Eureka6 Bucharest: Israel’s Avishai Shitrit takes down inaugural Romanian event for €107,350


This final table of six started with three Romanians, two Israelis, and one Bulgarian. A local winner getting victory on their home soil seemed likely right from the start of the tournament, as Romanians truly love their poker and came out in force for this festival. 

But it wasn’t to be. In the end, it was the two players from Israel - Avishai Shitrit and Moshe Eliyahu (who was celebrating his 28th birthday today) - who would find themselves heads-up. The two are friends, and have been chatting and routing for one another for the past two days.

In the duel it didn’t take long for Shitrit to grind down Eliyahu as he came into the one-on-one match with more than a five-to-one chip lead. But it still took a super sick hand to end it - we’ll get to that later

First, meet your winner of the first ever Eureka tournament in Bucharest, or Romania for that matter: 30-year-old poker pro Avishai Shitrit. Here’s how the day played out.


Avishai Shitrit (left) with runner-up Moshe Eliyahu

Final table time

Six players returned today, and here’s how they stacked up at the beginning:







Yasen Dichev Bulgaria   3900000
Jozsef Liszkovics Romania PokerStars Player 2750000
Moshe Eliyahu Israel   2690000
Razvan Costinel Belea Romania PokerStars Player 2450000
Avishai Shitrit Israel   1730000
Carmen Zainescu Romania   690000

Popular local pro Carmen Zainescu came in as the short stack, and she’d be the first player to leave us. She jammed over an open from Romania’s Jozsef Liszkovics with Ace-eight and was called by his Ace-Queen. The kicker held up and she hit the rail in sixth for €22,860.

Thumbnail image for carmen_zainescu__final_eurekabuch.jpg

Zainescu says goodbye

Shitrit started to gain momentum during five-handed play, climbing the chip counts after doubling through Liszkovics. However, the actual chip lead flipped a lot today - mainly between Dichev, Eliyahu, and Liszkovics.

Romania’s Razvan Belea never really got a hold on this final. In fact, in one hand he even called the clock on himself! He was eliminated by Liszkovics after his Ace-nine was out-flopped by his countrymen’s King-Queen. For fifth, he pocketed €29,200.

Thumbnail image for belea_final_eurekabuch2.jpg

Razvan Belea

Yasen Dichev would be the next to fall, although you really couldn’t see it coming. Dichev proved himself a quality player time and time again; from leading at the start and end of Day 3 to making some fantastic calls and plays here today. However, he got a little frisky when he four-bet jammed pocket nines for 2.95 million over an open from Eliyahu and raise from Liszkovics, the latter of which called with pocket Queens. The ladies held up and Dichev collected €37,070 for fourth.

Thumbnail image for yasen_dichev_final_eureka6buch.jpg

Dichev played well but fell in fourth

Liszkovics led the way at this point, but Shitrit got stronger by taking chips from Eliyahu. He eventually took the chip lead, and right before Jozsef Liszkovics was eliminated in third here’s how the chip counts looked:

Avishai Shitrit - 7.85 million
Jozsef Liszkovics - 4.5 million
Moshe Eliyahu - 1.8 million 

The biggest pot of the tournament took place three-handed, and it was also the one that would get us heads-up. Liszkovics started the hand with a button open to 200,000 and Avishai Shitrit called from the big blind. The flop came the [js][4s][Ah] and Shitrit check-called a c-bet of 150,000, before also check-calling a bet of 500,000 on the [3s] turn.

Finally the [2s] landed on the river, bringing four spades to the flush. Shitrit took his time and led out for 2 million, and after getting an exact count Liszkovics moved all-in. Shitrit snap-called with the [as][6d] for the nut flush, while Liszkovics had the [ks][7d] for second best. He won €47,910 for third, and we were then heads-up.

Jozsef Liszkovics_finalbuch.jpg

Romania’s Jozsef Liszkovics


Avishai Shitrit Israel   12,560,000
Moshe Eliyahu Israel   1,765,000

As you can see, Shitrit had a huge chip lead, and shortly after heads-up play began he’d whittled Eliyahu’s stack down to less than a million.

In the final hand - that sick hand I told you about earlier - Shitrit made it 200,000 on the button and Eliyahu called. The flop came the [5c][3c][6d] and Eliyahu checked, allowing Shitrit to continue for 150,000, which was called. The turn was the [kd] and Eliyahu checked again only to see Shitrit bet 300,000.

At this point Eliyahu moved all-in for around 700,000 total and Shitrit snap-called, turning over the [4c][7h] for the nut straight. Eliyahu had also flopped a straight with his [2d][4d], but he had the low end and like that it was over.


Shitrit and his rail

The birthday boy Moshe Eliyahu might not have got the present he really wanted, however €66,950 is not bad by any means.

But how did our champion feel? “It’s a wonderful achievement,” Shitrit told the PokerStars Blog. “When I made the final table, I didn’t expect to win it. It was very quick from yesterday. We went down to six players in the blink of an eye and it feels incredible that I won it now!” 

For winning the first Eureka6 Bucharest, Avishai Shitrit takes home €107,350. Congratulations to him, and thanks for reading over the past week. 



Eureka6 Bucharest results 
Entrants: 579
Total prize pool: €561,630
Places paid: 87 

1. Avishai Shitrit (Israel) €107,350
2. Moshe Eliyahu (Israel) €66,950
3. Jozsef Liszkovics (Romania) €47,910
4. Yasen Dichev (Bulgaria) €37,070
5. Razvan Belea (Romania) €29,200
6. Carmen Zainescu (Romania) €22,860

All photos by Tomáš Stacha. Many thanks to Jan Kores.

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Jack Stanton is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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Eureka6 Bucharest: Final table live updates

6 players (of 579) remain
Chip counts
Prize pool and payouts
Final table player profiles

2:26pm: The birthday boy
Level 25 - Blinds 20,000/40,000 (5,000 ante)

Today is Moshe Eliyahu’s 28th birthday - and what a way to spend it, on a final table in which you’re guaranteed to win your biggest ever career score.

Thing is, this isn’t a new experience for Eliyahu. While not a tournament on this scale, last year on his 27th birthday Eliyahu was on another final table at a tournament in Prague, which he won for around €8K.

Can he make it back to back wins on his birthday?

2:16pm: Million chip pot to Eliyahu
Level 25 - Blinds 20,000/40,000 (5,000 ante)

It’s been a fantastic start for Moshe Eliyahu, having increased his stack by 800,000 already. He min-opened and got two callers in Razvan Belea and Jozsef Liszkovics. They all saw a [5h][js][6h] flop which Eliyahu checked and Belea led for 120,000. Both called.

A [qs] turn brought another check from Eliyahu and another bet from Belea, this time worth 215,000. Liszkovics and Eliyahu called again to see the [jd] fall on the river.

Again, there’d be no more action with everyone checking. Eliyahu revealed his [jh][3h] for trips and that was good enough to win thanks to the river Jack. Belea showed his [ah][kh] for a missed nut flush draw, so maybe one pair was ahead anyway.

Eliyahu now has 3.3 million, while Belea drops to 2.25 million and Liszkovics 2.35 million.

2:05pm: Belea draws first blood
Level 25 - Blinds 20,000/40,000 (5,000 ante)

Moshe Eliyahu (it’s his birthday don’t ya know? More on that later) opened to 80,000 under the gun and got one call from Razvan Belea. The flop came the [3d][3c][6d] and Eliyahu continued for 100,000, which Belea matched.

The [5c] landed on the turn and the player from Israel continued again with a 115,000 bet. Belea called once more taking us to the [9d] river. The action stopped here as both checked, and Belea’s [as][kd] was beating Eliyahu’s [qc][jc] to take it down.

2pm: Here we go…
Level 25 - Blinds 20,000/40,000 (5,000 ante)

The players are in their seats and the clock has restarted. Time to get cards in the air!

1pm: Who will become the first ever Eureka Bucharest champ?

This event was the first time the Eureka poker tour had ever held a stop in Romania in all its five seasons so far. Eureka6 Bucharest was a big success, with 579 players - including Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu - coming to the InterContinental Hotel and paying €1,000 for their shot at the title.

Now the time has come to crown a champion. 

There are just six players remaining, as we already lost two players from the final table of eight before play ended yesterday. Here’s how they stack up:







Yasen Dichev Bulgaria   3900000
Jozsef Liszkovics Romania PokerStars Player 2750000
Moshe Eliyahu Israel   2690000
Razvan Costinel Belea Romania PokerStars Player 2450000
Avishai Shitrit Israel   1730000
Carmen Zainescu Romania   690000

Yesterday we got to know our final table players a little better - take a look at the player profiles here.

And here’s what they’re playing for:

1. €107,350.00  
2. €66,950.00  
3. €47,910.00  
4. €37,070.00  
5. €29,200.00  
6. €22,860.00

Join us at 2pm when the final table action kicks off.

PokerStars Blog Reporting Team at Eureka6 Bucharest: Jack Stanton. Photos by Tomas Stacha. Follow the PokerStars Blog on Twitter: @PokerStarsBlog

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Eureka6 Bucharest: Final table player profiles


Meet your final eight in the Eureka6 Bucharest main event:

Seat 1: Moshe Eliyahu, 27, Nahariya, Israel


Moshe Eliyahu had only $13k in reported live cashes prior to entering Eureka6 Bucharest. He’s now guaranteed to double that; making the final table here already secures him a €11,630 payday. This is not Eliyahu’s first visit to the Romanian capital; last August, he arrived to Bucharest for the Israeli Poker Tour and picked up three cashes during the festival, including his best result until today: €8,910 for a sixth place finish in the €550 Main Event. Eliyahu has been wearing a green shirt of his favourite football club Maccabi Haifa during the Eureka Bucharest Main Event. He can become the third Eureka champion from Israel should he follow in the footsteps of his compatriots Idan Greenberg (Eureka1 Bulgaria winner) and Liran Machluf (Eureka3 Bulgaria champ).

Seat 2: Avishai Shitrit, 30, Beersheva, Israel


Another Israeli player on the final table is Avishai Shitrit from Beersheva, who’s sitting right next to his fellow countryman Moshe Eliyahu. Shitrit is a poker pro who started playing six years ago. He’s focusing on both tournaments and cash games. The 30-year-old splits his time at the tables between live and online, and making the final table here is the biggest achievement of his career.

Seat 3: Razvan “razvyqq” Belea, 27, Targu Jiu, Romania, PokerStars player


Razvan Belea comes from Targu Jiu, Romania. His live results don’t reveal much about him as he has recorded only two small cashes on the home soil. However, he’s a poker pro, grinding online as “razvyqq”. In the online realm, his biggest accolades came in the PokerStars Big $11. Belea has made five final tables of that same tournament including two second and two third place finishes. He banked over $11k several times in these events but making the final table here at Eureka6 Bucharest is certainly his biggest achievement to date. Belea’s moniker indicates that his favourite hand is pocket Queens but on Day 3, he didn’t mind holding a pair of Kings when he knocked out Mihai Ciorteanu (18th) & Adrian Ion Popa (19th) in a single hand. Apart from poker, Belea’s hobbies are playing football and watching movies. The linguists amongst you might enjoy the fact that Belea means “trouble” in Romanian.

Seat 4: Yasen Dichev, 27, Varna, Bulgaria


Bulgaria’s Yasen Dichev hails from Varna’s suburb Aksakovo. The 27-year-old emerged as the chip leader at the end of Day 2, bagging up about 14% of all chips in play. That already made Dichev a huge favourite on making the final table. Should he finish sixth or better, he’ll celebrate the best result of his career. So far, he’s amassed $54k in live tournament cashes with the biggest prize of €21,000 earned in the €1k Event at EPT12 Prague. Dichev is currently ranked #57 on the Bulgarian all-time money list but can possibly move thirty places up the ladder if he wins this tournament. He’s been playing poker for ten years and considers himself an amateur. However, he’s also doing well in online tournaments; his biggest payday was around $119k.

Seat 5: Jozsef Liszkovics, 28, Odorheia Secuiesc, Romania, PokerStars player

Jozsef Liszkovics_day3buch.jpg

Jozsef Liszkovics is a poker pro from Odorheia Secuiesc, Romania. He’s been playing poker for four years, almost exclusively online. The 28-year-old specializes in tournaments and his biggest accolade was a first place in the PokerStars Bigger $109 worth about $37k. He’s also a huge Real Madrid fan, filling a sentence “Hasta el final, vamos Real” in his profile. While his favourite football club is preparing for next week’s Champions League final, Liszkovics will experience his biggest final tomorrow.

Seat 6: Razvan “b91pit” Bordei, 34, Bucharest/Romania, PokerStars qualifier


Amateur poker player Razvan Bordei has made his biggest live tournament final table right here in his home city. The 34-year-old from Bucharest has been enjoying poker since 2009, playing both live and online. Prior to entering Eureka6 Bucharest, Bordei amassed $24k in live cashes including a €2,080 payday for a 134th place at Eureka4 Vienna. He’ll collect his second Eureka Main Event cash here in the Romanian capital and it will also be the biggest of his live career. In the online realm, Bordei’s biggest win was about $25k.

Seat 7: Florin Ionut Pandilica, 36, Bucharest, Romania


Florin Ionut Pandilica is also a local player. He’s been playing poker for the past decade and has racked up over $75k in live tournament winnings. Pandilica collected his biggest cash at EPT8 Barcelona, finishing 50th for €14,000 in the Main Event. He prefers tournaments over cash games.

Seat 8: Carmen Zainescu, 45, Plaiesti, Romania


There were only four female players in the Eureka6 Bucharest Main Event but one of them made it to the final table. Carmen Zainescu celebrated it loudly as she’d had the shortest stack in the tournament since there were two tables left but still found her way amongst the final eight. Zainescu, 45, hails from Plaiesti and has been playing live tournaments for five years. Her resumé includes cashes worth nearly $26k and she’s about to boost it with her result in this tournament, which has already beaten her previous best (€3,700 for 15th at PokerFest Bucharest back in 2013). Zainescu claims family to be her other hobby.

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Eureka6 Bucharest: Day 3 live updates

28 players (of 579) remain
Chip counts
Prize pool and payouts

11:45am: Welcome to Day 3 - the business end of Eureka6 Bucharest

When the money gets big, the bust-outs get brutal. It’s Day 3 here in beautiful Bucharest, and just 28 of the 579 players who entered this event remain.

Today we’ll be playing down to final table, and everyone has their heart set on the €107,350 first-place prize. Right now they’re all guaranteed a €2,860 payday, but after just one elimination that’ll increase to €3,310.

Thumbnail image for yasen_dichev_day2_eureka6buch3.jpg

Yasen Dichev leads coming into Day 3

The player out in front at the beginning of play today is Bulgaria’s Yasen Dichev, who stormed ahead of the pack yesterday afternoon and held the chip lead for the last few levels. He comes into today with 2.047 million.

Close behind him are Israel’s Moshe Eliyahu with 1.636 million, and Romania’s Razvan Costinel Belea (915,000), Jozsef Liszkovics (912,00), and Antoanell ‘Toni’ Judet (906,000).

Play starts at 1pm with the blinds at 8,000/16,000 and a 2,000 ante. See you shortly as we tackle the business end.

PokerStars Blog Reporting Team at Eureka6 Bucharest: Jack Stanton. Photos by Tomas Stacha. Follow the PokerStars Blog on Twitter: @PokerStarsBlog

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Eureka6 Bucharest: Day 2 live updates

36 players (of 579) remain - we’re in the money
Chip counts
Prize pool and payouts

10:48pm: Just five tables left
Level 19 - Blinds 5,000/10,000 (1,000 ante)

The room was absolutely jam-packed with Day 2 players this morning. Now the field has been whittled down to just 36 spread over just five tables.

10:45pm: “Pay him. Pay zat man his money.”
Level 19 - Blinds 5,000/10,000 (1,000 ante)

If you insist, Teddy KGB.

39. Petrica Lombada - €2,530
40. Paul Lucian Jifcu - €2,200
41. Bahar Musa - €2,200
42. Ionut Dragos - €2,200
43. Daniel Ricardo - €2,200
44. Nicolae Buse - €2,200
45. Claudiu Rajnoveanu - €2,200
46. Karakolev Nedelcho - €2,200
47. Iulian Alin Chirculeanu - €2,200
48. Daniel Balaiasa - €2,200
49. Georgian Luta Balu - €2,200
50. Lahmani Oshri - €2,200
51. Alpar Gyorgy Soos - €2,200

10:36pm: Dichev cracks a milly
Level 19 - Blinds 5,000/10,000 (1,000 ante)

Yasen Dichev was chip leader at the last break, and now he’s even more so. He’s the first player to break the one million chip barrier, and currently sits with 1.75 million.


Yasen Dichev

10:26pm: The price isn’t always right
Level 19 - Blinds 5,000/10,000 (1,000 ante)

Alin Petrisor Pandilica opened to 20,000 from the under the gun and it folded to former chip leader Marian Virlanuta who made the call, as did Sason Erez from the big blind.

The flop came the [td][5c][th] and it checked to Virlanuta who led for 31,000. Only Pandilica called to see the [3h] turn. He checked again and now the bet from Virlanuta was 75,000. Pandilica counted his chips carefully and decided to move all-in for 136,000. Virlanuta was priced in and called.

He had the [js][qd] so was hoping to hit something, but in fact he tried to muck when he Pandilica had the [5d][5h]. The river was the [9d] and Pandilica doubled to close to 300,000.

10:16pm: All the chip counts
Level 19 - Blinds 5,000/10,000 (1,000 ante)

As we don’t have too many players left now, here’s a look at how they all stack up:
















































Yasen Dichev 990000
Florian Rosa 850000
Moshe Eliyahu 750000
Marian Virlanuta 730000
Peters Tobias 621000
Razvan Costinel Belea 615000
Avishai Shitrit 540000
Alexandru Boicea 518000
Ionut Dragos 500000
Sason Erez 490000
Florian Dimitrie Duta 440000
Adam Milewski 402000
Adrian Ionescu 400000
Mihai Sorin Turculeanu 400000
Yordan Yordanov Mitrentsov 380000
Antoanell Cristian Judet 370000
Razvan Bordei 360000
Nihat Karyagdi 335000
Cosmin Ionut Petcu 330000
Jozsef Liszkovics 330000
Gary Clarke 306000
Mihai Manole 290000
Daniel Ricardo 264000
Adrian Ion Popa 261000
Carmen Zainescu 250000
Johny Jabra 245000
Valentin Anghel 240000
Armand Alexandru Matti 235000
Florin Ionut Pandilica 212000
Alin Petrisor Pandilica 210000
Ionut Dragos Munteanu 206000
Karakolev Nedelcho 180000
Petrica Lombada 165000
Victor Emanuel Beteringhe 155000
Mihai Ciorteanu 140000
Traian Bostan 130000
Paul Lucian Jifcu 115000
Catalin Moraru 110000
Bahar Musa 110000
Claudiu Rajnoveanu 100000
Nicolae Buse 85000
Valentin Marius Cristea 74000
Adrian Nicolae Ionescu 65000
Alexandru Daniel Strugut 55000
Ionut Aurelian Stoichita 54000
Dan Petrea 30000
Iulian Alin Chirculeanu 6000

10:06pm: Another double for Carmen
Level 19 - Blinds 5,000/10,000 (1,000 ante)

Carmen Zainescu seems to be stuck in a loop of doubling up then getting short again. Well, it’s time for one more cycle as she’s just doubled with her Ace-ten vs Ionut Dragos’ Ace-five. A ten on the flop has brought her stack back to 190,000.


Carmen Zainescu

10pm: Two more hours
Level 19 - Blinds 5,000/10,000 (1,000 ante)

Just two more levels left for Day 2.

Meanwhile, the €330 Bucharest Cup is nearing its conclusion, and the €2,200 high roller is currently underway.


19 5,000 10,000 1,000

9:45pm: Last break of the night
Level 18 - Blinds 4,000/8,000 (1,000 ante)

We’ll be back in 15 minutes.

9:44pm: Hollywooding, not slowrolling
Level 18 - Blinds 4,000/8,000 (1,000 ante)

After Georgian Luta Balu moved all-in from under the gun for 87,000, it folded around to Mihai Manole on the button and he went into the tank for a couple of minutes. Eventually he slid out just a flat call.

The blinds quickly folded, and then Balu turned over his [ac][kh]. You’d think if someone thought for that long he wouldn’t have that beat, but turns out Manole had the [ad][as]. He wasn’t slowrolling though; he was acting weaker so that he’d maybe get one of the blinds to raise.

Anyway, the board ran out [kc][6d][3h][jh][6c] and Balu hit the rail a little frustrated.

9:38pm: Double up for Carmen
Level 18 - Blinds 4,000/8,000 (1,000 ante)

We heard Carmen Zainescu celebrating so went over to see what was up. Turns out she’d got her last 120,000 all-in on the turn of a [jc][ks][3h][7d] board with the [kd][3d], ahead of Mihai Ciorteanu’s [kh][th]. The river came the [kc] and her full house beat his trips, bringing her stack up to around 250,000.

9:30pm: Latest eliminations
Level 18 - Blinds 4,000/8,000 (1,000 ante)

52. Andrei Stoenescu - €2,200
53. Eugen Gabriel Chiva - €2,200
54. Victor Catalin Anghel - €2,200
55. Andrei Erohin - €2,200
56. Alexandru Farcasanu - €1,970
57. Alexandru Daniel Ionescu - €1,970
58. Marius Vik Enebakk - €1,970
59. Adrian Eugen Constantin - €1,970
60. Tiberiu Ban - €1,970
61. Cristian Costea - €1,970
62. Ilan Buskila - €1,970
63. Catalin George Pacala - €1,970
64. Gabriel Gavrila - €1,970
65. Jean Philippe Carl Marie Schoonbrood - €1,970
66. Petrica Constantin - €1,970

9:10pm: Jabra Cadabra! Johny survives without knowing it
Level 18 - Blinds 4,000/8,000 (1,000 ante)

Johny Jabra is on cloud nine right now. Not just because he doubled up, but because for a few seconds there he thought he’d been eliminated.

He was all-in with the [7h][7d] for 64,000 against Nicolae Buse’s [ah][jc]. The board ran out safe for him until the [ad] river, at which point he got up and wished everyone good luck.

Thing is, there were three more diamonds on the board too and Jabra had won it with a flush! He’s up to above 130,000 now.

8:57pm: Clarke still going strong
Level 18 - Blinds 4,000/8,000 (1,000 ante)

Ireland’s Gary Clarke opened to 17,000 from under the gun plus one and got a caller in his neighbour to the left, Andrei Erohin. The flop came the [kh][ts][qc] and Clarke continued for 18,000. Erohin thought for a while but gave it up, showing the [ac] as he did. That prompted Clarke to do him a favour and show him his cards too - the [ah][kc] for top pair and a gutshot.

Clarke’s up to 300,000 now.


18 4,000 8,000 1,000

8:38pm: Gavrila falls to El Clásico
Level 17 - Blinds 3,000/6,000 (1,000 ante)

Adrian Ionescu (there are a lot of Adrian Ionescu’s here in Bucharest who play poker - we had about ten in this tournament!) moved all-in under the gun for 67,000 and it folded around to Gabriel Gavrila in the big blind. He snap-called for stack of roughly 60,000 with the [qs][qd] and was up against Ionescu’s [ah][kd].

The El Clásico of poker races started very well for Ionescu. The [8d][as][4d] flop put him ahead, and the [js] turn and [ac] river kept him there. Gavrila hit the rail to collect his €1,970, while Ionescu is now playing 130,000.

8:28pm: Biggest stacks right now
Level 17 - Blinds 3,000/6,000 (1,000 ante)











Marian Virlanuta 670000
Daniel Ricardo 501000
Jozsef Liszkovics 498000
Moshe Eliyahu 450000
Yasen Dichev 440000
Eugen Gabriel Chiva 410000
Antoanell Cristian Judet 401000
Victor Emanuel Beteringhe 385000
Florian Rosa 380000
Florian Dimitrie Duta 375000

8:20pm: The latest money winners
Level 17 - Blinds 3,000/6,000 (1,000 ante)

67. Cosmin Constantin Cimpeanu- €1,970
68. Catalin Ciocov- €1,970
69. Denis Ioan Poteras- €1,970
70. Catalin Dragomir - €1,970
71. Catalin Luca - €1,970
72.  Iosif Eva - €1,740

8:10pm: Zainescu making moves
Level 17 - Blinds 3,000/6,000 (1,000 ante)

Carmen Zainescu, the sole female left in this Day 2 field, opened to 16,000 from the cut-off and got one caller - Eugen Gabriel Chiva from the big blind. 

The flop came the [4d][ad][tc] and Zianescu opted not to c-bet, checking it to Chiva who put out a bet of 18,000. Zainescu then went straight for her chips and counted a raise to 41,000. Chiva thought for a minute or so before letting it go.

Zainescu showed the table her hand - the [2h][2d] - but it turned out she was bluffing with the best hand. Chiva showed his [jd][7h] for complete air.

7:50pm: Three more gone
Level 17 - Blinds 3,000/6,000 (1,000 ante)

We’ve had three eliminations in the opening minutes of the level.

73. Emanuel Flesner - €1,740.00
74. Antonino Karman - €1,740.00
75. Iulian Doroftei - €1,740.00

7:45pm: Welcome back
Level 17 - Blinds 3,000/6,000 (1,000 ante)

Players are back in their seats after dinner. We’ll be playing four more 60-minute levels today.

6:47pm: Dinner time

PLayers are taking a one-hour dinner break.

6:43pm: Here comes the avalanche
Level 16 - Blinds 2,500/5,000 (500 ante)

Players are busting like madmen now they know they’ve secured some cash. Those who have exited in the last 10 minutes and win €1,740 each are:

76. Vlad Alexandru Lazariciu
77. Adrian Ioan Ionescu
78. Spiridon Tonikidis 
79. Mircea Alexandru Flutur
80. Sorin Petre Radulescu
81. Constantin Manole
82. Paulos Patsis
83. Adrian Iancu
84. Adrian Costin Constantin
85. Neculai Macovei
86. Adamou Christodoulos
87. Tudor Popa

6:33pm: It’s burst! Gheorghe Bogdan Ionescu bubbles Eureka6 Bucharest
Level 16 - Blinds 2,500/5,000 (500 ante)

What an epic end to hand-for-hand play: three all-ins and calls. Three spots to burst the bubble.

In the first table we went to, Adrian Costin Constantin was all-in with the [kd][kc] v the [as][qc] of chip leader Marian Virlanuta. It ran out [2h][qh][7d][7h][8d] and Constantin doubled.

Then, we went to see Antonino Karman, who was all-in with pocket Kings too: the [kh][kc] against Yasen Dichev’s sheepishly-revealed [jd][4d]. The board came the [8c][6h][qc][qs][as] and he survived too.

Then finally, we saw Gheorghe Bogdan Ionescu all-in from the big blind with the [ah][qh] against UK player Florian Dimitrie Duta’s [jd][9d]. It looked good for the Romanian, but that all changed on the flop.


Ionescu before the flop sunk in

It fell the [8d][7s][tc] giving Duta the nut straight. Ionescu needed running cards, but the [2d] turn and [6h] river were no help to him.


…and after the river

Ionesco exited in 88th, and everyone is now in the money!

All videos by Tomas Stacha - who apologises for the shakiness. “I was taking photos at the same time!” he says.

6:25pm: Keep on surviving
Level 16 - Blinds 2,500/5,000 (500 ante)

We’ve had several all-in and calls now but the at-risk players keep on doubling.  

6:07pm: Nothing yet
Level 16 - Blinds 2,500/5,000 (500 ante)

Three hands of bubble action and not a single all-in and call yet to report.

5:52pm: Florin Vasile Haiduc soft bubbles
Level 16 - Blinds 2,500/5,000 (500 ante)

Florin Vasile Haiduc is our soft bubble boy. He moved all-in with the [qs][jc] and was called by Valentin Anghel who woke up with the [ad][ac]. It ran out [8s][kd][2h][qh][6d] and he was out in 89th.

We’re now on the bubble.

5:46pm: Going soft
Level 16 - Blinds 2,500/5,000 (500 ante)

With 89 players remaining, we’re now on the soft bubble.


16 2,500 5,000 500

5:37pm: Two eliminations - one nastier than the other
Level 15 - Blinds 2,000/4,000 (500 ante)

Play has naturally slowed somewhat as we approach the money bubble, but here are the two most recent eliminations. One was…pretty gross.

On Table 5, Adrian Nicolae Ionescu moved all-in for around 50,000 and it folded to Bogdan Diaconu in the big blind who called. He had the [qd][qs], but that was trailing Ionescu’s [as][ah]. The board ran out [ac][5h][5c][4s][4d] and Diaconu was gone.

Then over on Table 1, Armand Alexandru Matti opened to 8,000 and got a call from Cristian Vornicu. Avishai Shitrit then squeezed to 24,000 from the big blind and Vornicu jammed for around 60,000 and was called.

Vornicu was looking good with his [kc][kd] against the [jh][qd] all the way to turn on the [8h][qh][5c][9s] board.

But the river changed everything. It came the [tc] giving Shitrit a running straight, and Vornicu couldn’t believe it. He was gone.

5:28pm: Six to go
Level 15 - Blinds 2,000/4,000 (500 ante)

94 players remain so five more exits and we’ll be on the hard bubble.

5:22pm: Bubble abuse
Level 15 - Blinds 2,000/4,000 (500 ante)

Chip leader Marian Virlanuta is absolutely abusing the approaching bubble, putting players to the test and not tolerating any stalling from the smaller stacks.

In a hand I just caught, Sason Erez opened to 9,000 under the gun and the action was on short-stacked Petrica Lombada. He was thinking for more than a minute, and kept looking up at the screen to see if there were any updates on other eliminations. Eventually Virlanuta called the clock, and Lombada folded. 

It then folded around to Virlanuta who defended from the big blind. The flop was the [5c][3c][ac] and he checked to Erez who continued for 12,000. That was called, and when the dealer was burning and turning the [ts] turn Virlanuta checked in the dark. 

Erez fired again for 17,000, and that too got a quick call. The river came the [8c] bringing four clubs on board, and now Virlanuta bet 55,000 putting Erez to the test. He folded.

Virlanuta turned over the [3h][4h] for just a pair of threes.”Ah you had a straight,” said a confused Erez. “No, wait…you didn’t? Ah, good raise.”

5:02pm: Players falling left and right
Level 15 - Blinds 2,000/4,000 (500 ante)

We’re now just nine eliminations away from the money. The latest to go are:

Cristian Tardea, Florian Rosa, Shahar Ohayon, Mayan Lawrence Shih, Slaven Popov, Lida Doron Zvi, Lucian Mihai Barbu, Florin Popescu, end of Day 1B chip leader Taranko Grzegorz, Victor Ciubotaru, Bogdan Ioan Agica, Marian Valentin Tiuntiuc, Vlad Ardeleanu, Georgios Charmpilas, Eugen Stefan Predescu, Kitanov Stoyan, Mihai Manole, and Mihai Adrian Grigoriu.

4:55pm: Zainescu on the up
Level 15 - Blinds 2,000/4,000 (500 ante)

Carmen Zainescu is going from strength to strength, having just eliminated another player. She called the 28,000 shove of Lucian Mihai Barbu with the [as][js] and was way ahead of his [ah][8s]. The flop came the [4s][th][5s] giving her the nut flush draw, and she’d hit it on the [9s] turn. The [5c] completed the board and sent Barbu on his way, while Zainescu now sits with 155,000.

4:45pm: Another one bites the dust
Level 15 - Blinds 2,000/4,000 (500 ante)

Florin Popescu moved all-in for his last 23,500 and Canadian Daniel Ricardo called on the button. It fodled to Gary Clarke in the big blind and the Irish player made the call too.

The flop was the [4d][2h][tc] and Clarke checked, which led to Ricardo taking control with a 35,000 bet. That got Clarke out of the way and the cards were flipped.

Popescu must have thought the flop was good for him with his [9c][td] - and it was; only problem was he’d still need to hit as Ricardo had the [qs][qh].

The turn was the [6h], and the river came the [kc] to eliminate local player Popescu.

4:36pm: The top of the pile
Level 15 - Blinds 2,000/4,000 (500 ante)

You can view all of the chip counts here, but here’s a look at the biggest stacks in the room at the beginning of Level 15:











Marian Virlanuta 450000
Cosmin Ionut Petcu 380000
Yasen Dichev 340000
Lahmani Oshri 335000
Daniel Ricardo 310000
Florian Rosa 300000
Razvan Costinel Belea 285000
Alexandru Boicea 270000
Gary Clarke 250000
Sason Erez 250000

15 2,000 4,000 500

4:21pm: Have a rest

You’ve got 15 minutes to go put the kettle on or do whatever you need to do before the players return from break for Level 15. Will we hit the bubble? There are 112 left and 87 get paid.

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4:16pm: Bust-outs
Level 14 - Blinds 1,500/3,000 (400 ante)

The latest to fall are  Oz Cohen, Radu Cristian Cucuiu, Calin Mihai Pretorian, Krzysztof Gluszko , Alexandru Tanasica, Adrian Demusca , Razvan Lucian Cetanas, Mihai Bogdan Gheonu, Ovidiu Roman, Olivier Frederic Duran, Iulian Azoicai, Vicenzo Auteri, Gabriel Petrica Popescu, Cornel Pazara, Alexandru Neculae , Sabin Valeriu Olariu, Dan Chisu, Marius Ion Geanta, Cristian Dan, Hansen Jens, Vladimir Velikov, Daniel Mihai Rinzis, and Ahmed Ahmed.

4:06pm: On your bike
Level 14 - Blinds 1,500/3,000 (400 ante)

Remember this guy from yesterday?


The mystery biker

Well, it turned out to Californian-via-Bucharest player Cornel Pazaria, and he’d end making it through Day 1B to fight again today.

However, his easy rider has come to an end, as he’s just been eliminated. He got his last 60,000 all-in with the [8s][ts] versus the [as][ac] of Petrica Lombada on an [8d][ks][5s] flop, and even managed to hit his flush on the [7s] turn. However, the river was the [js] which gave Lombada the nut flush, sending Pazaria away on his bike. Good game sir.

3:48pm: Przgorezewski happy to flip and win
Level 14 - Blinds 1,500/3,000 (400 ante)

Poland’s Blazej Przgorezewski just moved all-in for his last 22,000 with the [qc][9c], and wasn’t ecastatic when Nihat Karyagdi snap-called. However, he was more relieved when he saw he was in a race against the [7d][7h].

“Phew! We are flipping!” he said as the dealer put out a flop. It came the [kc][9d][2h], pairing his nine and giving him the lead. The turn was the [tc] and river the [ah], and that secured him the double up to roughly 56,000.


Blazej Przgorezewski

3:38pm: Say goodbye to 45, say hello to 60
Level 14 - Blinds 1,500/3,000 (400 ante)

It’s Level 14, and that means that from the next Level onwards we’ll be playing one hour levels instead of 45 minutes.


