Daily 3-Bet: Antonius Playboy, Hart Rehab, Sochi or Nochi?

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a 30-day Visa, a faux-fur stole and a confident strut down the most glamorous street on the afternoon poker news Black Sea coast.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Patrik Antonius strutting his stuff again, Kevin Hart goes back to Rehab and Kitty Kuo ponders a Russian adventure.

1) PA is Still Good

If this were 8 or 9 years ago and you saw the headline “Playboy Antonius,” it’d be well within reason to assume poker’s premier male pin-up, Patrik Antonius, had been featured in a full-page spread in America’s premier nudie mag (or its male counterpart).


Still got it.

This is better. The once and forever ‘sexiest man in poker’ is instead playing some tournament poker live in Monaco – a rarity over the past few years for one of poker’s all-time most popular players.

Even better than that, he’s the chip leader of the PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo main event, he’s playing on the feature table live stream and they’re on the bubble as we speak.

Even better than THAT – he’s wearing a shirt with an old Playboy magazine cover on it. AND one of our other favorite players ever, Belgian poker psychic Davidi Kitai – is also on the feature table.

That’s some good poker streaming for a Monday afternoon. Watch all the (cards down) action on the PS Live Stream right here. Here’s the similarly good-looking top 10 with 149 players left:

Patrik Antonius Finland 440,000
Andreas Klatt Germany 410,000
Nick Petrangelo USA 380,000
Tsugunari Toma Japan 310,000
Jeffrey Hakim Lebanon 280,000
Sebastian Malec Poland 280,000
Thiago Crema Brazil 275,000
Dan Smith USA 265,000
Makram Saber Lebanon 250,000
Christopher Frank Germany 220,000

2) Hart Goes Back to Rehab

In case you missed it over the weekend, American comedy giant Kevin Hart has partnered with PokerStars for a tbd deal of sorts that could be, literally, gigantic for poker in the US.


Is poker ready for Kevin Hart?

Coming in the wake of Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo signing off from Team SportStars it’s a reassuring sign PokerStars is still very committed to its expanded ‘bring new blood into poker’ initiative.

Hart certainly made his presence felt at the tables in Monaco over the weekend with plenty of table banter, prop bets and even a Day 2 appearance in the 100k Super High Roller.

He also sat in for some cash-game action to be aired on TV in the near future, which should be fun.

While it might be cool for players to see Hart mingling on the rail for a few days the schedule of a major superstar has no chill so Hart has already left Monaco for another appearance.

Where is that appearance? The infamous Rehab Pool Party at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, so maybe poker players in Vegas will get a glimpse of Hart at the tables this week, too. Check Hart’s Twitter feed for more on his weekend in Monaco.

3) Is Sochi Safe?

Based on the smash success of the first partypoker Live event, yesterday’s F1 Russian Grand Prix and, you know, the fact the 2014 Winter Olympics were held there we’re pretty confident the first part of Kitty Kuo’s question is answered.

That might depend, of course, on how the locals feel about the second part of her tweet, though …

really want to book my flight to sochi, no sure is safe place to visit? never been to Russia in my life, but I rly like play vs Russian

— kuo hui chen (@kittykuopoker) May 1, 2017

With 11 days of poker and a $2.6m guaranteed main event, we’re pretty confident it’ll be worth it. Action starts on May 20; get on the road to winning a package for it right here.

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