Daily 3-Bet: $67k Oops, Teach Me Poker, Betty White 4 Blood

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a weathered Bicycle deck, a pile of matchsticks shifted around and the unfettered joy of an afternoon playing cards with old friends.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the charmed life continuing for Charlie Carrel, Jason Koon says come and get me and Betty White plays poker for blood.

1) SCOOPs, There It Is

Update for all those wondering: It’s still good to be Charlie Carrel. Very good:

Soo I misclick registered this event, thinking it was a hold’em event < .< Aaand yeah, blundered my way into 1st for $67k <3. Nice :) pic.twitter.com/rNhx0PSY5W

— Charlie Carrel (@CharlieCarrel) May 12, 2017

We thought it was a bit strange to see him in a PLO8 event as we know him as an NLHE specialist but, as we’ve learned before, there’s no underestimating the charmed confluence of talent, fortune and hard work that is Charlie Carrel.

We don’t recommend employing the same technique (ie buying in for an event who barely know how to play) but, then again, it has worked for others, too.

Plenty of opportunity to try it out this weekend with another monstrous schedule of high-value tournaments on PokerStars, 888poker and partypoker. GL in the $27 8-Game, then!

2) Just, You Know, Take 10 Years and Get Awesome at Poker

It’s a question we get frequently, too” “I’d love to play poker for a livingCan you teach me how to play (in 10 minutes or so)?” Poker pro Jason Koon has a pretty good answer for you:

Easy, right? Respect, as always, to the elite pros out there who do make it look easy. We see the work you put in and never take lightly how hard it is.

3) Betty White on the Grind

Everyone’s flipping out about the poker face part of this clip (and it is enjoyable, certainly) but we much prefer that Betty White – literally one of America’s Golden Girls – plays poker every week. And plays for blood:

If that’s not the perfect marketing platform for reestablishing America as the great bastion of the game and leading provider of online poker on the global stage, we don’t know what is. Somebody jump on that, stat.

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