Daily 3-Bet: Chairman Mike, $10k SCOOP Megatilt, McDs Fail

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a tip of the hat, a monster pot and all your cards live as you embark on a new afternoon poker news adventure.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the voice of the World Poker Tour moving on, a massive tilt in the $10k SCOOP ME and a disaster of a McDonalds prop bet.

1) Mike Sexton Joins the Party

Huge news over the weekend for one of the true legends of the game and an absolute fixture of poker commentary over the past 15 years.


Call him Chairman.

The one and only Mike Sexton – the voice of the World Poker Tour – is moving on to be the new Chairman of partypoker.

Sexton is actually one of the founders of partypoker (circa 2001) and has maintained his role as a partypoker ambassador while simultaneously calling all of the WPT action.

Now, though, he says it’s time to focus fully on getting partypoker back to the top of the poker game:

“This is an emotional time for me because I have decided to leave the World Poker Tour to focus on this new role. I was at partypoker from the start, before there was even a name or a single virtual card was dealt. I experienced the crazy times of the poker boom when we became the number one site in the world, I remember people sleeping on the office floor when we were all working 24-7 get the software launched and I remember the first partypoker Million on a cruise ship which overlaid $500K. It was devastating for me to see the decline of partypoker when we were forced to pull out of the US and then watch from the side lines as our competitors remained and benefited from our customer base. I am really looking forward to working with people that love the game like I do. We are not aiming for second place. We are all in. Shuffle up and deal!”

By the turnout and feedback from the first few partypoker live events and party’s revised tourney lineups and loyalty programs, they’re already well on their way.

Tony Dunst will take over from Sexton in the WPT booth alongside Vince Van Patten. Congrats to both; the future looks exciting on both fronts.

2) Who Wonts Million? Errrybody

There’s $1.35 million up top for the winner of the $10,000 SCOOP Main Event, set to conclude today, and it will be an absolute dogfight to see who gets it.

How do we knows this? Take a look at the final table of nine:


If you’re not attuned to the latest in online poker nicknames, here’s the list again with real names attached:

Charlie Carrel

When your shortstack is Charlie Carrel, it’s a tough go.

1. gibler321 aka Harrison Gimbel (Canada) 7,580,568
2. Garrin4e (Ukraine) 6,053,022
3. blanconegro aka Connor Drinan (Mexico) 4,167,833
4. th’Kick (Switzerland) 3,854,531
5. Odd_Oddsen aka Ola Amundsgaard (Norway) 3,568,122
6. Maroonlime aka Emil Patel (Finland) 3,034,022
7. C. Darwin2 aka Simon Mattsson (Sweden) 2,585,971
8. €urop€an aka Samuel Vousden(Finland) 2,027,037
9. Epiphany77 aka Charlie Carrel (United Kingdom) 1,778,904

That … that’s a final-table lineup to strike fear in a couple hearts – namely Carrin4e and th’Kick. Watch all the action live via the PokerStars client.

3) $1k McDonalds Bet Ends in Fizzle

We felt obligated to give you the final outcome of that $1,000 McDonalds prop bet but, needless to say, we shall not mention it again.

The McHamburglar has failed. Pretty badly.

The bet did raise $14,00 for charity, though, and he’s paid his creditors off already, it seems, so life shall go on. Here’s how it ended up:

10 hours in, $90 worth of food consumed. Mental state = shaky

— Michael Noori (@McHamburgler1k) May 20, 2017

About $150 ordered with about $55 in the fridge. 21 hours in, $95 consumed. On pace for about $150 worth in 36 hours.

— Michael Noori (@McHamburgler1k) May 20, 2017

Late night run included about 4 Mcnuggets, a mcflurry, one bite of filet o fish (which then got thrown away) and Maybe a half of a small fry

— Michael Noori (@McHamburgler1k) May 20, 2017

@McHamburgler1k has officially called the bet off. Was a fun time from the inception of the bet until now, and we raised $14k for charity!

— Michael Noori (@McHamburgler1k) May 20, 2017

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