Daily 3-Bet: Bluffs of Gus, Shades of Luske, Joy of Defeat

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a trim-cut suit, a mandarin-orange tie and the aura of a true afternoon poker news swashbuckler striding back into the tournament room.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Gus Hansen rethinking his bluff range, Marcel Luske gets back in the sponsorship game and Daniel enjoys a good bust.

1) Bluffing Frequency, Rethunk

We’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for a Gus Hansen sighting at the Rio but for now it seems the call of the cash games at Bellagio is still too strong to entice him to chase some WSOP gold: 

Contemplating playing the 100K “One Drop” at the Rio – but for now it looks like I will stick with the comfort of Bobby’s Room

— Gus Hansen (@GusHansen) June 2, 2017

By the sounds of it, though, it might not be long until we see him popping by for a $10k or two – or maybe even a $1,500 weekend warrior special.

Another 30K bluff gone wrong in Bobby’s room – might have to rethink my bluffing frequency?

— Gus Hansen (@GusHansen) June 8, 2017

Either way we look forward to it. The more Gus at the WSOP, the better.

2) Marcel Luske Joins Team partypoker

Speaking of former fixtures at the WSOP …. Dutchman Marcel Luske was one of the first real international poker “stars” back in the day and the pinnacle of poker coolness to many with his nicely cut suits and signature upside-down sunglasses.

Marcel Luske

Back in the sponsorship game!

Fun fact: He was one of our very first interviews back in 2007 when we were just cub reporters at the WSOP and a bit awestruck by the whole atmosphere.

The audio of the interview wasn’t good enough (our fault, not his) to make a piece out of it, but still. It was a cool experience.

Fans of the iconic Dutchman will be happy to hear that now, after an acrimonious split with PokerStars back in 2014, Luske is back in the sponsorship game.

partypoker announced this week it has signed Luske to its Team Pro roster which, given its throwback ideas like ‘putting players first’ and giving 40% rakeback, seems pretty fitting. And cool.

Expect to see the upside-down-shaded one at a partypoker Million event near you shortly. Welcome back, Marcel!

3) I’m Not Even Mad. That’s Amazing!

You know things are going well for you at the WSOP when you flop the world in your first-round heads-up match, somehow lose all your equity by the river and call off despite knowing you’re likely dead (and out your $10,000 buy-in) – and it doesn’t even make you angry!

#WSOP #HeadsUP@RealKidPoker vs. @Amadi_17
Watch live on @PokerGO pic.twitter.com/aH0QwggBjE

— Poker Central (@PokerCentral) June 8, 2017

We don’t think we’ve ever seen a bustout hand with that much raw delight from the losing party in it.

Mateos, btw, advanced another round past that one and will meet, fittingly, Negreanu’s pal Eric Wasserson in the Round of 32 today.

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