Daily 3-Bet: IT > Poker, durrrr Challenge Back, Hellmuth = Jordan

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Dale “daleroxxu” Philip contemplating life beyond poker, some surprising durrrr Challenge news and Phil Hellmuth as an older Michael Jordan.

1) Dale “daleroxxu” Philip Returns to UK

Scotland’s Dale “daleroxxu” Philip came pretty close to living the poker dream.

Dale Phillips

Dale Philip

For the last seven years Philip has been traveling the globe, using Thailand as a base, all while grinding out £10k a month from online poker.

Now Philip is pondering leaving poker behind, according to a feature with the Independent.

Philip said the games have gotten tougher and more restrictive online gambling laws in various countries have pushed his win-rate down to £2k on a good month.

For the first time in three years Philip has returned to Edinburgh and the U.K. and is considering returning to the IT career he originally left behind.

It’s a cool read that gives some insight into the life of a jet-setting online poker pro. The biggest priority? Solid, reliable internet, obv.

2) durrrr Challenge to Make a Comeback

It sounds like the durrrr Challenge is back on.

No really. Stop laughing. Word from none other than Dan “jungleman” Cates is that he’s currently working with Tom Dwan on a resolution with the plan to actually play some hands this year.

@DougPolkPoker @TomDwan tom and I have been talking about this and working on a resolution. We should get some hands this year

— Daniel Cates (@junglemandan) January 15, 2017

Will it actually happen? Your guess is as good as ours.

The durrrr Challenge started over six years ago. Back when Rail Heaven and Team Full Tilt Pro was still a thing.

The last time Dwan and Cates actually played hands in the challenge was back in 2013.

3) Phil Hellmuth is a 52-Year-Old Michael Jordan

Phil Hellmuth is a fixture in the Silicon Valley home game that includes venture capitalists Chamath Palihapitya and Jason Calicanis and it’s clear they enjoy having him in the game.

In a promo for a new Poker Night in America episode airing tonight Calacanis referred to Hellmuth as the Michael Jordan of poker.

Palihapitya, on the other hand, wasn’t quite so sure:

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