Daily 3-Bet: JRB -$700k, Poker Strats = Higher Salary, Loose Deuce

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at a rare bankroll update from Jean-Robert Bellande, negotiating using poker skills and the dramatic final hand of the 2017 Main Event.

1) JRB “Only” Down $700k

We didn’t see a ton of Jean-Robert Bellande at the WSOP this summer (although he was active in the big game’s at Aria).

Jean-Robert Bellande

Things are looking up!

Bellande is back to the vacation grind, however, and is posting photos from Italian island Capri.

What’s more interesting is that Bellande gave an honest-to-god update on the state of his bankroll.

Bellande is currently sitting at, wait for it, less than $700k in debt.

That might sound bad but it’s been much worse according to the Survivor alum.

In the past Bellande has avoided giving updates on his bankroll because he didn’t want to upset his backers.

The real question is if Bellande fully digs himself out of the whole does he have to retire the “Broke-Living” moniker?

Rich-Living or Stacked-Living Bellande just doesn’t have the same ring to it. We’re gonna need to hear a few more suggestions.

Yup still broke… but I’m now less than 700k in debt #brokeliving https://t.co/JVFon9u1iR

— Jean-Robert Bellande (@BrokeLivingJRB) July 27, 2017

2) Poker Strategy > Salary Negotiation

The “How to succeed at business using basic poker strategy” article is incredibly overdone but NBC News actually has an interesting story up with controversial former poker pro Haseeb Qureshi.

Haseeb Qureshi

Haseeb Qureshi

The feature is about negotiating a higher salary using poker tactics.

It sounds pretty bland but Qureshi actually has some legitimate knowledge in that area as he went to a software development bootcamp then got a $120,000 offer from Yelp and was able to parlay that offer into about $250,000 from Airbnb a couple years back.

Here’s where the majority of people go wrong, according to Qureshi:

“Most people imagine jobs are a limited resource in the world and their goal is to acquire one. They see companies as gatekeepers and if you’re nice enough and prostrate yourself and wear a nice suit maybe they’ll be kind enough to give you a job. That is a totally backwards concept. It is a marketplace. It’s simply a way to exchange labor for money. Like any deal it ought to be negotiated.”

Check out the entire article on NBC News. Qureshi has even more tips for negotiating on his personal blog.

3) Poker Central Releases “The Deuce is Loose”

To be honest we’re still processing the final hand of the 2017 Main Event.

You might recall that Dan Ott had Scott Blumstein dead to three-outs and was looking primed for a double up.

Blumstein had been dominate heads-up but an Ott double-up would have put him right back in the thick of things. There was definitely a window for Ott to pull off a shocker.

It didn’t happen and the entire room was stunned. It was definitely one of the more memorable ways to win a Main Event:

You can now relive the hand thanks to Poker Central:

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