14 1,500 3,000 400

3:35pm: The departed
Level 13 - Blinds 1,200/2,400 (300 ante)

We’re down to 137 players and the bubble is just 50 eliminations away. Here are the latest victims:

Marius Asanache, Bogdan Berinde, Gabriel Toader, Adrian Bizineche, Aurelian Valentin Croitoriu, Lars Jurgens, Tiberiu Cornel Diaconescu, Niculae Eremia, Gabriel Cioaca, Vasile Calin Zagon, Benjamin Michel Barkay, Yogev Kudadi, Davide Suriano, George Dimuleasa, Avi Cohen, Marios Theophanous, Zhiping Zeng, Aleks Dimitrov, Catalin Luca, Christos Xanthopoulos, Alexandru George Preda, Jan Tams, and Daniel Ghionoiu.

3:25pm: A trip down memory lane for Yogev Kudadi
Level 13 - Blinds 1,200/2,400 (300 ante)

Yesterday was a great day for Israel’s Yogev Kudadi. He found himself sat just one player away from his poker idol, Team Pro Daniel Negreanu, and managed to make all of his friends in the room jealous with this snap.


Yogev Kudadi with Negreanu on Day 1B

Alas, today has not been so great for him. He was just eliminated after getting his last 12,500 all-in with the [ac][td] against Nihat Karyagdi’s [5d][5h], only to see his opponent flop a set on the [3h][5c][2s] board. It was completed by the [js] turn and [kd] river and that was all she wrote for Kudadi.

Still, he’ll always the memories.


Kudadi is gone

3:15pm: Cohen’s goin’
Level 13 - Blinds 1,200/2,400 (300 ante)

Avi Cohen suffered a devastating blow earlier when flopped set of Queens were no good against a flopped broadway. Well, things didn’t get any better for him and he now finds himself out of the main event.

The table broke right after this hand so I couldn’t catch the names of the other players involved, but Cohen jammed over a raise and three-bet for 41,000 and was called in one spot by a player with pocket Aces. The man from Israel had the [ad][kd], but got no help on the run-out.

3:05pm: Early bath for this lot
Level 13 - Blinds 1,200/2,400 (300 ante)

Here are the most recent eliminations:

Ionut Catalin Mihart, Aurelian Ungureanu , Daniel Saether, Ivan Dimitrov, Lawrence Lazar, Andrei Berbescu, Dorin Rauta, Mihai Gabriel Niste, Iulian Cuza, Alexandru Lupu, George Cosmin Butoi, Andreas Zampas, Gheorghe Caplescu, Olivian Zoltan Balint, Raoul Ioan Iancovici, Ionut Valentin Simion, Alexandru Ionut Stan, Mihai Nicolae Vasile, Eusebiu Nicolae Jalba, Ervin Kuglish , Marius Catalin Stancescu, Pedersen Thomas Lyngvang, Fadi Younes, Danny Van Zijp, Tolga Ismen, Andrei Gheorghe Vasile, Leonard Dobre, Razvan Tiberiu Naghiu, Epure Andrei, Alessandro Nicola Benazzo, Anaras Alekberovas, and Mitran Marian.

2:55pm: Money, money, money
Level 13 - Blinds 1,200/2,400 (300 ante)

The official prize pool and pay outs have now been confirmed.

The total prize pool is €561,630.00, after 3 per cent of the prize pool was withheld for payment of dealers and floor staff. 

That means we have a whopping first place prize of €107,350.00, while a min-cash will net you €1,740.00.

87 players will be paid, and we’re down to 162 right now.

Check out the entire prize pool and payouts here.

2:50pm: Biggest stacks
Level 13 - Blinds 1,200/2,400 (300 ante)

You can take a look at all of the chip counts from the end of Level 12 here.

The biggest stacks in the room right now are:











Marian Virlanuta 345000
Sason Erez 298000
Gary Clarke 265000
Mihai Ciorteanu 260000
Dan Petrea 218000
Alexandru Boicea 213000
Adam Milewski 210000
Antoanell Cristian Judet 203000
Victor Emanuel Beteringhe 197000
Florin Vasile Haiduc 197000

2:36pm: Break time

Players have gone on their first 15-minute break of the day.

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2:31pm: Last woman standing
Level 12 - Blinds 1,000/2,000 (300 ante)

We only had a handful of women playing in this event, and the last one standing is local player Carmen Zainescu. She just eliminated a player with pocket Aces over King-Queen, and is sitting on a stack of around 100,000 right now.


Carmen Zainescu

2:25pm: What a river for Clarke!
Level 12 - Blinds 1,000/2,000 (300 ante)

Ireland’s Gary Clarke just hit a miracle river to stay alive here on Day 2.

After Catalin Luca opened to 5,000 and Ahmed Ahmed called on the button, Clarke made it 20,000 to go from the small blind. Luca came along, but Ahmed passed.

The flop was the [7d][qd][4s] and Clarke decided to just jam - a huge bet of 90,300. Luca snap-called though as he had hit top set with his [qh][qs], while Clarke’s [kc][ks] were in big trouble.

The [jh] turn was no help, but BOOM! The [kd] came out of nowhere on the river to save Clarke and give him a big stack of 188,000. Meanwhile, Luca was crushed down to just 17,000.


Nice bink for Clarke

2:18pm: When big stacks attract
Level 12 - Blinds 1,000/2,000 (300 ante)

The end of Day 1A chip leader, Victor Emanuel Beteringhe, still has plenty of chips in front of him - 208,000 to be exact. Thing is, the player to his left has even more.

On a flop of [9d][tc][7h], Beteringhe and Marian Virlanuta checked from the blind positions to the pre-flop raiser Mihai Gabriel Niste. He continued for 7,000, which Beteringhe called, only for Virlanuta to make it 25,000 to go. Both players gave it up and that brought Virlanuta’s stack to around 240,000. I can’t be sure until the break, but that’s got to be up there fighting for the chip lead.


Marian Virlanuta

2:08pm: They keep on coming
Level 12 - Blinds 1,000/2,000 (300 ante)

Are you keeping up with all these bust-outs? Here are the latest players to exit:

Boyko Boychev, Dula Dalibor, Yonatan Koko, Nandor Csaba Solyom, Konstantinos Nanos, Alexandru Anghel, Gabriel Cuza, Ruben Celis Roncon , Martin Simeonov, Oslen Gisle Arnason, Vladas Burneikis , Constantin Erhan, Nukul Insuwan, Marius Craciun, Eduard Norel, Stefan Razvan Bucur, Andrei Costin Grimberg, Alexandru Daniel Strugut, Leo Ilan Joseph , Georgios Hadjivassili, Mathis Andreas Nehring, Adrian Corneliu Lazar, Robert Raduta, Tal Idan, Jordan Mitev, Ionel Anton, Plamen Todorov, Ferenc Csaba Pal, Mihai Ciprian Hanu, Adrian Bogdan Dan, Ioan Mihai Taizs, Mitesh Anjaria, and Daniel Birhala.


12 1000 2000 300

1:45pm: Floppin’ the nuts
Level 11 - Blinds 800/1,600 (200 ante)

When I saw George Simionescu opened to 3,500 from early position, I sensed a big pot was about to happen. Call me psychic, lucky, whatever you want; but I was right.

It folded to Alexandru Anghel on the button and he flatted, only for Israel’s Avi Cohen to make it 11,600 to go from the big blind. Simionescu then shoved all-in for 57,900, Anghel folded, and Cohen made the call.

The Romanian had the [ad][kc] while it was the [qh][qc] for Cohen. The El Clásico of races.

The flop was very wet indeed. It came the [ts][jh][qd] giving Simionescu broadway but Cohen top set. He’d need the board to pair or to hit the case Queen to win, but it came the [7s] on the turn and the [3s] on the river. 

Simionescu is up to 117,000, while Cohen has dropped to 14,000.

1:42pm: Bon Appétit
Level 11 - Blinds 800/1,600 (200 ante)

Eugen Gabriel Chiva opened to 3,500 from the cut-off and Cristian Costea called on the button. Nihat Karyagdi defended his big blind, and it was three players to the flop.

It came the [kc][4d][8d] and Karyagdi checked, letting Chiva continue for 5,800. Costea then instantly moved all-in for around 53,000 and Karyagdi got out the way. Chiva had a very similar stack size to the all-in player, so it was essentially for his tournament. 

After a minute of thinking he gave his hand up and Costea raked in the chips, just as a waiter arrived with his sandwich that he’d ordered. It’s going to taste much better now.

1:32pm: More for your list
Level 11 - Blinds 800/1,600 (200 ante)

Australia’s Poker Hall of Fame member Jason Gray is the latest player to fall. Joining him on the rail are Corneliu George Tara , Hristodorescu Daniel, Vasile Claudiu Dragomir, Sebastian Ionut Mihai, Iani Tulica, Keret Dor, Iury Wolf, Anatoli Halca, Cosmin Constantin Calea, and Theodoros Savvidis.

1:25pm: The oligarch is out
Level 11 - Blinds 800/1,600 (200 ante)

Russian oligarch Anatoly Korochensky had a short and not at all sweet start to Day 2. 

He lost a big chunk of chips in a hand against Ilan Buskila which started with a 3,500 open from Yordan Yordanov Mitrentsov. Korochensky made the call, and Buskila defended his big blind.

The flop came the [6h][as][tc] and everyone checked, taking us to the [jh] turn. It checked to Korochensky and he took a 6,000 stab at the pot, only to be raised to 20,000 by Buskila. Mitrentsov got out of the way, but the Russian came along.

Thumbnail image for korochensky_eureka6buch_day1a.jpg

Korochensky on Day 1A

The river was the [6c] and Buskila jammed quickly for 28,200. Korochensky had him covered and gave a confident nod to indicate his call, but his confidence was shattered when Buskila turned over the [kd][qd] for a straight. Korochensky had the [ad][td] for two pair but it was no good and he dropped to 45,000 in chips.

That was still a very playable stack at this blind level, but by the time I got back to base in order to report on the hand I saw that he’d be eliminated. 

1:15pm: Dropping like flies
Level 11 - Blinds 800/1,600 (200 ante)

As always at the beginning of Day 2s, there’s plenty of gambling early on as the short stacks try to give themselves a fighting shot by doubling up. Of course, that doesn’t always work out, resulting in some speedy eliminations.

The players who have already exited today are:

Marius Alexandru Gicovanu, Wieslaw Michal Wejner, Dacian Vlad Tat, Radu Alin Catoiu, Richard Fitz Randolph Jr, Ionel Catalin Pruna, Onoufriou Antonios, Ion Silviu Scobai, Andrei Acatincai, Radu Lungu, Erik Scheidt, and Oren Platoni.

1pm: Shuffle up and deal
Level 11 - Blinds 800/1,600 (200 ante)

Cards are in the air here on Day 2. Let’s go!

12pm: Day 2 excitement is building…

For the first time in the tournament, our entire field (and our eventual champion) will be in the same room. It’s time for Day 2 of Eureka6 Bucharest, and 248 players who made it through either the Day 1A, 1B, or the last night’s turbo 1C flight will be combining.

The plan is to play 10 levels today; Levels 11 to 14 will remain 45 minutes in length, and from Level 15 onwards they’ll be increasing to one hour.

The player leading the pack is Victor Emanuel Beteringhe - a teacher who lives right here in Bucharest. He qualified for this event in a live satellite and told us after his epic Day 1A run that had he not qualified he wouldn’t have even played. Well, right now he’s the only player with more than 200K in chips (202,425 to be precise).

Thumbnail image for emmanuel_beteringhe_eureka6day1a.jpg

Beteringhe’s chip leader

Today we’ll be able to announce the prize pool, which also means the little matter of the bubble. Stick around - you won’t want to miss it.

Play kicks off at 1pm.

PokerStars Blog Reporting Team at Eureka6 Bucharest: Jack Stanton. Photos by Tomas Stacha. Follow the PokerStars Blog on Twitter: @PokerStarsBlog

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Eureka6 Bucharest: Vlad Lazariciu leads the pack at end of turbo Day 1C

For anyone who busted on Day 1A or Day 1B of Eureka6 Bucharest, there was one last shot at redemption. One more chance for glory. A last chance saloon, if you will, that could see you play less than half the time of the other Day 2 qualifiers but still make it through. 

It was Day 1C, a turbo flight that had 10 20-minute levels and was only open to those players who busted on Day 1A or Day 1B. 102 players decided to take one more shot, and at the end of play there were 57 more players added to the Day 2 field tomorrow.


Vlad Lazariciu - Day 1C chip leader

The player who led them all was Vlad Alexandru Lazariciu who will be taking 118,100 into the battlefield tomorrow. Close behind him were Mitesh Anjaria  (102,101), Lahmani Oshri (101,500), and Zhiping Zeng (90,900).

Other notable names who made it through included two-time Eureka €2k High Roller champ Tobias Peters (76,400), and Australian Poker Hall of Famer Jason Gray (23,200)

However, this final shot wasn’t as successful for some. Among those who tried their luck for the second time were Eureka 4 Vienna winner Zoltan Gal, two-time EPT Main Event finalist Slaven Popov, EPT11 Deauville runner-up Dany Parlafes, Eureka 5 Prague fourth place finisher Vladas Burneikis, Eureka 4 Prague finalist Vladimir Velikov, Eureka 4 Vienna finalist Erik Scheidt, and Romanian pro Robert Cezarescu. None of them could make it through.

So, now we’re onto Day 2, which starts tomorrow (Friday) at 1pm. If you want to find out how the other players made it through to Day 2, click on the links below and catch up on the action:

Grzegorz Taranko comes out top on Day 1B, while Negreanu’s day was cut short
Beteringhe bests them all to top huge Day 1A field

All photos are copyright of Tomas Stacha

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Eureka6 Bucharest: Day 1B live updates

Day 1B consists of 10 45-minute levels, playing nine-handed
A turbo Day 1C begins at 9pm for any players who have busted Day 1A or 1B

11:58am: On your marks, get set…
Level 1 - Blinds 25/50

Play is about to begin on Day 1B, so get comfortable. 

11:10am: Day 1B kicks off in an hour!

Morning all, and welcome back to the InterContinental Hotel for Day 1B of the €1,100 main event of Eureka6 Bucharest. We had a great day of poker yesterday with 253 entries for the first of the Day 1 flights, and 98 of them bagged chips when play was over. Today, it’s going to be even bigger.

The player we know you’ll all be following is none other than Mr Daniel Negreanu. The Team PokerStars Pro has made the journey to his homeland specifically for this event, and he’ll be taking his seat in the field when play begins at midday. It’s English only at the tables during hands, but Negreanu speaks fluent Romanian, so he’s sure to be chatting away to the locals when he’s not in a pot.


Daniel Negreanu yesterday

Everyone who sits down today will be hoping to end the day like Bucharest-local Emanuel Victor Beteringhe did last night. He had a surge in the last level and ended the day as chip leader with a massive stack of 202,425. Considering everyone starts with 25,000 in chips, that’s pretty impressive. You can check out all of yesterday’s action here, and view the End of Day 1A chip counts here.

You’ll find all the key tournament info below. Play starts at 12pm, and the plan is to play 10 45-minute levels. Then there’s the little matter of Day 1C - a turbo flight with 20-minute levels which begins at 9pm tonight. It’s only available to those players who have busted from 1A or 1B.

So bookmark this page. Make it your homepage. Don’t take your eyes off it. Do whatever it takes to ensure you don’t miss any of the action. We’ll see you shortly!

Key Eureka6 Bucharest Facts:

- 25,000 starting stack
- Blinds starting at 25/50 for 500 big blinds
- Levels are 45 minutes on Day 1 and they’ll be 10 of them. On Day 2 from level 15 onwards levels increase to 60 minutes.
- Late registration is open until the start of level seven.
- Day 1B is today, and a special Turbo Day 1C takes place this evening at 9pm local time. That’s only open to players who have busted either Day 1A or 1B. The field will then combine for the first time on Friday. Players will reach the money on Day 2 and then play down to a final table on Day 3. The final table will play out on Sunday.
- Full Eureka6 Bucharest schedule here.

PokerStars Blog Reporting Team at Eureka6 Bucharest: Jack Stanton. Photos by Tomas Stacha. Follow the PokerStars Blog on Twitter: @PokerStarsBlog

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Eureka6 Bucharest: Day 1A live updates

Day 1A consists of 10 45-minute levels
Entry closes at the end of Level 7
Day 1B and a turbo Day 1C both take place tomorrow

1:30pm: A look around the city

If you’ve never been to Bucharest, you really owe it to yourself to check it out. With its incredible history and stunning Old Town, the Romanian capital is a great place to visit, and maybe even play a little poker.


It’s Day 1A today but if you’re not here yet don’t worry; there’s Day 1B tomorrow at 12pm local time, so head on over to Bucharest and bring your A-game. 


Play starts in 30 minutes.

12:30pm: Day 1A set to begin!

Welcome to beautiful Bucharest for the first ever Romanian stop of the Eureka Poker Tour! We’re here at the fantastic InterContinental Hotel in the city centre, where Day 1A of the €1,000+€100 Main Event will soon be kicking off.

This is the second leg of Eureka Poker Tour Season 6, following on from a great event in Rozvadov in March, in which Ivan Luca got heads-up with his girlfriend Maria Constanza Lampropulos before taking down the title. Will we see a similarly intriguing storyline play out here over the next five days of play? You’ll have to stick around and see!

You certainly won’t want to miss any of the action, for Team PokerStars Pro and all-round poker icon Daniel Negreanu has made the journey back to his homeland and will be playing throughout the festival. It’s likely he’ll play on Day 1B, as tonight there’s the little matter of the Romanian premier of the ‘Kid Poker’ documentary.


Negreanu arrives at Eureka6 Bucharest

Play kicks off at 2pm local time (12pm WET), and today the players will play 10 45-minute levels. Then there’s Day 1B tomorrow, and a turbo Day 1C tomorrow night. This is a re-entry event, so anyone who busts today, or even during Day 1B, can still take another shot.

Players are now arriving so don’t go anywhere!

Key Eureka6 Bucharest Facts:

- 25,000 starting stack
- Blinds starting at 25/50 for 500 big blinds
- Levels are 45 minutes on Day 1 and they’ll be 10 of them. On Day 2 from level 15 onwards levels increase to 60 minutes.
- Late registration is open until the start of level seven.
- Day 1A is today, Day 1B takes place tomorrow and there’s also a special Turbo Day 1C tomorrow evening at 9pm local time. That’s only open to players who have busted either Day 1A or 1B. The field will then combine for the first time on Friday. Players will reach the money on Day 2 and then play down to a final table on Day 3. The final table will play out on Sunday.
- Full Eureka6 Bucharest schedule here.

PokerStars Blog Reporting Team at Eureka6 Bucharest: Jack Stanton. Photos by Tomas Stacha. Follow the PokerStars Blog on Twitter: @PokerStarsBlog

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Eureka! Join Daniel Negreanu for Romanian homecoming

By now, if you are any fan of Daniel Negreanu, you know he is a man of many countries. He is a proud Canadian who lives in the US and will be voting as a citizen in the USA’s next election. You might also know, Negreanu’s heritage is Romanian.

That’s where the Eureka moment comes in.

Negreanu will soon be joining hundreds of fellow poker players in a Romanian homecoming of sorts, and you have the chance to join him.

Want to join Daniel in Romania? Click here to get a PokerStars account and qualify today!


Between May 16 and 22, the Eureka Poker Tour will be headed to Bucharest for a seven-day 18-event poker festival. The week-long party will feature the Eureka Main event (€1000 + €100 ), High Roller (€2000 + €200), The Pokerfest 500 ( €500 + €50 ), and the Bucharest Cup (€300 + €30).

And Daniel?

Well, he’s going to be there for all of it. After all, it’s his homeland.

As of today, PokerStars is running satellites so you can get to Bucharest for next to nothing. Within the next two months, you could be hanging out with Kid Poker with the chance of winning a Eureka title.

For full details on the event, visit the Eureka Bucharest homepage.

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is the PokerStars Head of Blogging.

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Eureka6 Rozvadov: Ivan Luca defeats his girlfriend, Maria Lampropoulos, to win title


A big grin from Negriin

Mysterious poker player takes the EPT by storm and over the course of 15 months final tables High Rollers and Super High Rollers for fun before bagging first major European title early in 2016. No we’re not talking about Dzmitry Urbanovich, but Ivan Luca.

Tonight in Rozvadov he added a Eureka title to the WSOP bracelet he won in 2015 and took his live tournament earnings for 2016 to almost $1,000,000.

The Argentinian entered the final table as chip leader and it was always going to take something, or someone, special to stop him. By the time heads-up play began it was only his special someone who could deny him the title as he faced off against his girlfriend Maria Lampropoulos. She may not be as experienced as Luca in big buy-in tournaments but she can play, she can play very well as evidenced by her runner-up finish in a WPT National event in Brussels at the end of February.


So whoever loses has to do the washing up for a month right?

When heads-up play began Luca had the chip lead but soon lost it. Then he made a straight to her top pair, top kicker to take a big lead. When Lampropoulos made a straight of her own it would prove to be her downfall as Luca had rivered a flush. He shoved, she called and after 90 minutes of back and forth it was all over.


Fancy meeting you here

It’s impossible to go any further at this point without mentioning the part David Urban played in this final table. When three-handed play began at 4:20pm CET he had the chip lead. He didn’t lose that lead until 8:15pm and barely put a foot wrong despite being up against the two Argentinian’s. Forty minutes later he was out in third place for €54,800 and wondering what might have been.

It wasn’t the money he was funking over though. “I really wanted to play Luca heads-up to play against a really top opponent,” he told us. With an attitude like that we suspect we’ll see more of Urban in the future.


On another day Urban may well have won

The blow-by-blow account

There were eight players left when play got under way today and this is how they lined up.

Seat Name Country Status Chips
1 Mick Heder Denmark   1,370,000
2 David Urban Slovakia   2,005,000
3 Hannes Speiser Austria PokerStars player 445,000
4 Stoyan Stefanov Bulgaria   1,505,000
5 Maria Lampropoulos Argentina   2,455,000
6 Ivan Luca Argentina   5,355,000
7 Peter Siemund Germany   2,845,000
8 Robert Kokoska Czech Republic   895,000

Main Event final tv day  Eureka 6 Rozvadov Tomas Stacha-2602.jpg

The elite eight

Despite a couple of short-stacks I don’t think anyone could have predicted the whirlwind start to proceedings as four players were eliminated in the opening 15 minutes. Hannes Speiser busted on the very first hand when he shoved [Kh][Qs] into Luca’s [Ac][Jd].


Speiser - bust on the first hand

Ace-jack didn’t work out so well for Robert Kokoska as he ran into the pocket kings of Lampropoulos, to finish seventh. A few minutes later Mick Heder picked the wrong time to shove for 20 big blinds with [Kh][Jh] as Luca woke up with aces. When Stoyan Stefanov lost a race with pocket fives to the [As][Kc] of Urban we wondered if we might be done in record time.


Seventh place for Kokoska…


…Heder followed soon after in sixth…


…and then Stoyan, all in 15 minutes!

In those opening 15 minutes Peter Siemund had earned €29,000 without playing a hand but his run would end in fourth place when he got very unlucky in a hand against Urban. The German flopped top pair and Urban - who’d three-bet out of position pre-flop - continued his aggression post-flop by setting Siemund all-in on the turn with just ace high and a gutshot straight draw. Siemund had seven outs to dodge then but an ace on the river sent him out in fourth.


Siemund busted in a sick hand

So that left us with just three. For the vast majority of three-handed play Urban was in control. He had over 50% of the chips in play for large swathes of the four and a half hours it took to go from three to two. Play slowed dramatically at this point with only one all-in and call - which ended in a chop - before Urban’s exit in third. He can be proud of his performance today and impressed everybody, not only in the way he played but in how he handled being up against Luca and Lampropoulos when play was three handed.


Urban - a classy competitor

So that left us with the rare heads-up of boyfriend vs girlfriend and they struck a chip-chop deal before play started, leaving €5,000 and household bragging rights on the line. It took 90 minutes of play but eventually Luca’s experience deep in big tournaments told and he prevailed to win a major title and add to his glowing reputation. As for Lampropoulos, she’s having a breakout year of her own and has recorded her highest ever cash for the second time in a fortnight.
Eureka6 Rozvadov Main Event
Dates: March 4-8, 2016
Buy in: €1,100
Players: 682
Prize pool: €661,540

Place Name Country Status Payout Deal
1 Ivan Luca Argentina   € 124,890 € 106,186.00
2 Mraia Lampropoulos Argentina   € 76,700 € 95,404.00
3 David Urban Slovakia   € 54,800  
4 Peter Siemund Germany   € 41,500  
5 Stoyan Stefanov Bulgaria   € 33,100  
6 Mick Heder Denmark   € 25,340  
7 Robert Kokoska Czech Republic   € 18,330  
8 Hannes Speiser Austria PokerStars player € 12,500  

Click for full payouts


All photos are copyright of Tomas Stacha

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Eureka6 Rozvadov: Final table updates

Main Event day 3 Eureka 6 Rozvadov Tomas Stacha-2935.jpg

* 4 of 682 remain
* Click for prize pool and payouts
* Live stream here
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* Want more tournament action? Click for LAPT Chile coverage

3:55pm: Calm after the storm
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (10,000 ante)

After that crazy opening 15 minutes of the final table the next 15 minutes have passed with little incident. David Urban took a small pot from Maria Lampropoulos and Ivan Luca then outflopped Urban’s pocket queens with ace-seven. Urban checked flop and turn and folded to a river bet from Luca though.

3:40pm: Chip counts
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (10,000 ante)

Another elimination! Only joking, still four and this is how they stack up after that crazy 15 minutes.

Name Country Status Chips
Ivan Luca Argentina   7,000,000
Maria Lampropoulos Argentina   3,600,000
David Urban Slovakia   3,500,000
Peter Siemund Germany   2,845,000

3:35pm: €29,000 for 15 minutes work, not bad if you can get it
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (10,000 ante)

By our reckoning Peter Siemund didn’t play a hand during the opening 15 minutes. In that time he’s gone from being guaranteed €12,500 to €41,500. Tidy.

3:30pm: Stoyan Stefanov eliminated in fifth place (€33,100)
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (10,000 ante)

Scenes! What the hell is going on. A fourth exit in the opening 15 minutes of the final table. Do the players have somewhere to be?

David Urban opened from the cutoff with [As][Kc], Stoyan Stefanov re-raised all-in for 1,345,000 from the button with [5d][5h] and when it folded back to Urban he called.

They were off to the races and the [Ac][4s][Kh] flop turned it into a one sided affair. Neither the [Jd] turn or [Qs] river could save Stefanov and he exited in fifth place.


Stefanov (right) shakes David Urban’s hand on his way to the payouts desk

3:25pm: Mick Heder eliminated in sixth place (€25,340)
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (10,000 ante)

Another one’s gone! Three bust outs in the opening 10 minutes! Mick Heder open shoved for 1,175,000 from the button with [Kh][Jh] only for Ivan Luca to wake up with [Ad][Ah] in the big blind.

The [kc][7h][qh] flop was a dream for Heder but it didn’t get any better on the [Ac] turn or [8c] river and he was eliminated in sixth place. Luca is up to around 7,000,000 in chips.


Mick Heder - couldn’t crack aces

3:18pm: Robert Kokoska eliminated in seventh place (€18,330)
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (10,000 ante)

Like London buses! Two exits in the opening orbit here in Rozvadov.

Maria Lampropoulos opened to 125,000 with [Kd][Ks], Ivan Luca smooth called with pocket eights and Robert Kokoska looked down at [As][Jd]. He had just over 1,100,000 and elected to move all-in. Lampropoulos called and Luca folded.

The [9c][5d][Kh] flop left Kokoska drawing thin and the [5s] turn left him drawing dead. The [2s] completed the board.

Two early exits here and six remain.


Kokoska - out in seventh

3:12pm: Hannes Speiser eliminated in eighth place (€12,500)
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (10,000 ante)

One hand, one out!

Hannes Speiser was the short stack of the final eight and on the very first hand he moved all-in for 435,000 with [Kh][Qs] and Ivan Luca made the call with [Ac][Jd].

The [Ad][Kd][8d][5s][Jh] board hit Luca harder than Speiser and the Austrian player was knocked out in eighth place.


Speiser (standing) watches on as his fate is dealt

3:10pm: The final begins
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (10,000 ante)

Let’s shuffle up and deal.

3pm: The final countdown
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (10,000 ante)

Welcome to the final table of the Eureka6 Rozvadov Main Event. 682 players have been whittled down to just eight. This is how the final table stacks up:

Seat Name Country Status Chips
1 Mick Heder Denmark   1,370,000
2 David Urban Slovakia   2,005,000
3 Hannes Speiser Austria PokerStars player 445,000
4 Stoyan Stefanov Bulgaria   1,505,000
5 Maria Lampropoulos Argentina   2,455,000
6 Ivan Luca Argentina   5,355,000
7 Peter Siemund Germany   2,845,000
8 Robert Kokoska Czech Republic   895,000

Ivan Luca leads the way as he did for much of Day 3. Should he look to his right he’ll see his girlfriend, Maria Lampropoulos looking back at him. This is the first time they’ve both made the same final table together either online or live. It’s International Woman’s Day, could we have the first female Eureka Main Event champion.


Maria and Ivan

Here’s a reminder of what the final eight are playing for:

Place Name Country Status Payout
1       € 124,890
2       € 76,700
3       € 54,800
4       € 41,500
5       € 33,100
6       € 25,340
7       € 18,330
8       € 12,500

The final table is being streamed with cards-up so is being broadcast on a one hour delay. Play should start at roughly 3.05 CET.

PokerStars Blog Reporting Team at Eureka6 Rozvadov: Nick Wright. Photos by Tomas Stacha. Follow the PokerStars Blog on Twitter: @PokerStarsBlog

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Eureka6 Rozvadov: Final table profiles

Seat 1: Mick Heder, 25, Them, Denmark - 1,370,000


Mick Heder

Mick Heder collected his biggest prize here in the King’s Casino just two months ago when he was fourth in the EPSC Main Event, taking €24,603. He returned to Rozvadov and is now among eight finalists in the Eureka 6 Rozvadov Main Event. With a sixth place or better, the Dane would record a new best result. He’s already guaranteed to add at least €12,500 to his $87k in live tournament earnings. Heder told us that his main discipline is cash game but he didn’t have any time to play it for the last three days, being busy with the Main Event.

Seat 2: David Urban, 26, Trebisov, Slovakia - 2,005,000


David Urban

Two seasons ago here in Rozvadov, Martin Meciar became the first Slovakian to win the Eureka Main Event. Now it’s David Urban who’ll try to emulate his fellow countryman. Urban lies in fifth place on his nation’s all-time money list, just behind Meciar. Urban’s live tournament winnings exceed $300k and the list of his cashes includes a mix of various flags. Urban has cashed as far as in Australia (4th in the A$1k Six Max at last year’s Aussie Millions). Back in July 2014, he won the CAPT Velden Open in Vienna, bringing €50,000 back home from Austria.

Seat 3: Hannes “suchadegen” Speiser, 30, Vienna, Austria, PokerStars player - 445,000


Hannes Speiser

Hannes Speiser comes to the final table with the shortest stack but will try to follow the footsteps of his fellow countryman Raphael Wimmer who won the Eureka Rozvadov Main Event last year. Speiser is living in Vienna and is mostly focusing on the online multi-table tournaments, using screenname “suchadegen” on PokerStars. On the live scene, Speiser has racked up winnings of $221,000 so far.

Seat 4: Stoyan Stefanov, 25, Plovdiv, Bulgaria - 1,505,000


Stoyan Stefanov

Mainly a cash game player, Stoyan Stefanov started playing poker with friends seven years ago. Now he’s active both live and online. As for live tournaments, he’s had only one cash to date: last year’s 98th place for €1,775 in the Estrellas/UKIPT Marbella Main Event. Stoyanov is now guaranteed to add much bigger prize by making the final table here at Eureka Rozvadov.

Seat 5: Maria Lampropoulos, 36, Argentina - 2,455,000


Maria Lampropoulos

If anyone is regularly cheering for Ivan Luca in the tournaments, it’s Maria Lampropoulos who’s been railing her boyfriend during many deep runs over the last 15 months. This time, she’ll only need to look left to see him but might not be interested in supporting him that much.

The couple made the Eureka 6 Rozvadov final table and they’ll be sitting next to each other on the feature table. While Luca is currently one of the hottest players in the world, Lampropoulos have also had a brilliant February at the poker tables. She cashed the EPT12 Dublin Main Event and then marched to the heads-up in the WPTN Brussels Main Event. Lampropoulos earned €68,200 for the second place - the biggest payday of her career. Now she has a chance to better her largest cash twice in less than two weeks - with another top two finish, she’d set her new top mark. The Argentinian couple is pretty much on the road all the time but they have plans to settle in London, trying to avoid flying overseas back and forth.

Seat 6: Ivan “Negriin” Luca, 24 Argentina - 5,355,000


Ivan Luca

It’s hard to find a table where Ivan Luca wouldn’t be considered a superstar as he’s been thriving in nearly all events including the EPT High Rollers. Aged only 24, Luca is already #2 in the Argentinian all-time money list with more than $2.8 million in live tournament winnings. He’s been crushing the events all over Europe since December 2014 when he arrived to the Czech Republic for EPT11 Prague and made three top three finishes there. After that festival, Luca shined in the FPS Deauville Main Event, finishing fourth for €68,500 at the end of January 2015. Then he added his first EPT High Roller notch when he took €397,000 for a runner-up finish in the EPT11 Malta €10k High Roller.

Luca also won his first WSOP bracelet last summer, banking $353k. He’s now one of the regular heavyweights on the live circuit, having made several deep runs in the High Rollers and Super High Rollers. Since the beginning of this year, Luca has already cashed for more than $700k. The Argentinian is also an online beast, using a moniker “Negriin” on PokerStars. His numerous online achievements include a Super Tuesday title as well as a Sunday 500 victory. Luca has made a lot of final tables in his career but this one will be a unique experience for him. For the first time, he’ll play against his girlfriend Maria on the final table. The couple tried to look back to remember if that had happened before but Maria said that they’d only played tournaments where they’d met on the last two tables. Luca is a huge favourite coming back for the Final Daywith 5,355,000 in his bag, he’s entering the finale in chip lead.

Seat 7: Peter Siemund, 45 years, Berlin, Germany - 2,845,000


Peter Siemund

Peter Siemund is the oldest player among the eight finalists in the Eureka 6 Rozvadov Main Event. The 45-year-old from Berlin has been playing poker for five years, choosing between both cash games and tournaments. Siemund has not much time to play as he’s working as a CEO for a couple of companies. When off duty, he’s watches a lot of poker videos, trying to learn from the pros. So far, his highlight of this tournament was a successful bluff against Ivan Luca on the feature table. Back in 2013, Siemund cashed the EPT10 Prague Main Event, earning €9,900 for a 118th place finish.

Seat 8: Robert Kokoska, 27, Neratovice, Czech Republic - 895,000


Robert Kokoska

One of the top poker players from the Czech Republic, he was originally planning another career, playing football for Sparta Prague. But when Robert Kokoska injured his knee several years ago, he started taking poker seriously and turned professional soon after. Kokoska has been successful both live and online, playing since 2008. On the live circuit, he’s amassed over $230k in live tournament winnings with the biggest prize of $52,430 earned for a first place in the Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza $1k Event back in 2012. Recently, he cashed in the PCA 2016 Main Event (93rd for $10,840). The 27-year-old from a small town Neratovice is still playing football. He’s a midfielder for his hometown team which lies in the Czech fourth tier. Although seventh in chips, Kokoska can still hope to become the first Czech player to win the Eureka Main Event

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Ivan Luca leads Eureka Rozvadov final table

Guess who’s chip leader!

