Five Monster Series Tips From Joao Simao

Team partypoker’s Joao Simao is one of the world’s best poker tournament players. With live earnings of more than $2.1 million and online winnings of almost $7.4 million, it is safe to say Joao knows a thing or two about multi-table tournaments. So who better to give five tips for enjoying a successful Monster Series […]

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My New Poker Strategy: Less Tables, More Study and Brand Building

Let’s face it, poker has changed a lot over the years. This is especially true for the online version of the game.

I can still remember the "good old days" when I could hop on 12+ NL100 tables on PokerStars and be able to literally print money at $100+ an hour almost in my sleep.

I think I and several others thought it would last forever. This was pretty naive thinking looking back now.

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What is a Good Poker Hourly Rate?

Last week I wrote about what is a good poker winning percentage. But something else that people often ask me is what is a good poker hourly rate.

Now as I often say, poker is not like a regular job where you can expect to just show up and earn a fixed income. In poker some months you will be up and some months you may even be down.

Yes, you heard that right. Lose money.

I don’t know of any

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