Countering Lappin

Had another deep run in a the $1500 plo hi lo to come unstuck in 22nd place. Tilting enough to make 2 super deep runs and not to make an ft. Beat nearly 1000 players twice and still not in profit for the trip in tournaments, but that’s the nature of the beast in Vegas. Still happy with how I am playing. I played the Monster Stack yesterday and made it to the last level before busting. It was an incredible event with over 8000 entrants. There’s still a lot of poker from here till the end. Got the 3k PLO Hi Lo left 3k Limit Hi Lo 10k PLO and 10k Main Event and potential for a few NLH’s as well. Took a night out and went to EDC last week. The EDC is big night time festival held in the Nascar track in Vegas with over 100k people turning up each night over the 3 nights. First time I went to one of these kind of events was interesting to see, wouldn’t exactly be my own cup of tea but was cool to see.

David Lapping wrote an interesting blog on why he thinks its a good idea to skip Vegas well here is a counter argument from a regular Vegas goer.

1. Expenses: Of all the live events I attend Vegas is the cheapest in terms of expenses. Flights accommodation and food will come to about $6k for the 6 weeks. This can be written off against $60k plus of tournaments, so come to a little under 10 cent on the dollar. Compare this to Ept’s and UKIPT’s etc where where its about more like 15 for 30 cent on the dollar. So your better spending your $6k in Vegas as opposed to bleeding $1000 away to go to the Isle of man. 10 ukipts = 10k of expenses for 30k of buyins< 1 Vegas $6k of expenses for $60k of buyins. Further to this its enjoyable being in Vegas as opposed to spending a Week in Isle of Man, San Remo, Deauville, Nottingham......the list goes on. In your poker accounts you probably only have to record $3k as a business expense, rest would go in the holiday budget.

2. Life equity: David often says he dislikes playing poker and in Dokes recent blog he’s reported as to saying he’d take a 3rd of the money to do something he enjoyed. While poker should be treated as a business, it also important you make the job fun. Vegas is the fun capital of the World. If you have opportunity to mix business and pleasure why not? Vegas is the highlight of the year in terms of poker and really enjoy it. You don’t have to play poker everyday there is loads of fun stuff to do. Going to an EPT or a UKIPT is a grind, flying into some City invariably in Winter grinding it out for 5/8 days and coming home. Vegas is simply fun. Its ok to surrender a little bit of equity to enjoy your life.

3. Variance: Too high variance, this is something that can’t be avoid if you chose to play live poker. All decent live events have 600 player plus fields. There is variance but if your going to spend $50k a year on live tournaments I would spend it all in Vegas. 3 fields this year in Vegas will have in the region of 8000 runners. The value here is better than any where else.

4. Improving: When playing in Vegas you will come across some of the best and worst players in the world. Yesterday I had Phil Ivey on my left, ( who was actually very chatty at the table which was pretty cool) getting playing time with players like this can be priceless to get to talk to them and have a close up look at their game. Some interact and some don’t. Years ago I played with Isildur in an EPT event I picked up something off him in that event that probably made me $100k since.

If you look at the top 10/15 earners in Irish poker 80% of them are in the Desert but yeah they’re all probably wrong and Davids right.