Daily 3-Bet: 10k on Table, 20 Yrs + Poker AI, Inside DNegs

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a window into high-stakes mixed games, a complete history of Poker AI and a behind-the-scenes slice of DNegs life.

1) Ever Play 400/800 18-Game?

Chicago’s Brandon Shack-Harris may not be a household name to casual poker fans but to those in the know he’s the real deal.


Knows what he’s doing

His 2014 World Series of Poker might be his most recognizable feat as he cashed six times, won a bracelet, final-tabled four events, runnered-up the $50k Players Championship and narrowly missed the WSOP POY award.

As if that isn’t enough he won bracelet #2 and $894k in the WSOP $10k 8-Handed PLO last year which, given the lineup in that event, is no joke.

He’s also a cash-game grinder who’s been tested in some of the toughest games in Las Vegas and, if you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to play in those games, he’s offering up an inside look in a new section on his website called “10k on the Table.”

What can you expect to find?


“I thought it could be interesting to offer a small window into the daily swings of high stakes mixed games. For now my intentions are to document only stakes above 200/400, with the main game being a 400/800 18 Game Mix – meaning the game we play changes every 9 hands. When my schedule is especially hectic, or I’m too sleep deprived, I’ll just update with results, other times I’ll try and elaborate on the session a little bit.”

He’s only done a couple of posts so far but the potential is amazing. Check it out here.

2) But Can Libratus Beat Phil Laak?

It seems everyone and his or her brother (read Wired, EngadgetDiscover, Time, etc) has written about the stunning walloping poker AI Libratus put on some humans last month.

Mike Caro

Would have won, too, if it wasn’t for those pesky kids kicking out the power cord.

As far as poker and Artificial Intelligence goes, though, it’s far from the full story.

In fact Libratus is just the latest in a long line of poker bots dating back to the early ’80s that have been tested (and fared well) against humans – including the beloved Phil Laak.

One of the first challenges even involved Mike Caro, an Apple II, Bob Stupak and a shady instance of kicking out a power cord. No lie!

Read about it all right here in this great feature by PokerListings’ Arthur Crowson.

3) Get Fit, Get Full, Get Busted with Daniel Negreanu

Speaking of inside looks into the illustrious world of high-stakes Las Vegas poker … who better to serve as a tour guide to the poker stars than the #1 money leader of all-time Daniel Negreanu?

The one and only DNegs has stepped up his social media/content game in a few ways over the past few months, including his aces Full Contact Poker podcast, and now he’s stepping up his VLOG game, too.

Negreanu posted his newest (and longest) VLOG yet which includes a spin to the gym, the lottery for the $300,000 Aria Super High Roller and a little foray into an Aria $25k High Roller.

if you can handle the gratuitous avocado at the table shots, it’s a gem. Watch it below:

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