Daily 3-Bet: GPL 2 Poster, Wong Redemption, Boris Tongue Tell

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at the GPL Season 2 poster, Jerry Wong getting his first big win and Andre Agassi’s odd tell on Boris Becker.

1) GPL 2: Poker Strikes Back

Apparently it’s World Popcorn today (that’s a thing?) and the Global Poker League has seen fit to release a poster previewing their upcoming Season 2, which will debut in 2017.

gpl star wars C2hnRBTXcAAFeU9.jpg large

May the flop be with you.

There’s not a lot of new information to be gleaned from the poster but it does seem that inaugural champs Montreal and Team Manager Marc-Andre Ladoucer will play a big part defending their title.

The poster also has a serious Star Wars vibe to it.

It’s a bit of a stretch but Ladoucer could be a young Anakin in a pinch, Liv Boeree is passable as Rey and Anatoly Filatov will always have the charisma and analytical mind of a young R2D2 to us.

Of course that’s not even getting to Olivier Busquet who might actually be a real-life Jedi.

Ever seen him play heads-up? That’s a Jedi mind trick if we ever saw one.

2) Jerry Wong Wins Massive Lucky Hearts Tourney

Jerry Wong didn’t win the 2016 WSOP Main Event.

Jerry Wong IMG 9026

Jerry Wong

In fact he was the second player eliminated and had to settle for a relatively small pay bump of $100k.

Well just a little over three months later and Wong has a massive-field tournament title to his name.

Wong outlasted 4,576 (!) entries in the Lucky Hearts Poker Open to take down a $250,000 first-place prize at Seminole Hard Rock yesterday.

It was the second biggest tournament ever held in Florida so it’s safe to say that Wong knows how to navigate a big field.

Always nice to get that November Niner one-hit wonder status out of the way early on with a big score.

That’s gold Jerry! Gold!

3) Andre Agassi’s “Tongue Tell” on Boris Becker

Tells aren’t just for poker.

The Australian Herald Sun published a story yesterday about Andre Agassi’s legendary tongue tell on Boris Becker in recognition of the Australian open, which is currently going on in Melbourne parallel to the Aussie Millions at Crown Casino.

Incredibly Becker would telegraph where he was going to serve the ball with his tongue while winding up. Agassi figured it out after watching hours of Becker footage (Agassi would later tell the German about his tell over a pint).

Just another reason to work on your poker face for activities outside of poker.

You can see the tongue tell in action in this old YouTube clip:

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