Daily 3-Bet: Hedge Fund Rumble, $537k Jackpot, No Thrill Phil

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look an out-of-control hedge fund poker game, a massive bad beat jack pot and a rare Phil Ivey interview.

1) Hedge Fund Poker Rumble

Businessmen play poker.

It’s a widely accepted fact and there are numerous charity tournaments held in New York that back that statement up.

It is more unusual for well-known businessmen to play poker, get drunk, berate other players and eventually get tossed from the venue.

Dan Harrington

Even “Action Dan” was there!

That’s exactly what David Magerman, an executive with Renaissance Tech Corp, did at a recent hedge fund charity tournament, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

The details in the piece are incredible:

1. Magerman got drunk off scotch.
2. Got into an argument with the daughter of Renaissance Tech Corp’s co-chief executive.
3. Eventually got called “pond scum” and was asked to leave.
4. Dumped $20k into the tournament (hey, charity wins!).
5. Got kicked out of the St. Regis.

Apparently former World Champion Dan Harrington was there as well. What a night!

2) Tiger Gaming Bad Beat Jackpot Hits $537k

Enjoy taking a crack at massive bad beat jackpots?


Get it.

You might want to head over to Tiger Gaming where the official bad beat jackpot has somehow hit $537,604 and is still rising.

Everyone who plays poker at the Tiger Gaming real-money BBJ tables is eligible to win the massive pot. Just get beaten with the qualifying four-of-a-kind jacks or better and you’re good. No problem.

Back in February online player ONEnDone won $137k for nailing the last bad beat jackpot but this one could potentially be even bigger.

You can snag an account on the site by heading over to our Tiger Gaming review.

3) Phil Ivey: The Thrill of Betting a Lot of Money is Gone

Is Malaysian businessman/poker player Paul Phua the only person that Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey hang out with these days?

Ivey is the latest to appear in a quick three-minute quasi-interview with Phua that was posted to YouTube last week.

The clip is short but Ivey, who has been mostly absent from the poker world for the last couple years, does provide a few interesting tidbits.

One particular interesting section covers betting huge sums of money. Ivey admitted the thrill in huge bets is all but gone for him.

Check it out:

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