Daily 3-Bet: Gus + The G, Leo Incognito, The Irish Open Way

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a Gus Hansen return to the cash-game ring, Molly’s Game goes incognito and the Craic gets cracked in Dublin.

1) Gus, Tony G Live at Kings!

This is going to be a busy Sunday for poker players.

gus hansen moustache

What does Gus have in store?

With a $10m PokerStars Sunday Million and $1m guaranteed Title Fight on partypoker, just to name a couple, there’s no shortage of Sunday majors to take a bite on online.

If watching poker is more your style, get this: The one and only Gus Hansen will make his debut on the Cash Game Kings live stream. For real.

After a major layoff from poker over the past few years that’s only included a bit of dabbling in Bobby’s Room, it’ll be a thrill to watch Gus up to his old tricks.

If you’ve forgotten just what those tricks are, watch this clip as a reminder.

If you’ve seen the Cash Game Kings action before you also know it can get hot and heavy quickly – especially with players like Tony G., Sam Trickett and King’s Casino CEO Leon Tsoukernik on hand.

It’ll be a fun one – watch it live with commentary from Ireland’s Fintan Gavin here at 5.30pm on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

2) No Tobey, No Leo, No Ben, No A-Rod

We’ve been curious about this since the day they announced Molly’s Game, Molly Bloom’s memoir about her time as a high-stakes poker hostess/organizer, would become a movie.

Now we know: The major Hollywood and sports stars who featured prominently in Bloom’s underground poker games won’t appear in the film at all. Not even in name only

Tobey Maguire

Not even this from Tobey.

According to Director Aaron Sorkin, who screened some footage from the film at CinemaCon in Vegas recently:

“I have gone to great lengths to obscure the identities of those people . . . I don’t want the movie to be about gossip.”

Which, boo. That means no Tobey “Bark for Me” McGuire. No Leo Dicaprio. No Alex Rodriguez. Not even a Matt and Ben cameo, which seemed like it might be possible.

Truth be told it dampens our enthusiasm for the upcoming film (now in post-production) some but with names like Michael Cera, Idris Elba and Chris O’Dowd involved it can’t be that bad, right? Right? More from Page Six here.

3) Like the Battle of Malta But Even Funnier

Outside of our own Battle of Malta and maybe the Norwegian Poker Championships, if there’s one live tournament every year we wish we had a standing buy-in for it’s the Irish Open. 

Padraig Parkinson

Come for the poker, stay for the comedy.

It’s the longest running No-Limit Hold’em tournament in Europe and second in the world after the WSOP. It’s in Dublin. It’s got an enticing buy-in (€1,150).

It’s got poker icons like Padraig Parkinson, Andy Black and Donnacha O’Dea.

And, perhaps most importantly, it’s got the Craic – aka the Irish Open Way. As Parkinson puts it:

“There is something special about the Irish way to play. Irish poker comes from the pubs. It’s traditionally a game where you’re enjoying yourself and are seen to enjoy yourself. You’re not supposed to sit there like in a dentist’s practice.”

Top of the morning to that. The 2017 Irish Open Main Event is now underway and you can follow along with the live updates right here.

Among the notables taking a stab at it so far are Max Silver, Sam Grafton, Griffin Benger, Ian Simpson and John Duthie. Expect even more!

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