has invited will be in it; stay tuned for the upcoming results.

On Thursday it’s finally time for the Main Event. The Casino Barcelona will be packed out and PokerListings will be on location to follow and bring you the action.

It’ll take until Monday night before we find a winner so click back to the PokerListings news section to keep track of who’s going all the way.

Meanwhile, the $7.5m XL Inferno series is running online on 888poker with another huge week in store. Get your own 888poker account via our review page for an $888 bonus and jump in or qualify for upcoming 888poker live events. 


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Antonius, Denilson, Kassouf Dive In for 888Live Barcelona

Barcelona has always been one of the hottest spots in European poker and there’s no sign of that changing any time soon.

There’s a reason why it was a stop on the fabled European Poker Tour every year of its existence and set attendance records for six years running.

No surprise then that the soon-to-arrive 888Live Make It Big Festival in Barcelona will be just that — big.

And that the complete line-up of 888poker ambassadors - and more big-time poker celebrities - all want to be part of it.

12 Days, 13 Events

This is not what you get if you watch Harrison Ford’s worst film twice; it’s the shortest description of what’s in store for you at the 888poker Make it Big festival in Catalonia.

Running from May 11-22 you’ll find events across all bankroll levels capped by an €1,100 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em main event.

It has three starting days, 30,000 chips to start, 45-minute level times on Day 1 and 60-minute levels on Day 2 and 3.

Last, but not least - it has a €500,000 guaranteed prize pool.

There will also be a €2,200 High Roller Event, a Whale, a Mega Knockout, a Ladies Event and a €100k guaranteed Opening Event.

Check the full schedule of events for 888Live Barcelona here; if you tire of the poker there’s no shortage of activities to keep your attention, either.

Ambassadors Ahoy

If you think 888poker’s expanding pro team might be excited to get their time in on Barcelona’s beaches, you’d be right.

Dominik Nitsche, Chris Moorman, Sofia Lövgren, Kara Scott, Nicolau Villa-Lobos and the Brunos – Foster and Kawauti – will all be in attendance.


Denilson back at it.

Newly signed Natalie Hof and Brazilian football legend Denilson will also play in Barcelona. It will be the Brazilian national’s first appearance on European poker soil.

After another memorable performance at the last 888poker festival in Rozvadov, Will Kassouf will come back for more in Barcelona.

But that’s not all. Michael Mizrachi, a finalist in the High Roller at the 888poker festival in London, will attend as will Cate Hall and WPT Montreal winner Ema Zajmovic.

Finnish poker icon Patrik Antonius, who returned to tournament poker at the PSC Monte Carlo this week, will keep his momentum going and move on to Barcelona as well.

The Finnish pro was a legend of online high stakes poker – where he is one of the biggest winners of all time – and also starred in the legendary US poker shows High Stakes Poker and Poker after Dark.

Tuchman and Sylvia Commentate on Live Stream

As has become mandatory with any up-and-coming poker festival series there will also be a live stream and you need some accomplished professionals to give it some polish.

2016 WSOP David Tuchman

Tuck on comms.

Live stream vet David Tuchman will lead the commentary in the booth for Barcelona and he’ll be accompanied by another legit November Niner in Jesse Sylvia.

Sylvia finished runner-up to Greg Merson at the 2012 WSOP Main Event and just final-tabled the WPT Tournament of Champions at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino last month.

Tune in to our poker live stream page to catch the action starting on Day 1 of the Main Event and watch the 888 news section on PokerListings for feature stories and reports from Barcelona you won’t find anywhere else.


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5 Must-See Stops During 888Live Barcelona Poker Festival

The 888Live Make It Big Festival in Barcelona this May will, in all likelihood, break all previous 888Live attendance and prize pool records.

There will be 13 events at the Gran Casino de Barcelona ranging in buy-ins from €66 to €2,200.

It will feature a huge Festival Opener with €100k guaranteed, a €50k High Roller, a €20k “Breeze,” a Ladies Event and the €500k Main Event.

But if that’s not enough, there’s more than just poker to Barcelona. A lot more.

If you want to see a little more of what the Catalonian capital has to offer while you’re there, here are a few must-see stops in Barcelona going on at the same time.

1) Go See Barca

The Camp Nou stadium is a cathedral of football and a must for everybody who likes watching football. 


Pretty good at this.

It’s a huge arena that allows for almost 100,000 people, but Barca is also a popular club with millions of fans so if you want to go, book your tickets early.

It’ll be the last game of the season that weekend and Barca are playing Eibar at home. La Liga is really close this year and it still could be a game for the title.

Ticket prices will start somewhere in the Hurricane to Mega Knock-out buy-in range.

The game is on the 21st so your choice will be between making it to the final table or making it to Barca’s final game.

If you’re still playing poker, though, there are plenty of TV sets in the Gran Casino and you can follow the action there.