Was there ever any doubt? The Argentinian superstar started the day fourth in chips of the 63 returning players and quickly rose to the top. He stayed there for most of the day. When his compatriot, Andres Viola, was eliminated in tenth place to set the unofficial final table of nine he was actually in second place, half a big blind behind Peter Siemund.

He soon put that right. He eliminated Domenico Gala in ninth place in a four million chip pot and will start the final table in pole position with almost double his nearest challenger. When play resumes they’ll be 43 minutes left in the 30,000/60,000 (10,000 ante) level.

Seat Name Country Status Chips
1 Mick Heder Denmark   1,370,000
2 David Urban Slovakia   2,005,000
3 Hannes Speiser Austria PokerStars player 445,000
4 Stoyan Stefanov Bulgaria   1,505,000
5 Maria Lampropoulos Argentina   2,455,000
6 Ivan Luca Argentina   5,355,000
7 Peter Siemund Germany   2,845,000
8 Robert Kokoska Czech Republic   895,000

The eagle eyed amongst you may notice that we have a lady at the final table. What’s more she and Luca are an item! For most of the past two days Maria Lampropoulos beat a different drum to stay in the tournament, playing a short to medium stack extremely well to stay alive.

Lampropoulos is having a great 2016

Today she showed she can play when she gets her hands on chips too. She eliminated Jonas Lauck in the third level of the day to win a huge 1,400,000 pot and climb to second at the time. She wouldn’t be shifted either and will start tomorrow in 3rd spot with 2,455,000.

To those who follow poker though her deep run should come as no surprise. She’s been a tear of late. She finished 58th in the EPT Dublin Main Event and followed that up with a second place in a WPT National event in Brussels just 10 days ago. That result was good for €68,200.


Siemund separates the two Argentinians

The player who splits those two at the top of the chip counts is the only remaining German in the field. Peter Siemund largely flew under the radar today. That is until he would a 2,300,000 chip pot with ace-king against the ace-queen of Robert Kokoska. That explains why he starts tomorrow’s final table with 2,845,000 whilst Kokoska, who was near the top of the chip counts until then, comes in with 895,000. He’s the only Czech hope of a first Eureka Main Event title.


Urban - well suited to the poker environment

The only other player with a stack of over 2m is David Urban and he squeaks in with 2,005,000. Throughout the tournament we’ve seen him content to play post-flop poker and he’s a danger, make no bones about it. He’s got over $300,000 in lifetime earnings and can now add a Eureka Main Event cash to those he’s had on the EPT, Estrellas and UKIPT.


Stoyan Stefanov

It’s a cosmopolitan final table - Argentina (!) are the only country with more than one player - and the Eureka6 Rozvadov Main Event trophy could be heading to Bulgaria, Denmark or Austria tomorrow.

Stoyan Stefanov (1,505,000), Mick Heder (1,370,000) and Hannes Speiser (445,000) may all find themselves in the bottom half of the chip counts but only Speiser is in the danger zone. They certainly can’t be discounted. Heder, for instance, finished fourth in a massive 2,292 runner tournament here in Rozvadov in January and Speiser has over $220,000 in live tournament earnings


Another cash for Kabrhel

Whilst those eight will return tomorrow to play for the trophy and a first prize of €124,890 there were 55 players who had their Eureka title dreams ended today. Michael Eiler, who returned with 1.7 big blinds, was first out and was followed by the likes of: Martin Kabrhel (51st), Tonino Schmitz (39th), Andreas Gann (38th), Grzegorz Wyraz (16th) and Daniel Rose (13th) as the field was whittled down to the final eight. You can see who’s won what so far here.

Of more importance though is what’s up for grabs tomorrow:

Place Name Country Status Payout
1       € 124,890
2       € 76,700
3       € 54,800
4       € 41,500
5       € 33,100
6       € 25,340
7       € 18,330
8       € 12,500

We’ll be back tomorrow from 3pm CET as final eight play down to a Eureka champion. Meanwhile you can catch up on all today’s action here and here.

Main Event day 3 Eureka 6 Rozvadov Tomas Stacha-2935.jpg

All photos are copyright of Tomas Stacha

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Eureka6 Rozvadov: Daniel Rose blooms late on to claim huge Day 2 chip lead


Daniel Rose - two thumbs up for two big pots

Sometimes the end of day chip leader is at the top of the counts throughout the day, steadily accumulating throughout to finish on top. On other occasions, like today at the King’s Casino in Rozvadov, the chip leader bludgeons their way to the top by winning one or two massive pots.

Daniel Rose is the man who tops the chip charts heading into Day 3 of the Main Event and his lead is massive as he has almost double that of his nearest challenger. His ascent to the chip counts came courtesy of back to back pots in the last level in which the German went from 400,000 to 1,600,000. He slipped a little to end the day on 1,570.000.

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In the first of the two big hands he flopped a straight to win a 600,000 pot against Mateusz Martewicz (who folded the flop) and Boris Andreev, who had top pair and a gutshot and missed. Had Martewicz called he’d have rivered his flush and eliminated both players. That was crucial because on the next hand Martewicz, Martin Ilavsky and Rose - who now covered Martewicz played a huge pot.

The fireworks went off on the turn of a [Ts][8s][Jh][5h] board. Rose led, Ilavsky raised, Martewicz shoved for 570,000, Rose re-shoved for over 800,000 and Ilavsky had a decision for his final 400,000. His decision was to fold a set of tens. He folded the best hand as Rose had a set of eights and Martewicz [Kh][9h] for the combo draw. The river was a blank and Rose scooped that chip leading pot.


Big fold, would you’ve called?

To be fair to Ilavsky he didn’t go on tilt after that hand and staged a late night comeback of his own to finish the day second in chips on 841,000. The rest of the top five is pretty menacing as it’s made up of: David Urban (837,000), Ivan Luca (708,000) and Alexandru Farcasanu (643,000).


Another deep run and big stack for Luca

At the other end of the spectrum Martin Kabrhel (111,000) and Michael Eiler (17,000) will return tomorrow with a short-stack. To see the counts of all 63 survivors click here.

Whilst the Day 3 seat draw can be viewed here.


Guth (centre) looks on during his bubble hand

At 2pm local time the 287 players who’d made Day 2 of the Main Event sat down, all hoping to finish in the top 103 spots to ensure some return on their investment. The bubble would burst just minutes before the dinner break and it was Martin Guth who ensured that 103 players would tuck into their dumplings with a cash to their name.

It was a double bad beat for Guth as not only did he have his pocket jacks cracked by the [Ac][9c] of Karol Radomski but he had a chance to chop 103rd place prize money as there was an all-in at another table. It was Grzegorz Wyraz who was at risk, he was all-in with [Kd][Qd] and in bad shape against Arsenii Karmatckii’s [Ac][Kd]. Guth had wandered over to watch the hand and looked on as the board made Wyraz a straight.


Mulsow - out in time to play the Sunday Million

Once the bubble burst there followed the usual rush to the exits and among those who cashed in but crashed out on Day 2 were: Lee Mulligan (96th, €1,800), Martin Muslow (91st, €1,920), Adam Jaguscik (82nd, €1,920) and Boris Andreev (71st, €2,120). You can see the payouts so far here.

Whilst they won’t be back tomorrow for the Main Event, we will be. Action starts at 2pm CET. You can catch up on all today’s action in Rozvadov here, whilst Day 2 action from LAPT Chile can be found here.

Main Event day 2 Eureka 6 Rozvadov winners trohys Tomas Stacha-1692.jpg

All photos are copyright of Tomas Stacha

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Eureka6 Rozvadov: Day 2 live updates


* 263 of 682 remain (103 get paid)
* Click for payout structure
* Sprechen Sie deutsch? Dann klicken Sie rein beim PokerStarsblog DE
* Want more tournament action? Click for LAPT Chile coverage

2:45pm: Eiler flying
Level 11 - Blinds 800/1,600 (200 ante)

It’s been a great opening level for Michael Eiler. The EPT7 Vienna champion is up to 235,000.

2:35pm: Seat open
Level 11 - Blinds 800/1,600 (200 ante)

We’ve lost a remarkable 29 players in the opening 35 minutes. Among those to lose their chips are: Vladas Burneikis, Felix Kaltner, Huseyin Arkun, Roman Cieslik, Siamak Tooran, Oliver Dopp, Detlev Pantzek, Kai Kresovic, Martin Komprda, Patrik Meca, Branislav Ondrus, Bernd Leesing, Lionel Clerc and Sergei Petrushhevskii.

2:30pm: Respect the raise
Level 11 - Blinds 800/1,600 (200 ante)

If Ivan Luca isn’t the best player left in this field (Martin Kabrhel perhaps?) then he’s the best player with a big stack and he just put it to good use.

Tamas Janicsak opened to 3,500 from the cutoff, Antonio Martins Pedro smooth called on the button and Luca, who was in the small blind, considered his options.

He announced raise and slid out a bet totalling 12,700. Janicsak quickly folded and although Pedro looked interested he too folded to the Argentinian.

2:20pm: Eights not so great for Tapelzon
Level 11 - Blinds 800/1,600 (200 ante)

Down to just 12,500 Boris Tapelzon peaked down at [8d][8h] which was more than enough of a hand to take a stand with. Unfortunately for the Russian, Mateusz Bober picked up [Js][Jh] on the same hand and called his shove.

The [2s][As][5s][Qc][3s] board didn’t help Tapelzon and he’s another early Day 2 casualty in Rozvadov.

2:10pm: Short day for…
Level 11 - Blinds 800/1,600 (200 ante)

Day 2 has not gone the way they’d have hoped for Frank Robotka, Tomasz Domaracki, Seballo Faldalarga, Michael Polchlopek, Frank Stumpf, David Dolak, Carsten Barth, Michael Koran, Petar Petrov, Tomas Pleticha, Adrian Esslen or Martin Bartos as they’re all out.

None of those players had over 20 big blinds to start the day.

2pm: Shuffle up and deal
Level 11 - Blinds 800/1,600 (200 ante)

Right on time the tournament is under way. Just before play started the Tournament director announced details of the prize pool. The winner will collect €124,890, whilst a 103 players will get paid, with a min-cash worth €1,800. See the full structure here.

1:50pm: Day 2 set to start
Level 11 - Blinds 800/1,600 (200 ante)

Welcome to Day 2 of Eureka6 Rozvadov. There were a total of 682 entrants into the Main Event and 287 of those have made it to Day 2. Leading the way is Quentin Dellis. The Belgian, who finished sixth at UKIPT5 Dublin in February, is the only player who’ll begin Day 2 with over 200,000 as he bagged up 201,100 to top the Day 1B field.

Quentin Dellis

The plan for today is to play eight levels. The first four of those will be 45 minutes in length and then from level 15 onwards the clock is increased to 60 minutes.

Play will start on time at 2pm. Stick right here for moving day.

PokerStars Blog Reporting Team at Eureka6 Rozadov: Nick Wright. Photos by Tomas Stacha. Follow the PokerStars Blog on Twitter: @PokerStarsBlog

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Eureka6 Rozvadov: Arsenii Karmatckii finishes on top after turbo Day 1C

The third and final opening flight of the Eureka6 Rozvadov Main Event has just wrapped. The special turbo Day 1C - levels were 20 minutes instead of 45 - attracted 118 runners which took the total players 675, add in seven no shows and that takes the total entries to 682 .That’s a record for this stop of the tour.

Late in the day we got word of the official prize pool. The winner will receive €124,890, 103 players will get paid with a min-cash worth €1,800. To see the full payout structure click here.


Arsenii Karmatckii

This flight was a second chance for the all the players who took part - you could only play 1C if you had busted 1A or 1B - and it was Arsenii Karmatckii who took his second shot at the Main Event the best. The Russian player bagged up 166,200 to lead the 65 players who made it through from the third and final flight. They’ll return at 2pm tomorrow to play Day 2.


Martin Mulsow

Others who made it through the repechage include: Dennis Brutscher (126,500), Maria Lampropoulos (79,000), Martin Mulsow (56,000), Martin Kabrhel (34,400) and Marius Pospiech (24,500).


Hanno Offen - second time wasn’t the charm for him

For others the motto of ‘if at first you don’t succeed try and try again,” did not ring true as Hanna Offen, Tobias Peters and Paul Michaelis all tried again but came up empty once more.

The crucial information for Day 2 can be accessed via the links below:

Click here for start of Day 2 Seat Draw
Click here for start of Day 2 chip counts

Whilst to catch up on the previous flights action click on the links below. We’ll be back at 2pm CET for Day 2.

Daniel Karacic leads Day 1A survivors
Quentin Dellis tops Eureka6 Rozvadov Day 1B field

Main Event 1a Eureka 6 Rozvadov Tomas Stacha-1518.jpg

All photos are copyright of Tomas Stacha

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Quentin Dellis tops Eureka6 Rozvadov Day 1B field

If Day 1A of a poker tournament is an amuse-bouche then Day 1B is a hearty starter. A total of 338 players elected to start their Eureka6 Rozvadov adventure today, easily eclipsing the 219 who played yesterday.

The format, of course, was the same, 10 levels each 45 minutes in length. When they’d been completed just 132 players remained and it was Quentin Dellis who topped the lot. If you recognise the name it’s because the Belgian final tabled UKIPT Dublin last month. He finished sixth on that occasion winning € 31,880.

Over 200,000 for Dellis

By the time play ended today 27 year old poker professional had built his 25,000 starting stack all the way up to 201,100 and is the only player thus far to break the 200,000 chip barrier. Dellis has been playing for five to six years, professionally for the last three. The bad news for other players is that when Dellis cashes he makes the final table. He’s got seven live cashes to his name and the lowest finish of any of them in sixth.


Palovic powered through

Whilst Dellis was the only player to break the 200,000 chip mark plenty of other players ran up big stacks. The likes of Martin Ilavsky (174,100), Jean-Marc Jelk (168,100), Jonas Lauck (159,300) Amir Mozaffarian (157,300) and Dag Palovic (132,600) will all be well placed when Day 2 starts tomorrow at 2pm CET.


Martin Kabrhel

There were also plenty of big names among the 206 players who busted out during today’s action. Martin Kabrhel, who sits second on the Czech Republic all-time money list, couldn’t get anything going today. Paul Michaelis, who has a WSOP bracelet to his name, got his hands on a stack but couldn’t hold onto it and Antonin Duda (two EPT Main Event final tables) would’ve given anything to build a stack. He couldn’t and also busted out.

They’ll perhaps try their luck in the turbo Day 1C which has just started. If they do they may well find themselves at the same table as: Martin Mulsow, Anthony Ghamrawi, Stefan Raab,
Maria Lampropoulos, Marc Radgen or Mattias Ruzzi.

That’s it for Day 1B, you can catch up on all today’s action here and view end of day chip counts here. Day 1C will wrap up around 2am CET and we’ll bring you a recap of the final flight at that point.


All photos are copyright of Tomas Stacha

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Eureka6 Rozvadov: Day 1B live updates


* Sprechen Sie deutsch? Dann klicken Sie rein beim PokerStarsblog DE

* Click for end of Day 1A chip counts
* Want more tournament action? Click for LAPT Chile coverage.

1pm: Shuffle up and deal
Level 1 - Blinds 25/50

Right on time the action has started.

12:45pm: Let’s get ready for a super Saturday

Let’s do it again! It’s time for Day 1B of the Eureka6 Rozvadov Main Event and as (almost) always we expect Day 1B to be significantly bigger than Day 1A. So with 219 players turning up yesterday the hope is that this could be the biggest ever Eureka Rozadov Main Event. If we get a little over double yesterdays runners we’ll beat the mark of 664, which was set last season.

Eureka Rozvadov Main Event history:
Season 3: 421 players, €500,000 prize pool, Bart Lybaert from Belgium for €115,000
Season 4: 493 players, €500,000 prize pool, Martin Meciar from Slovakia for €87,600
Season 5: 664 entries, €644,080 prize pool, Raphael Wimmer from Austria for €99,695

The target for anyone playing today is 194,400 as that’s what Daniel Karacic managed to amass yesterday. He topped the 90 players who made it through. Full chip counts of the survivors can be seen here.

Play is due to start at 1pm.

Key Eureka6 Rozvadov Facts:

- 25,000 starting stack
- Blinds starting at 25/50 for 500 big blinds
- Levels are 45 minutes on Day 1 and they’ll be 10 of them. On Day 2 from level 15 onwards levels increase to 60 minutes.
- Late registration is open until the start of level seven.
- Day 1B is today and there’s also a special Turbo Day 1C at 10pm CET. That’s only open to players who have busted either Day 1A or 1B. The field will then combine for the first time on Sunday. Players will reach the money on Day 2 and then play down to a final table on Day 3. The final table will play out on Tuesday. Cue mad celebrations and swigging of pilsner from the trophy (possibly).
- Full Eureka6 Rozvadov schedule here.

PokerStars Blog Reporting Team at Eureka6 Rozadov: Nick Wright. Photos by Tomas Stacha. Follow the PokerStars Blog on Twitter: @PokerStarsBlog

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Eureka6 Rozadov: Daniel Karacic leads Day 1A survivors

Season six of the Eureka Poker Tour kicked off today at the King’s Casino in Rozadov. A total of 219 players put up €1,100 to play some poker and when the ten levels were over 90 players had made it through to Day 2.


Daniel Karacic, chipped up in the Czech Republic

Topping the lot of them is Daniel Karacic. The Croat bagged up 194,400 and is no stranger to success in this casino. In September 2010 he scored his biggest career score to date when he collected €15,000 for winning a €330 tournament.

He leads a chasing pack that contains: Harald Casagrande (155,000), Lazer Gjergji (151,800), Gaspare Leggio (147,700), Arturs Scerbaks (138,700), Jens Steuber (126,100) and Ivan Luca (124,800).


Luca went on a late run

The Argentinian high roller finished third in the €5,000 event that concluded here yesterday and showed up halfway through the day. He’d soon done half his stack, but a late night comeback, including a timely queens versus jacks coup, sees him in great shape for Day 2


Eiler enjoyed a good day

There were EPT, UKIPT, Eureka and even Who Wants to be a Millionaire champions in the field today and Michael Eiler - who won EPT7 Vienna - had a great day at the felt. He was always well placed and the 117,900 he bagged up means he’ll be hopeful of a deep run.


Eureka Hamburg winner Tom Holke

Of course for some stacks to grow others must disappear. For the likes of Alex Kravchenko, Marius Pospiech, Jan-Peter Jachtmann, Josef Snejberg, Raphael Wimmer, Makarios Avramidis, Tom Holke and Daniel Stacey it was a day to forget. They aren’t completely out of contention yet though as they’ll be able to enter Day 1C, a turbo Day 1 that starts at 10pm tomorrow and has 20 minute levels.

We’ll be back before then though as Day 1B kicks off at 1pm CET. We’ll see you then but you can catch up on today’s coverage by clicking here. Whilst overnight chip counts are available here.

There’s a big tournament taking place in South America too. Follow live updates from LAPT Chile here.

But until tomorrow, goodnight.


All photos are copyright of Tomas Stacha

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Eureka6 Rozadov: Day 1A live updates


Let the season begin

* Sprechen Sie deutsch? Dann klicken Sie rein beim PokerStarsblog DE

1:50pm: Time to start Season 6

For the fourth time the Eureka Poker Tour is back in Rozvadov and we’re here to kick off the tour’s sixth season. Playing host to the tour is the King’s Casino, which is located on the border of the Czech Republic and Germany.

The 22 event festival is already in full swing, but today our attention turns to the flagship €500,000 guaranteed Main Event, which year on year has attracted more players. It gets underway at 2pm CET.

Eureka Rozvadov Main Event history:
Season 3: 421 players, €500,000 prize pool, Bart Lybaert from Belgium for €115,000
Season 4: 493 players, €500,000 prize pool, Martin Meciar from Slovakia for €87,600
Season 5: 664 entries, €644,080 prize pool, Raphael Wimmer from Austria for €99,695

Key Eureka6 Rozadov Facts:

- 25,000 starting stack
- Blinds starting at 25/50 for 500 big blinds
- Levels are 45 minutes on Day 1 and they’ll be 10 of them. On Day 2 from level 15 onwards levels increase to 60 minutes.
- Day 1A is today, Day 1B takes place tomorrow and then there’s a special Turbo Day 1C at 10pm CET. That’s only open to players who have busted either Day 1A or 1B. The field will then combine for the first time on Sunday. Players will reach the money on Day 2 and then play down to a final table on Day 3. The final table will play out on Tuesday. Cue mad celebrations and swigging of pilsner from the trophy (possibly).
- Full Eureka6 Rozadov schedule here.

PokerStars Blog Reporting Team at Eureka6 Rozadov: Nick Wright. Photos by Tomas Stacha. Follow the PokerStars Blog on Twitter: @PokerStarsBlog

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Eureka Poker Tour to return for Season 6

Fresh off a blockbuster event to close Season 5 in Prague, the Eureka Poker Tour has announced it is coming back for another year.

Running March 2-8, the Season 6 kickoff festival in Rozvadov will feature a €1,100 Main Event running from March 4-8. That flagship tourney will again include two regular starting (Days 1A & 1B) plus a re-entry only turbo flight for Day 1C.

Ready to sign up for PokerStars? Click here to get an account.

The tour will return in March with the first event of Season 6 at the King’s Casino Rozvadov located near the Czech and German border. While we don’t yet have details on the full schedule of events, you already have a chance to win your seat in the Main. PokerStars is running seat-only qualifiers right now. Beginning in January, you will be able to compete for full packages.


The finale in Season 5 was one to behold. The Eureka Prague Main Event broke all its previous records with a 1,893-entry Main Event. If that festival was any indication, Season 6 could be a monster.

For full details, keep your eye on the Eureka Poker Tour home page.

Ready to sign up for PokerStars? Click here to get an account.

is the PokerStars Head of Blogging.

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EPT12 Prague: Ghassan triumphs in delayed Eureka High Roller


Ibrahim Ghassan: High Roller winner

The end of Day 2 in an EPT Main Event usually offers players the first chance of the week to get some decent sleep. Play ends at around 8.30pm, so it’s dinner then bed to dream about bursting the bubble the next day.

However there was no such luxury for Samuel Chartier and Foeke Deinum. Chartier bagged up 444,300 in the main event and Deinum 200,200, but those were not the only bags with their names on them.

Both Chartier and Deinum also made the last eight of the €2,000 Eureka High Roller event, which overspilled into a third day owing to its enormous field. It was scheduled to be a two-day affair but there were still eight players left late on Thursday night forcing them to reschedule the final to be played yesterday. Their bags of chips had been put into cold storage until such time as they could be thawed out and played with again.

The chip leader in the event was Vladimir Velikov, from Bulgaria, who last year finished fifth in the Eureka Prague main event, behind Balasz Botond. Botond also made the High Roller final this time around, underlining their abilities in Eureka events.

However when they finally managed to play out the final last night, none of the aforementioned players could record another victory. Instead, Lebanon’s Ibrahim Ghassan, who was placed seventh of eight player returning, rode his short stack to the title (after they cut a four-way deal).

In total, 748 players started the event and, after Deinum went out in sixth and Chartier in fifth (for €53,530 and €70,820 respectively) the last four decided to guarantee themselves a six-figure payday each and chopped it up.

Velikov finished second but took the most money. He got €170,180. Botond officially finished third but got the second most (€164,450) and Denmark’s Thomas Pedersen came fourth but took third most, with €163,080. Ghassan won the trophy and had €151,240 to go with it.

Eureka High Roller
Buy-in: €2,000 + €200
Players: 748
Prize pool: €1,451,120

1 - Ibrahim Ghassan, Lebanon, €151,240
2 - Vladimir Velikov, Bulgaria, €170,180
3 - Balazs Botond, Hungary, €164,450
4 - Thomas Pedersen, Denmark, €163,080
5 - Sam Chartier, Canada, €70,820
6 - Foeke Deinum, Netherlands, €53,530
7 - Pim Gieles, Netherlands, €38,450
8 - Jan Bendik, Slovakia, €26,270

Click for full payouts from the €2,000 Eureka High Roller.

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Eureka5 Prague: Javier Rojas smashes Eureka final, takes €311,000 in four hours


Javier Rojas: Winner

Followers of the Eureka Poker Tour have known for quite a while just how much fun this tour can be. And when 1,893 players showed up for the €1,000 tournament in Prague this week, it seemed clear that word had spread far and wide.

But if a €311,000 first prize wasn’t enough to convince naysayers of the Eureka’s exceptional appeal, it also served up one of the most entertaining, and quickest, final tables in any tour’s history, won before the clock struck 5pm by Spain’s Javier Rojas.

Right from its outset five days ago, this had been a tournament of fearless action and huge pots, but the final somehow managed to up the stakes even further. For long periods, the extraordinary talent of Vladas Burneikis burned the brightest, and after he went out in fourth, the sense of relief translated into a period of play that was even more hasty than what had gone before.

Rojas was a short stack five handed, but soon built enough chips to knock out the dangerous Burneikis. And then, within the space of about five hands, he accounted for Simon Persson in third and Martin Staszko in second, almost entirely negating the need for short-handed play. Heads up lasted precisely one hand.

Rojas took that €311,000; the home-town hero Staszko took €172,600; Persson €120,090 and Burneikis €86,850. Each deserved every penny for their part in a classic.

Our new champion is a 25-year-old professional, from Tenerife, Spain, and a former winner of the Sunday warm-up. He’s outdone himself here, however, and will celebrate by hopping in the EPT Main Event tomorrow.

We got started today at 12.30pm, with eight players involved. The shortest stack sat in front of Cosimo Sabatini, from Italy, and he wasn’t going to give it up immediately. Although a couple of other players, most notably Meir Ben Shimon and Mihaita Croitoru were also short, those two were crucially willing to get their chips in and both doubled up.


Eureka final table players: Left to right: Mihaita Croitoru, Gianluca Speranza, Martin Staszko, Meir Ben Shimon, Javier Rojas Mederos, Simon Persson, Vladas Burneikis, Cosimo Sabatini

Sabatini blinded away, hoping to ladder a couple of spaces up the payouts table, but couldn’t do it. He eventually got his last two bid blinds in with [ks][8h] but was flushed away by Staszko’s [qd][jc] when four diamonds came on the board. Sabatini took €30,460.


Cosimo Sabatini out

By this point, Burneikis had already started what amounted to a masterclass in confusing the opposition. He seemed to be playing only small cards and hitting every flop. He took over the chip lead from Persson, who had to play into the Lithuanian all day, after rivering a straight with low connectors, and he then showed a huge bluff to Gianluca Speranza, making the second Italian the short stack.

When Speranza got the last of his chips in with jacks, he picked up two callers, including Croitoru, who had sevens. A seven flopped and Speranza was out in seventh, for €43,210.


Gianluca Speranza: Second Italian out the door

Ben Shimon started the day as another of the short stacks and will likely have considered sixth to be a victory. That’s exactly where his tournament ended, when he couldn’t win a race with [7s][7c] against Staszko’s [kc][tc]. Ben Shimon took €56,520 but missed out on the chance to become the Eureka’s third Israeli champion.


Meir Ben Shimon, right, seeks solace on the rail

Staszko suddenly started a roll and he knocked out Croitoru immediately after Ben Shimon. This time Staszko had Croitoru beaten all the way, with queens against sixes. Croitoru took €70,490 for fifth.


Mihaita Croitoru: Fifth

All that happened before the first break of the day, and things hardly changed when they came back from the interval. Burneikis at this point had an enormous lead — 23 million to Staszko’s 12 million, with Persson in third (8.6 million) and Rojas a distant fourth (4 million). But it was Persson who started chipping away at Burneikis’s lead.

Persson got the absolute maximum from Burneikis with pocket kings, which he bet all the way, and reestablished the chip lead that he had at the start. But then Rojas began his own roll. He doubled through Staszko, which gave him enough chips to knock out Burneikis next.

Burneikis was clearly tilting, but there was not much he could do when he found queens against Rojas’s kings. It all went in pre-flop and Rojas’s hand held up. Burneikis completed the journey from hero to zero in a matter of minutes.


Vladas Burneikis: Made for a compelling final

But any thoughts things might slow down after the Lithuanian was eliminated were quickly banished. Rojas made a hero call with [6h][5d] looking at a board of [7s][5s][7s][as][jh] and was right, taking a chunk out of Persson, who bluffed all the way.

Then Persson was suddenly out, losing a race with pocket fours against Rojas’s [ad][kc].


Simon Persson: Day start chip leader out

On media row, we were still coming to terms with the fact that the player in fourth had been knocked out when we learned that we now had a winner. On the very first hand of heads up play, the short-stacked Staszko got it in with [as][7c] and Rojas called with [2c][2s]. The board bricked and Rojas was the champion, leaving Staszko, as he was at the World Series, second again.


Martin Staszko: Always the bridesmaid

If details seem a little scant from the final stages of this tournament that’s because it happened in a flash. I’m not sure there was more than about eight hands between Burneikis going out in fourth and Rojas being named champion.

But that’s fine with us. The Spanish supporters didn’t even notice that their man had won: Rojas had to wander off the stage to tell them. That, of course, precipitated wild celebration as the former Sunday Warm-Up winner added a major live title to his collection.

Congratulations to Javier Rojas Medero for a clinic here in Prague. On to the EPT main event…


Javier Rojas: Boss

Eureka Poker Tour Main Event

Players: 1,893
Buy-in: €1,000+€100
Total prize pool: €1,836,210

1 Javier Rojas Mederos Spain € 311,000
2 Martin Staszko Czech Republic PokerStars qualifier € 172,600
3 Simon Persson Sweden PokerStars player € 120,090
4 Vladas Burneikis Lithuania € 86,850
5 Mihaita Croitoru Romania € 70,490
6 Meir Ben Shimon Israel € 56,520
7 Gianluca Speranza Italy € 43,210
8 Cosimo Sabatini Italy € 30,460

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Eureka5 Prague: Final table updates

* Refresh the page for latest updates from Day 3 of Eureka Prague
* Prize-winners so far are on the prize-winners page

12.50pm: Bold start for Burneikis
Level 30 - Blinds 60,000-120,000 (20,000 ante)
The opening hand of this final table may have set a precedent for the kind of things we can expect. Mihaita Croitoru opened to 250,000 from the hijack and Vladas Burneikis, a self-professed “fish” called from the big blind.

The two of them saw a flop of [3h][6h][kh] and both checked. The [4c] came on the turn and Burneikis took over the betting lead. He fired 425,000 at it, which Croitoru called. The river was the [th] and Burneikis bet 500,000 at that too.

Croitoru didn’t hesittate too long before calling, but mucked when Burneikis showed [qc][7h] for the rivered small flush. Burneikis adds a million-plus to his stack, while Croitoru takes an early hit.

12.44pm: Start is imminent
Level 30 - Blinds 60,000-120,000 (20,000 ante)
It’s 12.44pm and they are just getting started, a mere 14 minutes after schedule. In poker terms, that’s practically early. There are 30 minutes left in Level 30 still to play, so they’ll polish that off and then crack on into Level 31.

12.30pm: Backdated apologies
Level 30 - Blinds 60,000-120,000 (20,000 ante)
Players have all arrived and are cutting open the bags containing their chips. There’s be a few formalities to undergo: photographs and changing up some of the low denomination chips principally. But we’ll be under way very soon.

12pm: Backdated apologies
Level 30 - Blinds 60,000-120,000 (20,000 ante)
Yesterday afternoon, I was banging on about Simeon Naydenov being the only player remaining in the Eureka Poker Tour main event who had a World Series bracelet. I was wrong. Idan Raviv, from Israel, who went out in 21st, also had one, won in a six-max event in Las Vegas this summer. So sorry about that, Idan.

11.30am: Ready to go
Level 30 - Blinds 60,000-120,000 (20,000 ante)
Last minute preparations are under way for the start of the Eureka Prague main event final table. Here are the players remaining:

Seat 1 - Gianluca Speranza (Italy) - 4,750,000
Seat 2 - Martin Staszko (Czech Republic) - 6,430,000
Seat 3 - Meir Ben Shimon (Israel) - 1,670,000
Seat 4 - Mihaita Croitoru (Romania) - 3,120,000
Seat 5 - Cosimo Sabatini (Italy) - 1,875,000
Seat 6 - Javier Rojas Mederos (Spain) - 6,145,000
Seat 7 - Simon Persson (Sweden) - 12,565,000
Seat 8 - Vladas Burneikis (Lithuania) - 10,800,000

Read the final table player profiles for more about all of the finalists.

And here’s what they are playing for:

1 - €311,000
2 - €172,600
3 - €120,090
4 - €86,850
5 - €70,490
6 - €56,520
7 - €43,210
8 - €30,460

Play gets under way at 12.30pm.

EPT Stacha Location_68DSC_5855.jpg

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Eureka5 Prague: Final table player profiles

The eight players looking for the €311,000 first prize in Prague are as follows. (See who has already cashed on the prize-winners page.)

Seat 1: Gianluca Speranza, 28, Italy, PokerStars qualifier - 4,750,000


Speranza comes from a family of poker players-his brother Alessandro and father Giampiero also play and Gianluca has been a regular on the European Poker Tour since Season 5. Since his first cash in 2007, Speranza has amassed close to $600,000 in live tournament winnings, a haul that includes three IPT final tables: fourth at IPT6 Saint Vincent for €25,000, fifth at IPT2 Malta for €23,000 and seventh in Sanremo in Season 5 for €16,700. He is currently ranked #36 in the Italy all-time money list. He lives in Vienna, Austria.

Seat 2: Martin Staszko, 36, Czech Republic, PokerStars qualifier - 6,430,000


No Czech player has ever won a Main Event on the Eureka Poker Tour but Martin Staszko is in a good position to change that. The 36-year-old pro from Trinec, an industrial town near the Czech/Polish border, doesn’t need much introduction. He’s by far the most successful live tournament player from the Czech Republic and leads his country’s all-time money list with $5.9 million in winnings. Staszko’s biggest achievement came in the 2011 WSOP Main Event when he was runner-up to Pius Heinz. Two months ago, Staszko won his first trophy on the EPT in the €500 Quintuple Draw event in Malta. He is the only player left with home-soil advantage.

Seat 3: Meir Ben Shimon, 30, Israel - 1,670,000


While Staszko aims to become the first Czech Eureka champion, Meir Ben Shimon is aiming to become the third Israeli to win on this tour, more than any other nation. Reaching the final in this event is already the biggest achievement of the 30-year-old from Tel Aviv’s career so far, but is the shortest stack going into the last day. Ben Shimon mainly plays live, both tournaments and cash games, and has a clear passion for the pastime. When asked what his hobbies were outside of poker, he answered “Poker!”

Seat 4: Mihaita Croitoru, 22, Romania - 3,120,000


Croitoru was born in Romania, but moved with his family to Spain when he was ten and has lived there ever since. He considers himself mainly a tournament player and says he started taking poker seriously at the beginning of this year. Croitoru plays online on and banked nearly €6,000 in an ESCOOP event back in July. The 22-year-old is playing the biggest tournament of his career and is the youngest player on the final table. He’s already got some ambitions beyond tomorrow’s final and says if he finishes fifth or better, he’ll play the EPT Main Event as well. He’s enjoying Prague a lot and is already thinking of coming back next year.

