Daily 3-Bet: Kruse Cruise, Gus v. Jungle, DNegs Twerk Party

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a tasty beat, a pair of short shorts and an open invite to get things bumping at the afternoon poker news twerk party.

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Today in the 3-Bet we finds footballer Max Kruse sprinting for a bracelet, Gus Hansen getting spiked by the Jungleman and DNegs goes Groundhog Day.

1) Cruising to Gold & ManU?

As we found out last week, Werder Bremen striker and Manchester United target Max Kruse has a knack for Lowball poker.

Max Kruse 6041

Knows his lowball, obv.

A real knack. After a third-place finish in a 2-7 event in 2014, Kruse had two deep cashes in Lowball events at the 2016 WSOP.

He knocked on the door again last week, finishing 29th in his first 2-7 Lowball event of 2017. Now he’s back to finish one off.

Kruse is at the final table of Event #28, $1,500 Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw, today. Not only that, he’s second in chips with 635,000 to Brendan Taylor’s 715,000.

That’s a pretty good shot at his first WSOP gold and the $109k up top.

If Kruse ends up with a bracelet on his wrist and a deal with perhaps the most legendary club in all of football, we’d chalk that up to a pretty good summer.

It’s a long way from leaving £60,000 in a cab and getting banned for eating Nutella, for sure.

Major props to him and best of luck today. Follow along as always with the WSOP live updates or on the PokerGO app.

2) Gus Unlucky in Bobby’s Room?

Gus Hansen

More run bad for Gustav?

As Gus Hansen himself has admitted, game selection might not be his best poker attribute. And it likely played a pretty big role in him ultimately going down over $20m lifetime in online games.

After a long respite from the game it seemed Hansen was intending to get back in the poker mix a bit more as he headed to Vegas early this year to jump in the notorious WSOP cash games.

Has it worked out so far? By the sounds of it, at least intermittently on Twitter, he might have hit a few bumps in the road – the latest c/o one Dan “Jungleman” Cates:

Drawing dead against Jungleman in 60K pot – I should try to stay away from those!

— Gus Hansen (@GusHansen) June 15, 2017

Should I fold Jacks Full for the last 5K in a 65K pot, when all that beats me is Quad 8’s? Empirical evidence suggests a big YES!

— Gus Hansen (@GusHansen) June 12, 2017

Another 30K bluff gone wrong in Bobby’s room – might have to rethink my bluffing frequency?

— Gus Hansen (@GusHansen) June 8, 2017

Scott Seivert oncee aagaiin tiltag me in 40K pot in Bobby’s room – Maybe next time 😉

— Gus Hansen (@GusHansen) May 31, 2017

Here’s hoping his luck holds out at least long enough for him to play the Main Event this year.

3) Come for the Twerking, Stay for the Groundhog Day Intro

The title of Daniel Negreanu’s latest Vlog may be all clickbait but it’s the Groundhog Day intro that keeps us coming back for more.

Also, the twerking. Watch Day 15 of Negreanu’s awesome daily WSOP Vlog below which, he says, is the best yet:

We might have to concur.

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