Charlie Carrel Soars to SCOOP-H Main Event Victory for $1.2m

You can add a SCOOP Main Event title to the heady list of poker accomplishments that Charlie Carrel has racked up since he started playing poker a few years ago.

Carrel, who plays online as Epiphany77, outlasted 693 entries in the SCOOP-H $10,300 buy-in Main Event to win $1.2 million last night.

The U.K. native actually had a shot at an even bigger first-prize payout but cut a heads-up deal with Harrison Gimbel that set aside just $100,000 for the winner.

Gimbel, who started the final table as the chip leader, happily collected $1.1 million for his runner-up finish.

Incredibly it was Carrel’s second SCOOP title in this year’s series.

Harrison Gimbel

Harrison Gimbel

Here’s a complete look at results from the stacked final table (*reflects two-way deal):

1. Charlie “Epiphany77” Carrel (United Kingdom) $1,200,899.97*
2. Harrison “gibler321” Gimbel (Canada) $1,122,873.99*
3. th’Kick (Switzerland) $690,348.58
4. Igor “Garrin4e” Yaroshevskyy (Ukraine) $492,542.82
5. Ola “Odd_Oddsen” Amundsgaard (Norway) $351,414.75
6. Connor “blanconegro” Drinan (Mexico) $250,723.93
7. Simon “C. Darwin2” Mattson (Sweden) $178,863.39
8. Samuel “€urop€an” Vousden (Finland) $127,628.42
9. Emil “Maroonlime” Patel (Finland) $91,058.81

ROFLshoves Wins SCOOP-M Main Event for $787k

SCOOP has always been known for offering three versions of each event with different buy-in levels.

The Main Event is no exception and Carrel wasn’t the only player to walk away with a huge payday last night.

alrighty then

ROFLshoves’ signature Ace Ventura avatar.

Online player ROFLshoves outlasted 5,033 entries in the SCOOP-M $1,050 Main Event to take down a staggering $787,312.

ROFLshoves, who hails from Australia, was dominant at the final table and repeatedly turned down requests for a deal.

Even heads-up against opponent Léo82, ROFLshoves wasn’t feeling the chop.

“I just got a good feeling and I love heads-up,” ROFLshoves typed in the chatbox.

So the pair played out the contest with no deal and a $200,000 difference between first and second place.

It ended up working out for ROFLshoves who finally landed the knockout blow with A-7 over Léo82’s K-9.

“Time for drinks on the beach,” typed ROFLshoves.

Here’s a complete look at the payouts for SCOOP-M $1,050 Main Event:

1. ROFLshove (Australia) $787,312,19
2. Léo82 (Brazil)$586.344.50
3. BrightStripe (Austria) $415,222.50
4. MikeFdem (Canada) $284,364.50
5. ramondemon77 (Romania) $213.902.50
6. olelemaiko (Bulgaria) $163,572.50
7. Woodstock37 (Canada) $113.242.50
8. Yurec1707 (Ukraine) $62,912
9. BORRAURELIO (Brazil) $40,264

madalain Gets Insane Value in SCOOP-L Main Event

The $109 buy-in SCOOP-L Main Event offered one heck of a value proposition.

cash 13314

Despite a relatively low buy-in of $109 the event ended up offering a $2.3 million prize pool thanks to the 23,316 entries.

Austrian online player madalain outlasted them all to win $221,516.

Surprisingly there was no deal in this one either as madalain kept the pedal to the metal.

It paid off in a big way as madalain scooped the entire thing straight-up to get a shiny 2,000% ROI.

That’s pretty much it for the 2017 SCOOP with just a handful of events scheduled for today, which were actually re-scheduled from last week because of a PokerStars outage.

Here’s a look at the final-table payouts for SCOOP-L $109 Main Event:

1. madalain (Austria) $221,516.37
2. ale kmkz (Brazil) $161,719.77
3. MelloBH (Brazil) $104,922.00
4. madcandle (Finland) $83,937.00
5. peloin (Mexico) $62,953.20
6. EluSiveMark (Netherlands) $41,968.80
7. volodimir24 (Ukraine) $29,145.00
8. Val1k (Ukraine) $19,818.00
9. AKA_PSV (Netherlands) $11,658.00