Daily 3-Bet: 8-Hand party, PDX Poker Saga, Who Staked DNegs?

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a big change to partypoker’s seating plan, Portland poker rooms under siege and a tasty nugget of Daniel Negreanu trivia.

1) partypoker Now 8-Handed?

Saw these tweets from partypoker Ambassador Patrick ‘plenopads’ Leonard last night and, while we can’t find an update about it on the partypoker blog yet, it certainly adds an enticing twist to the upcoming $20m Powerfest:

.@partypoker $20m guarantee festival (last year was $5m) will be a lot more fun to play now and shows how far we’ve gone in 12 months. Still can improve

— Patrick Leonard (@plenopads) March 28, 2017

Hard to argue with any of those points. More on the latest changes to the partypoker platform on our review page.

2) Portland Poker – Too ‘Illegal’ To Last?

If you live in the Pacific Northwest you’re likely familiar with the once-booming Portland live poker scene.


Dark times for PDX poker.

With poker clubs ‘officially licensed’ to operate back in 2008 they began to pop up all over the city over the next few years, headlined by the swish Encore Poker Club.

With just a single entry fee for players to get into the room and no rake per pot, they fostered a buzzing live poker crowd and seemed to be, well, almost too good to be true. 

That may now in fact be the case. We won’t get into all of the details here but an in-depth feature by reporter Nigel Jaquiss in Wilamette Week posted last week covers the rise and fall extremely well.

It’s a fascinating – if tragic – look at how poker is still so poorly understood by the general public and public officials and a must-read for poker fans across the country. Read it now!

3) Who Staked Daniel Negreanu?

Speaking of things almost too good to be true, how confident would you feel in your potential ROI if you could claim the one and only Kid Poker as one of your horses?

The time when DNegs might ever need/humor a stake has long since passed but, back in the day when Negreanu was still dealing with the trials and tribulations of building a poker career, he did actually have a few backers now and then as he revealed on Twitter.

Trivia question: which of the following players have NOT staked me in a poker tournament in my career? Only one correct answer.

— Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) March 29, 2017

We won’t ruin the surprise but the answer is now up on his Twitter. For the record: we guessed wrong.

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