Daily 3-Bet: Blazing Sexton, $6200 in 5c, Top 5 Nightmares

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a flatbed truck, a stop at the bank and an afternoon poker news prank that will live forever in your heart.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Mike Sexton running hot again, a rough poker home game beat and the 5 worst poker table companions.

1) Sexton Won’t Stop

Won’t stop what, you ask? Wearing oversized pink Oxfords and telling charming anecdotes about Ohio State gymnastics?

Mike Sexton

A boss in any size.

No, sir. Mike Sexton suddenly can’t be stopped running deep in every World Poker Tour event he sets his chips down in.

You know about his spectacular comeback win at WPT Montreal in November. And his near miss just down the road in Los Angeles last week.

Now he’s in the final 44 (out of 806) at the WPT Bay 101 and, if things go well again today, could take over the WPT Player of the Year lead from Ben Zamani.

Sick, sick run from one of the game’s legends. He still has some ground to make up as one of the shorter stacks with 372k but if the past four months is a sign, it’s permanently Sexton O’clock these days.

Watch it all play out in the WPT Live Updates today starting at 1 pm PT.

2) Don’t Slow Roll Your Friends (Too Much)

This might be the best poker home-game burn we’ve ever seen and a solid reminder that, even among friends, it’s never a good idea to push the boundaries of poker etiquette too far.

BRAG: Won $6200 in a home game

BEAT: The assholes paid me in nickels and dimes and dropped it behind my car #promisetoneverslowrollagain pic.twitter.com/MrHF2Y7ZEw

— Johnny Beauprez (@jbeauprez) March 2, 2017

Live Update:

Barrels counted: 3
USD: $802.37
Hours lit on fire: 6
Needles absorbed: infinite https://t.co/xf8mYn0vUZ

— Johnny Beauprez (@jbeauprez) March 7, 2017

3) The Victim. The Drinker. The Motormouth. The Tanker. The Expert

It’s like poker’s version of The Breakfast Club! Love this new clip compilation from PokerStars, although we’re cool with guys like Will Kassouf (excessive tanking aside) at our table.

Keeps the game light, fun and more entertaining than 10 hours in our own heads wondering why someone would buy/wear that much cologne to go play poker.

The Expert, though? And The Drinker? Yeah, you can take those guys. Who is your #tablenightmare?


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