Daily 3-Bet: Letterman Grind, DNegs Rant, A Year w/ Seidel

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Today in the 3-Bet we find an amusing take on David Letterman’s love of poker, Daniel Negreanu rants again and a year in the life of Erik Seidel.

1) Dave About to Punt $400m

When you’ve spent 33 years being on television everyday, matching wits with the world’s biggest stars, you have a pretty big void to fill when you retire. If you have the caustic, brilliant personality/mind of David Letterman, that’s likely an even tougher proposition.


Not likely. (Photo: Getty Images)

A natural substitute? Poker, obv. And it’s not hard to believe the Late Night icon might be getting a few hands in (and getting more serious about it) these days.

What is hard to believe? That he’s on the verge of punting away his $400m fortune because of it.

Noted rag The National Enquirer has somehow found a “source” that suggests Dave even wants to “take his skills to Las Vegas, where he dreams of winning big!”

He’s taking it so seriously, the “source” says, that he’s “gearing up to take on A-list poker-playing celebs like Ben Affleck and Tobey Maguire” who “are as close to professional players as you can get!”

“Dave’s totally out of his league with them,” the source added. “He might be worth $400 million, but those guys will have no hesitation in cleaning him out!”

Um, sure. Have a good laugh with the full piece here.

2) The Rant is Back!

Get it while it’s hot, straight from poker’s all-time leading money winner himself:

3) Seidel’s Apprentice

Erik Seidel background curb your enthusiasm

Maybe a scoop on Curb reprisal, too.

Interested in a book about a writer’s “year-long immersion in the world of high-stakes professional poker, apprenticed to one of the game’s greatest and most reclusive champions?”

How about if we told you that champion is one Erik Seidel, perhaps the funniest, most talented poker pros in history with great taste in music and art?

Thought that might perk you up. Very excited to see more details/when this will be released.

It’d be a shock if it didn’t immediately leap to the top of the Top 86 poker books list.

Some exciting news: my new book is now official! Spoiler alert: the champion is @Erik_Seidel—and he’s *the* absolute greatest, not one of. pic.twitter.com/7okD1xlH8P

— Maria Konnikova (@mkonnikova) March 10, 2017

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