Daily 3-Bet: Jeans Fades, DeepStack Rises, 40mins o’ DNegs

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a crisp button-down, a brand new Trapper Keeper and all the butterflies of your first day at the afternoon poker news academy.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the end of the Jeans89 era, a now to the DeepStack Ai and a chance to stow away with Daniel Negreanu.

1) Jeans Goes to School

Fourth on Finland’s all-time live money list. One of the most successful high-stakes online poker players of all-time. Feared PLO specialist. King of the bathrobe/wads of cash pic and potential space tourist.

Even, as of just last January, Jens “Jeans89” Kyllönen was named Finnish Poker Player of the Year. 


New school Jeans (Photo: Eve Teivainen)

As they say in sports, though, there’s no better time to go out than when you’re on top and that seems to be the plan for Jeans as he’s recently stepped back from poker to go back to school.

As he told Finnish newspaper Iltalehti (in Finnish, with aid of Google translate):

“As recently as five years ago I thought when I stopped playing poker, I’d retire. At some point the idea no longer seemed so sensible and I began to think that I want to do something else … I became interested in majoring in the current financing when you had to learn to invest profits. A couple of years ago I decided to apply to the Hanken School of Economics and I got in. Many have wondered about my decision but then I guess I’m just a pretty special guy.”

We imagine it might be a bit like Fedor Holz’s retirement, where he still drops in to crush a fee souls every now and then, but congrats to one of the greats for moving forward.

2) Poker AI Now 10x Better Than Humans?

Mainstream tech blogs are still talking about the trouncing Carnegie Mellon’s Poker Ai Libratus put on four top poker pros in January.

Michael Bowling e1463203726559 1024x1024

Don’t sleep on DeepStack.

Taking a backseat in all the hubbub, though, has been the “other” prominent Holdem AI taking things to the next – the University of Alberta’s “DeepStack” AI, the latest in a long line of impressive U of A bots from Loki to Polaris to Cepheus.

While Libratus’ win was clearly decisive at 14.7 BB per 100, DeepStack co-author/leader Michael Bowling told Inverse.com their AI is crushing even harder:

”We are winning by 49 per 100,” Bowling said. “That’s like saying whatever the players were doing was not that much more effective than if they just folded every hand.


“To put it into perspective, a pro player is trying to win by a rate of about five big blinds per 100. If they can make that rate than they are good enough to make a profit and a living playing poker. And we were beating that by nearly ten times.”

Yikes. But much grander than beating poker, as both teams of developers have said, the goal is applying it to the real world from “monitoring flight schedules to reduce the chance for terrorism acts, to designing a way for honor systems to truly work for public transportation worldwide.”

“If you could really have systems that don’t know the rules, that can deal with multiple players, and handle not knowing everything, then that would really be getting into the holy grail of A.I.”

Another interesting take on the role of poker AI. Read it in full here.

3) Watch Daniel Negreanu Pack!

Daniel Negreanu’s latest Vlog is a whopper at 38+ mins but well worth a watch as it includes some funny moments from the American Poker Awards and some hand analysis from the LAPC.

You might want to skip the packing/workout part at the beginning, though. But, you know, whatever floats your boat. Have at ‘er below:

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