Seat 5: Cosimo Sabatini, 48, Italy - 1,875,000


Sabatini is the oldest player at this year’s Eureka Prague final table, aged 48. He’s an accountant from the small Italian town of Cassino and his poker CV includes cashes from Italy, Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic. None of them have been particularly big until the Eureka 5 Prague Main Event, which has already brought him by far best result. Sabatini is enjoying back-to-back cashes in this event but this time he’ll bank way more than he did for last year’s 196th place.

Seat 6: Javier Rojas Mederos, 25, Spain - 6,145,000


Mederos also represents Spain, and has lived there for his whole life. He plays pretty much everything - tournaments, cash games and sit & gos. His greatest poker achievement to date came when he won the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up for $83,000. The 25-year-old will need to get at least fourth place to beat that result here.

Seat 7: Simon Persson, 33, Sweden, PokerStars player - 12,565,000


Simon Persson came out on the right side of a massive clash against Igor Untilov that ended Day 3. The Swede knocked out his opponent in ninth place in the biggest pot of the tournament so far and give himself the chip lead going in to the final table. Persson is no newcomer to the live poker scene; he’s been competing for years. Two years ago, he was runner-up in the Master Classics of Poker in Amsterdam for €182,913. Online on PokerStars, Persson’s best result came five years ago when he banked $144,000 for first place in the Sunday Warm-Up.

Seat 8: Vladas Burneikis, 40, Lithuania - 10,800,000


When questioned if he’s a pro or an amateur, Burneikis said: “I’m a fish.” The Lithuanian has been playing poker for a few years, mainly live because - as he says - “Live, it’s real”. Making the Eureka Prague final table is the best result of his career to date. Burneikis is combining business with pleasure on this trip to the Czech Republic - as well as playing poker, he is also here to meet potential business partners.

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Eureka5 Prague: Simon Persson leads final; home favourite Staszko third

Simon Persson: Chip-leader at Eureka final

Goodness knows how many hands were dealt on the penultimate day of Eureka Prague Season 5, but it’s easily into the thousands. However there were none more spectacular that the very final one, where Simon Persson had pocket queens and Igor Untilov had kings and, after a good deal of to-ing and fro-ing, they eventually got all their chips in.

The thing was that for long periods of the day, both Persson and Untilov had been chip leader as a field of 53 slimmed all the way down to its final. And although Vladas Burneikis had taken over at the very top of the counts by the time that hand emerged, both the Swede and the Moldovan still had plenty.

But neither was backing down by the time they were at the turn. And at that moment, the queens had found another one on the flop and Persson was now in the lead. He knocked out Untilov in ninth place and bagged more than 12 million chips, which he’ll take to the final tomorrow.

Untilov was devastated. His ninth-place prize of €24,150 will seem like scant consolation when there’s €311,000 on offer to tomorrow’s winner. But he wouldn’t be the only player to feel hard done by after a day of poker that again reinforced how brutal it can be.

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There were coolers pretty much all day, and the pendulum swung in countless directions. Vladas Tamasauskas had knocked out two players before any reporters had even made their way to the tournament floor (and we’re not talking just slovenly English reporters; I’m talking conscientious German reporters too.)

But although Tamasauskas had a huge stack for ages, he too was coolered and sent home, losing a monster to his countryman and namesake Vladas Burneikis. Burneikis is now the only Lithuanian at a final at which there are players from seven countries.

Home eyes will all be on Martin Staszko, who is already the most celebrated player from these parts. The former World Series runner up owes his place at the final-and his third-placed stack-to a beat he put on Finland’s Torsti Kettula. Staszko likes to play pre-flop and got his chips in with [ah][jh]. But he ran into Kettula’s [jc][js].


Martin Staszko: Home favourite in the final

It was looking bleak for Staszko until the river, when an ace popped out. Kettula was crestfallen and went out in tenth.

Here’s how they line up tomorrow for what will be a tremendous final.

Seat 1 - Gianluca Speranza (Italy) - 4,750,000
Seat 2 - Martin Staszko (Czech Republic) - 6,430,000
Seat 3 - Meir Ben Shimon (Israel) - 1,670,000
Seat 4 - Mihaita Croitoru (Romania) - 3,120,000
Seat 5 - Cosimo Sabatini (Italy) - 1,875,000
Seat 6 - Javier Rojas Mederos (Spain) - 6,145,000
Seat 7 - Simon Persson (Sweden) - 12,565,000
Seat 8 - Vladas Burneikis (Lithuania) - 10,800,000

Persson was the very image of cool and calm today, wearing a Milk Tray-man style polo neck and ruthlessly putting his chips to work. He’ll be the man to beat tomorrow. But don’t rule out Staszko.

There are two long posts detailing all the action from a pretty exciting day. You can read them here and here but not here.

All the payouts to date are on the payouts page. (Where there are gaps it’s where people haven’t been to collect their prize yet.)

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Eureka5 Prague: Day 3 updates

* Refresh the page for latest updates from Day 3 of Eureka Prague
* Prize-winners so far are on the prize-winners page

10pm: Final table line-up
After that extraordinary end to proceedings, the dust has just about settled and they have redrawn for the final. Here is how they will line up for the Eureka Prague final table, starting at noon on Thursday:

Seat 1 - Gianluca Speranza (Italy) - 4,750,000
Seat 2 - Martin Staszko (Czech Republic) - 6,430,000
Seat 3 - Meir Ben Shimon (Israel) - 1,670,000
Seat 4 - Mihaita Croitoru (Romania) - 3,120,000
Seat 5 - Cosimo Sabatini (Italy) - 1,875,000
Seat 6 - Javier Rojas Mederos (Spain) - 6,145,000
Seat 7 - Simon Persson (Sweden) - 12,565,000
Seat 8 - Vladas Burneikis (Lithuania) - 10,800,000

9.40pm: Two eliminations, final reached immediately!
Level 30 - Blinds 60,000-120,000 (20,000 ante)
There are, to use an understatement, scenes in Prague. Two players have just been eliminated at the same time, on neighbouring tables, taking us to a final table in a flash.

One pot was pretty small; one other was absolutely enormous and Simon Persson will be a huge chip leader tomorrow as a result.

So, let’s go through this.

On one table, Persson opened from under the gun and faced a three bet to 580,000 from Igor Untilov to his left. It came back round to Persson and he four bet to 1,030,000.

Untilov called and they went to a flop of [9c][qs][9s].

At around this time, the action happened over on the other table. The short-stacked Torsti Kettula moved all in with [td][tc] and was picked off by Vladas Burneikis’s [jh][jd]. There was no way either of them were doing anything different there and the board bricked, meaning Kettula bust in 10th and was still steaming about the pot before against Martin Staszko.

But that happened with the other pot still under way. In that one, we left it at a flop and Persson bet it, making it 640,000 to go. Untilov called that bet, taking them to a turn of [3h].

Persson was sitting with about 5.1 million behind; Untilov had 3.2 million back.

Persson wasn’t going to slow down and fired 925,000 at that. Untilov now went deep into the tank. There was total silence around the table, even though the tournament directors were now preparing to make everyone shift to a single table. But when Untilov emerged from the tank he did so with an all in shove, and Persson called instantly.

“You have a nine?” Untilov said, incredulous. Persson didn’t. He had pocket queens for the flopped boat and was now way ahead of Untilov’s [kh][kc].

The [tc] on the river was meaningless and Persson had suddenly knocked out Untilov, ending the day and making himself a stack of more than 12 million.

9.30pm: Massive moment for home fans, Staszko doubles
Level 30 - Blinds 60,000-120,000 (20,000 ante)
Martin Staszko, who is already the Czech Republic’s most celebrated star, has just kept his Eureka dreams alive with a massive double up through Torsti Kettula. Kettula has been ice cool throughout this tournament, but just reeled away from the table in despair as his opponent rivered him.

Staszko opened to 250,000 from under the gun on what is now a five-handed table. Kettula, in the big blind, three bet to 710,000 and Staszko, as he tends to do very often, pushed all in for 3,255,000.

Kettula called and his [jc][js] were in great shape against Staszko’s [ah][jh]. The first four cards were all blank: [6c][2d][6h][7d] but lo and behold, there was the [ac] on the river to give the home-town hero a stack big enough to cause real menace on the final table tomorrow.


Martin Staszko: Huge double

Kettula is now down to about 1.3 million.

9.20pm: Lithuanian down
Level 30 - Blinds 60,000-120,000 (20,000 ante)
The Lithuanian stronghold just took another blow as Vladas Tamasauskas hit the rail in 11th. The damage was done earlier in that enormous pot against his countryman, but Tamasauskas had mounted something of a fightback more recently.

However, he probably felt he had little option but to open shove for about 1.2 million when he found [9s][ts] just into Level 30. It’s just unlucky for him that he smashed into Torsti Kettula’s pocket queens, and couldn’t catch up. Tamasauskas takes €19,460.


Vladas Tamasauskas

9.15pm: Pertsinidis? Saggysinidis more like
Level 29 - Blinds 50,000-100,000 (10,000 ante)
Maximos Pertsinidis is out in 12th, having never recovered from the huge hand just after the break against Simon Persson. Pertsinidis shoved for 250,000 from early position and Vladas Burneikis, who had posted 100,000 in the big blind anyway, was mandated to call.

He had ten-deuce and hit a deuce on the turn. That was the end of Pertsinidis, who picks up €17,330 and leaves us with 11 players.

We’re now going into Level 30, where blinds are 60,000-120,000 (20,000 ante).

9pm: Sabatini hanging around
Level 29 - Blinds 50,000-100,000 (10,000 ante)
Cosimo Sabatini has doubled his short stack, getting it all in with [kh][8h] and initially in trouble against Igor Untilov’s [kc][qd]. But the flop offered a glimmer of hope, coming [ah][4h][2s] and then he got there the hard way with the [8s] on the turn. The [ks] on the river changed nothing.
Level 29 - Blinds 50,000-100,000 (10,000 ante)

9pm: The Internet is finite
Level 29 - Blinds 50,000-100,000 (10,000 ante)
It turns out the internet has run out of room. Who knew. Actually, I’m not sure if that’s the truth, but I can’t seem to get anything to save in the previous post, so I’m starting a new one. Enjoy!


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Eureka5 Prague: Day 3 updates

* Refresh the page for latest updates from Day 3 of Eureka Prague
* Prize-winners so far are on the prize-winners page

5.35pm - Sabatini with another double
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000-60,000 (10,000 ante)
Action is pretty slow on Table 3 where the short-stacked Italian pair of Cosimo Sabatini and Francesco Delfoco are not committing their chips without giving it a good long think.

That said, it was Ari Engel who was in the tank most recently after Sabatini shoved for 550,000 total over Engel’s open to 135,000 from early position. Everyone else folded and Engel pondered his decision. Eventually Engel called, tabling [ad][4s]. Sabatini had [ac][8c] however and the eight on the flop all but sealed it in the Italian’s favour.

Not so lucky for Roman Nikulin, however. He was the latest to head to the payout table, out in 20th.

5.15pm - Chips and seats
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000-60,000 (10,000 ante)
Idan Raviv is out, trudging to the payouts table to collect the last four-figure payday of the week. It seems he had his pocket queens outdrawn by Dmitry Zotov’s [9s][9d] when a nine flopped. Raviv had only marginally more chips than Zotov at that stage, but lost the remainder soon after.

Mitch Johnson was knocked out just before that too. They both took €9,990 with the next player out slated to get €11,830.

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5pm - Snowman thawed by the Iceman
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000-60,000 (10,000 ante)
Petr Hlavacek, who has had a toy snowman on the table in front of him throughout this tournament, was the first player eliminated after the break, hitting a king on the flop with his K-J, but getting the last of his chips in on the river, by which point Simon Persson’s pocket eights had made a set.

That leaves only one player from the Czech Republic still in (Martin Staszko) and Persson now smoothly stacking about 5 million chips again. Hlavacek gets €8,240 for 24th. (Correction to previous post, by the way: Persson’s polo-neck is dark blue. Not black.)

Benjamin Lamprecht went out soon after, taking €9,990 for 23rd.

In between the two eliminations, Cosimo Sabatini doubled up his short stack. He found jacks and shoved pre-flop. It folded to Mihaita Croitou in the big blind and he called with [ts][qh]. There was a jack on the flop and little changed after that.

4.45pm - Chips and seats
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000-60,000 (10,000 ante)
Players are returning from their second break of the day and assembling around the final two tables. Here’s the line-up, with Israel’s Meir Ben Shimon now out front.

Table 1
1 - Torsti Kettula (Finland) - 1.475 million
2 - Benjamin Lamprecht (Austria) - 1.73 million
3 - Javier Rojas Mederos (Spain) - 2.8 million
4 - Idan Raviv (Israel) - 1.33 million
5 - Meir Ben Shimon (Israel) - 4.55 million
6 - Gianluca Speranza (Italy) - 2.03 million
7 - Vladas Burneikis (Lithuania) - 2.84 million
8 - Dmitry Zotov (Russia) - 1.13 million

Table 2
1 - Maximiliano Gallardo (Argentina) - 1.95 million
2 - Roman Nikulin (Russia) - 900,000
3 - Martin Staszko (Czech Republic) - 1.3 million
4 - Simon Persson (Sweden) - 4.2 million
5 - Maximos Pertsinidis (Greece) - 2.6 million
6 - Alexandre Meylan (Switzerland) - 1 million
7 - Mitch Johnson (UK) - 1.02 million
8 - Petr Hlavacek (Czech Republic) - 720,000

Table 3
1 - Mihaita Croitou (Romania) - 2,55 million
2 - Cosimo Sabatini (Italy) - 420,000
3 - Francesco Delfoco (Italy) - 680,000
4 - Igor Untinov (Moldova) - 3,8 million
5 - Peter Charalambous (UK) - 1,1 million
6 - Christian Schwenk (Germany) - 970,000
7 - Vladas Tamasauskas (Lithuania) - 3,85 million
8 - Ari Engel (USA) - 2,155 million

4.25pm: Small pots
Level 26: Blinds 25,000-50,000 (5,000 ante)
Very stealthily, Simon Persson has built himself an enormous stack this afternoon, befitting a man dressed in a black polo neck and looking every inch as calm as the Milk Tray man. He has around 5 million now and doesn’t need to think too long about trying to keep the revolving door spinning as he sends player after player to the rail.

Persson opened one hand to 105,000 under the gun and Christian Schwenk moved all in for about 450,000 total. It was folded back to Persson, who called, even though he had only [kh][2h]. Schwenk’s [ac][9h] held up and doubled up, but Persson is still doing very well indeed.

4.15pm: How Monnig bust
Level 26: Blinds 25,000-50,000 (5,000 ante)
It turned out that Robin Scherr didn’t see Malte Monnig bust either, but he was able to get the general gist. Meir Ben Shimon opened from the cut off; Monnig shoved for about 600,000 with pocket fours and Shimon called with ace-king suited. Shimon turned a flush.

It’s also the end of the road for Dawid Grabinski, who lamented that he lost with set-over-set, fives against aces. There are 15 minutes left on this level, and we’ll get a chip-count for the last 25 players at the break.

3.55pm: Pay, jumped. Two bust in quick succession
Level 26: Blinds 25,000-50,000 (5,000 ante)
Within the space of a few minutes both Malte Monnig and Francis-Nicolas Bouchard have been knocked out. Monnig was the last man to get €7,030; Bouchard the first to take home €8,240.

I’ll have details of Monnig’s bust out just as soon as I can steal them from Robin on the German blog. As for Bouchard, he got his last chips in with [ks][js] but couldn’t outdraw Mein Ben Shimon’s [ad][qd] on a [9c][3c][2h][tc][th] board.

3.40pm: Manzano busts to Grabinski
Level 26: Blinds 25,000-50,000 (5,000 ante)
Here’s Dawid Grabinski again. His incognito years are now well behind him. He has been chatting away all day to Clemens Manzano and, after Manzano open-shoved under the gun for 345,000, it was folded all the way round to Grabinski in the big blind, offering him the chance to make a significant impact on his new friend’s day.

“Can we look at the hand together?” Grabinski asked the dealer, revealing that he hadn’t yet checked his cards and wondering if Manzano could also peer over at the squeeze.
“I would do it for fun,” Manzano said, agreeing to the plan in principle.
“I can get a reaction,” Grabinski said.

The dealer, unfortunately, had to shake her head and tell them it was against the rules. But Grabinski didn’t take too long after looking down at [ad][9c] to call. Manzano’s [as][5h] was behind.

Grabinski told his neighbour that there was still a good chance of chopping this pot, but it wasn’t to be. The board ran [kc][6s][td][6d][9h].

Manzano was out in 29th for €7,030.

The next player out also gets €7,030 but there’s a pay jump after that to €8,240.

3.20pm: Small pots
Level 25: Blinds 20,000-40,000 (5,000 ante)
With 29 players left, it’s getting even more cagey. Next player out will have outlasted 1,864 others and will probably think he deserves more than €7,030 for that. It’s why it’s worth clinging on until the end of today, when only eight will be left and a payday of at least €30,460 will be assured.

It’s been small ball for the past 20 minutes or so. These are the only hands I saw:

Clemens Manzano raised to 80,000 from the cut off and Ari Engel defended his big blind. The flop came [5h][6d][qs] and Engel check-called Manzano’s 85,000 continuation bet. They checked the [2h] turn and then also checked the [ac] river. Engel’s [as][tc] was good by that point.

On the same table, it was folded to Igor Untilov in the small blind and he opened to 105,000. One seat next to him, Dawid Grabinski moved all in from the big blind and Untilov quickly folded.

Grabinski had earlier been joking that he had been playing “incognito” because his tournament ID ticket was turned face down on the table and that no reporter had ever asked him to turn it the right way up. It’s ironic because Grabinski has likely never done anything previously incognito: he is at least 2 metres tall (6ft 5in at the very minimum) and is by far the tallest man in this tournament still.

Over on another table, Mitch Johnson also took a small pot from Constantin Calea. Calea opened to 85,000 and Johnson defended his big blind. They both checked a flop of [8d][6h][qd] and then Johnson won when he bet 90,000 at the [7s] on the turn.

2.55pm: Naydenov busts, is furious
Level 25: Blinds 20,000-40,000 (5,000 ante)
And just like that, the Bulgarian bracelet winner is out, slapping his cards down, defeated, after Idan Raviv took it all.

Raviv opened from under the gun, making it 85,000 to play and originally it looked as though Francis-Nicolas Bouchard, in the small blind, was going to play. He asked for a count of Raviv (about 1.3 million), but folded, leaving it down to Naydenov in the big blind to look up Raviv.

So it was just the two of them to a flop of [7s][5d][8h], which Naydenov checked. Raviv made a continuation bet of 115,000 and Naydenov called. The [6d] came on the turn and both players checked, taking them to a [9s] river.

Naydenov announced pretty quickly that he was all in and Raviv didn’t take long to call the bet, putting one chip over the line. Naydenov immediately slapped his cards on the table, face down, and it looked initially like a bluff gone wrong. But it wasn’t even that: when asked to show (as a called all in must be) Naydenov showed his [6h][6s] for a flopped straight draw, turned set and rivered straight.

But Raviv calmly showed [kd][td] for the rivered bigger straight and that was the end of Naydenov. He leaves in 32nd.

2.45pm: Staszko’s muscle
Level 25: Blinds 20,000-40,000 (5,000 ante)
Martin Staszko also has some name recognition in these parts, it’s fair to say. Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement. No Czech player has ever got as near to global superstardom as he has, having finished runner up to Pius Heinz at the World Series Main Event. Staszko is a difficult player to report on because he doesn’t seem to like playing many flops. He just gets his aggression out of the way early and forces opponents out of their comfort zone.

Case in point: Simon Persson opened to 80,00 from the cut off. Staszko three-bet to 200,000 from the button. Persson made it 465,000 with his four bet (no others were involved) and Staszko shoved. Fold.

2.30pm: Where’s your bracelet?
Level 25: Blinds 20,000-40,000 (5,000 ante)
Ari Engel is probably the best known player to an American audience still alive in this event. Engel has $2.2 million in live tournament earnings, but is arguably even more famous for his online exploits. BodogAri was one of the earliest online crushers and has a SCOOP title among his many accolades.


Ari Engel

But take Engel to central Europe and sit him next to Simeon Naydenov, which is precisely what has happened today, and he’s nobody. Naydenov, you see, is became the first Bulgarian ever to win a World Series bracelet, in a shootout event in Las Vegas in 2013, and is quite the household name in the Eureka zone.

The two haven’t played a huge number of pots against one another as far as I’ve seen, but Naydenov just took a really small one. Engel opened from under the gun, Naydenov called from the big blind, and then they checked all the way on a board of [qh][9h][qc][10s][7s]. Naydenov’s [jd][9c] took it down.

Naydenov has slightly more than 1 million chips at this stage. Engel has slightly less than 2 million. There’s still scope for them to renew their relationship.

2.15pm: Break-time chips
Level 25: Blinds 20,000-40,000 (5,000 ante)
When players return from their break, they will be playing blinds of 20,000-40,000, meaning a small blind and an ante now costs them a starting stack.

Here’s a selection of the chip counts, including the biggest piles and the biggest names:

Vladas Tamasauskas - 4.7 million
Simon Persson - 4.1 million
Vladas Burneikis - 3 million
Mihaita Croitoru - 2.8 million
Igor Untilov - 1.95 million
Ari Engel - 1.9 million
Malte Monnig - 1.6 million
Dmitry Zotov - 1.6 million
Mitch Johnson - 1.1 million
Peter Charalambous - 980,000

2.05pm: Pay up
Break time
Players in the Eureka Main Event are on their first break of the day. There are 33 of them left. Stephen Graner was among those to fall in the last level, proving that he is mortal in the Czech Republic after all. Graner went out in 39th place. We’ll do a quick chip count of some of the big stacks now.

1.55pm: Pay up
Level 24: Blinds 15,000-30,000 (4,000 ante)
Roman Nikulin opened to 66,000 from under the gun and action folded to Maximiliano Gallardo in the big blind. Gallardo, with about 1.8 million in total, approximately double Nikulin’s stack, raised to 180,000. Nikulin pondered awhile before calling, leaving himself about 900,000 behind.

The flop came [as][3s][6s] and Gallardo led an amount sufficient to result in a quick fold from Nikulin.

1.45pm: Campanologist silenced
Level 24: Blinds 15,000-30,000 (4,000 ante)
Manuel Fernandes, the bell-ringing Portuguese player who was the chip leader at the end of Day 1, is now out, silenced in 33. There was a strangled jangled of the bell when he shoved all in for about 250,000 and was called almost immediately by Xavier El Fassy.

El Fassy had [jh][js] and was ahead of Fernandes’s [7s][6s]. Fernandes started to make an explanation for the shove with suited connectors but couldn’t quite find the words. The flop was [4d][3d][3c], offering hope, but there was no five forthcoming to fill a straight. The turn was the [as] and the river the [ks]. That was the end of Fernandes’s jingling run.


Manuel Fernandes

1.25pm: Johnson hanging tough
Level 24: Blinds 15,000-30,000 (4,000 ante)
Constantin Calea opened to 70,000 from early position and it folded round to Mitch Johnson in the big blind. Johnson thought for a moment then announced that he was all in, prompting Calea to ask for a count. “About four-fifty?” Calea said. “Bit less,” Johnson said, showing that it was about 427,000 total. Either way, it was too much. Calea folded.

1.20pm: A challenge
Level 24: Blinds 15,000-30,000 (4,000 ante)
Malte Monnig all but doubled after he won a flip that sent Mustafa Biz to the rail. This was as standard as it gets between two players with small-ish stacks: Monnig had [ad][ks] and Biz found [jh][js]. They got it all in pre-flop and the board ran [ah][3h][9c][7s][th].

1.10pm: A challenge
Level 24: Blinds 15,000-30,000 (4,000 ante)
There is now a challenge to Lithuanian dominance here, in the form of Mihaita Croitoru, from Romania. Croitoru was on the same table as Vladas Tamasauskas, whose fortunes have dipped of late. Croitoru now has about 3.6 million; Tamasauskas has about 2.2 million; Javier Rojas Mederos has 2.6 million.


Vladas Tamasauskas

12.50pm: Home-court advantage
Level 23: Blinds 12,000-24,000 (3,000 ante)
Stephen Graner offered his judgment on a recent play by Martin Staszko. “Home-court advantage,” Graner said after Staszko opened to 50,000 from the cut off; Meir Ben Shimon raised to 130,000 from the button and Staszko, a Czech native, returned with a four bet to 295,000. Shimon didn’t like it and folded like a broken ironing board.

“Home-court advantage,” Graner said, even though this is pretty much becoming his own home court having won the EPT here last year.

But Graner does have a point. Anybody a long way from home is finding it hard going so far today. Andrew Chen and Frank Williams are two more of the first-level casualties today.

Here’s the full list of players knocked out so far:

44. Andrew Chen - €4,960
45. Frank Williams - €4,960
46. Akseli Paalanen - €4,960
47. Dietrich Fast - €4,960
48. Stefan Ivanov - €4,960
49. Martin Romba - €4,960
50. Anthony Picault - €4,960
51. Krysztof Laprus - €4,960
52. Diogo Cardoso - €4,960
53. Diego Menceyra Alonso - €4,960

Don’t forget, prize-winners so far can be found on the prize-winners page.

12.35pm: The next double up
Level 23: Blinds 12,000-24,000 (3,000 ante)
Christian Schwenk is the latest player to double up, getting his chips in with [as][ks] and finding Miltiadis Kyriakides with [7d][7c]. The flop hit the big slick. It came [ac][jh][ah] and the [ts][3s] turn and river changed little.

Double ups
12.10p.m.: Level 23: Blinds 12,000-24,000 (3,000 ante)
Dietrich Fast and Andrius Bielskis have both found early double ups. Fast, who started the day with 219,000, got them in with [qh][4h] and Francesco Delfoco called with [9c][9h]. That was looking bleak for Fast, but the board ran [kc][jd][qd][8d][2d].

Eureka Poker Tour 5 Prague day 2 Stacha_Dietrich Fast 13STA_4516.jpg

Dietrich Fast

On the neighbouring table, Bielskis got his 300,000 in with [ts][td] and butted into Roman Nikulin’s [4d][4s]. There were no surprises and Bielskis doubled up, keeping alive the dreams alive of a Lithuanian 1,2,3,4 and 5.

A world of hurt on Southern Europe
12.05p.m.: Level 23: Blinds 12,000-24,000 (3,000 ante)
It’s been an explosive start here in Prague with two players eliminated on what might have been the first hand. Even our exceptionally well organised German colleague Robin Scherr wasn’t in position in time, but the general gist is that Vladas Tamasauskas put some hurt on southern Europe-and then some.

Tamasauskas now has 4 million chips, nearly double what he ended yesterday with (and he was the chip leader) and the seats previously occupied by Portugal’s Diogo Cardoso and Spain’s Diego Menceyra Alonso are both empty.


Diogo Cardoso: An early casualty

To repeat the headline: Tamasauskas is now way out in front of this one alone, with 4 million chips.

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Eureka5 Prague: Lithuanian duo take over at top, with Tamasauskas edging Praninskas

Vladas Tamasauskas: No 1 at end of Day 2

It was a long old day at Eureka Prague, and the hours ticked us through a number of very distinct phases.

The 558 starters were slashed to about 300 with mediaeval brutality early on, before only the slightest of slowdowns ahead of Wing Sang Lee bursting on the bubble.

We then entered the Conv era, hastily followed by the post-Conv era-the line being the moment Conv “Marc” Convey bust in 143rd for €2,420, his maiden cash on the Eureka Poker Tour.

But after that, it was all about who could build a stack during a period of Cold War economy. No one player dared rise too high through the party ranks, even though another 80-ish were exiled.

It left us at the end with 53 players still in with a shout, with only a slim margin between the approximate top ten. The outright leader going into the penultimate day is Vladas Tamasauskas, a PokerStars player from Lithuania, who had a big stack all of the day.

He finished by winning a sizeable pot from Ari Engel in the last level and bagging 2,198,000, which puts him a pip ahead of his countryman Rytis Praninskas, the only other player with more than two million.

Praninskas has 2,047,000 and we have entered the Lithuanian era.

They will do well to keep it like that because there’s still a lot of talent left in this one, including the reigning EPT Prague champion Stephen Graner, a former World Series runner up in Martin Staszko and perennial boss Andrew Chen. The biggest stacks are as follows, with the chase on for €311,000.

Vladas Tamasauskas - 2,198,000
Rytis Praninskas - 2,047,000
Meir Ben Shimon - 1,864,000
Mihai Croitoru - 1,654,000
Igor Untilov - 1,606,000
Maximiliano Gallardo - 1,531,000
Simon Persson - 1,489,000
Cosmin Tabusca - 1,475,000
Martin Staszko - 1,456,000
Frank Williams - 1,410,000
Diogo Cardoso - 1,366,000
Malte Mönnig - 1,350,000
Vladas Burneikis - 1,304,000
Clemens Manzano - 1,276,000
Peter Charalambous - 1,273,000
Stephen Graner - 1,123,000
Ari Engel - 1,059,000
Andrew Chen - 1,050,000


Stephen Graner: Still hasn’t been knocked out of a tournament in Prague

Play resumes at noon tomorrow, with the idea to get down to a final table of eight. That could take some time…

Click through to see winners so far.

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Eureka5 Prague: Two hours left, chip stacks


Eliana Shapovalova: Sitting with about 365,000

During the dinner break, the tournament staff did me, you and everybody a big favour. They looked at all the stacks on their tables and counted the largest three.

There are 81 players left and here are the biggest stacks. These are not exhaustive, and some may have slipped the net. But the one thing we can be sure of is that the top ten or so will be as accurate as it gets at this stage in events.

As you can see, no one is running away with this one at the moment. There is no clear leader and the coming couple of levels will be pretty competitive. They are playing until about 12.30 a.m. local time before wrapping for the evening. Stick around.

Approximate stacks at dinner break:

Constantin Calea - 1,500,000
Rytis Praninskas - 1,440,000
Clemens Manzano - 1,350,000
Meir Ben Shimon - 1,280,000
Idan Raviv - 1,260,000
Mihaita Croitoru - 1,190,000
Vladas Tamasauskas - 1,150,000
Martin Staszko - 1,150,000
Andrew Chen - 1,000,000
Malte Mönnig - 1,000,000
Roman Nikulin- 960,000
Vladas Burneikis - 950,000
Mustafa Biz - 909,000
Simon Persson - 900,000
Diogo Cardoso - 900,000
Miltiadis Kyriakides - 850,000
Igor Untilov - 820,000
Javier Rojas Mederos - 804,000
Frank Williams - 765,000
Florin Ionut Ilies - 725,000
Gerret Van Lancker - 720,000
Mariano Martiradonna - 700,000
Steven Worr - 670,000
Torsti Kettula - 650,000
Ari Engel - 645,000
Michael Vainshtain - 595,000
Manuel Fernandes - 560,000
Andrea Dato - 528,000
Eliana Shapovalova - 365,000

Blinds are 8,000-16,000 (2,000 ante).

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Eureka5 Prague: Shh. Quick. The adults are coming…


Pierre Neuville: One of the kids

Any parent or schoolteacher will likely know the feeling: You’re in an adjacent room and are aware that it’s absolute bedlam next door. Children are bouncing each other’s heads off the furniture and and are one step away from demolishing the place entirely.

But the minute you open the door and stroll in to survey the carnage, it stops. Everyone is a quiet as a mouse in a cathedral library.

That seems to be the story here at Eureka Prague, where only 170 players remain in the tournament. Actually, the board said 170 when I first entered the room, but two people had just been eliminated from the first table I saw-the dealer shouted “Seat open” and raised two tickets above her head-so it’s probably down to about 160 now.

I didn’t see what happened in that coup, however, and the subsequent wander through the tables was highly uneventful too. It was enough to notice three players with more than a million chips: Vladas Tamasauskas (1.3 million), Idan Raviv (1.2 million) and Jonatan Hellman (1 million), but everywhere around the room was checks.

(That’s “checks” not Czechs. Although there were a few of those too.)

Case in point: Andrea Dato limped (8,000) from UTG+1 and Frank Williams, one seat to his left, raised to 28,000. (A two bet?) Everyone else folded it back to Dato and he called.

The flop came [4c][8s][7s] and they both checked. The turn came [9c] and they both checked. The river came [6c] and Dato bet 18,000. Williams folded.

On to the next one. Keith Christie opened to 20,000 from the hijack and Pierre Neuville three-bet from the button to 60,000. Christie called. Those two saw a flop of [9s][2d][8c] and Christie checked. Neuvilled shoved for about 150,000 more. Christie folded.

Ready to sign up for PokerStars? Click here to get an account.


Nusret Atmaca opened to 16,000 from under the gun and Maximos Pertsinidis called from the small blind. That tempted the aforementioned big stack Tamasauskas to call from the big blind and three players saw a flop.

It was [qd][qc][3s]. Check, check, check.

The turn was the [kd] and they went check, check, check.

The river was the [2c] and Pertsinidis bet 16,000. Tamasauskas folded, but Atmaca called. Pertsinidis flipped over [ks][4s] and won.

Surely Conv wouldn’t let us down like this, would he. Not Conv! Sure enough, over we trudged and Conv was giving Ismael Bojang the needle. “Table just got softer,” Conv “Marc” Convey said to Bojang.

Bojang chuckled, but Convey was soon putting his chips where his mouth was, open shoving when folded to him in the hijack. Bojang, in the cut off, folded and it passed through both blinds too.

There is still chaos afoot at the Eureka Prague Main Event, and players are still getting involved in big pots. But when a Conv steal of the blinds is the most significant action, you know you’re not really seeing the most of it.

Stop press: Conv is out! No! He found ace-queen and stuck it in after Quentin Lecomte opened. Lecomte had eights and hit another on the flop. Conv finished in 143rd for €2,420. The sweat is over.

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Eureka5 Prague: Space only for one former EPT champ


Stephen Graner: Last year’s EPT champion

I’m not sure if Stephen Graner knows who Salvatore Bonavena is, nor if Salvatore Bonavena knows who Stephen Graner is. But even without what just happened at Eureka Prague, those two already have a lot of shared history.

Bonavena was the EPT Prague champion back in Season 5, when he became the first Italian champion on Europe’s most prestigious tour and earned €774,000 in the process. Graner was the EPT Prague champion this time last year, beating a record-breaking turnout and winning €969,000.

There are only eight people in the world who can call themselves former EPT Prague champions, and two of them were on the same table in the Eureka Prague main event today. But that table, it turns out, wasn’t big enough for the both of them: Graner has just sent Bonavena to the rail.

Graner opened to 12,000 from early position, from a stack of the high 300s. (Blinds in Level 16 are 2,500-5,000 with a 500 ante.) Bonavena had a stack of around 70,000 and moved it all in, standing up as the action folded back round to Graner.

Graner asked for a count, found out that he couldn’t really fold, and called with [kd][qd]. Bonavena was a big favourite with his [ad][kh], but soon found himself well behind when the flop came [3h][qs][9c]. The turn paired both of their kings. It was the [kc]. And the [7h] river was a blank.