2) Go See the Spanish Grand Prix

The track is only half an hour away by car and the Gran Premio de España on the Circuit de Catalunya has a long tradition in the history of Formula 1.

formula 1

Anything can happen.

Local hero Fernando Alonso secured himself a spot in the history books when he won the race in 2013, coming from Position 5 in the starting grid.

Nobody has won from a higher position in Spain in 26 years. Last year Max Verstappen was the surprise winner of the Grand Prix and then went on to have a great year, so anything can happen in Barcelona.

The race is on the weekend before the 888poker Festival so you’ll have to get to Barcelona early. Ticket prices are at least a Whale buy-in but can easily reach the main event buy-in if you want top seats.

At the 888poker festival, however, all seats are the same quality and price – ‘cause that’s fair.

3) Go Mobile … Automobile

Name a Spanish car manufacturer! If your answer is Seat you’re wrong because that was taken over by VW many years ago.



If your answer is Aspid however, congratulations. You’re a super car connoisseur.

If your answer was Paella, better you never show up in Spain ever.

One thing that’s for sure is that the Barcelona International Motorshow will be open during the 888poker Festival.

This show features 36 brands from all over the world. Last year there were over 750,000 visitors.

If you’re a motorhead even in the slightest, this is your place — even if you don’t know what an Aspid looks like.

Tickets are relatively cheap and if you want to go you can get there easily by bus or metro.

4) Las Ramblas

las ramblas

Always open.

This is where it all happens when night falls. On this 1km strip of street you’ll find anything that deserves the label “night life.”

There are bars, clubs, restaurants, shops that sell everything from great food to totally useless souvenirs in flashy colors that usually make unnerving whirring sounds while they’re chased by randomly screaming children and – sorry, we digressed.

Las Ramblas is in the center of Barcelona and it costs you nothing to get in. Also, the buzz goes on all night so you don’t have to wonder if you can still go after the tournament has finished for the day. You can – promised.

5) Hop On, Hop Off

You’ve probably heard of these open-air buses that take you around some nice place and you can get on and leave it at every stop they make.

city tour

And history, too.

Well, these also run in Barcelona and this is a city where every single stop is worth checking out.

Buy a ticket in the morning, if you can, and you have the whole day to explore the city. The price is not even that a Lightning buy-in.

City Tours offers three different routes for you to go on and, if you stay on the bus, you’ll also get an audio track telling you about the history of the places you’re going by.

The buses run until 7 PM so you’ll be back at the casino in time for some evening poker action.


Sound interesting? Then get to your monitor and check out the satellites and steps tournaments on 888poker. If you don’t have an 888poker account yet visit our 888poker review page and you’ll have one within a few minutes along with a potential $888 bonus.


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888 Fills Out 2017 Live Tour w/ Dublin, Brazil, Vienna Stops

Poker events made for the players.

If there’s an overarching theme to the growing 888Live and 888Live Local tournament series it’s to make poker players of all stripes and bankrolls feel welcome and have a good time.

The mission has already been accomplished in early 2017 stops in London and Rozvadov and 888 is intent on carrying the momentum through the rest of the year with its full tour lineup announced today.

Starting next month in Barcelona the 888Live/Live local tours will hit Dublin, Madrid, Vienna and Sao Paolo along with a return to its home poker room in London in making 888’s 2017 Live Tour its biggest yet.

Sofia Lovgren IMG 0377

Odds are very high you’ll bump into Sofia.

Poker Hot Spots Covered

Here’s the full list of 888Live and 888Live Local stops for 2017:


May - Barcelona, Spain
August - Sao Paulo, Brazil
October - London, UK

888Live Local

April - Barcelona, Spain
May - London, UK
June - Dublin, Ireland
July - Madrid, Spain
September - Vienna, Austria
November - London, UK
December - London, UK

888Live stops have slightly higher buy-ins and a bigger guaranteed main event with dozens of package winners while the 888Live Local stops have very accessible buy-ins and have more localized fields.

Satellites and qualifiers are available for each with the famed 888steps program starting at just 1c. More info and access to our $888 sign-up bonus via our review page here.


Customized Travel for Package Winners

One of the best new perks for 888poker online qualifiers for live events is a new partnership with MainEvent Travel. 888Live qualifiers can now fully customize their travel options to get maximum value from packages.

Importantly, players can pick the exact days of their stay, choose from a number of different hotels and maximize their budget options. Says Managing Director Fraser MacIntyre:

“By putting complete control into the hands of the player we can ensure that they get the very best out of their visit.”


Good times await.

More than just a one-hit main event stop the 888Live stops have grown into full-on festivals in 2017 with plenty of side events and activities to keep players engaged and entertained. Poker pros like 888poker ambassador Dominik Nitsche have noticed:

“The thing I like most about the new 888 events,” Nitsche says, “is how they are a complete poker festival with high rollers and side events. Meaning that even if you bust out early from the main event, there is always something else to play!

