Daily 3-Bet: Chasing Ari, Scamming Nano, Kitty Loves Russia

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a new fur hat, a bodyguard and driver and the time of your life among your newest afternoon poker news comrades.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Ari Engel seizing the day in Montreal, Randy Lew learns a hard lesson and Kitty Kuo starts packing for Sochi.

1) Ari Wonts $1m

The biggest poker tournament ever held in Canada is down to just 24 players left and it’s only fitting that one of its native sons is in position for a run at the title.

Ari Engel 2

Ari strong on home turf.

Ari ‘BodogAri” Engel – perhaps one of the Top 5 Canadian poker players of all-time – has surged to the upper echelons of the leaderboard today at the Playground Poker Club in Montreal.

With nearly 90m in chips he’s doubled his stack from the start of the day and leapfrogged over a good dozen or so players to join former November Niner Scott Montgomery and Scotland’s Niall Farrell among the chip leaders.

Also among the lead pack: Canada’s Phil ‘TakeChip’ D’Auteuil – another infamous online grinder of great renown.

Veteran pros Sam Greenwood and Matt Waxman are also still in contention as Day 4 is underway in Montreal. 

With $1 million guaranteed for first and hundreds of thousands more to be distributed, expect the action to be intense.

A live stream will pick it all up starting at around 3 pm PT right here on the partypoker Live Twitch Channel.

Follow the live updates here; Watch yesterday’s replay below:

2) Good Trade, Randy

Exchanging currencies is such a staple among poker pros you’d think the ones who do the most travelling would have a pretty good sense of what makes for a fair transaction.

Not, apparently, if you’re Randy ‘nanonoko’ Lew though. And you’re willing to take a leap of faith with a well-dressed old man and some out-of-circulation Belorussian Rubles.

Well played, nano! 

Does anyone know what currency this is? I traded €200 euros for this with a 70 yr old well dressed man in streets of Budapest #scammednoko pic.twitter.com/AMZCGH9ULX

— Randy Lew (@nanonoko) May 7, 2017

@nanonoko @Xenopix_ $3.82 on a standard day haha

— Ozzie Blakey (@ozzzzieee) May 7, 2017

Ever since I’ve started hanging out with @nanonoko , my life has been a troll. Exchanged €200 for €4, what a great start to our #eurotrip https://t.co/ATcHbfCEqp

— Celina Lin (@CelinaLin) May 7, 2017

3) Kitty + Russia = Gold

Remember when Kitty Kuo was considering scrapping a trip to PokerStars Championship Sochi because of safety concerns? Looks like she’s all in now that’s she’s won a full package:

I guess I will visit Sochi now, I love Russia pic.twitter.com/gqLmlv01LK

— kuo hui chen (@kittykuopoker) May 8, 2017

Let’s hope she gets some major time on the feature table, too, as those will definitely be some conversations worth listening in on. Win your own package to Sochi via a new PokerStars account here.

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