Bonavena winced. He knows that Prague has been good to him in the past, but this was a little ugly. Graner, meanwhile, remains unbeatable in the Czech capital.


Salvatore Bonavena: Big day in Season 5


Tournament info

- There are 217 players left at the end of Level 16
- The plan is to take a dinner break at 9pm, the end of Level 20
- Play wraps at the end of Level 22
- Other big names still involved include: Kevin MacPhee, Niall Farrell, Pierre Neuville, Martin Staszko, Balasz Botond.
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Eureka5 Prague: One every 30 seconds out, €300K+ up top


Packing them in

Day 2 of Eureka Prague is now slightly more than a level old, but already proceedings are getting out of hand. In the space of 45 minutes, no fewer than 84 players were eliminated, at a rate of one every 30 seconds (approx).

From the department of “It Was a Good Idea at the Time” here’s the list of those first departures today. I’m not intending to keep up with this. This hurt the typing fingers:

Josip Simunic, Silvio Breitenstein, Anton Afanasyev, Paul Kristoffersson, Nicolas Steeman, Jean Bros, Tomas Fucik, Carl Martel, Ejaz Kazi, Mateusz Zbikowski, Alexander Lynskey, Georgios Kapalas, Janis Matisons, Miguel Gomes Silva, Maksim Lobzhanidze, Ivan Kruljac, Marc Macdonnell, Mikal Blomlie, Georgios Voudantas, Ori Hasson, Pavlos Patsis, David Miguel Sa De Abreu, Vadim, Shlez, Mateusz Dziewonski, Denis Timofeev, Eric Qu, Alain Zeidan, Vyacheslav Stoyanov, Sina Alamzad, Matej Tomasovic, Mieszko Bartz, Gaetano Dell’Aera, Jean-Philippe Piquette, Dmitriy Rumyantsev, Justas Semaska, Athanasios Skapetis, Marko Kolega, Jenya Gavrilovich, Phillip Huxley, Giacomo Fundaro, Cemd Doganyilmaz, Assaf Asulin, Sergei Popov, Ilkin Amirov, Marinus Donkersloot, Vegard Nygaard, Christian Jeppsson, John Kitchen, Antonina Anapolska, Johanna Jackli, Pavel Iyoshkin, Ben Heath, Alexandre Viard, Virgil-Cristian Nicelescu, Bernikov Vyacheslav, Sergey Baburin, Daniel Silberstein, Rafail Sushkin, Chris Hunichen, Amel Huzejrovic, Luboslav Novotka, Tal Peretz, Yonatan Ben Zvi, Rain Heeringas, Viacheslav Shostak, Adrian Smith, Eldar Khanbutayev, Sergey Sergeev, Arthur Conan, Benjamin Millian, Ahn Quang Tran, Igor Hudacek, Pascal Harnischberg, Samuel Muller, Heinz Neumann, Pierre Huter, Luca Moschitta, Patrick Bohler, Philipp Lasinger, Florian Husler, Michael Kopietz, Vitaly Lunkin, Ana Marquez, Salim Alibas.

(Special prize for anyone who can sleuth out the name of the player who should one day sit next to Doyle Brunson and give anyone fans of vintage detective novels a chuckle.)

As all these players were quickly heading to the exit door, the tournament staff finally revealed the full breakdown of what everyone still remaining can possibly win. The very short breakdown of the prize-pool is as follows and this will be the first time a winner on the Eureka tour will take more than €300,000.

Players: 1,893
Paid: 279
Winner: €311,000
Min: €1,740

The full breakdown is on the payouts page, where we’ll also add the identities of the winners as and when they’re known.

German language coverage is on All the schedule information is on the EPT App, which is available on both Android or IOS.

The Eureka coverage is all handily organized on the Eureka Prague page.

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Eureka5 Prague: Bumper Day 2 to begin


Eureka Prague: Playing along while playing along

It is Day 2 of the Eureka Prague Main Event, and today things will get interesting. That’s not to say it wasn’t already kind of intriguing, but there will be real money figures attached to everything very soon, and that always increases the tension.

The tournament staff is still working on getting the prize pool finalised, but Balazs Botond took €206,948 for winning this time last year and there are more players in this renewal.

There are 558 players still involved and around half the field will end up being paid. It just remains to be seen how much.

Here’s how they are sitting today:

1 1 Javier Rojas Mederos 122100
1 2 Meir Ben Shimon 62600
1 3 Frederik Reusch 61800
1 4 Stanley Lee 132700
1 5 Robert Malinowski 156300
1 6 Nuno Capucho 147000
1 7 Oliver Gehri 88900
1 8 Alexandrakis Stergios 41100
1 9 David Dolak 98000

2 1 Lubos Antalik 127000
2 2 Zoltan Purak 27000
2 3 Philipp Lasinger 54000
2 4 Sergey Baburin 94500
2 5 Ejaz Kazi 44600
2 6 Maxime Chilaud 94100
2 7 Vojtech Cervinka 35300
2 8 Christos Papadakis 83300
2 9 Diego Ventura 73700

3 1 Naor Massas 40400
3 2 Diogo Cardoso 135600
3 3 Marcos Martinez 103300
3 4 Christian Jeppsson 46300
3 5 Nikolay Stankov 50000
3 6 Pierre Huter 20000
3 7 Kurt Herrmann 74400
3 8 Haim Magrilshvili 95000
3 9 David De Abreu 50600

4 1 Marius Geanta 73400
4 2 Nico Frenn 103500
4 3 Henrik Unverricht 29800
4 4 Aristidis Theodoridis 276000
4 5 Giacomo Fundaro 23000
4 6 Alexander Lakhov 79600
4 7 Carl Martel 41300
4 8 Martin Greizinger 160800
4 9 Dany Kreidieh 53500

5 1 Josip Simunic 30400
5 2 Aleks Dimitrov 72900
5 3 Mohamed Kerkeni 161600
5 4 Bernikov Vyacheslav 33800
5 5 Peter Mattern 31800
5 6 Sergii Zubariev 23200
5 7 Vladas Burneikis 87700
5 8 Patrick Bohler 34200
5 9 Petr Bulir 59400

6 1 Martin Staszko 87900
6 2 Vadim Shlez 89900
6 3 Daniel Silberstein 79800
6 4 Goran Mandic 112000
6 5 Michael Vainshtain 209000
6 6 Cosimo Sabatini 49700
6 7 Kevin Pascal Barden 36700
6 8 Giorgio Soceanu 57500
6 9 Maciej Nowakowski 154300

7 1 Apostolos Bechrakis 61100
7 2 Markus Maurer 45000
7 3 Yordan Dimitrov 90800
7 4 Koray Aldemir 98100
7 5 Benjamin Lafond 41500
7 6 Mateusz Kosowski 161100
7 7 Alexandre Bey 51500
7 8 Francois Goulet 54200
7 9 Rytis Praninskas 151100

8 1 Phillip Huxley 29100
8 2 Elena Stover 47500
8 3 Dietrich Fast 77500
8 4 Uladzimir Zakharau 75400
8 5 Mateusz Zbikowski 22400
8 6 Norbert Raible 42200
8 7 Gerret Van Lancker 121600
8 8 Yew Kan 98100
8 9 Luca Moschitta 35600

9 1 Fuad Serhan 34200
9 2 Luca Fiorini 55300
9 3 Miltiadis Kyriakides 178000
9 4 Manuel Fernandes 344300
9 5 Gisle Olsen 80800
9 6 Lukas Hnizdo 169900
9 7 Peder Behr 55000
9 8 Scott Augustine 81000
9 9 Zoltan Gal 156900

10 1 Andrea Dato 32500
10 2 Frank Williams 230300
10 3 Sergey Sergeev 24700
10 4 Sylvain Mazza 64600
10 5 Viacheslav Shostak 23000
10 6 Alexander Lynskey 39700
10 7 Tomasz Pieta 195200
10 8 Cyprien Berger 100000
10 9 Aleksander Pakhomov 44500

11 1 Elfad Mammadov 39000
11 2 Manuel Zapf 106800
11 3 Dmitry Kataev 79200
11 4 Peter Gelencser 139000
11 5 Mykola Ugryn 106400
11 6 Shimon Raviv 99700
11 7 Vitalij Zabelovic 99700
11 8 Riccardo D’Urso 148000
11 9 Christian Grundtvig 41000

12 1 Anton Kotliar 68200
12 2 Tomas Fucik 31000
12 3 David Duoek 92700
12 4 Alessandro Benazzo 32200
12 5 Piotr Sowinski 85500
12 6 Vinko Smokrovic 83000
12 7 Maksim Reshetov 53000
12 8 Anthony Picault 128800
12 9 Tomas Jozonis 88500

13 1 Ferhat Yilmaz 168300
13 2 Filip Szpak 34000
13 3 Renzo Hgrzeler 51800
13 4 Vitor Rebelo 56700
13 5 Julian Rudland 24400
13 6 Morten Mortensen 56300
13 7 Din Cohen 86600
13 8 Niels Van Leeuwen 68500
13 9 Dmitri Bruns 23500

14 1 Oyvind Efraimsen 145700
14 2 Fabio Sperling 120100
14 3 Henrik Juncker 107200
14 4 Frederik Jensen 129200
14 5 Andrii Nadieliaiev 30400
14 6 Youssef Matta 48000
14 7 Rain Heeringas 62100
14 8 Maximiliano Gallardo 143700
14 9 Gabor Csaba 70700

15 1 Emil Hegedus 111500
15 2 Werner Jose Sutter 33500
15 3 Sebastien Bidinger 106000
15 4 Chris Hunichen 30300
15 5 Mikhail Iakovlev 163000
15 6 William Hani 87000
15 7 Igor Hudacek 62000
15 8 Krysztof Laprus 61200
15 9 Petr Hlavacek 56700

16 1 Robert Schulz 40900
16 2 Sina Alamzad 21300
16 3 Mato Kristof 177700
16 4 Dariusz Marcinkowski 102000
16 5 Jean Bros 49300
16 6 Dmitry Ponomarev 145800
16 7 Igor Kunitskiy 40000
16 8 Hot Besim 182400
16 9 Martin Simeonov 77100

17 1 Klas Krueger 23000
17 2 Eoghan Odea 47100
17 3 Francis-Nicolas Bouchard 61700
17 4 Matej Tomasovic 45900
17 5 Bekim Murtezi 57500
17 6 Ahn Quang Tran 34600
17 7 Rasmus Vogt 192400
17 8 Simon Mattsson 13400
17 9 Dany Parlafes 39500

18 1 Gerd Mueller 43700
18 2 Gergo Gecsek 77700
18 3 Jean Oruc 139600
18 4 Stefan Nemcek 44400
18 5 Yakov Bar El 46500
18 6 Balazs Botond 114000
18 7 Martrtin Kepepes 87300
18 8 Petr Gajdos 48000
18 9 Sergio Cabrera Godoy 154400

19 1 Andrei Grigoras 248000
19 2 Felix Firer 112200
19 3 Govert Metaal 38400
19 4 Dariusz Szoen 73600
19 5 Mitch Johnson 118000
19 6 David Lorenzen 50500
19 7 Anton Sulymka 165300
19 8 Grigorii Ignatiuk 64000
19 9 Erwann Pecheux 112100

20 1 Leo Pietila 49100
20 2 Rickard Rohani 82000
20 3 Aleksandar Abutovic 124800
20 4 Atanas Malinov 102400
20 5 Andreas Hostrup 229400
20 6 Bohumil Valenta 106000
20 7 Torsti Kettula 74300
20 8 Aleksandr Pakhotin 96900
20 9 Udo Erlei 54900

21 1 Marcos Preis 48600
21 2 Igor Apostoloski 10800
21 3 Maximos Pertsinidis 138500
21 4 Zoltan Szabo 103400
21 5 Rafail Sushkin 16800
21 6 Christophe Pereira 75900
21 7 Alexander Reard 72000
21 8 Hakan Kuscu 24000
21 9 Alexander Reenblatt 121600

22 1 Constantin Calea 48000
22 2 Rafael Ubeda 68000
22 3 Steven Worr 104200
22 4 Fahredin Mustafov 248000
22 5 Jude Ainsworth 43800
22 6 Silvio Breitenstein 18700
22 7 Emil Lukac 113800
22 8 Dmitry Shchepkin 71000
22 9 Alexander Dmitrienko 50500

23 1 Christian Jambor 103800
23 2 Alexander Nemchin 47500
23 3 Jaroslav Miklik 38700
23 4 Alexandre Viard 41600
23 5 Tsymbal Igor 58600
23 6 Helge Stjernvang 36400
23 7 Bartosz Piesiewicz 187700
23 8 Tien Nguyen 160000
23 9 Andrius Bielskis 54400

24 1 Marc Macdonnell 27200
24 2 Yimin Wang 124000
24 3 Petter Oven 47600
24 4 Tomas Stasek 84100
24 5 Keith Christie 151100
24 6 Pavlos Patsis 110500
24 7 Shakhabiddin Muradov 85000
24 8 Danilo Velasevic 54500
24 9 Karen Grigoryan 56100

25 1 Navot Golan 105300
25 2 Jasper Wetemans 49600
25 3 Ivan Kruljac 21800
25 4 Peter Hegedus 31100
25 5 Yekutiel Rozenberg 96700
25 6 Florian Husler 37100
25 7 Igor Ladoshkin 51800
25 8 Bjorn Gustafsson 45100
25 9 Virgil-Cristian Nicelescu 58600

26 1 Abou Saleh Elias 85300
26 2 Pierre Mothes 26800
26 3 Selim Citak 59900
26 4 Enio Bozzano 71700
26 5 Dmitry Zotov 178000
26 6 Maciej Kondraszuk 40400
26 7 Stefan Kollar 111500
26 8 Maciej Wojcicki 123900
26 9 Gianluca Bernardini 132900

27 1 Jan Krejci 70600
27 2 Paul Kristoffersson 42700
27 3 Yury Gulyy 60400
27 4 Eva Slovikova 25600
27 5 Adam Tuk 102000
27 6 Farid Chati 56900
27 7 David Burghardt 63800
27 8 Yaniv Rabiner 99900
27 9 Anton Afanasyev 29200

28 1 Cosmin Tabusca 108000
28 2 Rocco Palumbo 119400
28 3 Alexander Ivarsson 180400
28 4 Jacek Ladny 78800
28 5 Benjamin Millian 52400
28 6 David Vamplew 123200
28 7 Leonardo Mancuso 113800
28 8 Michal Mrakes 38500
28 9 Kevin Lee Sharp 27700

29 1 Bertrand Guenoun 130700
29 2 Srda Milovic 71600
29 3 Sultan Ahmed 112600
29 4 Jonathan Heller 119800
29 5 Hila Dan 89900
29 6 Dari Levy 77500
29 7 Massimo Di Cicco 83000
29 8 Oleh Cherepianyi 47000
29 9 Sabrina Piq 32700

30 1 Peter Vu 78100
30 2 Pavel Suev 52500
30 3 Vitaly Lunkin 74200
30 4 Diego Menceyra Alonso 45200
30 5 Vojtech Susta 104000
30 6 Georgios Kapalas 70700
30 7 Jan Przysucha 81300
30 8 Haik Tougu 111800
30 9 Magnus Karlsson 69700

31 1 Dominique Terzian 19400
31 2 Joao Segura 34300
31 3 Ruben Rasmussen 57500
31 4 Toth Roland 71700
31 5 Marton Czuczor 55500
31 6 Sergei Popov 64000
31 7 Xavier El Fassy 73600
31 8 Cemd Doganyilmaz 49600
31 9 Arlind Hazizi 82600

32 1 Gabriel Chiva 70200
32 2 Ruben Gravlien 42100
32 3 Oliver Hardt 86900
32 4 Salim Alibas 28500
32 5 Bertan Ulucan 57300
32 6 Pierre Neuville 96700
32 7 Quentin Lecomte 66800
32 8 Simon Persson 98800
32 9 Bartlomiej Duma 56400

33 1 Alexandre Meylan 63600
33 2 Renjun Yang 44400
33 3 Mikhail Filatov 84000
33 4 Stephane Noel 298400
33 5 Jonatan Hellman 66800
33 6 Assaf Asulin 132300
33 7 Jenya Gavrilovich 73900
33 8 Michel Sterk 51700
33 9 Stefan Hachler 62900

34 1 Robin Hegele 160900
34 2 Andrey Shtern 62000
34 3 Mustafa Kersebom 90300
34 4 Markus Leuzinger 92200
34 5 Ryan Mceathron 209800
34 6 Vazha Kometiani 66800
34 7 Barbora Mlejnkova 129900
34 8 Victorio Piturca 126300
34 9 Nikola Kovacevic 33100

35 1 Justas Semaska 49200
35 2 John Kitchen 39600
35 3 Vyacheslav Stoyanov 63000
35 4 Yossi Huta 95900
35 5 Moshe Costa 27700
35 6 Kaan Okar 144800
35 7 Henrik Johansson 117000
35 8 Kevin MacPhee 131000
35 9 Gergely Bartos 75000

36 1 Benjamin Richardson 148400
36 2 Eimantas Vaicius 108200
36 3 Tomasz Wrobel 274300
36 4 Peter Charalambous 74500
36 5 Eric Qu 95500
36 6 Adam Chochola 56000
36 7 Nicolas Steeman 23000
36 8 Leiv Johannessen 39500
36 9 Yehuda Bardugo 67700

37 1 Janis Matisons 33300
37 2 Mikal Blomlie 78200
37 3 Nick Neese 102900
37 4 David Novak 69200
37 5 Dace Punka 63500
37 6 Ori Hasson 18700
37 7 Igor Untilov 99000
37 8 Jean-Philippe Piquette 89500
37 9 Frank Fechner 31800

38 1 Robert Kokoska 141700
38 2 Ilkin Amirov 103000
38 3 Pascal Harnischberg 37300
38 4 Jerry Odeen 59000
38 5 Arnando Collado Lanuza 99000
38 6 Alex Kravchenko 117100
38 7 Bela Toth 72300
38 8 Andrey Chizhman 40700
38 9 Marinus Donkersloot 62500

39 1 Hamza Miri 80100
39 2 Antonina Anapolska 49300
39 3 Marko Kolega 36000
39 4 Arturo Barge 48500
39 5 Raigo Aasmaa 23500
39 6 Pawel Wakuluk 62700
39 7 Marian Surka 110700
39 8 Wing Sang Lee 226400
39 9 Colin Lovelock 99800

40 1 Luka Drakic 127900
40 2 Roman Nikulin 28300
40 3 Vitezslav Cech 55700
40 4 Michael Wang 48600
40 5 Martin Sloboda 117100
40 6 Dmitriy Rumyantsev 27900
40 7 Jeremiah Siegmund 18100
40 8 Clemens Manzano 104700
40 9 Yang Zhang 174000

41 1 Ofer Glazer 73200
41 2 Raymond Xu 85900
41 3 Malte Monnig 96500
41 4 Mario Eder 110400
41 5 Raymond Forsland 168400
41 6 Michael Kopietz 76700
41 7 Jussi Nevanlinna 163200
41 8 Heinz Neumann 57500
41 9 Matej Sestak 60200

42 1 Darrell Goh 86000
42 2 Francesco Delfoco 26000
42 3 Satchit Kapur 47300
42 4 Valentin Messina 75300
42 5 Damien Hupe 28500
42 6 Martin Romba 108800
42 7 Vasileios Chalkidis 46400
42 8 Raphael Godard 104500
42 9 Yannick Louis 51400

43 1 Jacek Bozio 119500
43 2 Witold Krawczyk 68200
43 3 Kyriakos Mitsopoulos 119800
43 4 Osman Ihlamur 70200
43 5 Milan Simko 87400
43 6 Arvin Ravindran 123400
43 7 Ari Engel 233800
43 8 Kristof De Bruycker 112500
43 9 Geoffrey Mcneely 76200

44 1 Ahmed Al Barwani 101800
44 2 Amir Oganian 16100
44 3 Valdimir Valek 31800
44 4 Simon Bruno Lauchenauer 162100
44 5 Pavel Iyoshkin 40800
44 6 Lijo Lander 82900
44 7 Babak Pedram Manesh 123700
44 8 Volkan Aydin 179800
44 9 Andras Stumpf 76200

45 1 Cristian Vasile Munteanu 75700
45 2 Maksim Petrov 27800
45 3 Leonardo Parmiggiani 20900
45 4 Tsalonis Kornilius 63500
45 5 Michal Starzec 59000
45 6 Rune Kongeroed 258300
45 7 Anton Wigg 110000
45 8 Ismael Bojang 227100
45 9 Francois Billard 109800

46 1 Arne Kern 95000
46 2 Franck Jean Lini 102300
46 3 Akseli Paalanen 101700
46 4 Ben Heath 25200
46 5 Andreas Olympios 181100
46 6 Sergey Vasilyev 70700
46 7 Stephen Graner 141800
46 8 Tezer Cetindag 85400
46 9 Tihomir Mitev 43000

47 1 Thomas Klaus 71400
47 2 Julijonas Merkelis 160200
47 3 Martin Balaz 57900
47 4 Karim Zerrougui 74300
47 5 Maksim Lobzhanidze 34500
47 6 Nadir Lalji 77900
47 7 Nikola Minkov 63300
47 8 Roman Valerstein 37900
47 9 Johanna Jackli 21600

48 1 Simon Cuq 81200
48 2 Ana Marquez 28100
48 3 Johnny Hansen 111400
48 4 Mariano Martiradonna 106500
48 5 Ed Shani 37400
48 6 Dawid Grabinski 206400
48 7 Yonatan Ben Zvi 49600
48 8 Vladimir Velikov 110800
48 9 Andrei Shablyka 75300

49 1 Petr Kalivoda 91900
49 2 Stephen Bantick 30700
49 3 Vegard Nygaard 22900
49 4 Denis Timofeev 59400
49 5 Sergio Remuinan 41000
49 6 Timo Pfutzenreuter 167500
49 7 Sebastian Dornbracht 58800
49 8 Lukas Jebavy 65600
49 9 Volodymyr Hancharyk 262000

50 1 Miguel Gomes Silva 37800
50 2 Carlos Barrado Lopez 165800
50 3 Ivan Arbatskii 58800
50 4 Nikola Ivanovic 176200
50 5 Pavel Savin 97000
50 6 Ozgur Arda 41000
50 7 Mihaita Croitoru 166300
50 8 Vsevolod Nikolaev 39400
50 9 Benjamin Lamprecht 63100

51 1 Ales Janecek 69200
51 2 Christian Schwenk 127500
51 3 Kimmo Kurko 26700
51 4 Jesse Cohen 139700
51 5 Nils Jonsson 67200
51 6 Daniel Orlowski 44500
51 7 Kevin Andriamawifa 42300
51 8 Mateusz Dziewonski 31100
51 9 Jabulane Sekano 98000

52 1 Alexander Sack 76400
52 2 Nusret Atmaca 165500
52 3 David Lappin 49000
52 4 Athanasios Skapetis 45700
52 5 Simeon Naydenov 148400
52 6 Grzegorz Tryba 35500
52 7 Samuel Sjoqvist 263500
52 8 Joseph Houayek 23600
52 9 Tomas Petru 58200

53 1 Olov Jansson 113500
53 2 Alain Zeidan 55700
53 3 Orpen Kisacikoglu 93000
53 4 Michal Havavka 57700
53 5 Tal Peretz 41100
53 6 Andre Hungerkamp 72400
53 7 Neividas Biriukovas 33200
53 8 Dirk Haferkorn 170000
53 9 Constantin Daniel Georgescu 31600

54 1 Adrian Smith 74000
54 2 Salvatore Bonavena 41300
54 3 Mirko Radovic 65200
54 4 Lars Jurgens 150000
54 5 Sergey Frizyak 70500
54 6 Felix Bleiker 146000
54 7 Vladas Tamasauskas 261800
54 8 Alexander Lind 120300
54 9 Eldar Khanbutayev 23700

55 1 Gaetano Dell’Aera 104000
55 2 Gerald Haslauer 81600
55 3 Roger Szarek 123800
55 4 Mustafa Biz 53500
55 5 Sergey Perelygin 95600
55 6 Andriy Lyubovetskiy 286600
55 7 Christophe Tadjouimar 63300
55 8 Aleksey Ponakov 48600
55 9 Marc Convey 158300

56 1 Idan Raviv 151100
56 2 David Rosich 85200
56 3 Itai Levy 178800
56 4 Daragh Davey 83600
56 5 Jonas Lauck 121600
56 6 Amel Huzejrovic 26200
56 7 Gintaras Simaitis 30000
56 8 Igor Kotyk 136100
56 9 Artem Voronovsky 22600

57 1 Sale Ibarra Serrano 52000
57 2 Marc Goeschel 79400
57 3 Konstantin Puchkov 109100
57 4 Luboslav Novotka 40100
57 5 Roberto Romanello 73500
57 6 Mads Bertelsen 134400
57 7 William Kysella Jr 150000
57 8 Vasile Stancu 196800
57 9 Dragan Zaric 45900

58 1 Bartosz Ziolkowski 100000
58 2 Jean Barrere 86800
58 3 Jean Montury 158000
58 4 Akos Poppe 58200
58 5 Jens Hansen 73700
58 6 Johan Soderberg 40200
58 7 Detlef Christen 69000
58 8 Stefan Ivanov 61500
58 9 Shabtai Koren 32900

59 1 Eliana Shapovalova 84800
59 2 Espen Solaas 126700
59 3 Daniel Chevalier 35100
59 4 Julien Lamaison 98000
59 5 Andrew Chen 194600
59 6 Samuel Muller 31500
59 7 Zoran Dordevic 109700
59 8 Soren Hansen 48200
59 9 Esben Guenther 135500

60 1 Paul Lozano Martin 74600
60 2 Gianluca Speranza 219800
60 3 Pascal Heuberger 85100
60 4 Jonathan Dimmig 90900
60 5 Mieszko Bartz 30200
60 6 Sergio Da Silva Veloso 39200
60 7 Amichai Hasson 78100
60 8 Eshed Hadaya 77700
60 9 Lucas Blanco 1

61 1 Zaurbek Tsarakov 68000
61 2 Florin Ionut Ilies 107500
61 3 Niall Farrell 109000
61 4 Masayuki Hakoda 133400
61 5 Arthur Conan 10400
61 6 Dariusz Beres 258100
61 7 Luis Cruz 175300
61 8 Petr Horak 41700
61 9 Petr Zalsky 46600

62 1 Antonios Koukouras 61700
62 2 Anatoly Korochenskiy 63000
62 3 Odysseas Theofilou 119500
62 4 Georgios Voudantas 42800
62 5 Lukasz Tomecki 40000
62 6 Sebastian Elbert 39100
62 7 Pawel Kulak 66300
62 8 Heza Mohammed 40300
62 9 Tristan Forge 103000

All eyes and ears will be on the bell-ringing leader Manuel Fernandes, who is the only man with more than 300,000 chips at this stage. But let’s say Marc Convey doubled through Andriy Lyubovetskiy, also on his table, in the first level today. That would put Conv at the top of the charts.

I suspect a lot of frantic action in those early levels. More than two thirds of the starting 1,893 have already been eliminated and there’s no reason to think it’s going to slow down for a good while yet.

The plan today is to play another ten levels, lasting one hour each from hereon. That will get us done at around 12.30 a.m. It’s going to be a long day.

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Eureka5 Prague: Ring that bell: Manuel Fernandes chimes in with chip lead


Manuel Fernandes: Leader at the end of Day 1b

Day 1B of Eureka Prague main event was all about the numbers, specifically how many were pouring through the door. At one point today, I think I saw the list of alternates at 400+-and that’s for a seat in one of Europe’s largest poker rooms.

It took the people with the abacus almost until the final level of the day to reveal exactly how many players there were. That’s because they first had to find a good abacus store in the Czech capital, then had to send out for emergency supplies from Abacus Store Brno. (The courier service is very good. Abacus Prime they call it.)

When all was said and done we learned that 1,453 players were in today, which was a single-day record for the Eureka Poker Tour. And when you add that to the 438 who played yesterday, that’s 1,893 (including two no-shows). That’s another record.


An enormous field on Day 1B of Eureka Prague

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At the end of the day, the man with the biggest stack appears to be Portugal’s Manuel Fernandes, who bagged 344,300. We don’t know much about him, but at the mid-point of level 12, the last of the day, he had a smile that would reach Lisbon from here and was rapidly texting home.

By the time the bell rang for the end, the bell was ringing quite literally over Fernandes’s chip stack. Last year’s winner had a dog; today’s leader had a bell. Whatever next.

There are other big stacks, among about 460 still left, with the following:

Manuel Fernandes - 344,300
Stephane Noel - 298,400
Andriy Lyubovetskiy - 286,600
Aris Theodoridis - 276,000
Tomasz Wrobel - 274,300
Vladas Tamasauskas - 261,800
Dariusz Beres - 258,100
Andrei Grigoras - 248,000
Fahredin Mustafov - 248,000
Frank Williams - 230,300
Gianluca Spedrana - 219,800
Ryan Mceathron - 209,800
David Grabinski - 206,400
Vasile Stancu - 196,800
Marc Convey, UK - 158,300
David Vamplew - 123,200

The first order of business tomorrow will be to reveal the full details of the prize pool. How they carve it all up remains a mystery, but the significant chance is that the winner will get even more than Balazs Botond’s €206,948 last year.

Today wasn’t so great for the likes of Chris Moneymaker and George Danzer. After a morning spent skydiving, they shoved their chips out of a plane too today. It was a tremendous day for PokerStars Blog’s Marc Convey, who signed for 158,300.


He lost his chips, but Moneymaker provided the image of the day

Tomorrow the action reconvenes at noon, when the room will also be full of Super High Rollers sitting down for the start of their tournament. Who needs them, huh>

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Eureka5 Prague: Stat attack


The European Poker Tour Prague field

You may have noticed that it’s a favourite habit for people covering poker tournaments to crack on pretty much non-stop about how big they are. This goes double in Prague, where both the EPT and Eureka have surged over the past few years.

Jan Kores, the media coordinator for tournaments in this part of the world, has been keeping a spreadsheet detailing all the important stats from all five seasons of the Eureka Poker Tour, and I’m grateful to him to be able to lift the following wholesale.

You too can get involved. All you need is to sign up to PokerStars Click here to get an account.

Here’s the full breakdown of the Eureka Poker Tour: numbers and winners across the seasons:

Season 1

Prague, Czech Republic
Buy in: €740+€60
Players: 329
Prize pool: €231,290
Winner: Keith Johnson, UK, €58,400

Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Buy in: €730+€70
Players: 211
Prize pool: €149,410
Winner: Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez, Spain €40,010

Varna, Bulgaria
Buy in: €730+€70
Players: 308
Prize pool: €218,095
Winner: Idan Greenberg, Israel, €55,145

Zagreb, Croatia

Buy in: €730+€70
Players: 259
Prize pool: €183,398
Winner: Richard Bodis, Hungary, €47,298

Season 2

Zagreb, Croatia
Buy in: €1,000+€100
Players: 178
Prize pool: €172,660
Winner: Alija Filipovic, Croatia, €42,700

Varna, Bulgaria
Buy in: €1,000+€100
Players: 246
Prize pool: €238,590
Winner: Petar Zografov, Bulgaria, €48,745

Riga, Latvia
Buy in: €1,000+€100
Players: 278
Prize pool: €269,660
Winner: Lauri Merikallio, Finland, €68,800

Prague, Czech Republic
Buy in: €1,000+€100
Players: 652
Prize pool: €632,440
Winner: Menikos Panagiotou, Cyprus, €137,100

Season 3

Rozvadov, Czech Republic

Buy in: €1,000+€100
Players: 421
Prize pool: €500,000
Winner: Bart Lybaert, Belgium, €115,000

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Buy in: €1,000+€100
Players: 283
Prize pool: €274,510
Winner: Achilles Bozso, Hungary, €59,100

Varna, Bulgaria
Buy in: €1,000+€100
Players: 417
Prize pool: €407,480
Winner: Liran Machluf, Israel, €93,000

Prague, Czech Republic
Buy in: €1,000+€100
Players: 1,315
Prize pool: €1,275,550
Winner: Dimitri Holdeew, Germany, €226,400

Season 4

Vienna, Austria
Buy in: €1,000+€100
Players: 1,432
Prize pool: €1,389,040
Winner: Zoltan Gal, Hungary, €208,655

Rozvadov, Czech Republic
Buy in: €1,000 + €100
Players: 493
Prize pool: €500,000
Winner: Martin Meciar, Slovakia, €87,600

Prague, Czech Republic
Buy in: €1,000+€100
Players: 1,738
Prize pool: €1,685,860
Winner: Balazs Botond, Hungary , €206,948

Season 5

Rozvadov, Czech Republic
Buy-in: €1,000+€100
Players: 664
Prize pool: €644,080
Winner: Raphael Wimmer, Austria, €99,695

Hamburg, Germany
Buy in: €1,000+€100
Players: 581
Prize pool: €563,570
Winner: Tom Holke, Germany, €107,920


Tournament stops: 17 (not including Prague Season 5)
Number of entrants: 9,805
Prize pools: €9,335,633

The Eureka is, by necessity, smaller than the likes of the EPT and visits fewer countries. But it’s interesting the number of similarities it shares with its more dominant cousin: winners from 12 different countries already; no double winner; bumper fields in Prague.

It also has Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez, the Spanish player, who has a first and a second place finish from Season 1 on his resume, much like the likes of Ram Vaswani, Noah Boeken, Brandon Schaeffer et al, who achieved something similar in the early EPT seasons.

It’s also pretty appealing that the core of its winners’ rostrum comes from within the Eureka-zone-ie, central and eastern Europe-with the occasional tourist breezing in from Belgium, the UK, Spain and Israel.

It’s a cosmopolitan field in Prague, with players from as far afield as Australia, Brazil, Bahrain, China, Iran, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Nicaragua, Oman and Pakistan. So that spreadsheet of Jan’s may be getting even more intriguing at the end of this week.

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The Eureka coverage is all handily organized on the Eureka Prague page.

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Eureka5 Prague: Samuel Sjoqvist survives slaughter, 300+ succumb


Samuel Sjoqvist: What to do with all these chips?

We are two days in to a certain epic of a poker festival, and more specifically one day through the Eureka Prague main event.

This €1,000 tournament, which is the final stop on Season 5 of the Eureka Poker Tour, is among the most popular in the global calendar, and 438 players showed up today to have a first crack at it.

Despite all the riches and prestige on offer to its winner, the pace of this tournament never dips below breakneck. By the time they had whistled through 12 levels today, only around 115 players still had chips of whom Sweden’s Samuel Sjoqvist had the very most.

His 263,500 was a tiny squeak more than Voldomymyr Hancharyk’s 262,000. Ari Engel, somewhat better known than those two, had 233,800.


Ari Engel: Good day

Players began with 25,000 chips, but before registration even closed, more than 40 players were out. Clinging on to chips was super difficult: Eugene Katchalov didn’t last to dinner, neither did his Team PokerStars Pro team-mate Chen Lin.

Eureka Poker Tour 5 Prague 1a  Chen Lin  -3342.jpg

Early bath in Chen Lin’s Eureka debut

Liliya Novikova of Team Online outlasted both of them, but was eliminated on the very last hand of play.