“When thinking of an 888Live event, I can say the whole vibe around the event is something unique. It feels a lot friendlier, and you can tell that this is an event made for the players to enjoy and not to squeeze every last bit of rake out of them.”

Fellow 888 Team Pro Sofia Lovgren agrees:

“888Live events are bigger and better from one location to the other. The Barcelona Festival is great for both recreational and professional players, the mix of players creates a well diverse field which supports the game of poker.”

Get started on your own 888poker adventure by opening a new account here.


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12 Days, 13 Events: 888poker Makes it Bigger for Barcelona

Three times is the charm, they say.

The first 888poker “Make it Big” Festival in London was, well, big. The second one in Rozvadov was bigger.

The third will be another record-setter as 888poker will bring its biggest Live Festival ever to Barcelona this May.

It’s one of the top destinations for poker in Europe and it will feature even more tournaments than its predecessors.

The Whale, Hurricane & More

This time around 888poker is bringing the whole range of poker tournaments they have to offer online to the live stage.

super whale

The Whale goes live.

That means The Whale, The Hurricane, The Mega Knockout and many more.

From May 11-22 at the Casino de Barcelona you’ll be able to play No-Limit Hold’em and Omaha with buy-ins starting from €66. 

The main event will have a €1,100 buy-in and €500,000 guaranteed — but also watch out for the €2,200 High Roller event where all the celebrities will take part.

The whole team of 888poker ambassadors will be there to greet you. 

Dominik Nitsche, Kara Scott, Sofia Lövgren, Chris Moorman and Natalie Hof will all spend some time in Catalonia, but make no mistake – they’ll make it hard for you to advance to the next stage of the tournament.

Online Satellites On Now

You can just buy-in or qualify live on location (see below), but as always you also have the chance to satellite into the festival via online qualifiers.

You can qualify both for the main event and the opening event. Direct satellites for the main are $30 to play while the satellites for the opening event are just $12.

If you want to play for less you can qualify for the direct satellites through the 888poker steps system starting at 1 cent

If you don’t have an account at 888poker yet, head to the 888poker review page on PokerListings. Download the software and you’ll be good to go within a few minutes with access to our world-best $888 sign-up bonus.

Take a look at these numbers for an idea of what to expect:


ME players

ME guarantee

ME prize pool

1st prize

London, October 2016





Rozvadov, February 2017





Barcelona, May 2017






888poker “Make it Big” Festival: Full Schedule






11/5/2022 16:00

Turbo Satellite to Opening Event 1A

50 EUR


11/5/2022 18:00

888Live Barcelona Festival - Opening Event Day 1A

220 EUR


12/5/2022 16:00

Turbo Satellite to Opening Event 1B

50 EUR


12/5/2022 18:00

888Live Barcelona Festival - Opening Event Day 1B

220 EUR


12/5/2022 20:00

The Thunder

88 EUR


13/5/2022 12:00

Turbo Satellite to Opening Event 1C

50 EUR


13/5/2022 14:00

888Live Barcelona Festival - Opening Event Day 1C

220 EUR


13/5/2022 18:00

888Live Barcelona Festival - Opening Event Day 1D TURBO

220 EUR


13/5/2022 20:00

The Breeze

110 EUR


14/5/2022 13:00

888Live Barcelona Festival - Opening Event FINAL



14/5/2022 14:00

High Noon Turbo

50 EUR


14/5/2022 18:00

The Hurricane

110 EUR


15/5/2022 20:00

The Swordfish

55 EUR


16/5/2022 20:00

The Turbo Deepstack

77 EUR


17/5/2022 18:00

The Lightning 8-max

66 EUR


17/5/2022 19:00

Super Satellite to Main Event Day 1A

110 EUR


17/5/2022 20:00

High Roller Day 1

2,200 EUR


18/5/2022 17:00

High Roller Final Day

2,200 EUR


18/5/2022 18:00

888Live Barcelona Festival ME Day 1A

1,100 EUR


19/5/2022 15:00

Super Satellite to Main Event Day 1B

110 EUR


19/5/2022 18:00

888Live Barcelona Festival ME Day 1B

1,100 EUR


19/5/2022 21:00

The Mega Knockout [50 EUR Bounty]

115 + 50 EUR


20/5/2022 12:00

Turbo Super Satellite to Main Event Day 1C

110 EUR


20/5/2022 15:00

888Live Barcelona Festival ME Day 1C

1,100 EUR


20/5/2022 20:00

Omaha Pot Limit

150 EUR


21/5/2022 14:00

888Live Barcelona Festival ME Day 2

1100 EUR


21/5/2022 16:00

The Whale

333 EUR


21/5/2022 19:00

Ladies Event

220 EUR


22/5/2022 14:00

888Live Barcelona Festival ME Final DAY



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