Professional Poker Player Salary (It Might Shock You)

People often ask me these days what is the average professional poker player

And to be quite honest, the answer varies depending on your skill level, what
stakes you play, how much volume you put in and so on.

So in this article I am going to break it all down for you. This is the ultimate guide to a professional poker player’s salary.

Professional Poker Player Salary Hourly

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The Truth About Being a Professional Poker Player

Many people ask me about what it is like to be become a professional poker player. And as somebody who played poker professionally online for 10+ years, I have a little bit to say about it!

Is it all about sitting at the beach sipping pina coladas living the easy life while you hop online for a couple hours a week, crush some souls and print money?

Or maybe you hop in your private jet to play

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Should You Quit Your Job and Play Poker? (Read This First)

Many people dream about quitting their job to play poker for a living. I know this because I get the emails all the time from people who tell me that this is their goal.

But as somebody who actually did quit my job to play poker professionally over 10 years ago, I think it is necessary that I let you know what it is really like.

Because I think many people have this rosy vision of

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