Eureka Poker Tour 5 Prague 1a Liliya Novikova  -3398.jpg

Liliya Novikova: Last hand despair

In other events today, Michal Mrakes found himself on the right side of a cooler-finding aces against Jarosław Kosmaty’s kings-to put himself among the early leaders. But then Ismael Bojang found himself on the wrong side of an identical coup-he had kings to an opponent’s aces-and that worked too. He won the hand and took over the lead. Bojang finished with 227,160, one of seven players with a stack of more than 200,000. Mrakes had drifted back into the pack.

Wing Sang Lee did most of his destruction around this time, building a stack north of 150,000 before many had got above a starting stack. Lee stuck with it until the end as well, bagging 226,400 at the close.

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The prominent players at this stage, either by virtue of their stack size or their repute, are as follows:

Samuel Sjoquist - 263,500
Volodymyr Hancharyk - 262,000
Ari Engel - 233,800
Andreas Hostrup - 229,400
Ismael Bojang - 227,160
Wing Sang Lee - 226,400
Michael Vainshtain - 209,000
Andrew Chen - 194,600
Volkan Aydin 179,800
Kristof Mato - 177,700
Lukas Hrtzdo - 169,900
Niall Farrell - 169,000
Tien Nguyen - 160,000
Frederik Jensen - 129,200

Tomorrow we will welcome the Day 1B field, which is entirely likely to be around three times the size of this one.

In the meantime, why not scan through all the action in German, where Robin Scherr is your capable host on All the schedule information is on the EPT App, which is available on both Android or IOS.

The Eureka coverage is all handily organized on the Eureka Prague page.

EPT Stacha Location_75STA_5833.jpg

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Eureka5 Prague: The desk full of broken dreams

It is difficult enough to depict dreams-your average high school art class will stand as proof of that-but it’s usually even more difficult to depict broken dreams.

In this respect, the Eureka Poker Tour poker has an advantage. Whenever a player is eliminated, their tournament receipt lands on our desk in the media room allowing us the chance either to type up all their names on to the blog or, if it gets out of hand, take a photo. A photo like this:


Each one of those tickets represents an eliminated player and in the past couple of levels, at least 80 have lost all their chips.

That pile of tickets includes those bearing the following names: Sebastian Pauli, Zvi Stern, Eugene Katchalov, Gareth Chantler, Yan Li and Belmehel Dja Daouadji, names representing a former EPT champ, a November Niner, a Team PokerStars Pro, an erstwhile PokerStars Blogger, a nice short name and a randomly-selected ticket with a name that is very difficult to spell, respectively.

They’re a disparate bunch for sure, but what they all have in common is that it’s impossible for them to win Eureka5 Prague.

On the other hand, Ismael Bojang was one of the late arrivals to the tournament today and Bojang is already up to around 140,000. He has all the pedigree in the world, but it also helps when you can take kings up against aces and win.

Bojan cashed six times at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas this summer, making three final tables, but that represented a downtick on the year before, when he cashed nine times and made three finals. His best Eureka showing remains a second-place finish in a €2,000 side event in Prague in 2013, which earned him €75,600. There’s much more up for grabs this week.

You can find German language coverage with Robin Scherr on All the schedule information is on the EPT App, which is available on both Android or IOS. The Eureka coverage is all handily organized on the Eureka Prague page.

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Eureka5 Prague: Playing fast and slow as stacks develop

michal_mrakes_eureka5_prague_day1a  -3372.jpg

Michal Mrakes: Finding aces at the right time

Based on a sample size of two hand-so we’re talking pretty-much exhaustive-there’s an unmistakeable pattern developing on Day 1A of Eureka5 Prague: If he’s playing quickly, he’s got nothing. If he’s playing slowly, he’s stacked to the gills.

This two-hand survey took place towards the end of Level 7, where blinds were 300-600 (75 ante) and I was on the search for players with a big stack.

The first port of call was table Table 24 where Robert Skopalik was sitting with two lots of chips. The first lot, in a bag in his hands, were being shovelled into his mouth via a tiny fork, at a rate that would make you think the dinner break was 800 rather than 90 minutes away.

The second pile of chips were on the table, scattered wide across the felt but totalling something like 120,000. Skopalik wasn’t in a hand, but his number of chips set a bar by which to compare some of the others.

A couple of tables along, Michal Mrakes had a decent stack too, something in the neighborhood of 90,000. But he was also in a hand. Mrakes opened to 1,300 from mid-position and picked up a caller in the cut-off, before Jarosław Kosmaty, on the button, slowed things down.

Kosmaty took a little while to get his numbers straight before raising to 4,100 and the decision quickly passed back around the Mrakes. The Czech player also now took his time, pondering for a long while before announcing a four-bet to 7,900. The anguished fellow in the cut-off cried in despair before folding.

That took it back to Kosmaty, who didn’t quite know how anguished he was about to become. He took a fair amount of time over this decision too before announcing that he was all in for what amounted to about 30,000-ish.

Mrakes allowed himself a double check of his cards but otherwise didn’t much dwell over the decision, calling a flipping [ac][as]. Kosmaty seemed to know it was coming and showed [kh][ks]. The board ran dry: [8h][4d][2s][4c][7d] and Kosmaty was out, before he could hear our friend in the cut off tell the world that he folded jacks.

That hand took a long time to play out, with the two monster hands trying to ensnare one another and, you have to say, succeeding. But it was a far cry from the rapidity of the action a few tables along, where Keith Lystad was the big stack.

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Lystad is Norwegian. You could tell he was from somewhere in Scandinavia from the tin of snus behind an impeccably stacked tower of chips, piles higher than the regulation 20. And if any doubt had remained as to his homeland, it would have been eliminated by the only hand I saw him play.

He opened to 1,300 from early position and picked up a caller, Tien Nguyen. Nguyen is from Sweden, and when it was only the two of them left, this was played at a true Scandi pace.

The flop came [3s][5h][2d] and Lystad checked. Nguyen bet 2,500. Lystad called. The turn was the [jh] and both players checked. The river was the [3c] and Lystad bet 5,500. Nguyen called.

“Seven high,” Lystad said.
“Seven high?” Nguyen said, seeking confirmation, and saw Lystad’s [7h][4s]. Nguyen turned over his [ad][qs] and ace high was good.

Lystad was left with “about 80” after that, so is still going strong. It was immediately notable that this hand, which took about 55 seconds to play from start to finish, involved two hands full of absolute junk.


A photographic interpretation of the speed of that hand

For all that, the biggest stack in the room right now appears to be in the possession of Hong Kong’s Wing Sang Lee. I tried to watch him play a hand, and he seemed happy to oblige, peeling off raising chips from a stack of about 160,000.

But it folded all the way round to the man in the big blind, who said, “I don’t want to play against you” and folded.

Lee has amassed close to seven times his starting stack, so you can forgive the reluctance.

Tournament update:

- The final number for today is confirmed at 438.
- Frederik Jensen, Giacomo Fundero, Rhys Jones, Eoghan O’Dea, Ismael Bojang and Simon Ravnsbaek are also among the registrants.

You can find German language coverage with Robin Scherr on All the schedule information is on the EPT App, which is available on both Android or IOS. The Eureka coverage is all handily organized on the Eureka Prague page.

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Eureka5 Prague: Stars assemble as field grows beyond 400


Eugene Katchalov: Tempted to arrange a 400-way chop (probably)

You’re only as good as your last tournament, which means it’s going to be very difficult to decide who is the form player sitting in the Eureka Main Event field in Prague this afternoon.

Last time Niall Farrell showed up on the European Poker Tour, he won the EPT Malta Main Event and earned €534,300. Farrell is back at the tables today, lurking in a dark corner of the Eureka-zone.


Yeah, but what’s Niall Farrell done since?
Niall Farrell: Back at it

Only a few paces across the room sits Mateusz Moolhuizen, the Dutchman who won the Unibet Open in Antwerp, Belgium, last week, beating 320 others to his second title on that tour.

You too can get involved. All you need is to sign up to PokerStars Click here to get an account.

Farrell’s payday far eclipses Moolhuizen’s €71,000, but Farrell’s triumph was more than a month before Moolhuizen’s, and things move fast. Each man has a decent claim to warrant the form-player label. (Although, stop press, I’ve just noticed that Moolhuizen is now out.)

Farrell and Moolhuizen are only two names among what is already becoming a field of some repute. Andrew Chen, Vojcech Ruzicka, Artem Metalidi, Malte Monnig, Alex Kravchenko, Ari Engel and Ami Barer are also involved.

The Red Spade is in attendance too. Liliya Novikova, a fairly recent inductee to Team PokerStars Online is playing and Eugene Katchalov, of Team Pro is here. Katchalov’s last trip to Prague ended in bizarre circumstances, when he was involved in a seven-way chop to decide the winner of the €2,000 Eureka High Roller event.

Katchalov would likely be happy with a similar result.

Tournament update:

- We are now up to 415 players registered for Day 1A.
- We are in Level 4
- Registration closes at the end of this level

We will soon have a list of eliminations.

You can find German language coverage with Robin Scherr on All the schedule information is on the EPT App, which is available on both Android or IOS. The Eureka coverage is all handily organized on the Eureka Prague page.

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Eureka5 Prague: The start of another monster

Eureka Day 1a.jpg

The room awaits the players at Eureka Prague

Good afternoon everybody and welcome to the chilly Czech Republic for the start of the EPT12 Prague Poker Festival.

In truth, it’s not actually all that chilly-it’s crisp and sunny-and the focus isn’t going to be on the EPT for at least a couple of days. But it’s December, it’s the Hilton Prague and that means, as it always does, a spectacular end-of-year jamboree: 97 events spread over 12 days and thousands of thousands of euros changing hands.

Today is Day 1A of the Eureka Poker Tour main event, a tournament that started life as a curtain-raiser, a mere appetizer ahead of the real deal. But such is the popularity of this €1,000 buy-in event that it has long threatened to outdo the tournament it supposedly supports.

The Eureka and the EPT now share equal billing at this most compelling annual destination.

We are in Season 5 of the Eureka Poker Tour now, and this is its grand final. Last year, Hungary’s Balazs Botond out-lasted a field of 1,738 to prevail and pick up a winner’s cheque of €206,948. He celebrated by bringing his dog to the winner’s photo. It’s that kind of show.

I am always very hesitant to make predictions about field sizes, especially when last year’s was already a record. But it’s a measure of this tournament’s growth that I’ll be more surprised if there are fewer than 1,500 playing (there are two starting flights) than I would be if there are more than 1,800.

Play will begin at noon local time-that’s Central European Time, which is one hour ahead of GMT and six ahead of EST. There’s German-language coverage over on our lederhosen-wearing, snuff-snorting, impeccably efficient German sister blog.

We will keep tabs on all the developing stories on our dedicated Eureka Prague page. There will be photos from Thomas Stacha and selected chip counts as the action progresses. It’s going to be all but impossible to keep tabs on all the counts, particularly in the early stages, but things will become more focused as play develops.

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Tom Holke beats all-comers to win inaugural Eureka Hamburg Main Event

Sometimes it’s just written in the stars. Despite everyone trying to take your destiny down another route, you stay on path until you reach your goal. Tom Holke came in today dressed in all the accessories he could find that matched the colours of the German flag- hats, scarfs, you name it - he had it on, and it was a signal that he already knew he was going to win. Come to think of it, he’s been wearing the same gear since day one!

Eureka5_Hamburg_Tom Holke_winner.jpg

Tom Holke - your winner

He’s also played with the carefree style of a man who knew he was going to win. He had the look of a man who thoroughly enjoyed himself at every moment. If he lost a pot, no bother, he’d just go and win the next one.
Poker is a zero sum game though, and if he was feeling that elated, others were feeling the opposite. None more so than the second and third-pace finishers, Alexander Lemme and Steffen Kessler, who had the look of men who had been told they weren’t going to win whatever they tried. Maybe Holke let them in on his secret.

Alexander Lemme - runner-up

Lemme should be happy with coming second for €67,100 - by far the biggest score of his career - but, as the start of day chip leader, he had eyes on top spot and nothing else. He busted after 12 hands of heads-up play when his ace-seven couldn’t find a way back against Holke’s dominating ace-jack. Kessler busted a short while before that when his pocket kings were beaten by Holke’s ace-jack (again) that made a straight on the river.

Steffen Kessler - 3rd

Only six of the official final table of eight came back for the final day here inside the Spielbank Schenefeld casino, the tenth of ten days that filled up this inaugural poker festival. That number was quickly reduced to four after the elimination John Forst and Nils Maibaum.

John Forst - 6th

Forst three-bet all in with nine-ten but was felled by Holke (who called behind) and his mighty pocket deuces. Nils Mainbaum lost most of his stack in the final three-way all in hand that concluded Day 3’s play and wasn’t in a position to fold to a flopped top pair. Unfortunately for him, Lemme had him out-kicked and he was on his way.

Nils Maibaum

Armin Eckl was, by far, the shortest stack by that stage and struggled to find a spot to get his stack in. When he did - with five-deuce on the button- he ran into Lemme and his ace-queen.

Armin Eckl - 4th

Three-handed play was the only plateaux of the last couple of days - a three-level period without elimination. That doesn’t mean nothing was going on though. Holke tormented his opponents with a style of play that his opponents weren’t able to exploit, a style of play that big hands are the only ammunition that work. All you had to do was look at Lemme and Kessler’s faces to realise their weapons were loaded with blanks.

Well done Holke, this is your time. Enjoy every single second of it.

To read back over how today’s action went down, please click here.That concludes a hugely successful Eureka5 Hamburg festival. We’ll be back for sure and keep a listen out for news about upcoming stops on the tour.

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Eureka5 Hamburg Main Event Final Day: Level 25. Blinds (20,000-40,000, 5,000 ante)

2:50pm: Chips Ahoy
Here the approximate chip counts of the final four players:
Alexander Lemme - 5.4 million
Tom Holke - 5.4 million
Steffen Kessler - 2.9 million
Armin Eckl - 840,000

2:35pm: Nils Maibaum eliminated in 5th (€29,310)
Then there were four. It didn’t take much longer for the next player to leave; Nil Mainbaum busting with kicker problems.

He was in the big blind and defended with [qh][th] after a raise from Alexander Remme. The flop fanned [qs][7c][3d] and Mainbaum check-raised all in. Remme called with [qd][jd] and improved as the board ran out [jc][9d].

2:15pm: John Forst eliminated in 6th place (€22,940)
It took 15 minutes of play before the first player was eliminated and it was John Forst.

He was in the small blind and three-bet all in for around 800,000 after Nils Maibaum opened from early position. Tom Holke was in the big blind and immediately moved all in behind. Maibaum folded.

Forst: [9s][ts]
Holke: [2h][2d]

Forst stared at Holke’s hand whilst shaking his head and his head was still shaking after the [5s][6h][3h][5d][8h] board ran out.

2pm: Shuffle up and deal
There arr 55 minutes left of level 25 and cards are in the air for the final day! Get to know the final players by looking at their profiles, here.

1:45pm: Welcome back to the Eureka5 Hamburg Final Day
After nine days the Eureka5 Hamburg poker festival has reached the final day. The Main Event will crown a champion today from one of the six players that remain.

Yesterday was a day to remember where 27 players down to the six we’re left with now, took a little over four levels. There were coolers, suck outs and the odd bluff and by the time the dust settled, Alexander Lemme ended the day as chip leader.

Today’s final will start off looking like:

Seat Name Country Status Chips
1 Jonn Forst Austria   842,000
2 Tom Holke Germany   4,188,000
3 Steffen Kessler Germany   2,846,000
4 Nils Maibaum Germany PokerStars qualifier 863,000
5 Armin Eckl Germany PokerStars player 1,008,000
6 Alexander Lemme Germany PokerStars qualifier 4,600,000

The official final table

Cards will be in the air around 2pm CET.

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Eureka5 Hamburg Main Event Day 3: Blinds (8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante)

2:42pm: Mallon busts in classic race
Nils Mallon was the next player out as the pace refuses to slow down. He busted to Patrick Renkers after shoving for 150,000 with [ah][jd]. Renkers called with [tc][td] and the board ran [8d][6s][2d][3s][2h].

2:35pm: Krasniqi eliminates Bremer
Nick Krasniqi managed to finish the job off the very next hand. He was in the big blind and called after Andreas Bremer moved all in for 120,000 from the small blind with [qd][3d]. Krasniqi opened [ad][ac] and the board ran [ah][7c][3c][qc][7h].

2:32pm: Piloti and Jensen High-Five
Elias Piloti and Soren Jensen were one card away from being eliminated in the same hand but an ace on the river saved them and they celebrated together.

Nick Krasniqi opened to 23,000 from under the gun before Piloti (226,00) and Jensen (378,00) both moved all in with ace-king. Krasniqi got the counts and the called with pocket queens. The board ran [4s][2d][6s][8d][as].

2:20pm: Zarnegar and Hanich depart
The players are not shy of getting their chips in today. Behzad Zarnegar busted and was quickly followed by Ilan Hanich.

Zarnegar raised from the button and Nils Maibaum called from the big blind to see an [as][tc][js] flop appear. Zarnegar commited the rest of his chips with [ks][8c] but ran into Maibaum’s [ac][th] for two-pair. Zarnegar hit a straight on the [qs] turn by Maibuam hit back by filling up on the [ad] river.

Hanich was short and found a pair ([3d][3s]) that he was happy to go with but Armin Eckl had [9c][9s] behind and made the call. The board ran [4d][5h][as][qc][ad].

2:10pm: Falco follows soon after
Falco Tietjen would’ve entered today with high hopes due to a healthy 584,000 stack but flopping top pair just cost him his tournament life.

He was in the big blind and called an under-the-gun raise from Tom Holke to see a [9h][7s][js] flop. The chips went in and Tietjen opened [ah][jh]. He was soon swearing in German though after Holke opened [qd][qc]. The board ran out [2c][qh] to improve Holke’s hand to a set. He’s clear at the top with almost 1.7 million.

2:05pm: Jeasper Meijer van Putten first out
It took only moments for the first player to bust and the dubious honour went to Jeasper Meijer van Putten.

He got his stack in with [ah][8d] but ran into Steffen Kessler’s [th][tc] who improved to a set on the [td][5c][9h][as][js] board.

Van Putten will take home €2,970 for his efforts.

2pm: Shuffle up and deal!
Cards are in the air.

1:45pm: Tom Holke heads the race to final table
On the eighth day of the Eureka5 Hamburg festival just 28 players remain in €1,100 Main Event. It’s the penultimate day where 20 players will miss out on the chance of being a finalist in Germany’s first ever Eureka event.

The plan for today is to play down to six players or eight levels, whichever comes first. Tom Holke leads the way with 1,150,000, just ahead of Kadir Uzunoglu (1,131,000) and Armin Eckl (1,008,00). As you can see from all the chip counts though, it’s very tight at the top and is anyone’s game. Today’s seat draw can also be found here.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Moritz Kranich_Day2.jpg

Can Kranich add a Eureka title to his EPT title?

Moritz Kranich is the last remaining EPT champion in the field but he has work to do with just 265,00 to his name. He was in positive spirits at the end of play yesterday saying he was short yesterday and manged to come back, so why couldn’t he manange it again today.

Cards will be in the air at 2pm CET so join us back here then for hand-by-hand coverage.

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Eureka5 Hamburg: Holke leads final 28 as Heitmann bubbles

What a busy, fast-paced, action-filled Day 2 that was on the Eureka Poker Tour! The remaining 173 players returned to the Spielbank Schenefeld Casino with two main aims: to make the money first of all and to make Day 3 after the first aim was achieved.

A total of 28 players achieved both and will return tomorrow with a new aim: to make the final table. The race to lead the way at the end of the day was very close , but it was Tom Holke who satched it after he bagged up 1,150,000. Kadir Uzunoglu finished just behind with 1,132,000 and seems to only knows one place finish at the end of a day’s play - near the top of the counts!


Chip leader Tom Holke

He was on the right side of a couple of big pots, the most significant being versus Ioan Mihai Taisz. He three-bet with aces before Taisz cold four-bet all in for large amount with big-slick. The original raiser folded but Uzunoglu called and went on to win the biggest pot of the tournament.

Day 3 will feature three players who have done very well on the EPT in the past. Mortiz Kranich won EPT Deauville back in Season 5 and with 265,000, he must be one of the favourites for this event even if short. Soren Jensen lost an epic heads-up battle versus Tim Vance at EPT Copenhagen back in Season 4, and despite saying he was exhausted through the last couple of levels, made tomorrow with 377,000. Finally there is Malte Monning who, just over a year ago, won a massive € 547,000 when he came third at the EPT10 Grand Final and bagged up 190,000.

For full chip counts click here and for the Day 3 seat draw click here.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Moritz Kranich_Day2.jpg

Kranich short but has class

Some players who made the money but won’t be seen tomorrow were: Steven Abbey (76th), Anton Morgenstern (55th), Oscar Peleg (51st), Ali Sameeian(50th), Jonas Lauck (49th), Alon Lang (47th), Marco Mattes (42nd) and Niko Koop (40th).


The unlucky Jan Heitmann

The tournament bubble only took fewer than five levels to burst and the unlucky last player to leave without a Euro was the only Team PokerStars Pro in the field. Jan Heitmann three-bet all in for 62,800 after Bijan Sahebkan opened to 12,800 with [8c][8s]. Heitmann opened [jh][js] and was crushed on the [8d][ah][6s][2h][7h] board.

Other players who left with nothing but pride to show were Tobias Peters, Timo Schneider, David Lappin and Jennifer Sabuel.

Play will resume at tomorrow at 2pm CET time and will continue until eight more levels have passed or six players remaining is reached. We’re all off to the party hoping all the famous German beer hasn’t all been drunk!


Where all the action takes place

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Eureka5 Hamburg Day 2 : An orbit with big stacks

It’s not often that a start of Day 2 table has three of the top four stacks at it, so it’s a table worth keeping an eye on. It was time to do, “An orbit with…” at table number six.

Naser Nawrozi, Jennifer Sabuel and Denys Drobyna had already busted and been replaced by Andrey Shubin, Hanno Offen and Frank Fechner respectively. The table was nine handed but short after the orbit of coverage, Tournament Director Thomas Lamatsch announced to the room that the tournament was going to be eight handed from there on in.


Patrick Renkers still has a big sack

Hand 1. Shubin raised to 7,300 from the button and the characterful Along Lang defended his big blind to see s [3s][td][5h] flop where both players checked. The turn came as the [4h] and Lang led for 10,300. Shubin called and then bet 16,000 on the [jc] river when the action was checked to him. Call.

Shubin opened [as][8c] and Lang stared at the hand and then declared, “Nothing!” before he opened the winning [ah][4c].

Hand 2. Oscar Peleg raised his button to 7,100 and Hanno Offen peeled from the big blind. Both players checked the flop and an 11,200 delayed c-bet, when the board read [8d][2c][9h][js], was enough to win the pot.

Hand 3. Patrick Renkers opened to 8,000 from early position and picked up Peleg (HJ) and Fechner (BB) as callers en route to a [2c][8s][jh] flop. All three checked to the [6d] turn where a Renkers’ 9,000-bet was enough to win the pot.

Hand 4. Land raised to 6,400 from the hijack but open-folded [9s][7s] after Fechner three-bet all in for 47,000 from the small blind.

Hand 5. Marco Noll raised to 7,200 from the cutoff and took the blinds and antes.

At that stage the button jumped two spots but no one noticed.

Hand 6. Lang raised to 6,000 from mid position and was called by Noll (HJ) before Andreas Bremer moved all in for 72,400 from the small blind. Both opponents folded.

Hand 7. An angry looking Lang raised to 10,000 and was called by Noll and Bremer once more. The flop came [qd][ks][8h] and Bremer took two in a row with a 23,000 bet.

Hand 8. Renkers raised to 7,000 from the cutoff and all folded.

Hand 9. Bremer raised to 7,200 from mid position and was called by Renkers in the next seat and Lang in the big blind. All three checked the [5d][ac][2s] flop before Lang led for 4,000 on the [ah] turn. The board completed with the [9s] and Bremer took another pot down with a 13,000 bet.

That wasn’t the most action-filled orbit of all time but sometimes you get that with so many chips on a table. The three big stacks are all in a great position already to make the money and go deep but tangling with another big stack is a sure-way to potentially end that scenario, hence the cautious play.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Alon Lang_Day2.jpg

Lang the table chip daddy

Here’s how their chips looked at the end of the orbit:

Name Country Status Chips
Andrey Shubin Russia   99,000
Oscar Peleg Sweden   137,000
Alon Lang Germany PokerStars qualifier 330,000
Hanno Offen Germany   130,000
Marco Noll Germany   280,000
Frank Fechner Germany PokerStars Player 53,000
Andreas Bremer Germany PokerStars qualifier 195,000
Patrick Renkers Netherlands PokerStars qualifier 235,000
Andreas Giedt Germany   101,000

The tournament is into the third level of the day and the field has shrunk to 105 player already. Those who have departed already include: Saka Turtia, Torsten Reil, Marcel Schauenburg, Sebastian Langrock, Atrem Lobus, Milen Ivanov, Marcin Kreft, Daniel Effendy, Stefan Husemann, Amir Pahlawani, Vincent Wagner, Christian Staemmler, Sebastian Malec, Frank Debus, Milan Rabsz, Miri Hamza und Johan Eckberg Binder, David Lappin and the High Roller one-two of Tobias Peters and Timo Schneider.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Tobias Peters_ME.jpg

No double for Peters

Here are some selected chip counts from other tables:

Moritz Kranich - 200,000
Erkan Yildirim - 176,000
Niko Koop - 290,000
Armin Zoike - 130,000
Tom Holke - 320,000
Thomas Dietl - 270,000
Ale Sameeian - 130,000
Maria von Perger - 60,000
Markus Wirt - 200,000


Eureka Hamburg Key Facts:
- Players began with 25,000 chips (an increase from Season 4’s 20,000)
- Eight one-hour levels make up Day 2
- Dinner break after level 6
- 581 entrants with the top 87 paid
- Min cash worth €1,750; top prize €107,920

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Eureka5 Hamburg: Welcome to Day 2

Welcome one and all to Day 2 of the Eureka5 Hamburg Main Event. It’s a big coming together day as all the survivors from the four starting flights join up for the first time, all 173 of them. It’s also a big day today, as the players will reach the money later on (details below).

Heitmann still in the hunt

The Day 1C crowd come into the day with the most aggressive reputation as it was the only flight that produced two 300,000-plus stacks, in the shape of Marko Noll and Patrick Renkers. And wouldn’t you know it, they’ve both been drawn at table six along with Day 1D chip leader Alon Lang, who’s fourth over all. Check it out:

Naser Nawrozi Germany  , 36,900 6 1
Oscar Peleg Sweden  , 116,000 6 2
Alon Lang Germany PokerStars qualifier 286,200 6 3
Jennifer Sabuel Germany  , 18,900 6 4
Marco Noll Germany  , 305,200 6 5
Denys Drobyna Ukraine PokerStars Player 72,000 6 6
Andreas Bremer Germany PokerStars qualifier 60,400 6 7
Patrick Renkers Netherlands PokerStars qualifier 300,200 6 8
Andreas Giedt Germany  , 111,800 6 9

Other players still in the hunt include: Team PokerStars Pro Jan Heitmann, David Lappin, Denys Drobyna, Jonas Lauck, and EPT4 Copenhagen runner up, Soren Jensen and Eureka5 Hamburg High Roller champ, Tobias Peters.

Right, to the reason the players are all here, glory apart. Money! Finish 87th or better and you’ll be guaranteed €1,750. Make the final table on Sunday and €11,670 is the least amount you’ll take home. Win the whole thing and you’ll have a shiny new trophy and €107,920 to play with. Click here for the all the details.

Cards are already in the air and eight one-hour levels are scheduled for today with a dinner break after level six.

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Eureka5 Hamburg: Short stacks, no stacks and a pie chart

No more players can enter the Eureka Main Event! The organisers counted up all the players from each starting flight, figured in all the people who won seats but didn’t show up and are currently working out all the prize pool information. That will be announced later on but we can bring you a breakdown of all nationalities playing here in Hamburg via the visual medium of PokerStars’ world famous pie chart:

A German dominated pie chart

Playing a short stack is a vital part of tournament poker. PokerStars tournaments are often filled with a big portion of online qualifiers and those who ply their trade online are generally better equipped at playing short stacks than those who concentrate on the live arena.

One player who knows how to play a short stack is Irishman, Dara O’Kearney. The serial online qualifier - usually for UKIPTs - but a package winner here for Hamburg, lost a big pot earlier on and had to rely on his short stack game. He picked his spots carefully and managed to get a three-bet shove through but sometimes a clash of big hands in inevitable.

He was sat in the cutoff with [ac][ks] and was facing a raise to 1,500 from Milen Ivanov a couple of seats to his right. He shoved and Ivanov called with [jc][jd] and survived a [ts][7s][td][ts][4d] board.

O’Kearney (left), “So I had ace-king…..”

If only he could learn to play all ins as well as Natalie Hof. She was down to 7,200 chips when she found the hand she was looking for - pocket kings. She moved all in and her small-blinded opponent called with [ac][qc]. The Friend of PokerStars flopped a set but the small blind had big equity with a flush draw. The flush duly came in on the turn but Hof made quads on the river to stay alive. Since then, she’s managed to increase her stack a lot more to 28,500.

Elton sung his last song

Hof first made her name in Germany on a poker show connected to TV Total, a famous German entertainment show. There was a man called Elton playing as a Sponsored player today and he also made his name on the TV Total show. He made a guest appearance and was so popular that they kept him on and ten years later he’s still part of the show and has had his own show, as well as appearing on a Poker Night show with Hof, other celebrities and a PokerStars qualifier. His tournament has come to an end though after he ran ace-ten into an opponent’s pocket aces for his last 35,000.

Dzmitry Urbanovich finally took his seat after the dinner break but he has something wrong with his neck, or so it seemed. He head was constantly titled down towards his lap and he barely looked up to follow the action, just doing so to muck his cards when needed. Closer inspection revealed that he was full engrossed in a strategy game on his iPad. His stack had shrunk to 17,300, not that far behind Ole Schemion as it turned out. The German’s stack has dropped back to 25,000 when it was as high as 65,000 earlier on.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Dzmitry Urbanovich.jpg

Dzmitry Urbanovich

Selected chip counts:

Timo Schneider - 145,000
Steven pipe - 120,000
Martin Torper - 94,000
Teemu Kailasvou - 98,000
Ale Sameeian - 85,000
Mohamed Habhab - 95,000
January Heitmann - 51,000
Philipp Combatants - 22,000
David Lappin - 33,300
Elena Stover - 23,000
Milan Rabsz - 74,000
Jonas Lauck - 32,000
Ismail Kalkan - 47,000
Dzmitry Urbanovich - 16,500
Stefan Schill Habel - 26,000

Bustouts: Milan Cicka, Arne Ruge, Sebastian Benz, Suleiman Jabour, Marius Gierse, Gregor Walter husband, Tobias Berben Armin Vo, Paraschos Stavridis, Lucas Meyer, Jonas Jeschke, Marcus Rölz, Marco Hohmann, Lars Jürgens, Ingo Hackbarth, Sven Leu and Robert Heidorn.

Eureka Hamburg Key Facts:
- Players begin with 25,000 chips (an increase from Season 4’s 20,000)
- Blinds start at 25/50
- Twelve 45-minute levels make up Day 1D
- Day 1D is a sell 200-player out

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Eureka5 Hamburg: A Magic Circle of hands with Jan Heitmann

While his teammate George Danzer is out in Las Vegas trying to defend his WSOP Player of the Year title, Team PokerStars Pro Jan Heitmann is here in Hamburg representing his employers.

The multi-talented (magician and piano player) father of three has been a fixture on the poker circuit for more than a decade and has earned close to a million dollars in live tournaments.

Heitmann’s sat at table 15 and we decided to stick with his table for an orbit to see what went down. He had around 26,000 and began in the under-the-gun.

Eureka5_Hamburg_ Jan Heitmann.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Jan Heitmann

Hand 1. Heitmann raised to 500 from first position and Veit Eska was the only caller from the button. The flop came [6h][9c][6d] and Eska folded to Heitmann’s 500 c-bet.

Hand 2. PokerStars qualifier Suleimann Jabour raised to 500 from early position and Heitmann defended his big blind to see a [3h][3d][jd] flop. He didn’t care much for it once seen as he check-folded to an 800 c-bet.

Hand 3. Jabour opened to 500 again and was only called by Cihan Bicik two seats along. Jabour continued for 800 on the [qh][6s][5s] flop and Bicik called to the [7c] turn where he called another 2,000. The board completed with the [qs] and Jabour paused before betting 2,200. Bicik looked like he was going to fold but then he flicked in the call and mucked upon seeing his opponent’s [ks][kh].

Hand 4. Bicik and Sakhra Khorshid limed in before Heitmann raised to 1,000 off the button. Jabour called in the big blind and so did the two limpers. All four saw a [qh][6s][5s] flop and the action was checked to Heitmann who bet 2,300. Jabour folded but his other two opponents called to the [8d] turn where Heitmann shook them both off with a 6,000 bet.

Hand 5. Timo Jobmann raised to 500 and was only called by Hannes Gerath in the big blind. Both players checked the [td][qc][as] flop before Gerath led out for 625 on the [th] turn. Jobmann raised to 1,800 and Gerath called to head to the [ac] river where he led out again, for 1,500. Once more, Jobmann came in with a raise - to 3,400 - and Gerath called with [ad][jd] for a full house. Geath mucked.

Hand 6. Veit Eska fumbled with his chips and raised to 500 from under the gun. He was called by Khorshid in the next seat but Gerath had other ideas and squeezed to 2,300 from the small blind. Bicik called from the big blind and so did Khorshid after Eska folded. The flop fanned [4h][kd][6s] and Gerath took the pot down with a 3,100 bet.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Jan Heitmann.jpg

Heitmann and “friends”

Hand 7. It was time for Rafael Martin to enter the fray with a hijack raise to 400. Jabour was the only caller from one seat along and the two viewed a [th][7d][ac] flop where Martin c-bet 700. Call. Martin checked the [jh] turn and called after Jabour bet 1,700. The board completed with the [4s] and Martin check-folded to a 3,300 bet from his opponent.

Hand 8. Khorshid limped in from early position and picked up Martin before Eska checked his option in the big blind. The action was checked to Martin on the [7h][3c][ts] flop and his 400 bet was only called by Eska. The [3d] landed on the turn and Eska checked to find Matin’s 1,1025 bet too hot to handle.

Hand 9. The last hand of the orbit saw Martin limp in and call when Gerath raised to 1,100 from the hijack. The flop was [ks][4h][6h] and Martin check-folded to a 1,300 c-bet.

Heitmann had a profitable orbit and ended it on 36,350 chips and ended level 6 on 45,000.

