Daily 3-Bet: DNegs+Takeover, PA Aces, Poker+Chess Multitable

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a blistering serve, a powerful forehand and the perfect angle for the afternoon poker news cross-court winner.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find an amazing conversation with Nick Schulman, a poker-tennis doubles match for the ages and a mind-melting multi-table.

1) Rooting for Greatness

For our money, Nick “The Takeover” Schulman is the best poker commentator in the game. He’s also easily one of our favorite poker players of all time.

Nick Schulman

Nick “The Takeover” Schulman

His poker/life story is definitely one of the most amazing, regardless.

Schulman dropped out of high school in NYC as a freshman (!). He started playing pool for money at 15. He made his bones playing $5 SnGs in the early days of online poker.

Then in 2005, at age 21, he won a WPT title for $2.1 million. And then he lost it all. In, as he says, a “textbook example of a kid getting money who just wasn’t ready for it.”

He was also dealing with very serious bouts of anxiety and depression which he earnestly revealed in a documentary on MTV called World of Jenks.

Over the years he’s learned to cope, though, and put together a spectacular career in poker along the way that includes $8.6m in live tourney earnings (despite being a cash-game grinder) and two WSOP bracelets.

Schulman is the feature guest on Daniel Negreanu’s AMA-nominated podcast this week and, as he looks back on those early days and more, you can feel the depth and wisdom of his outlook on life.

It’s an amazing listen. Check it out below, along with the MTV documentary.

2) Blom, You Take the Net

How’s this for a star-studded doubles match-up of poker super bosses?


We don’t know exactly when this was taken but whatever year it was we bet a few Australian dollars changed hands over that net. #joemcgowan may still be paying if off for all we know.

Would be great to see those three together at the poker table again … say in this year’s $300k Super High Roller Bowl?

Also of note: Phil Ivey just turned 40 yesterday which, despite all three of these guys being worthy, will make him the first to enter the Poker Hall of Fame this summer.

3) This is Definitely Using More Than 10% of Your Brain

We can barely manage two tables of 1c/2c Limit so the brain gymnastics Jen Shahade performs multi-tabling chess and poker here is categorically mind-boggling to us – real money or not.

Blissfully blitzing between one minute chess & MIT pokerclass home game and then #facepalmhttps://t.co/OZ9ettb0Rr

— Jennifer Shahade (@JenShahade) January 30, 2017

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