Daily 3-Bet: Bilzerian Pinched, Nano Gonged, Fan83Demonium!

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a needle-scratch sound effect, a gravel-throated voiceover and a long walk off a short afternoon poker news pier.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Dan Bilzerian getting wiped out mid-stream, Nanonoko gongs himself and TheFan83 wins the Sunday Million live on Twitch.

1) Thirst Slaked – for Now

If you’ve followed the 3-Bet lately you know we’ve been avid fans of watching high-stakes reg and poker enthusiast Bill Perkins stream live on his Twitch Channel, The Thirst Lounge.


Waiting for a refill.

He plays super fun high-stakes cash games, hosts celeb friends like Jeff Gross and Dan Bilzerian and gives his followers some pretty sweet perks like, say, 20 all-expenses paid trips to the PokerStars Championship Bahamas.

Just as things were building for the big upcoming #StreamBoat2017 week, though, things hit a snag.

Perkins (as he has before) let Bilzerian take over his account for some cash-game action on Friday and, as that’s against the T+C of all poker sites, had his account (rightly) shut down. Mid-hand, in fact.

You can watch it happen on his last Thirst Lounge video here if you’re a subscriber. 

While it’s likely Perkins will be back live and streaming again shortly it’s a good reminder even unregulated sites don’t take T+C violations lightly – even if they’re “innocent.”

2) Nanonoko Gongs Himself

We love Randy “nanonoko” Lew’s tradition of banging a gong when he wins a big pot. It’s even funnier, though, when it turns out to be pre-emptively on himself:

Why you should never celebrate too early via @nanonoko pic.twitter.com/xNtKlXFJwP

— TwitchPoker (@TwitchPoker) February 28, 2017

3) TheFan83 Wins Sunday Million Live On Twitch

Jason Somerville said it two years ago and the past 24 months have only served to reinforce it: Twitch is a major platform for the future of poker and will be home to bigger and more frequent wins live on stream.

While it’s not the biggest win ever on Twitch, TheFan83’s triumph in the Sunday Million this weekend was the first time one of poker’s signature Sunday events has been won live.

Another nice notch in Twitch Poker’s belt and a cool story for TheFan83, a German grinder who’s recently returned to the game after some time away and is trying to turn his $30,000 bankroll into $3m. 

Read his full story here and hear him delve into more detail in an interview with friend and Team Online Pro Felix Schneiders below:

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