Some chip counts:
Timo Schneider - 65,000
Ole Schemion - 53,000
Natalie Hof - 16,000
Rasmus Agerskov - 12,500
Martin Torper - 68,000
Sabina Hiatullah - 26,000
Jonas Lauck - 22,000
Ronny Voth - 5,000
David Lappin - 36,500
Elena Stover - 27,000
Dara O’Kearny - 3,850
Elton - 35,500

Dzmitry Urbanovich still hasn’t arrived but his arrival is expected imminently

Eureka5_Hamburg_Ronny Voth.jpg

The short stacked Ronny Voth

Main Event bustouts: Erik Scheidt, Sergej Schulz, Patrick BörnickeBenjamin Seigers, Siegmund Wessel, only Udo Sowitzki, Babak Pedram Manesh, Miguel Caballero and former EPT champ Yannick Wrang.

Eureka Hamburg Key Facts:
- Players begin with 25,000 chips (an increase from Season 4’s 20,000)
- Blinds start at 25/50
- Twelve 45-minute levels make up Day 1D
- Day 1D is a sell 200-player out

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Eureka5 Hamburg Day 1D: Will the real Ole Schemion please stand up

Ole Schemion, the EPT 10 Player of the Season and two-time GPI Player of the Year, has held the unofficial title as the hottest young player on the planet for a good while now. Here’s the thing though: his reign may be over.

There’s a new kid on the block. Not even 20 years of age and tearing up the poker world just like Schemion did, and is still doing. The name’s Urbanovich, Dzmitry Urbanovich. The young Pole’s first cash was fewer than two years ago and he’s already top of Poland’s All Time Money List and is the current EPT Player of the Season (11).

Ole Schemion

Both are registered here today so we thought it’d be interesting to compare their first 22 months on the live circuit, the time since Urbanovich’s first cash.

Stats for first 22 months of live career Dzmitry Urbanovich Ole Schemion
Number of wins 8 5
Highest cash $1,595,368 $ 1,474,671
Different countries cashed in 9 12
Number of cashes 38 39
Average cash $73,012 $67,491
Total Earnings $2,774,446 $2,632,131

As you can see, their stats are remarkably similar, making it hard to choose who’s been the best “Rookie” this decade. What is known is that Schemion has gone on to earn another $5.4 million in his third and fourth year on the circuit, and if Urbanovich can match that, he’ll be following his German competitor on the road to poker greatness.

Urbanovich winning one of four events at EPT11 Malta

Urbanovich hasn’t taken his seat yet today so is letting Schemion get a head start on him in the Main Event. The latter has already past the 60,000-mark through the first three levels.

In one hand, he min raised to 300 and picked up two callers en route to a [4d][6d][ah] flop. He made a continuation bet and both his opponents folded in flash. Maybe Schemion’s aura is in a relatively small buy-in event for him.

Here are some chip counts after three levels:

Alan Lang holds even 67,000
Stefan Ragalie - 57,000
Timo Schneider - 39,000
Commander Warrior - 28,000
January Heitmann - 27,000
Ismail Kalkan - 26,000
Natalie Hof - 25,500
T-zone - 17,000
Claudio Celenza - 7,000
Ronny Voth - 6,500

Kevin Barkow, Oliver Neimann and Kai Hinrichs were the only three players to bust through the first three levels.

Eureka Hamburg Key Facts:
- Players begin with 25,000 chips (an increase from Season 4’s 20,000)
- Blinds start at 25/50
- Twelve 45-minute levels make up Day 1D
- Day 1D is a sell 200-player out

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Eureka Hamburg Main Event: Welcome to Day 1D

The final starting flight of the Eureka5 Hamburg Main Event is finally here. It feels like the tournament has been treading water, waiting for this moment where progress can now be made. The final numbers for the €1,100 buy in event will be in and the number of players left will start to shrink as the four-day journey to a winner commences.

Today, we are 100% sure that the 200-player hard cap has been reached, meaning there will be some disappointed players who will miss out, especially if no-shows from yesterday turn up expecting a seat. They’ll be lots of big name players to savour today. For starters, representing PokerStars, are Jan Heitmann and Natalie Hof; Youtube stars André “CommanderKrieger” Krieger and T-Zone, along with Alexander “Elton” Duszat.

Men on the moment Ole Schemion and Dzmitry Urbanovich are in attendance, as are Jonas Lauck, Dara O’Kearney, Jannick Wrang, Ronny Voth, David Lappin and High Roller runner up Timo Schneider. All in all it promises to be an exciting day.

Cards will be in the air at 1pm CET and stay tuned to the blog for articles and major talking points throughout the day.

Spielbank Schenefeld Casino

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Eureka Hamburg Main Event Day 1C: Noll tops penultimate flight

Day 1C of the Eureka Main Event played out today over another 12 40-minute levels. After some no-shows from players the final number for today rested at 163. A total of 42 remain with Marco Noll leading the way on 305,200. After three starting days of play, Noll is the current overall chip leader

Marco Noll is the current overall leader

Here some other counts from today:

Patrick Renkers - 300,200
Amir Pahlawani - 298,000
Nils Mallon - 254,000
Anton Morgenstern - 178,000
Bartosz Piesiwicz - 159,800
Alexander Lemme - 152,000
Joan Mihai Taisz - 141,000
Johannes Holstege - 121,800
Nils Maibaum - 110,900
Artem Lobus - 106,800
Malte Mönnig - 85,000
Moritz Kranich 62,200

Former EPT Snowfest champion fell right at the death. He was down to 33,500 when he open shoved from the button with [ac][5d]. Bartosz Piesiwicz was in the small blind, called with [8s][8d] and went on to make a flush on the [qs][as][ts][9h][3s] board. No luck this week for Danish pro’s first venture into the live arena for many years. Don’t worry for him though, he’s still crushing online on PokerStars.

Allan Baekke

Jamila von Perger aslo failed to make it through the day after a cooler late on cost her dear. She was on 37,000 when she committed her stack on the turn of a [A][K][J][2] board with pocket deuces. The flop had been checked through and her sneaky opponent called the shove and opened [Q][T] for a flopped straight. The river failed to pair.

Jamila Von Perger

They lasted a lot longer than Eureka4 Vienna champion Zoltan Gal. Denys Drobyna and he battled in two big hands mid-way through the afternoon. First up, Gal managed to double up when his pocket jacks stayed ahead of Drobyna’s [ah][kh]. The latter didn’t have to wait long before he came back for those chips though. The two players took a [qc][qd][5d] flop where some chips went in before the rest went in on the [4h] turn. Gal opened [kc][qh] but was crushed by his Ukranian opponent’s [ac][qs]. Gal was left with 5,000 and busted soon after.

Zoltan Gal

Those who joined them on the rail today included: Volker Karras, Sergej Barbarez, Stefan Kolosov, Abbas Saroughiye, Dimitrij Shteynfaer, Oliver Baude, Karsten Wolff, Krzysztof Kubejko, Wilhelm Klahn, Olga Yakovenko, Andre Siebert, Julian Märgner, Michael Ehrke, Pascal Scheipenpeter, Roman Glöck, Johann Roesnick, Benjamin Bauer, Antonio Karman and Ali Ayboz.

The final flight will take place tomorrow from 1pm CET. It promises to be the busiest and most stacked day seen so far so make sure you join us back here then.

Also, congratulations to Tobias Peters who was crowned the High Roller champion today. Read all about how he won in our report, here.

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Eureka5 Hamburg High Roller: Peters shows class to win title & €37,548

The €2,200 High Roller two-day event was halted at 3:30am CET yesterday with five players remaining and all were asked to return today to continue it from 4pm. It was hoped that it would be wrapped up in a couple of hours but it ended up taking another 5.5 hours and 120 hands to complete.

Tobias Peters, the overnight chip leader, defeated Timo Schneider heads-up to claim the title and first-place prize of €37,548.

Tobias Peters - winner!

When the players returned today the stacks were:

Tobias Peters - 838,000
Steven Abbey - 553,000
Fabian Petersen - 308,000
Ali Sameeian - 179,000
Timo Schneider - 147,000

Ali Sameeian - 5th place

For the first 40 hands of play the short stacks just seemed to trade chips, each hoping one of the others would go first. Eventually something had to give and on hand 41, with the big blind at 20,000, Ali Sameeian moved all in for 121,000 from the button with [kh][2s]. Timo Schneider made the call from the small blind with [as][tc] and the board ran [jc][7s][4s][qh][3d].

It only took another seven hands before the next exit. Fabian Petersen, who survived longs periods as the short stack on the bubble yesterday, moved his short stack all in from under the gun and was called by Steven Abbey on the button.

Petersen: [qc][ts]
Abbey: [as][ac]

Fabian Petersen - 4th place

The board ran [5h][kc][4c][2h][kh] to send Petersen on his way. He said it was a, “Good result” considering the predicament he was in yesterday. Abbey tripled-up with aces post-bubble yesterday and today they helped his secure a top-three spot.

The three remaining players decided to pause the clock and look the numbers. They came to ICM deal and left €6,000 to play for; €2,000 extra for the runner-up and €4,000 for the winner. They were guaranteed:

Peters €33,548
Schneider €27,419
Abbey €27,073

Thomas Lamatsch deal making with the final three players

Three-handed play was a real ding-dong battle with chips passing between the players. Peters was best at keeping out of trouble, securing his chip lead as the other two traded blows.

Schneider was the first player to put himself at risk. With the big blind at 24,000, he raised to 48,000 with [7h][7s] from the button before Abbey three-bet to 200,000 with [ah][kh] from the big blind. Schneider shoved for 403,000 and Abbey called. The board ran a Schneider-flavoured [th][7c][5d][8d][ad] to make him a set.

Abbey managed to double back up with [ah][ks] versus the [as][5c] of Peters, but was crippled soon after when the biggest pot of the tournament played out between himself and Schneider. The two took to a [4h][5h][7d] flop before the chips went in.

Schneider: [qh][jh] for overs and a flush draw.
Abbey: [9h][6s] for an opened-ended straight draw.

The board ran out [ad][7c] meaning the near million-chip pot went the way of Schneider who held just queen high!

Steven Abbey - 3rd place

Abbey only had just over four big blinds when he shoved from the button with [kd][4c]. Peters didn’t like it but called with [9s][7d] and hit on the [th][qd][5s][6c][7s] board.

Schneider had a slight advantage as the two remaining players entered their heads battle and for the first 20 hands, Schneider had the best of it and moved clear until a decisive hand gave Peters the initiative back.

Let heads up battle commence

He limped in for 30,000 and called after Schneider raised to 75,000 from the big blind. The flop fanned [2d][tc][8d] and Peters led out for 87,000. Call. On the [3h] turn, Peters jammed for his last 395,000 and after a few minutes Schneider called with [ah][kd]. Peters opened [qh][8s] and improved to trips on the [8c] river.

It was the boost that Peters needed as he went on a bit of a tear from then on and opened up a good lead before the final hand played out. He raised min raised to 80,000 and called after Schneider three-bet all in for around 500,000.

Peters: [ac][7d]
Schneider: [ah][4c]

The flop fell [qh][7h][3h] to give Peters a pair but it also offered flush out for his opponent. It wasn’t to be for Schneider though as the [ks][qd] turn and river handed the title to Peters.

Timo Schneider - 2nd place

Here’s a reminder of how much every got paid:

No Name Country Payout
1 Tobias Peters Netherlands € 37;548,00
2 Timo Schneider Germany € 29;419,00
3 Steven Abbey Germany € 27;073,00
4 Fabian Petersen Germany € 15;480,00
5 Ali Sameeian Germany € 12;260,00
6 Rudolf Koster Germany € 9;590,00
7 Milan Rabsz Poland € 7;540,00
8 Sven Reichardt Germany € 5;890,00
9 Rudolf Faininger Germany € 4;480,00
10 Max Kruse Germany € 3;930,00
11 Viktor Waal Germany € 3;930,00
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Eureka5 Hamburg Main Event: Welcome to Day 1C

Once more, welcome back to the Spielbank Schenefeld Casino where the Eureka5 Hamburg Main Event resumes with the third of four starting flights after a two-day hiatus. The cap for today’s field is a hard 200 and the day is close to being a sell out and most probably will be by the time registration closes at the end of level 6.

A casino in a shopping centre

The first two flights attracted a combined 214 players and the top-5 counts from those days are:

1. Kadir Uzunoglu, Turkey - 253,100
2. Markus Wirt, Germany, PokerStars qualifier - 218,700
3. Imad Fakhro, Germany - 206,600
4. Nick Krasniqi, Germany - 168,000
5. Elias Piloti, Germany - 166,600

Notable players in today’s field include ESPT4 Barcelona champ Sönke Jahn; Jamila Von Perger, Martin Mulsow, Peter Jelinek, EPT10 Grand Final 3rd-place finisher Malte Moennig; Eureka4 Vienna champ Zoltan Gal and EPT6 Snowfest champ Allan Bække.

Allan Baekke in the High Roller

The €2,200 High Roller Event tried to take place during the break from the Main Event. We say tried as it’s still going on. Play was suspended at 3:30am CET with five players still in the hunt for the €43,210 top prize. The following players will be back at 4pm CET where they’ll play down to a winner:

Tobias Peters - 838,000
Steven Abbey - 553,000
Fabian Petersen - 308,000
Ali Sameeian - 179,000
Timo Schneider - 147,000

Final 9 of the High Roller

Cards were in the air just after 1pm CET. Stay tuned to the blog for major talking points from the Main Event and a report from the concluding stages of the High Roller.

Eureka Hamburg Key Facts:
- Players begin with 25,000 chips (an increase from Season 4’s 20,000)
- Blinds start at 25/50
- Twelve 45-minute levels make up Day 1C
- Day 1C is a sell 200-player out

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Eureka5 Hamburg High Roller Day 2: Peters leads final 5 into Day 3

One-hour levels and (tried) playing to a winner today
Players: 5 of 81 remain
11 places paid with €43,210 up top

Payouts so far:

6 Rudolf Köster (Germany) - €9,590
7 Milan Rabsz (Poland) - €7,540
8 Sven Reichart (Germany) - €5,890
9 Rudolf Faininger (Germany) - €4,448
10th Max Kruse (Germany) - €3,930
11th Viktor Waal (Germany) - €3,930

The €2,200 High Roller players tried to play down to a winner today but at 3:20am CET - at the end of level 20 - the towel was thrown in. The remaining five players will return to the Spielbank Schenefeld Casino tomorrow and play on until a winner is finally crowned.

Tobias Peters in control

Tobias Peters put on a masterclass today and, as clear chip leader, will take some stopping tomorrow. Here’s how they ended up:

Tobias Peters - 838,000
Steven Abbey - 553,000
Fabian Petersen - 308,000
Ali Sameeian - 179,000
Timo Schneider - 147,000

Viktor Waal was the first player to bust in the money and he wouldn’t have been that disappointed after surviving a long period of the bubble period as the short stack including the survival of an all in.

Ali Sameeian raised to 12,000 before Waal moved all in for 76,000. Fabian Petersen was sat behind with 31,000 and called all in with pocket queens. Sameeian called with ace-jack and saw that he had Waal and his ace-ten dominated. The board ran blank and Waal hit the rail as Petersen tripled up.

Viktor Waal - 11th

Professional footballer Max Kruse has a flight out tomorrow so was keen to get things finished tonight. The tournament carried might have carried on but Kruse was finished after he busted to Schneider. The latter opened with pocket sevens and called after Kruse shoved for 48,000 with [qh][jc]. The board came [6s][kd][ah][4h][6s].

Max Kruse - 10th

Both Sameeian and Kruse took home €3,930 for their efforts.

The final nine players were redrawn (for the last time) onto one table. Here’s that seat draw:

The final 9

Seat 1: Rudolf Köster
Seat 2: Milan Rabsz
Seat 3: Steven Abbey
Seat 4: Rudolf Faininger
Seat 5: Ali Sameeian
Seat 6: Sven Reichardt
Seat 7: Timo Schneider
Seat 8: Tobias Peters
Seat 9: Fabian Petersen

Rudolf Faininger was the first player to bust from the one-table affair to leave all others as members of the official final table. He was under the gun when he moved all in for 87,000. The action folded around to Milan Rabsz in the small blind who called before Steven Abbey called all in from the big blind.

Faininger: [kc][qh]
Rabz: [8s][8c]
Abbey: [ad][ac]

The board ran [4h][9c][5h][jc][6h] to triple up a happy Abbey. Rabz took a small side pot and Faininger took home €4,448.

Rudolf Faininger - 9th

Abbey’s good form continued as the end of level 18 came around. Most of his tablemates had gone on break as he moved all in for 148,000 after Milan Rabsz had limped in from the button. Rabsz tanked for several minutes before he called off his 142,000-sack with [6s][6h]. Abbey opened [ac][ks] and the board ran [td][qd][2s][qh][kh] to make him two pair. Rabsz looked disappointed but the €7,540 he won for 7th will ease the pain.

Milan Rabz - 7th

Level 19 started with the final six chipped up as follows:

Seat 1: Rudolf Köster - 335.000
Seat 3: Steven Abbey - 310.000
Seat 5: Ali Sameeian - 250.000
Seat 7: Timo Schneider - 420.000
Seat 8: Tobias Peters - 600.000
Seat 9: Fabian Petersen - 95.000

The whole of level 19 passed without an elimination but once the action rolled into level 20 the tournament was shrunk to a five-way affair.

Fabian Petersen raised to 25,000 from the button before Rudolf Koster moved al in for 163,000 from the small blind. Abbey was in the big blind and he moved all in which was enough to force a fold from Petersen. It was domination nation as Abbey’s [ah][kd] was ahead of Koster’s [as][qc] and stayed that way through the [9s][ad][kc][9d][8h] board. Koster was led off to the payout desk to receive his €9,590 for finishing 6th.

Rudolf Koster - 6th

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Eureka5 Hamburg High Roller Day 2: Keresbom busts after marathon bubble

Level 14: 1,500-3,000/400
Level 15: 2,000-4,000/500
Level 16: 2,500-5,000/500
Level 17: 3,000/6,000/1,000
One-hour levels and playing to a winner today
Players: 11 of 81 remain
11 places paid with €43,210 up top

To nip any potential tanking in the bag, Tournament Director Thomas Lamatch decided to implement hand for hand play when there were 13 players left, two from the money. It didn’t really seem to make that much difference as one table seemed to take much longer to play every hand than the other.

After a while of toing-and-froing, the actual bubble was reached after the elimination of the last lady in the field, Irina Petrova. She made a move with a draw and it didn’t end well for her.

Irina Petrove shortly before busting

With the big blind at 3,000, Tobias Peters opened to 6,000 and Petrova defended here big blind to see a [4s][kh][5h] flop come down. She checked to Peters who continued for 6,400 before taking a big breath and announcing she was all in. The check-raise was for 66,500. Peters took and moment and made the call.

Their cards weren’t flipped as the other table was still paying a hand and that gave the two players a chance to converse. “Do you have anything?” asked Peters.

“I have nothing, do you have anything?” responded Petrova.

“Not yet!” came back Peters.

“Oh, you have a flush draw then!” answered Petrova. “I really have nothing though!”

The hand on the other table ended without incident and the cards were flipped up.

Petrova: [6c][3c] for an open-ended straight draw.
Peters: [7h][8h] for a flush and straight draw.

Petrova was in a pickle and was confirmed out after the board ran out [5d][6d] to hand the Dutchman a straight.

No more big hands played out before the level ended and the players went on a 45-minute dinner break. Hand for hand play resumed when they returned and it wasn’t too long before the player most at risk, Viktor Waal, was all in in a bad spot.

He was in the big blind with 75,300 and three-bet them all after Milan Rabsz opened to 10,500 from the small blind, with the big blind now at 4,000. Call.

Rabz: [8s][8h]
Waal: [ac][8c]

Waal let out a noise similar in sound to his surname but his displeasure was short lived as the board ran [5h][4c][6c][9c][ah] to make him a flush.

Max Kruse was the second shortest stack left of the players when he made a move that would score him a much-needed double up. Timo Schneider, who had played fairly snug on the bubble due to having the pesky big-stacked Peters on his direct left, raised to 13,800 from the hijack. Kruse was in the small blind and moved all in. Call.

Kruse: [qs][qc]
Schneider: [ah][jc]

An expectant crowd gathered as the board rolled out as [4s][9h][6h][7d][ks]. The bubble continued.

Max Kruse (sat right)

Level 16 came to an end and still no sign of the bubble bursting. Three hours of play had passed and the tournament had seen one elimination and two double ups in that time, with little else to report about. Fears were starting to spread that the tournament might have to go into a third day. The state of play as level 17 started was:

Name Country Chips
Tobias Peters Netherlands 430,000
Milan Rabsz Poland 300,000
Rudolf Faininger Germany 250,000
Ali Sameeian Germany 240,000
Rudolf Koster Germany 159,000
Timo Schneider Germany 125,000
Steven Abbey Germany 120,000
Mustafa Kersebom Germany 107,000
Max Kruse Germany 84,000
Sven Reichardt Germany 80,000
Viktor Waal Germany 80,000
Fabian Petersen Germany 50,000

It took 30 minutes of level 17 before the deadlock was finally broken and the unlucky bubble boys after hours in limbo, was Mustafa Kersebom.

He and Schneider played out a hand moments before where the latter three-bet him off hand. Keresbom opened to 12,000 from under the gun but tank-folded when Schneider three-bet to 36,000 from the cutoff.

Mustafa Kersebom - the unlucky bubble boy

Two hands later, Keresbom was in the small blind and three-bet all in for 68,000 after Schneider had opened to 12,000 from under the gun. Call.

Keresbom: [ah][ac]
Schneider: [th][ts]

The board ran [7c][tc][9h][2s][7d] to make Schneider a full house. An unlucky Keresbom stormed off pretty quickly. Not a nice way to bubble a high roller tournament. Expect a flurry of eliminations now as the remaining players head to a final table and beyond.

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Eureka5 Hamburg High Roller Day 2: Peters in the action as the bubble looms

Level 12: 1,000-2,000/200
Level 13: 1,200-2,400/300
One-hour levels and playing to a winner today
Players: 13 of 81 remain
11 places paid with €43,210 up top

Some players get a rush of cards so will naturally have high VPIP statistics. Others will be high because they love to be in the action. Tobias Peters probably lies somewhere in the middle but he certainly got his fair share of cards in the third and fourth level of the day, two levels where he seemed to be in every pot.

The Dutchman has had his fair share of luck on rivers today. He won a big one off Mustafa Kersebom in the second level of the day when he made a straight on the river, and in the third level he made a bigger set on the river versus Goswin Siemsen to rise to 270,000.

The two players checked a [4d][7c][2s] flop before Peters (big blind) led out on the [js] turn and called when raised to 13,000 by Siemsen (cutoff). The board completed with the [qc] and Siemsen bet 20,000 and called when Peters check-raised to 52,000. The Dutchman opened [qh][qs] beating out Siemsen’s [7h][7c].

Eureka5_Hamburg_HR_Tobias Peters.jpg

Tobias Peters

“Bad run out!” commented a sympathetic Peters. “Still, you just called on the river” he continued in an impressed tone. Siemsen smiled and studied his stack that had dropped to 38,000. Peters finished off Siemsen in the next level when he called his shove with pocket threes whilst holding ace-ten. An ace flopped to send the unlucky Siemsen to the rail.

Peters then turned his attention to overnight chip leader, Abbas Pahlewani. The two played out a couple of amusing pots. Pahlewani won them both but honours were even between the two.

In the first encounter, Peters had three-bet a 4,000 open up to 9,600 before Pahlewani cold four-bet all in for 86,900. “That’s a big bet!” commented Peters. “Will you show if I do?”

Peters then open-folded ace-queen and was shown ace-jack by Pahlewani. The table erupted in laughter as Peters held his mouth open.

Eureka5_Hamburg_HR_Abbas Pahlevani.jpg

Abbas Pahlewani

Not long after that the two players were heads-up to the turn of a [6c][ts][3d][2s] board. Peters led out for 12,400 before he foe raised to 36,500. “Can I keep folding to you? That is the question.”

The answer was yes and he open folded [ad][tc] and was shown [4d][5d] by Pahlewani for a turned straight.

A crowd gathered around the next time a hand grew from the same table, and it was a big one, worth just under 200,000.

Irina Petrova opened to 5,000 before Pahlewani three-bet to 12,000. Ali Sameeian called the raise but Peters had other ideas and raised to 43,700. Petrova moved out of the way but Pahlewani called. Sameeian had 69,600 and in they went before Peters shoved. Pahlewani - who failed to survive until the break - open folded ace-king and left the other two it.

High Roller day 2 Eureka Poker Tour 5 Hamburg Tomas Stacha_13STA_8068.jpg

Sameeian gets the better of Peters

Sameeian: [js][jc]
Peters: [ad][kd]

Sameeian was in good shape after seeing Pahlewani’s hand and the [td][2h][7h][8c][7c] board proved that.

The redraw with two tables remaining:

Name Country Table Seat
Steven Abbey Germany 1 1
Fabian Petersen Germany 1 2
Ali Sameeian Germany 1 3
Sven Reichardt Germany 1 4
Milan Rabsz Poland 1 5
Jesper Feddersen Germany 1 6
Mustafa Kersebom Germany 1 7
Viktor Waal Germany 1 8
Abbas Pahlewani Germany 2 1
Timo Schneider Germany 2 2
Tobias Peters Netherlands 2 3
Rudolf Koster Germany 2 4
Max Kruse Germany 2 5
Irina Petrova Russia 2 6
Rudolf Faininger Germany 2 7
Sebahattin Degermenci Germany 2 8

Some of those we have loved: Jesper Feddersen, Abbas Pahlewani, Forian Lehman, Cedric Jost, Wolfgang Warny, Goswin Siemsen and Stevo Marjanovic.
Chip counts for the final 13:

Name Country Chips
Tobias Peters Netherlands 280000
Timo Schneider Germany 230000
Ali Sameeian Germany 215000
Rudolf Faininger Germany 195000
Steven Abbey Germany 182000
Mustafa Kersebom Germany 180000
Fabian Petersen Germany 145000
Rudolf Koster Germany 125000
Milan Rabsz Poland 122500
Sven Reichardt Germany 114000
Max Kruse Germany 110000
Irina Petrova Russia 75000
Viktor Waal Germany 65000
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Eureka5 Hamburg High Roller Day 2: Schneider leads as EPT champs fall

Level 10: 600-1,200/200
Level 11: 800-1,600/200
One-hour levels and playing to a winner today
Players: 21 of 81 remain
11 places paid with €43,210 up top

The first two levels of the day were played at a frantic pace with more than half the field (22 from 43 starters) falling before the first break.

One of the shortest stacks - Peter Fritsche with 10,600 - was the first to depart. With the big blind at 1,200, he moved all in with king-jack and was called by Abdelkader Benhalima who held ace-queen. The board ran queen high and he made a quiet exit.

Yulius Sepman followed minutes later and then it was the turn of Pieter de Korver to go. One of two remaining EPT champs in the field (the other being Allan Baekke), De Korver was unlucky in a battle of the blinds. He raised with [as][js] and called all in for 14,000 after Milan Rabsz set him all in from the blinds holding [ad][qs]. The board ran [7h][8c][kh][5d][qd].

Jan-Peter Jachtmann

Jan-Peter Jachtmann entered Day 2 with 45,800. Well, when we say entered, we mean his stack because Jachtmann turned up halfway into the first level of the day so his stack had shrunk a bit by then. It had decreased at lot more - down to 10,600 - when he moved all in from the button. Rudolf Faininger was in the small blind and moved all in as well to isolate.

Faininger: [tc][td]
Jachtmann: [6d][6c]

The board ran [7h][8c][3h][7s][9c].

Olga Iermolcheva busted her second tournament of the festival (she also busted the Main Event). She three-bet all in for 35,300 after Martin Guth had raised 3,600. Timo Schneider was sat behind and his cold call was enough to scare off Guth. Iermolcheva’s [as][jh] was dominated by her opponent’s [ac][kc] and she was offered no help on the board.

Olga Iermolcheva

The most exciting action from the first two levels of the day came from Table 1. Mustafa Kersebom took over the chip lead of the tournament (at the time) after he made a full house with [4h][4c] on a [9d][4d][ac][5d][9c] board. Abdelkader Benhalima had made trips on the river with [ts][9s] and set Kersebom all in, only to see the bad news after he was called.

Kersebom doubled to 170,000 in that hand and built on that stack - moving well past 200k - before he lost a big pot to Tobias Peters. The two had made it to the river of a [5c][9d][qs][2h][tc] board with 13,500 in the middle. Kersebom led out for 17,000 from the small blind and faced a raise to 48,600 from Peters. He called and his Dutch opponent opened [kd][jh] for a straight, good to see his stack rise to 210,000.

Not long before, Peters had knocked out the talented Lasse Frost. He opened with pocket eights and called after Frost three-bet all in for 14,000 with pocket sevens. No change on the board and Frost was gone.

Allan Baekke was at at the same table until a re-draw took place when 24 players remaining. He moved to his new table and promptly busted. The Dane got tangled in a cooler but was relatively short at the time. His ace-king failed to overcome the pocket kings of Steven Abbey and the pocket queens of Martin Guth.

Allan Baekke

Other players who fell during the first two levels included: Oliver Dopp, Ulrich Pauls, Nikolaus Teichert, Mikhail Molchanov, Mike Debler, Yulius Sepman, Reinhard Nack, Varahram Vardjavand and Denys Drobyna.

Full counts from the break:

Name Country Chips
Timo Schneider Germany 220,000
Mustafa Kersebom Germany 215,000
Tobias Peters Netherlands 210,000
Goswin Siemsen Germany 130,000
Rudolf Faininger Germany 125,000
Stevo Marjanovic Germany 110,000
Steven Abbey Germany 105,000
Ali Sameeian Germany 95,400
Jesper Feddersen Germany 95,000
Viktor Waal Germany 94,100
Max Kruse Germany 90,000
Abbas Pahlewani Germany 90,000
Florian Lehmann Germany 81,900
Sebahattin Degermenci Germany 73,000
Sven Reichardt Germany 72,800
Milan Rabsz Poland 45,200
Martin Guth Germany 40,000
Fabian Petersen Germany 39,300
Wolfgang Warny Germany 23,600
Irina Petrova Russia 20,300
Rudolf Koster Germany 20,000
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Eureka5 Hamburg High Roller Day 2: €43,210 up top with 41 still in hunt

Welcome back to the Spielbank Schenefeld Casino for Day 2 of the Eureka5 Hamburg High Roller Event. The €2,200 buy in tournament attracted an impressive 81 players yesterday to set the record this tournament at a standalone event (not attached to an EPT festival).

The remaining 41 players will take their seats at 2pm CET where they’ll attempt to play down to a winner today. Abbas Pahlewani enjoyed the best of it yesterday and bagged up 122,000 chips. Many of those came after he flopped the nut straight in a hand versus Niko Koop who had flopped bottom set. At the other end of the scale, you ‘ll find soon-to-be Wolfsburg FC player Max Kruse. The (reported) €12million attacker will need to show some poker skills today to build his 16,300 stack back up.

Max Kruse

Four EPT winners entered yesterday and two of them remain, in the shapes of Pieter De Korver and Allan Baekke. De Korver had a swingy day and ended on 20,300 whereas Baekke seemed to build steadily and finished on 53,800. Thang Duc Nguyen and Moritz Kranich never really got anything going yesterday and failed to make the latter stages.

Registration closed after six levels on Day 1 with a €157,140 prize pool built and will be divided as follows:

No Payout
1 €43,210
2 €30,720
3 €20,110
4 €15,480
5 €12,260
6 €9,590
7 €7,540
8 €5,890
9 €4,480
10 €3,930
11 €3,930

Day 2 Seat Draw:

Name Country Chips Table Seat
Abbas Pahlewani Germany 122,000 1 1
Tobias Peters Netherlands 99,700 1 2
Lasse Frost Denmark 20,200 1 3
Allan Baekke Denmark 53,800 1 4
Jusef Pahlewani-Sarughieh Germany 40,100 1 5
Mikhail Molchanov Russia 55,500 1 6
Varahram Vardjavand Germany 21,200 1 7
Martin Guth Germany 77,000 2 1
Olga Iermolcheva Ukraine 27,500 2 2
Timo Schneider Germany 103,700 2 3
Florian Lehmann Germany 100,100 2 4
Ali Sameeian Germany 78,500 2 5
Steven Abbey Germany 33,000 2 6
Reinhard Nack Germany 33,200 2 7
Nikolaus Teichert Germany 33,600 3 1
Jesper Feddersen Germany 48,000 3 2
Yulius Sepman Russia 6,700 3 3
Stefan Husemann Germany 42,500 3 4
Fabian Petersen Germany 11,900 3 5
Sven Reichardt Germany 84,200 3 6
Stevo Marjanovic Germany 23,200 3 7
Ulrich Pauls Germany 21,100 4 1
Goswin Siemsen Germany 112,200 4 2
Nick Krasniqi Germany 33,000 4 3
Jan-Peter Jachtmann Germany 45,800 4 4
Dragan Simeunovic Serbia 19,400 4 5
Max Kruse Germany 16,300 4 6
Sebahattin Degermenci Germany 111,700 4 7
Rudolf Koster Germany 18,300 5 1
Peter Fritsche Germany 10,600 5 2
Oliver Phillip Dopp Germany 24,200 5 3
Abdelkader Benhalima France 74,000 5 4
Cedric Jost Germany 34,500 5 5
Denys Drobyna Ukraine 31,600 5 6
Herrmann Behrens Germany 21,100 5 7
Mustafa Kersebom Germany 85,700 6 1
Rudolf Faininger Germany 39,800 6 2
Irina Petrova Russia 33,100 6 3
Wolfgang Warny Germany 21,600 6 4
Pieter De Korver Netherlands 20,300 6 5
Milan Rabsz Poland 48,300 6 6

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Eureka5 Hamburg High Roller: Pahlewani leads final 43

By the end of level six (when registration closed), the Eureka High Roller event attracted a very impressive 81 players. After nine 40-minute levels, 43 remained with Abbas Pahlewani topping the field heading in to Day 2.

He amassed 122,000 by the end with many of those chips coming after he doubled up in a big pot versus Niko Koop. The latter flopped a set of eights on a [8][J][Q] flop but Pahlewani held ten-nine for straight. The chips went in on the turn and Koop couldn’t fill up on the river and departed soon after.

Abbas Pahlewani

Saroughiye heads a top five that looks like:

Abbas Saroughiye, Germany - 122,000
Goswin Siemsen, Germany - 112,200
Sebahattin Degermenci, Germany - 111,700
Timo Schneider, Germany - 103,700
Florian Lehmann, Germany -100,100
(Full counts at the bottom)

The 81 players helped create a €157,140 prize pool, with €43,210 of that going to the luck winner. The last 11 will make the money and it will be split as follows:

No Payout
1 € 43,210
2 € 30,720
3 € 20,110
4 € 15,480
5 € 12,260
6 € 9,590
7 € 7,540
8 € 5,890
9 € 4,480
10 € 3,930
11 € 3,930

Level seven was very kind to Lasse Frost as he went from 6,300 up to around 24,000 over the course of two hands. First, he doubled up via Dragan Simeunovic. He three-bet all in with [8h][8d] for 6,300 after Simeunovic had opened with [ad][qh]. He called but couldn’t connect with the [9c][2c][jh][kh][4d] board.

A short while after he was sat in the small blind and called a Moritz Kranich cutoff raise to 1,250 along with the big blind. The flop came [4h][2h][3h] and all three checked to the [8s] turn where Lasse led out for 2,000. Kranich was the only caller and he called another 3,600 on the [ad] river. Lasse opened [as][5s] and Kranich mucked to drop to around 14,000.

