Daily 3-Bet: Blom on Twitch, Kitty on Poker, Win It All Hype

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a friend going upriver, a bag of cash to hold and just enough impulse control to keep the afternoon poker news bricks under elastic.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a poker legend getting fans in a tizzy, the difference between poker and brain poker and the next great poker movie (maybe).

1) Yes. A Million Times Yes

.@hotted89 has been trying to get me to stream some poker on @Twitch
Should I do it?

— Viktor Blom (@ViktorBlom) April 11, 2017

 Oh boy oh boy oh boy. The feeling is mutual among his legions of fans:

@ViktorBlom @hotted89 @Twitch pic.twitter.com/byiXbvfpui

— supa mario (@supamario13) April 11, 2017

@ViktorBlom @hotted89 @Twitch pic.twitter.com/8gm8Buewus

— Joey V (@joey_vensel) April 11, 2017

2) Playing Poker is Not Hard

Playing poker USING YOUR BRAIN, though?

playing poker is not hard, playing poker using brain is super hard, i will not give up, I will do it

— kuo hui chen (@kittykuopoker) March 12, 2017

Kitty Kuo

Deep and funny.

I don’t think we’ve ever seen poker summed up so succinctly – or accurately.

We will not give up either. And we will likely put that up, in its entirety, on our fridge in macaroni collage.

If you’re not following Kitty Kuo on Twitter/Twitch, do so immediately for equal parts funny and deep.

3) Win It All ‘Closer to Music’

We were all over new poker/gambling movie Win It All when the trailer was released a few weeks ago and it seems prudent to mention it’s now officially up on Netflix.

It is a full movie but ONLY available on Netflix, which in the past might have felt a bit ‘straight to video’ but now feels like a huge win. Another huge win for it? A glowing review from The New Yorker, which says it has:

“a bold and fluent swing,”
an “easygoing, riffy spontaneity” and
“reveals the deep originality lurking within tunes that strike the ear with a deceptive simplicity.”

Those all sound very good. It also comes with high praise for director Joe Swanberg, who received similar praise for his six-episode Easy, also airing on Netflix, which is now filming for Season 2.

It’s not Rounders 2, obv. But all signs point to it being a good film about poker. Check the trailer out again below:

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