Kranich never got above starting stack today

Kranich said later that he had turned a set of eights and another pocket pair cost him his tournament life soon after. His threes failed to stay ahead of Niko Koop’s [as][4s] after an all in preflop showdown.

Von Halle’s exit also came at the hands of Koop a while before the above. The two players were heads up to a [ks][tc][2s] flop where the chips went in, with the former at risk. He opened a drawing [qc][js], behind to Koops’ [ac][kc]. The board ran out [3h][7h] to send Von Halle on his way.

Other players who busted during the last three levels included: fomer EPT champ Thang Duc Nguyen; Adriaktik Agalliu, Artem Lobus, Michael Jan Ros, Dennis Wilke, Friedrich Raz, Jens Patzner,

Just like the Main Event, no luck for Nguyen

One player who’s made his second Day 2 of the festival is Tobias Peters, who finished with 99,700. A lot of those chips came in a cooler of a pot versus Baekke and Amir Mozaffarian. Baekke opened (ace-jack he said after the hand), Mozaffarian three-bet and Peters cold four-bet. Baekke folded to leave Mozaffarian to five-bet and call all in when Peters six-bet shoved holding holding queens. Mozaffarian opened aces but a queen flopped and that was that for the German player. Baekke made Day 2 as well though with a healthy 53,900.

Whoever wins tomorrow will feel lie this guy

End of day chip counts:

Name Country Chips
Abbas Saroughiye Germany 122,000
Goswin Siemsen Germany 112,200
Sebahattin Degermenci Germany 111,700
Timo Schneider Germany 103,700
Florian Lehmann Germany 100,100
Tobias Peters Netherlands 99,700
Mustafa Kersebom Germany 85,700
Sven Reichardt Germany 84,200
Ali Sameeian Germany 78,500
Martin Guth Germany 77,000
Abdelkader Benhalima France 74,000
Viktor Waal Germany 61,000
Mikhail Molchanov Russia 55,500
Allan Baekke Denmark 53,800
Milan Rabsz Poland 48,300
Jesper Feddersen Germany 48,000
Jan-Peter Jachtmann Germany 45,800
Stefan Husemann Germany 42,500
Jusef Pahlewani-Sarughieh Germany 40,100
Rudolf Faininger Germany 39,800
Cedric Jost Germany 34,500
Nikolaus Teichert Germany 33,600
Reinhard Nack Germany 33,200
Irina Petrova Russia 33,100
Nick Krasniqi Germany 33,000
Steven Abbey Germany 33,000
Denys Drobyna Ukraine 31,600
Olga Iermolcheva Ukraine 27,500
Mike Debler Germany 26,500
Oliver Phillip Dopp Germany 24,200
Stevo Marjanovic Germany 23,200
Wolfgang Warny Germany 21,600
Varahram Vardjavand Germany 21,200
Herrmann Behrens Germany 21,100
Ulrich Pauls Germany 21,100
Pieter De Korver Netherlands 20,300
Lasse Frost Denmark 20,200
Dragan Simeunovic Serbia 19,400
Rudolf Koster Germany 18,300
Max Kruse Germany 16,300
Fabian Petersen Germany 11,900
Peter Fritsche Germany 10,600
Yulius Sepman Russia 6,700
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Eureka5 Hamburg High Roller Day 1: 77 in, Baekke amongst leaders

The €2,200 High Roller has made it to halfway through level 6 with 80 players registered, meaning it has already smashed the standalone Eureka High Roller record, set at 39 in Season 4’s Rozvadov leg. It’s good to be in Germany!

Three players (Johann Roesnick, Vincent Wagner and Claudio Celenza) have already departed to leave the other 77 to do battle over the baize.

Former EPT Deuville champ, Moritz Kranich

A fourth EPT champion took his seat late into proceedings. Moritz Kranich is in 14th position on Germany’s stacked all-time money list with just under $3million in winnings. Most of that haul came from taking down EPT5 Deauville for €851,400, a result he built on in future years, adding a WPT title and a third-place finish in the 2011 WSOPE Main Event.

Kranich was sat alongside two other former champs, in the shape of Thang Duc Nguyen and Pieter de Korver. The latter took a pot off Nguyen in the third level of the day when the big blind was at 150.

Former EPT Grand Final champ, Pieter de Korver

Nguyen raised to 350 and was called in three spots en route to a [3c][4h][9h] flop where he continued for 700. Only De Korver (small blind) check-called to the [ad] turn where he called another 1,100. Nguyen checked behind on the [jc] river and folded when De Korver opened [ac][qd].

The Dutchman moved up to 40,000 in level five but was hoping to get more out of his flopped full house. He was heads up to the turn of a [3c][3h][9h][4h] board and check-raised his opponent’s 4,000 raise up to 9,000. While his opponent was thinking, De Koever sat there motionless with his mouth hanging open al a Phil Ivey. Eventually his opponent folded and he reshaped his face into a look of frustration, flashed [9c][9d] and gave them to the dealer.

Former EPT Snowfest champ, Allan Baekke

Moments later, on an adjacent table, Allan Baekke was raising his way to a 50,000-stack. The action was four-way to a [9d][8h][8c] flop and Baekke was the only caller after the preflop aggressor continued for 1,400. When the Dane faced a 3,000 bet on the [3s] turn, he raised to 7,300 and forced a fold from his opponent.

Max Kruse, soon to be off to Wolfsburg FC, had to handle another transfer here after he was moved tables for balancing purposes. He did manage to make quads before he left though.

With the big blind at 150, Jens Patzner made a raise and picked up four callers. The flop came [7h][jd][7s] and the big-blinded Martin Guth led out for 375. Patzner folded but Minh Pham (cutoff) raised to 2,000. Steven Abbey (button) folded to leave Krus as the only caller after Guth folded. Both players checked the [7c] turn before Pham folded to Krus’ 3,800 bet on the [3h] river and was shown the [7d] by the football star.

Chip Counts:
Amir Mozaffarian - 60,000
Jan-Peter Jachtmann - 56,000
Toni Vardjavand - 47,000
Allan Baekke - 50,000
Ali Sameeian - 38.00
Martin Guth - 34,000
Jesper Feddersen - 33,000
Pieter de Korver - 40,000
Steophan Klam - 29,000
Max Kruse - 28,000
Denys Drobyna - 28,000
Sven Reichardt - 23,000
Lasse Frost - 22,000
Thang Duc Nguyen - 21,000
Moritz Kranich - 21,000
Nikolaus Teichert - 21,000
Tobias Peters - 18,000
Niko Koop - 17,000
Martin Mulsow - 17,000
Sebastian Lang Rock - 16,000
Jan von Halle - 13,000
Olga Iermolcheva - 12,000
Gregor Derkowski - 5,000

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Eureka5 Hamburg High Roller Day 1: High quality field in attendance

It’s High Roller day on the Eureka Poker Tour with the start of €2,200 buy-in two-day event. The Main Event is on a break and will be back on Wednesday for Day 1C. SCOOP has finished for most players so this high buy in event offers the chance for players to continue to play some top level poker.

Cards were in the air from 7pm CET for the first of nine scheduled 40-minute levels that’ll take Day 1 through to a finish time of around 1:30am. They’ll be a 15-minute break after every three levels.

Sixty-two players have already taken their seats and players spotted so far include Jan von Halle, Pieter De-Korver, Lasse Frost, Denys Drobyna, Grzegorz Derkowski, Allan Baekke, Sven Reichardt, Thang Duc Nguyen, Martin Mulsow, Olga Iermolcheva and Tobias Peters.

Also in the field are last night’s live satellite winners: Vincent Wagner, Sascha Niese, Peter Fritsche, Viktor Waal, Adriatik Agalliu, Matthias Rauscher, Andrey Dimitrov, Stefan Husemann, and Hussein Ataya.

Olga Iermolchva in the Main Event

There’s also a turbo satellite - that’s generated eight seats - still running so they’ll be added to the field in due course.

We’re also lucky enough to welcome one former one and one present professional footballer. Sergej Barbarez is a Bosnian former professional footballer who played for many Bundesliga clubs, including Hamburg SV, where he’s considered a club legend. The other is Max Kruse, who currently plays for Borussia Mönchengladbach, but will move to high-flying Wolfsburg this summer.

Eureka5_Hamburg_HR_Max Kruse.jpg

Football star Max Kruse

Three of the above mentioned players are former EPT champions. Duc Nguyen, as mentioned in the Main Event coverage, won EPT3 Baden back in 2006 for €487,397. Fast-forward two-and-a-half years and it was more fairy tale stuff when De Korver played the EPT5 Grand Final after winning a poker reality show on Dutch TV. He only went and won the thing for €2,300,000, the biggest first-place EPT prize ever given out on European soil.

One more year on and it was Baekke’s turn, at EPT6 Snowfest. The popular Dane took down the title and €445,000. Baekke told the PokerStars Blog that, being a father of six now, he prefers to stay at home in Denmark and concentrate on playing online. He’s having a great 2015 too as he’s in second-place on the PokerStars Yearly Leader Board thanks to several out-right wins playing under “Sifosis” and a third-pace finish in the Sunday Million three weeks ago.

Spielbank Schenefeld Casino

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Eureka5 Hamburg Day 1B: Fakhro tops 200k to lead Day 1B survivors

The Eureka5 Hamburg Main Event is halfway through Day 1, or halfway through its Day 1s would be more accurate. Two of the four starting flights are in the bag and the Main Event will now be on a two-day break - to allow the €2,200 two-day High Roller play out - before Days 1C and D play out on Wednesday and Thursday.

Chip leader, Imad Fakhro

Yesterday saw 103 players participate and that number was bettered by eight today as 111 players had registered by the time registration closed after level 6. Again, 12 45-minute levels were played out and Imad Fakhro made the most of them. He amassed 206,600 to lead from the likes of Nick Krasniqi (168,000), Elias Piloti (166,600), Thomas Dietl (157,800),
Hanno Offen (148,700) and Robert Gorschewsky (148,400). A total of 35 players made it through to join the 32 that made it through yesterday.

Tobias Peters, Rama Kusnadi, Marco Mattes and Thang Duc Nguyen all played today with mixed results. Peters (65,600) and Mattes (72,500) were the only two of those to make it through.

Tobias Peters

Rama Kusnadi got off to a good start, punishing players who were playing too passively but he fell halfway through the day. Thang Duc Nguyen, the EPT3 Baden champion had a very swingy day before busting in level 10.

He doubled up to 50,000 early on after Andreas Thiele check-raised with second pair only to walk into Nguyen holding the nut straight. Nguyen gladly accepted the gift before he passed it on to Quentin Weber. He miss-click raised ten-times too much with ace-jack before Weber three-bet with ace-queen and then decided to go with the hand and shoved anyway. Weber called, held and went on to lead the filed for a good while before falling back late on. Nguyen temporarily recovered from the ordeal but failed to make Day 2.

No luck on home soil for Nguyen

One of the biggest pots during the latter period of the day played out between Yuh-Ho Choi and Piotr Kulczycki. The two players had contributed towards 44,000 chips making it into the middle before a [kh][6h][th] flop appeared.

Choi was first to act and wasn’t in the mood for messing about as he moved all in for 50,800. Kulczycki went into the tank but ultimately called off his last 42,000.

Choi: [ad][ac]
Kulczycki: [qh][qd]

Choi was ahead but had to fade a heart. The [jc] just added to his worries as Kulczycki picked up an open ended straight draw to go with his flush but it was a case of too many outs as the [8c] completed the board.

There always seems to be a sweat with aces

As mentioned up top, the High Roller tournament takes centre stage tomorrow. Cards will be in the air at 7pm CET and the PokerStars Blog will bring you the major talking points through the mid and late evening. Until then, we leave you with a picture of what the bubble person will win as a consolation prize:

Yeah right!

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Eureka5 Hamburg Day 1B: An orbit with Peters & Mattes

Tobias Peters, from Holland, has had a very busy year so far - accruing many air miles - on a globetrotting poker trip around the world and back again. The popular player has cashed in France, Macau, Malta and Belgium but has also played in the Bahamas, Australia and his own country amongst other destinations.

Travelling man, Tobias Peters

He’s one of the name players in the field today and has shared a table with Marco Mattes post-dinner. Mattes has accrued almost half a million dollars in live tournaments over the years. Most of that was thanks to being the last German standing (23rd) in the 2009 WSOP Main Event, earning $352,832.

With these two sat at the same table, we thought it was worth staying with the table for a full orbit to see what happened.

Hand 1. Ronald Szczerba limped from under the gun before Timo Scarcella raised from the next seat. Szczerba shoved for 14,500 when the action was back on him and was snapped off.

Szczerba: [js][jd]
Scarcella: [as][ah]

The board ran [2d][td][6s][7d][kc] and Szczerba said goodbye to the table.

Hand 2. Mattes raised to 1,400 from mid position and was only called by Valentin Pujol Such on the button. The flop fanned [jd][kc][2c] and Mattes check-folded to a 2,900 bet from his Spanish opponent.

Hand 3. Robert Gorschewsky raised to 1,900 from under the gun and all, including Peters in the big blind, folded.

Hand 4. Another raise and take. Such’s 1,600 raise from first position enough.

Hand 5. Gorschewsky completed from the small blind and Such checked his option in the big blind. Both checked the [9s][7h][2c] flop before Gorschewsky led out for 1,700 on the [3d] turn. Such raised to 3,400 and was called before the [6s] completed the board. Both players checked again and Such’s [ks][6s] was good for the pot.

Hand 6. Jascha Ahmadi raised to 1,700 from mid position and was called by Peters en route to a [5s][ad][3h] flop. He continued for 2,100 and the Dutchman quickly folded.

Hand 7. Mattes raised to 1,625 from second position and called after Ahmadi raised to 3,100 from the next seat. The flop fell [8s][8h][2c] and and Mattes check-folded to a 3,100 bet.

Marco Mattes (left) & Jascha Ahmadi battle

Hand 8. Mattes opened the pot once more to 1,625 and, yet again, Ahmado three-bet him to 3,1000. Mattes called to a [4c][ac][2h] flop where both players checked. Mattes took control from there on in with bets of 3,400 and 8,725 on the [6c][jh] turn and river. Ahmado called the first best but tank folded on the river.

Hand 9 & 10. Two simple raise and takes from mid position players to finish off the orbit.

Peters, especially, was pretty quite that orbit but that might’ve had something to do with what was showing on the iPad on his lap. He had the PokerStars Mobile client open and was grinding SCOOP and other tournaments on, what is, one of the biggest Sunday’s of the year online.

Peters grinding on PokerStars

Peters finished the orbit with around 22,500 and Mattes with 28,000. Both are below average but more that capable of moving up the counts before the end of play.

Quentin Weber - the player who benefitted from Thang Duc Nguyen’s mis-click and all in earlier - had built on his fortune and moved into the chip lead with around 150,000 chips.

Chip leader, Quentin Weber

A few other counts:
Kiri Willner - 120,000
Imad Fakhro - 42,000
Thang Duc Nguyen - 33,000
Yuh-Ho Choi - 70,000
Melody Oyarhosseini - 24,000
Sebastian Homann - 4,000

Bustouts: Oliver Pese, John Hafemeister, Andreas Köster, Dennis Wilke, Sebastian Homann, Thorsten Guerra, Felix Jenichen, Jonas Mundt, Bennett Mix, Stephan Klam, Petros Uyanik, Nicole Köhlmoos, Holger Klock, Rolf Schoenberg, Alin Puscas, Michael Murra, Reimer Koester, Ayoub Jihad, Thomas Lender.

Eureka Hamburg Key Facts:
- Players begin with 25,000 chips (an increase from Season 4’s 20,000)
- Blinds start at 25/50
- Twelve 45-minute levels make up Day 1B
- Registration closed for today

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Eureka5 Hamburg: Nine-year homecoming wait for Nguyen

It’s a big deal to win a European Poker Tour Main Event, a very big deal. It’s the richest and toughest tour on the planet. The thing is these days, is that there are over 100 champions so the achievement is somewhat (naturally) diluted.

Take your mind back nine years to 2006. The tour was in its third season; the entry fee had been risen to €5,000 events in the Euro-zone; the poker boom was in fell effect in Europe and there were fewer than 20 EPT champions. Any winer in that era was an immediate national hero for poker fans.

Ngyuen with his EPT Baden trophy

Thang Duc Nguyen was an unknown baker from Hamburg when he made the trip to Baden, Austria after qualifying for that stop of the EPT. Four days later he had a giant cheque for €487,397 in his hand and 330 players left in his wake. A new hero was born.

Nguyen has had to wait a long time for PokerStars to bring a tournament to his hometown but finally we’re here. The local player teased us yesterday about playing as he hung around the tournament floor. Today he is though and doing rather well.

Nguyen today, finally playing in his hometown

A little earlier he managed to more than double up to 50,000 through Andreas Thiele. Nguyen bet 1,500 into three players on a [6s][9h][qd] flop and called when check-raised to 4,000 by Thiele. The other two players folded before the [jc] appeared on the turn.

Nguyen bet out again when checked to and once more called when raised by his opponent. The [ts] completed the board, Nguyen moved all in with [kc][tc] for a straight and was called by Thiele holding [ad][9d]!

Nguyen went on a big downswing after that before recovering. He mis-click raised in hand versus Quentin Weber and then decided to gamble in the same hand. He wanted to raise to 425 but accidently raised to 4,025. Weber then raised to 12,000 and called all in for 30,000 with ace-queen after Nguyen shoved with ace-jack. The board ran low and Nguyen was rueing his mistake. Nguyen dropped to 17,000 but recovered to 48,000 by the time the dimer bell rang.

The tournament entires for today has risen to 110 and unless there were some very recent entries, that’ll be the final number for the day with registration only open until the end of level 6.

Dinner break is upon us and that also marks the halfway point of the day. Below are some chips counts and those who wished their chip count was more than zero.

Busted: Jamil Omar, Volker Nicolaysen, Amzi Korkmaz, Ben Alacam, Andre Haneberg, Andreas Thiele, Achim Glod, Rama Kusnadi, Marina Seifert, Jonas Hebbeln, Jesper Metz, Charalampos Tzampazis, Johannes Hafemeister, Michael Murra, Dimitry Pavlov

Chip Ahoy:

Kris Willner - 83,000
Thomas Dietl - 76,000
Robert pipe - 72,000
Rene Hussain Majed - 62,000
Michael Oswald - 61,000
Marco Mattes - 50,000
Hans Schmidt - 48,000
Matthias Rauscher - 46,000
Tobias Peters - 42,000
Tim Kahl Meyer - 40,000
Hanno Open - 36,000
Stefan Klam - 17,300

PokerStars have Regional tours, like the EPT and APPT, and Nationals tours like Eureka and UKIPT but treat all as important than the other. That especially goes for the Tournament Directors and Floor staff they send to events. Our photographer Tomas Stacha took a shot of the fine men in charge this week.

Thomas Lamatsch and his fine team

Eureka Hamburg Key Facts:
- Players begin with 25,000 chips (an increase from Season 4’s 20,000)
- Blinds start at 25/50
- Twelve 45-minute levels make up Day 1B
- Registration closes for today at around 6pm CET

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Eureka5 Hamburg Day 1B: A new day and a new approach

If you play a Eureka Tour Main Event, you get your value for money in terms of structure. A starting stack of 25,000 gets you a massive 500-big blind starting stack. That may have been the reason it took until the third level of the day yesterday before a player hit the rail.

There’s a sense in the air - call it a blogger’s instinct - that today will be different. There was a lot of calling, and little raising, in the early stages yesterday but today has already shown a different side.

Take Firat Aktag for example. He may already be down to 15,000 but it’s not for a want of trying. He took to a [4c][kc][7d] flop where he check-called a 400 bet from Naser Nawrozi. On the [6c] turn Aktag took a different line when he check-raised Nawrozi’s 600 bet up to 2,000. Nawrozi called and then called another 4,200 on the [qs] river. Aktag just mucked and was shown the [qd] by his opponent.

Firat Aktag

A few hands later, there were three limps (including Aktag on the button) before Jascha Ahmadi raised to 250 (5 bbs) from the small blind. All three limpers called to a [9h][qd][jh] flop where Ahmadi continued for 350. Two folds came before Aktag raised to 1,400. Ahmadi called and both players went on to check the [as] turn. The board completed with the [7c] and Ahmadu led for 1,100. Aktag blew air through his lips and open folded [qh][5h] to show he flopped really big. It didn’t work out well for him on either hand but Aktag doesn’t seem in the mood to hand around and wait to make big hands.

Rama Kusnadi is another player showing his intentions early on. The American had previous form on the Eureka tour. Back in December 2013 at Eureka3 Prague his had a lifetime best score of €18,250 after taking down a €550 Turbo PLO event.

He raised to 200 on the button after Oliver Heppchen limped in from the cutoff. Heppchen called and called another 350 on the [tc][4d][js] flop. Kusnadi saw another 1,000 called on the [5d] turn before he checked back on the [5h] river. Heppchen opened [9h][9d] but lost out to Kusnadi’s [jh][3h].

Rama Kusnadi

The aggressive nature of the day was backed up by the two players who were eliminated during the first two levels of the day. Ahmet Kiziltas was the first to go in the first level, and was followed by Stefan Renken in level 2.

Kiziltas got married to aces on a [jc][9h][2s] flop and was eliminated after Florian Lechner exposed his set of deuces when both were all in. The board ran out [4d][qs].

Renken flopped a set with [jc][jh], on a [js][ah][kd] flop, in a four-way pot. He bet 2,200 and was called in two spots. On the [7s] turn he bet 5,000 and was only called by Robert Pipe to head to the [6d] river where he faced an all in bet of 18,000 chips. He called off his stack and was shown [qc][tc] by Pipe for the flopped nuts.

As the second level came to an end 104 players had registered so we’re already up on yesterday’s number.

Eureka Hamburg Key Facts:
- Players begin with 25,000 chips (an increase from Season 4’s 20,000)
- Blinds start at 25/50
- Twelve 45-minute levels make up Day 1B
- Registration closes for today at around 6pm CET

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Eureka5 Hamburg Day 1A: 103 in for today as Frost & von Halle bust

Registration closed after six levels of play and the final number of players for Eureka Hamburg Day 1A was confirmed at 103. That may seem low with the daily cap being at 200 but it’s almost exactly on target for the organisers.

A total of 600 players across the four starting flights is hoped for and would represent a very successful first venture onto German soil for the tour. Days 1C and 1D are expected to sell out, meaning the first two flights needed to reach 100 apiece. Job done for today then. It was such a big day for city as well today with Hamburg SV (the number one football team) playing a big game and (most likely) taking custom away from the casino.

With the numbers expected to increase day-by-day, the tournament directors have confirmed each starting flight will consist of the full quota of 12 levels.

The eighth level of the day saw the first witnessed six-figure pot play out and ended with Stefan Husemann sat on 120,000 chips.

The big stack of Husemann

Ulrich Paul opened the pot to 2,400 from early position and picked up three callers before Stefan Husemann squeezed it up to 13,700. Paul took little time in getting his 47,400 stack in the middle and Husemann called after all others had folded.

Paul: [ac][kd]
Husemann: [kc][kd]

The board ran [qh][ts][qc][6d][td] and after a countdown, Paul was confirmed out.

Players who busted in the three levels post dinner break included: Erik Rachow, Alex Von Halle, Alem Shah, Peter Jakob, Vedran Mandic, Dressler, Adriatik Agalliu, Dominik Breuker, Christian Stratmeyer, Stefan Nitsche, Max Tonne, Oral Ismet, Sven Clasen, Christoph Peper Reiner Packross, Thorsten Fleischhut, Marcel Lib, Nicolas Heinzel, Amon Bettina and Marc Haberthur.

Von Halle Junior

Alex von Halle didn’t manage to capitalise on last night’s satellite success, here’s hoping he had a swap with his father, Jan, who’s still in on a slightly less than average 41,000. Alem Shah, who has made an EPT Grand Final table in the past wasn’t happy when he busted. He was seen taking it out on a chair and then then headed to the Blackjack tables.

Maria von Perger, who went off to dinner with a very healthy stack of around 50,000, had a tough couple of levels when she came back. She quickly dropped to fewer than 20k and then was blinded down to around 7,000 when she made her move, an all in one from late position when the action folded around to her. Sven Freese was in the next seat and was the only player to call.

Von Perger: [8s][8c]
Freese: [5s][5d]

It was a great spot to be in and only improved through the [qh][6h][tc][qd][8h] board.

Lasse Frost was one of the better-known players in the field today. The Norwegian was in the Main Event at the recent EPT Grand Final when he was rushed to hospital with stomach pains, but ended up being okay and made it back before being blinded out and went on to cash for nearly €20,000.

Lasse out in the Frost

His Eureka Main Event came to end near the end of level 9 when he moved all in for his last eight big blinds with [ad][jd] but failed to stay ahead of an opponent’s [kc][qs] - a queen coming on the turn.

With 58 players heading into the final three levels, here are a few chip counts:

Kay Di Stefano - 155,000
Andre United - 125,000
Walid Abdi Ali - 108,000
Stefan Husemann - 94,000
Behzad Zarnegar 86,000
Steven Abbey - 80,000
Norbert Krull - 75,000
Niko Koop - 71,000
Jan von Halle - 41,000
Alexander Jung - 28,500
Lothar Meier - 16,000

Eureka Hamburg Key Facts:
- Players begin with 25,000 chips (an increase from Season 4’s 20,000)
- Blinds start at 25/50
- Twelve 45-minute levels make up Day 1A
- Registration closed for today

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Eureka5 Hamburg Day 1A: Keeping it in the family

Lots of family connections have popped up over the years within the poker scene. Fathers and sons; siblings; cousins and married couples - you name the connection; it’s been noted and reported at one time or another.

It’s easy to see how this could happen so often, seeing as poker can easily be transferred from the kitchen table at Christmas time to the tables of a local card room or casino.

Two more connections have popped here during Day 1A of Eureka Hamburg.

Jan von Halle

Jan von Halle has been involved in the German poker scene for a long time and has cashes dating back nearly 15 years. He’s made three WSOP final tables and amassed more than $300,000 in live cashes. He’s also famous for launching Intelli Poker, a German poker-coaching site. Within a year of its inception the site had a million sign ups and is seen by many as a major factor for Germany’s poker boom in the mid-naughties. Oh, and he’s married to former Team PokerStars Pro Katjer Thater!

Last night, his son Alex won a seat in the live satellite and both are playing today. He’s just starting off his poker career and will be happy to have half the success of his old man. His stack has dipped to the 25 big blind mark with around 10,000 so he has work to do if he wants to turn that satellite ticket in to hard-earned Euros. His dad on the other hand will enjoy his dinner more as he has grown his 25,000-starting stack up to around 38,000.

Those of you who watch the EPT television shows may well be familiar Jamila Von Perger after she appeared extensively in their coverage of EPT10 Barcelona, where she made it down to the last three tables. Previously - and maybe unfairly- she had been known as the other half of Manig Loeser, the well known German pro. After racking up more than $200,000 in live cashes, that is not the case anymore.

Maria Von Perger

Jamila will be playing later in the week after qualifying online but her mum Maria, who also won a seat online, is in today’s field. She’s only been cashing in live tournaments for just over a year but has already won nearly $9,000, so maybe there’s a fair amount of natural talent in that family. She’ll take nearly 50,000 into the dinner break.

Olga Iermolcheva won’t be joining her for dinner with a big stack after she falied to turn things around. She was joined on the rail by Dragan Stankovic, Thomas Kallinich, Olaf Kremsier, Detlef Lehner, Christos Makarion, Husein Besic, Bülent Avci and Uwe Gerstl.

Selected chip stacks:

Behzad Zarnegar - 67,000
Walid Abdi Ali - 64,000
Anders Wittorf - 62,000
Kai Di Stefano - 61,000
Niko Koop - 48,000
Lothar Meier - 35,000
Lasse Frost - 34,000
Alex Young - 23,00
Norbert Krull - 56,000
Behzad Zarnegar - 52,000
Kay Di Stefano - 50,000
Christopher Deinert - 42,000
Stefan Hundt - 22,500
Christian Stratmeyer - 33,000

The players are on a 45-minute dinner break.

Eureka Hamburg Key Facts:
- Players begin with 25,000 chips (an increase from Season 4’s 20,000)
- Blinds start at 25/50
- 10 - 12 45-minute levels make up Day 1A
- 45-minute dinner break after level 6 (roughly 6pm)
- Registration will close around 6pm.

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Eureka5 Hamburg Day 1A, Iermolcheva fighting to continue good form

Four levels of play have passed here on Day 1B and the number of entrants has grown to 101.There is a lot of focus on cards but just as much on the TV screens hung around the casino floor as Hamburg SV - amongst other football teams - are battling for survival in the Bundesliga.

Henry Schroder can fully focus on the football if he so wishes, as he was the first player eliminated from the maiden Eureka event held on German soil. Not the record he would’ve liked but somebody had to go first. He busted just before the end of level three and was joined on the rail by Mattias Gunther and Bulent Avci, the only players who busted during level 4.

Olga Lermolcheva keeps on smiling

Olga Iermolcheva, from Ukraine, had slowly being winding up her poker career over the past three years. Her first recorded victory came in a €550 Russian Poker Tour side event for €7,515 and she went on to cash multiple times before recording her second tournament victory, in another side event. It was at the EPT100 festival in Barcelona and her victory in the €550 side event earned her €25,400.

She saved the biggest score of her career for earlier this month and it came in a Main Event. The LAPT Panama event had a $2,500 buy in and Iermolcheva made it all the way to heads up where she lost out to Shakeeb Kazemipur. Don’t feel too bad for her though, the $113,580 for second place finish would’ve helped her over the disappointment.

Fast forward two weeks and Iermolcheva came here to Hamburg full of confidence after that result and qualifying online for this event. This game has a habit of biting back though, just when you think you’re impenetrable.

Niko Koop opened to 600 before Iermolcheva three-bet to 1,775. Marcel Destici was in the big blind and cold called the raise only to see Koop four-bet to 4,600. Iermolcheva wasn’t finished and five-bet to 10,500, which was enough to oust Destici (ace-king) but not Koop who jammed for 22,700. Call.

Iermolcheva: [ah][ac]
Koop: [ks][kc]

The board ran [5s][4d][8h][7s][kh] to make Koop a very unlikely (one out) set on the river.

Cruel king on the river for Iermolcheva

That left her with fewer than 3,000 chips but she was still in and fighting as level 4 came to a conclusion. In one hand there was an under the gun limp before a player in the hijack raised to 450. Iermolcheva moved all in for 2,400 and both players opponents folded quickly which prompted her to smile widely and say, “They don’t call. Wow!”

Selected chip counts:

Detlef Lehner - 12,000
Lothar Meier - 34,000
Alex Young - 16,000
Robert Kopke - 35,000
Maria von Perger - 34,000
Alex von Halle - 27,000
Alem Shah - 27,000
Norbert Krull - 53,000
Marc Haberthür - 35,000
Reiner Pack Ross - 20,000
Jan von Halle - 27,000

Eureka Hamburg Key Facts:
- Players begin with 25,000 chips (an increase from Season 4’s 20,000)
- Blinds start at 25/50
- 10 - 12 45-minute levels make up Day 1A
- 45-minute dinner break after level 6 (roughly 6pm)
- Registration will close around 6pm.

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Eureka5 Hamburg Day 1A: Survival is the name of the game

It’s become a bit of a cliché to say that day ones of poker tournaments are all about survival but there’s a lot of truth within those words. Actually, survival is the name of the game, in more ways than one, in Hamburg today.

The Spielbank Schenefeld is loaded with players trying to make Day 2 and the Imtech Arena will be packed at 3:30pm CET as Hamburg SV try and avoid relegation to the second tier of German football. The Bundesliga has reached the final round of fixtures for the season and (amazingly) five teams are in danger of being relegated, with four of those five playing each other for added excitement and tension.

Hamburg SV’s Imtech Arena

Hamburg SV isn’t one of those of those teams as they host Schalke, one of the nation’s richest teams. Schalke have had a bad season though (confirmed fifth place for no Champions League qualification) and their expectant fans want to see a strong performance to finish off a disappointing campaign. If the Schalke fans staying in our hotel are anything to go by they’ll be in strong voice this afternoon. Beers were flowing from breakfast time (we are in Germany!) and by midday the lobby was full of fans singing club songs.

For the sake of Day 1B we hope that Hamburg SV get the result they need and stay in the Bundesliga. If they get relegated some fans/poker players might stay away or turn up and play in a depressed state of mind.

As the second level of the day came to an end, a total of 99 players had taken their seats. That’s half the daily cap but registration remains open for another four levels. All those 99 players remain in their seats as no one has been eliminated as yet. The flip side of that fact is that no big stacks have emerged at this early stage.

Jan Von Halle

Some notables, who will be featured later include Intelli Poker founder Jan Von Halle; Maria-Isabella Von Perger, mother of tour regular Jamilla; Alem Shah, who came fifth at the EPT5 Grand Final for €350,000; EPT3 Baden winner, Duc Thang Nguyen (yet to take his seat) and LAPT Panama Main Event runner up from two weeks ago, Olga Iermolcheva.

Eureka Hamburg Key Facts:
- Players begin with 25,000 chips (an increase from Season 4’s 20,000)
- Blinds start at 25/50
- 10 - 12 45-minute levels make up Day 1A
- 45-minute dinner break after level 6 (roughly 6pm)
- Registration will close around 6pm.

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Eureka5 Hamburg: The tour debuts in Germany

Welcome to Hamburg for the second stop of Season 5 on the Eureka Poker Tour. In its four and a bit seasons this tour of Central Europe has visited the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia and Austria but never Germany.

That wait is over as the newly refurbished Spielbank Schenefeld hosts a ten-day poker festival filled with a Main Event, a High Roller and a host of side events. The €1,100 Main Event will be the centre of our focus for most of the festival and this stop has four starting flights. The first two flights will play out over this weekend followed by a two-day hiatus before Days 1C and 1D play out on Wednesday and Thursday.

Spielbank Schenefeld Shopping Centre & Casino

All remaining players will then join together on Day 2 (Friday) and play on (with sleep breaks) until a winner is crowned on Sunday. The ultimate aim will be to join Raphael Wimmer as a Season 5 Champion after the Austrian bettered 663 players back in February en route to winning the Rozvadov title and €99,685.

The Spielbank Schenefeld is an intimate casino with space for only 20 poker tables - hence the four starting flights - and has been constructed very differently to most you’ll encounter. The curved-roof, steel-structured frame has mostly been filled in with glass meaning one can see the outside, from within a casino! They’ll be no stumbling out into the street expecting darkness only to be blinded by the morning light. To be fair though, sometimes it’s better if a casino is shrouded in darkness.

Spielbank Schenefeld Casino

Most of the online qualifiers for this event will be playing the latter flights so this weekend will be filled with local players and those within a reasonable travelling distance.

Cards are due to be in the air at 1pm CET.

Eureka Hamburg Key Facts:
- Players begin with 25,000 chips (an increase from Season 4’s 20,000)
- Blinds start at 25/50
- 10 - 12 45-minute levels make up Day 1A
- Registration will close around 6pm.

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